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Healthy Mounds Bars

No-bake homemade & healthy Mounds bars – so much better than the real thing!

Homemade Mounds Bars



Are you stuck inside today?

Know what you can do when you’re stuck inside all day?

Make these homemade healthy Mounds bars.

And then eat them all up.

Quickly… before someone else does!


Copycat Mounds BarsWere you affected by the hurricane at all?

I have a lot of friends and family up in the northeast, and my facebook news feed (not to mention the tv news) is inundated with photos of cars submerged in water, fallen trees, surging waves… everyone on the East Coast is in my thoughts. Please stay safe.

And if you still have power, making up a batch of these homemade Mounds bars is a fantastic & kid-friendly indoor activity.

Sweet coconut filling, surrounded by a rich chocolate shell. With healthy fats and fiber. One bite, and you will never miss the corn syrup, hydrolyzed milk protein, or artificial ingredients present in store-bought Mounds bars.

All you will taste is the sweet coconut filling.

And the rich chocolate shell.

Vegan Mounds Bars



Healthy Mounds Bars

Healthy Mounds Bars

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Healthy Mounds Bars


  • 1 cup shredded coconut (unsweetened) (80g)
  • 3 1/2 to 4 tbsp agave or pure maple syrup (48g) (or 3 tbsp water and 2-3 nunaturals stevia packs)
  • 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil (20g) (See nutrition info link below, for all substitution notes on this recipe.)
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup plus 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder (22g)
  • a few stevia drops, or up to 1 1/2 tsp pure maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup liquid virgin coconut oil (Or omit these last three ingredients and simply melt 2/3 cup chocolate chips instead.) (57g)


Homemade Mounds Bars: Combine first 5 ingredients in a food processor. (You can try to mix by hand if you don’t have a food processor, but the dough won’t stick together as well.) Press the filling into the bottoms of mini muffin cups. (Press HARD!) Freeze at least 25 minutes. Meanwhile, make the chocolate coating by mixing the last three ingredients together to make a thin sauce. Line a tray with wax or parchment paper, then pop out the now-hardened coconut treats and coat in chocolate. Immediately put them in the fridge or freezer, as coconut oil melts when warm. These last at least a week.

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Published on October 30, 2012

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  1. katy sparrow says

    Yummmzz these look deelish can’t wait to make! I am in upstate NY and we had some high winds, my screen porch door came off!

  2. Laura says

    I came on here all excited thinking I was the first one to try them. Then I found out two people have already tried them before me.
    I made a double batch (I KNEW they were gonna be good) and boy am I glad I did! My daughter kept wanting to eat the coconut filling before we even got it in the muffin tins.
    Definitely a winner!

  3. kris says

    i’ve never actually had a mounds bar, but these look SO delicious. And i’m sure they’re wayy better tasting than mounds 😉

  4. Kelli says

    There is no way in heck these would last a week…not in this house, lol. I’m going to have to try these right after I try the butterfinger bars I finally remembered to buy the molasses for.

  5. Sarah the official CCK drooler @RomneyRyan2012 says

    Yep, right in the path of Sandy here in VA. wasn’t much though. My old neighbors in my hometown of Brooklyn tell me otherwise. Half of NYC are my friends and family (not literally). today was a crazy back and forth of phone calls and ” ARE YOU OK??!!”
    in other news, these look crazy good. And if I didn’t finish my cocoa powder, I’d try ’em too. bummer.

  6. cucicucicoo says

    yummmm!! i’ve always LOVED mounds! can’t wait to try this!

    katie, i have a question about stevia. i have a little bottle of powdered stevia (not packets). is there any rule regarding how to substitute it in recipes for liquid stevia? thanks so much! 🙂 lisa

  7. Lia says

    Yummm! These look easy and good, like most of your recipes. I’m putting together a bunch or tasty recipes to send to my BF while he’s in Americorps and these just made the list. Thanks!

    Regarding your question: His team might be sent out there for clean up help/disaster relief, and my mom’s in southern CT, but she seems to have maintained her power and grace as usual.

  8. Laura says

    We techinically aren’t affected by the hurricane, because we live in the midwest, but one of our power lines had a sympathy pain and came down last night(as well as the power turning off for a few hours..)

    I actually don’t like Mounds, because I don’t like coconut, but my mom LOVES them, so maybe I will have to make some just for her. 🙂

  9. Barry says

    For some of you who never heard of mounds, you are in for a treat. They were always one of my favorites growing up – actually almond joys were my favorite, which was essentially a mounds with almonds right under the top coating of chocolate 🙂

    CCK, do you see any problem just popping some almonds on the top of the filling before pouring on the chocolate to get some healthy almond joys?

  10. Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes says

    We got hit by the hurricane here in Rochester, NY but it wasn’t nearly as bad as they said it was going to be. Thankfully, we didn’t have any big trees near us so damage to our house or cars like many others in the area. These look yummy! Love mounds bars.

  11. Courtney says

    Just made these – so good! I used sweetened coconut (my grocery store doesn’t sell unsweetened) and it was just fine. The sweetened coconut +agave made it pretty sweet, like as sweet as a real Mounds bar. I might use a little less agave next time, but it tasting exactly like a real Mounds was not the worst thing that ever happened to me : D

    Also, I don’t have a food processor. I tried using a few pulses on my blender, but wasn’t having any luck, so I just put the mix in a bowl and mixed it with my hands. I also don’t have muffin tins of any size, so I used ice cube trays.

    They’re so good! Just in time for Halloween.

    • Katy says

      Good to know! I am also going to make with sweetened because its all my grocery store carries. Next time I am at WF I’ll pick up a back of unsweetened. I’ll take your advice and use less agave.

  12. Kristin says

    Katie these look amazing! Just a quick question though, about how many servings is this recipe, I can’t see it anywhere and would like to know before I try it out so that I get the size right.

    I live in Australia, but my brother is in NYC at the moment, only about 4 blocks from where that transformer exploded on 14th St! So we’ve all been a bit worried, but him and his friends are all okay, just without power.

  13. AnnR says

    I just had a failed attempt at making homemade coconut butter the other evening. It was almost there… then my not so expensive (ok, cheap!) food processor began to smoke! But I choose to look on the bright side – I now have several cups of delicious creamy finely ground coconut. I had a yummy pina colada smoothie this morning, and now I already have a head start on this recipe!
    I live on the “Wisconsin Coast” just north of Chicago. We’ve had strong winds and huge waves, a little flooding, but nothing like the East Coast. I can put up with Wisconsin snow this winter without any complaints after seeing what others have gone through.

  14. Sally says

    These remind me of Bounty Bars, I’ve never heard of Mound Bars but these look great. I love Coconut with Chocolate. Now I’m craving a Bounty. 😀

  15. Lisa H. says

    Hi Katie,

    Just made these yesterday and they are Awesome. I used the enjoy life chocolate chips for the chocolate coating. Thanks for all the great recipes!!

    Lisa H.

  16. Rachel says

    How many does this make? Would love if you could consistently include that information in your recipes… there are quite a few recipes that I would like to make but have no idea how many I will get. Thanks!!

  17. Hannah H. says

    OHMYGOODNESS!!!! My sister and I were just talking about not being able to eat Almond Joy/Mounds bars. My mom makes delicious homemade ones, but they are chocked full of sugar (which, unfortunately, my body cannot tolerate). I will be making these asap!

    I live in Northern Virginia., but we thankfully made it through just fine.

  18. Ivy says

    Katie, these look phenomenal! Thank you!

    I live in Florida and the weather has been great. My mom and sis live on Long Island. The basement of my mom’s neighbor’s house is full to the brim with water, and going into the kitchen and the rest of the house. So since it’s her nextdoor neighor, she’s likely getting the same. 90% of Long Island doesn’t have power. A tree is blocking the street. She hasn’t been home because of the evacuation, etc.

  19. kate says

    I live in ocean county nj…the worst of is so bad lucky i have my house..many of my friends dont. Its very sad.

  20. Kylee Bergin says

    I’m gonna make these and the butterfingers tonight to hop on the candy wagon for halloween 🙂 I will be using sweetened coconut bc I already have it.. maybe I’ll use less agave. Thanks for the recipe!

  21. Life's a Bowl says

    These look delic! I used to love Almond Joy’s and Mounds bars but haven’t had them in years… I recently bought a bag of unsweetened coconut and haven’t been able to stop sprinkling a little on everything and have developed a strong craving for a candy bar… Perfect timing so I don’t indulge on Halloween candy!

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