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I won the Coconut Butter Lottery

Welcome to Artisana Nut Butter Week


About a month ago, the following items miraculously appeared on my doorstep. What? For me?? But I didn’t order anything… I haven’t even talked to anyone from Premier Organics in months! Perhaps it just so happens they’re aware of the fact that I’m the company’s #1 fan.

It’s true: When you google “Artisana coconut butter” my blog url comes up first, only after the company’s own. That’s how much I blab about it! So even Google knows I’m their #1 fan! In any case, it felt like winning the coconut butter lottery (they really oughta have one of those).

I opened the package and my eyes almost popped out. I’m thinking Raw Macaroons for all!

NYC2010 295

The box just showed up, completely unannounced.

Coconut butter lottery, I tell ya. Coconut butter lottery!

I’m so excited to use these little packets for all of my Coconut Butter recipes. Can you guess the flavor about which I was most excited?

NYC2010 298

OMG now their coconut butter comes in squeeze packs??? Squeeeeeeee (ze)!

*Calms down (but not really)*

Now the only conundrum is deciding which of my Coconut Butter recipes to use first. Oh heck, who needs a recipe? I’ll just eat it straight outta the tube!


Or, I might just have to make another raw Carrot Cake, for an excuse to ice something! Chocolate-covered is so last year. Anywhoos, I am so grateful to the Artisana Company for this amazing surprise package. Obviously, I loved the coconut butter. But just as exciting were all the other nut butters, including Cashini, Walnut, Macadamia, and Pecan butter. So, tomorrow, I’ll move on to highlighting these other flavors. If I must. More nut butter reviews coming your way!


Nut Butter Week Schedule:

  • Tomorrow: Other flavors, and what I did with the Cashini butter
  • Wednesday: Raw “Sneaky Veggie” Cheesecake!
  • Thursday: A quick giveaway and maybe another recipe
  • Friday or Saturday: the mega giveaway, and more chocolate-covered nut-buttered “meals of the day”



Let’s talk $$$

I wanted to say a few words about the steep price tag, because people often ask: “Katie, how can you rationalize shelling out $10 for these nut butters?” My answer is that, sure, something like a Big Mac only costs a buck. But do you know how much triple bypass surgery costs? I can guarantee it’s more than a jar of nut butter! Besides, you consume a Big Mac (or a candy bar, etc) in a single sitting. With Artisana coconut butter, a little goes a loooong way; even I wouldn’t eat the whole jar at once. And I save money in other areas of my life. I don’t buy designer handbags, I paint my own nails, and I rarely go to the movies or out to dinner (i.e. no dropping $80 on one steak dinner). So, in the end, it all evens out.

What items in your life do you splurge on? When do you save?

If you’ve tasted Artisana coconut butter, you might agree with me that it’s totally worth the price. I’d brush my teeth with that stuff if I could. Heck, I’d even marry it. Is it legal to do that yet in California?? 😉



Published on September 19, 2010

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  1. Nicole says

    Wow, they MUST love you, Katie. I’ve seen other bloggers getting samples, but you seem to have gotten even more than that.

    You even got a bigger free sample than HEAB!

    Certainly bigger than me who got nothing. But I guess the company would gain no benefit from sending me anything. I don’t have a blog! Incentive to start one? 🙂

  2. Pam says

    Hey Katie – I just had to comment about this topic, as it’s something I’m passionate about now!

    I started reading your blog a couple of months ago(never commented before – too shy!) in my quest for a healthier, more fulfilling way of eating – you were the first blogger to help me on my path…and now I follow you and others, and am very glad to say I have made huge progress – yay! I have broken the repeated on/off diet-cycle, with success.

    One of the things I battle with is the amount of money that some foods cost: But now I balance that out by remembering I used to spend £s and £s(I’m in the UK!) on rubbish chocolate and snack food, every single week. So not only was I spending a small fortune on poor quality foods, I was putting that into my body as well.

    So I think there’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra on good quality foods, with good quality nutrient-content….and I’ve learnt to respect my body and health by doing this. And because I’m listening to my body, and feel so satisfied by the meals I eat, I don’t binge on large quantities either – and that saves pennies too!

    Thanks for all your posts Katie – you’re great, they’re great, and I look forward to them.

    All the best,


  3. 40apples says

    I am SO excited to see what you can do with this treasure trove!!! 🙂 I’m sure it’ll all be mind-blowing.
    I definitely splurge on nut butters. In lieu of buying expensive cuts of meat or cheese, I get my protein in this form. Seems to me like an equivalent investment… except this one’s much healthier 😉

  4. emma says

    Wow, that was really nice of them, that package looks fantastic!
    As for me I splurg on coffee, really lovely coffee, almond milk to sometimes, I eat mainly raw veggies so its pretty cheap, I just spend the extra on a coffee upgrade!

  5. Katy says

    Wow, I so agree with you and I am so glad that someone finally wrote it! Everyone gives me grief for spending a lot of money on health food products: my readers, my parents, my friends…, but the fact of the matter is that I don’t go out to eat, I buy cheap clothes, and I am really eating a healthy diet that will SAVE me money in the long run! People are always like, being vegetarian is so expensive. What?!!! No it isn’t. Meat is expensive. Healthcare is expensive!

  6. Melissa says

    I splurge on pricey veggies like asparagus. And fancy apples/seasonal fruit.
    I also like to have LOTS of extracts for baking and really good quality cocoas.

    I guess I can’t think of much that is super pricey that I buy. It helps that my Whole Foods Market employee discount jumped to 27% after I did my health screen! 😉 That amount off on my food makes everything seem less insane.

    That said, I NEED to finally buy some coconut butter. I’m just worried I’ll want to eat that out of the jar as much as I do peanut butter. Ha.

  7. Melissa says

    I splurg on Almond Butter, especially the Dark Chocolate Almond Butter. It is awesome!! Eating clean and healthy is very expensive and it shouldn’t be. The news is constantly talking about how overweight our country is. Well when you can buy a box of little debbie’s for $1 instead of apples that are $4 a bag. Seriously…that should be flipped around. Healthy foods should cost less then junk food. Any whoo…..
    I try to save $ on bread. I know the “better” ones are more money but I just can’t afford everything that is “better”. 🙂

  8. Lauren @ WWoB says

    I splurge on food often and clothes and shoes occasionally, usually I save on clothes, going out, drinking, dining out, etc 😉
    Im eating coconut butter as we speak, and its all cause of you katiee

  9. VEGirl says

    I definitely do all the splurging on foods! I don’t buy new cloths, cars (where I;m 14, of course not!), nail manicures, or face lifts. Food directly nourishes my body and soul, my overall well being! I think it’s funny how people say: “Oh but doesn’t your diet get expensive??!!” Well, I COULD just go with cheap and healthy bulk foods, the least expensive vegetables, etc- and that IS what my family does! But just as people spend money on all the latest supplements to get their fiber, nutrients, and minerals that they aren’t getting form there diets, I buy nutritious (expensive) novelty foods that keep my diet exciting. I would so much rather be getting my fiber from coconut butter, and not pills! Besides, all the tests, doctors visits, and physical discomfort of being sick, in my opinion, isn’t worth the cheap, crappy food. I’d much rather out my money where it will most benefit me, and for me, that is food!


  10. Robin says

    There’s nothing wrong with spending money on what you love! I think Artisana is worth every cent. I can’t imagine not having it in my cupboard!

  11. Erica says

    I splurge on groceries- especially nut butters 🙂 But I can justify it because I don’t drink or eat at restaurants or go shopping very often. Artisana nut butters are definitely worth the price IMO!

  12. Kiki says

    Holy mackerel, that is a LOT of nut butter! I definitely splurge most on food (and yeah I do mean I splurge; if I want an expensive food I buy it instead of making my mom) because having yummy, healthy food is worth it to me. No shame 🙂

  13. Namaste Gurl says

    Katie, you and I both. I secretly (actually NOT) think of coconut butter as my long, lost love 🙂 And he definitely is an expensive love, but he’s worth the $10.99 at Whole Foods. So is Mr. Coconut Oil who makes all my cooking taste better (he’s only 6.99 on sale though).

    People often ask me why I spend a majority of my paycheck at Whole Foods on expensive, high-quality food. Why? Because it’s well-worth the money– I enjoy it and that’s what I’d rather be spending my mula on than getting pedicures, shopping (well, I do some of that), going out to dinner, etc. When people my age later in life are getting diseases, cancer, etc, I’ll know that I made the right choice for my body to buy wholesome, but yummy food 🙂

    • Namaste Gurl says

      Oh, and I’m REALLY jealous you received all that coconut butter and raw nut butters in the mail–I could definitely take some off your chest if you needed 🙂

      Premier Organics is actually sending me some samples in the mail soon. I hope it’s as good as yours, it may not be since you’re their #1 fan!

  14. *Andrea* says

    i rationalize steep prices on nut butters and dark chocolate bars (& starbucks iced soy lattes 😉 ) by thinking of it as an investment in my health. sure, mcdonalds is cheaper as are twinkies and over-processed breads/snacks, but when i feel healthiest i am a more kind person, i am able to be more efficient at work and with errands, and i am taking care of myself in order to live a longer life to do the other things i enjoy 🙂

    i do however also splurge on manicures once a month, a designer wallet or purse maybe once a year and too many shoes but a) i don’t think anyone should really have to apologize for how they spend their own money, and b)i save elsewhere – i am living at home for a year so i am saving in rent, i don’t buy 5-7 drinks when going out on weekends like some of my friends, i rarely buy lunch like my coworkers often do, etc.

    you definitely scored jackpot with those nut butters! the squeeze pack coconut butter is amazing!!! i love squeeze packs and sometimes have one for dessert since it’s fun to eat and portion controlled 😉

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Ok, how wise are you?! I love that you said no one should have to defend how she spends her OWN money! Other people have no idea how hard some people work for their money. It’s just like if an overweight person wants an ice cream. An onlooker might have no idea that the ice cream is a reward for diligent dieting the rest of the week… and even if it isn’t, it’s just none of anyone else’s business!

  15. Anita says

    I splurge on good quality, healthy food. My current obsession is almond butter and Mana bread.

    I have been so curious to try those nut butters. Maybe next time I am at Whole Foods I will have to pick up a couple of squeeeze packets.

  16. thedelicateplace says

    when my grandma spent a lot at the grocery store, she used to say ‘you either pay the grocer or you pay the doctor’ what sage advice! in the long run, my health is top priority! you pay for quality ingredients!

  17. Stefanie says

    So, you have gotten me addicted to coconut butter. When I get more money I will be buying a jar. I had it in my oatmeal this morning annd it was lovely. My biggest splurge item is nut butters. I do not like the generic or Skippy for sandwiches/toast. It is only best for baking IMO.

    I’m excited to see what is instore for this week. I’ll be sure to stop by and check out what you write. 🙂

  18. mckella says

    I rarely splurge on anything because I’m a natural tightwad, but every once in awhile I’ll treat myself to a nice dinner, a pair of jeans (when the old ones wear out) or some delicious foodie thing. Food is important to me though. I love stuff that’s high-quality, responsibly produced and that tastes good.

  19. ~Jessica Zara~ says

    Whoa, lucky you! I wish companies would send me such amazing goodies. You thoroughly deserve them though for all of the hard work and dedication you put into your blog.

    I spulrge on food primarily too, and I agree with you that you can’t put a price on health. I don’t buy make up, go out much at all (not as pathetic as it sounds lol), wear expensive clothes or jewellery and rarely if ever eat out. People tend to think I’m extravagent for having Sun Warrior and paying any price to get it even if it means US to UK shipping costs but it really is my lifeline in terms of protein and I adore it in every way…and I would also marry it if such things were legal. Plus, as you say, there are many servings in the foods we love and splurge on (although not as many as there should be in my case!)

    I also go through running shoes very quickly so I suppose they’re my only other real expense…



  20. [email protected] Food Loving Polar Bear says

    I must admit that I have never had coconut butter… I’ve only seen one brand in the store here too. You must be shocked right now?! 😀

    I usually splurge on food.. if I want something special to eat I usually buy it and don’t think about it much.

  21. Nicole (Picky Nicky) says

    wow, it’s a lifetime supply!!
    as for saving/splurging money, I have the same mindset as you do. Splurge on the things that are worth it, I really believe that by buying healthy foods you’re making an investment in your health!
    I mean, you can’t put a price on heath!

  22. Marianne says

    I’m officially jealous. Love all the little squeeze packs, even though I hate how they create so much packaging. And Artisana Coconut Butter cost around $17 dollars here, so consider yourself lucky. I still buy it though – I’m used to the high cost of living in Van-City.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Wow, even I don’t know that I’d shell out that much for it. Although I’d still be tempted!
      You’ll be happy to know that the packages say that the company uses a buy-back program to offset the use of the packaging. 🙂

  23. jodye @ 'scend food says

    How exciting! I’m so ready for all of your fun concoctions. As for splurging, now I rarely splurge on clothes like I used to, but use my money instead to buy interesting and exciting foods. It’s funny how priorities change!

  24. Ann Claire says

    Wow! I muss say I”m slightly jealous of your package! 🙂
    I totally agree with what you say about the price of healthy food. One time I was watching the Biggest Loser and they were talking about obesity and how expensive it is….. the cost o all the medical problems problems that come with unhealthyness sure add up. I’d rather pay it forward now on healthy food so I don’t have a bunch of expensive preventable medical bills in the future! I also save by now spending money on food in places where it is way overpriced such as movie theaters, amusement parks, sporting events, ect. Food is really the one thing I splurge on….like you I’d rather spend $8 on a jar of nut butter than a movie ticket! Plus, when I eat healthfully I feel so much better and feel like I perform better (like in school and stuff) and overall just am happier. I don’t think you can put a price tag on that!

  25. Caitlin says

    Yeah man, once we opened the door to gay marriage in California, everything just sort of went downhill–you would not believe some of the nuptials taking place.

    Hah just kidding, but SERIOUSLY the only reason I’ve held off on the ten dollar jars of Coconut Butter and Choco-Coconut Butter is that I’m not sure how much coconut goodness my tastebuds can handle. Those tiny packets seem like the perfect solution, and I have to actually SKIP that aisle at Whole Foods so that I don’t buy the entire stock.

  26. Eleanor says

    I’m with most commenters so far; I spend sooo much on online food-shopping – nut butter, raw chocolate, gluten-free stuff… the list goes on! But I save on other food shopping as I hardly buy meat, I’m lucky enough to have access to my dad’s huge vegetable patch 🙂 and I only buy whole stuff – one ready meal costs as much as a jar of almond butter and is gone in one helping.
    I also cook loads at once and freeze it in individual helpings, which is my convenience food!

  27. zoe says

    i love your way of looking at pricey nut butters! often i find myself reluctant to purchase expensive groceries but i feel like seeing the indulgence as an indulgence in my health is such a positive way to look at it! i also rarely spend money on much else because my passion is my health 🙂 and now i think i might just go out and throw down that 10$ for the coconut butter i’ve always wanted…hmmmm…;)

  28. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    Ha! I love artisana coconut butter!!! I just used it to make some coconut-quinoa cookies last night! The recipe still needs a bit of tweaking because it was a bit crumbly…

    Anywho, I am a BIG saver. I really hate spending money, and I don’t really like shopping that much. But..I love shopping at the grocery store, so I do like to try a small new thing every now and then. But, like you, I don’t go to the movies that much ($12 for a ticket, and $6 for artery-clogging, trans fat-loaded popcorn? No thanks, I can rent a movie for $1 at home, and make my own popcorn for less than $1)

    • Melissa says

      While I agree with you mostly, I wanted to note that the movie theatres around me use coconut oil to pop their popcorn! And coconut oil is healthy even if it’s saturated.

      I think it’s the “butter” that folks can add that contains trans fats. As a vegan, I don’t use the stuff and think the ocassional movie popcorn splurge is fine. AMC even has the least horrible nutritionals of the other theatres.

      I enjoy airpopped stuff at home with nooch and Bragg’s or Earth Balance but I’m not turning my nose up at some good old fashioned movie popcorn badness. Moderation. 🙂

  29. Chelsea says

    I tend to splurge more when I go out to restaurants that I won’t have a chance to go back to for a while (not chains!). I’m a sucker for seasonal drinks from Starbucks too.

  30. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    I did a huge post on grocery saving tips, budgeting, eating and living cost efficiently for a family. And that never includes trips to the WF’s hot bar, trips out to Starbucks, takeout or carryout, no way! I see bloggers talk about these things and yes, if you’re single and dont care, it’s fine to go blow $12 on a single meal from a box, i.e. the WF’s hot bar. Or you could take that $12 and feed your entire family all meals and snacks for 24+ hours. Mindsets changes when you have kids and jobs and the economy changes 🙂

    I love what you wrote about the bypass being expensive comment 🙂

    • Melissa says


      Just another reason I’m glad to be childfree.
      I love my occasional splurges and would have to give them up.
      The rats and cats are expensive enough as it is – human kiddos would break the bank. 😉

      It’s not so much that single, childless/free folks “don’t care” as it’s we’ve got different priorities and our budgets are just different. Nothing wrong with either lifestyle – some folks just prefer one to the other. I think I’m reading some mild disdain for those single bloggers that you might not be intending to convey in your post.

  31. fmzk says

    I totally agree that splurging on food is worth it– frankly, it’s not even a splurge. Quality- in clothing, food, whatever– is going to cost more, and I’m willing to shell out the dollar for something that is going to last.

    ..not that I never go out for a pricey drink once in a while.

    anyway. Lucky you! Cashew and pecan butters are some of my favorites…

  32. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    I’d be as excited as you if a package that incredible showed up at my door!! I splurge on nut butters, too..along with groceries- that’s where most of my budget goes. But when it comes to clothes I’m a great saver..Plato’s closet all the way! 😉

  33. dragonmamma/naomi says

    Whoa, my eyes were bugging out when I saw that. You lucky, lucky girl!

    My big splurge is Tropical Traditions Gold Label coconut oil. It’s organic, top-of-the-line stuff. It seems like a big splurge when I buy a 5-gallon bucket (that’s right, I said a FIVE GALLON bucket) for $230. But considering that it’s a staple of my diet (main dishes, desserts AND skin lotion) it’s not really that big a splurge after all.

  34. izzy says

    I love your Big Mac analogy [even though we have universal healthcare here in Canada 😉 ]. It’s so true – people will stuff their shopping carts with potato chips because they’re 2 for $1, but they won’t buy real potatoes because they’re like, $3.

    I haven’t yet tried Artisana (truthfully: price tag reason and still kinda scared of the fats in the coconut butter), but I intend to one day taste the luciousness that is magic coconut shell!! ;D They need to start selling those little sample squirt packs!!!


  35. Meghan says

    I splurge on food as well, but I justify it in a few ways 1. As you mentioned–it is REALLY expensive to be sick and unhealthy, you miss out on work, have medical expenses, are less productive etc. 2. I barely ever buy food out anymore. I am now the queen of packing and brining food almost everywhere I go, so when you factor in that I am buying almost 100% of my food (and my boyfriend’s) at the market instead of at restaurants, my grocery bill doesn’t seem so outrageous 🙂
    I also “splurge” on yoga classes. I could probably join a much cheaper gym, but I just love yoga too much to give it up–but i use the rationalization #1 again….it’s not a splurge, its an investment.

  36. Natalie Kimble says

    Aww man you lucky duck!! I totally agree with you about feeding your body right. The processed junk that goes in people’s bodies these days is scary. I am not vegetarian, but believe in good whole foods. I have not tried Artisana because they don’t sell it near me, and the price with shipping on top scares me away. I want to try their coconut butter bad! Have you ever tried Tropical Traditions Coconut Cream? Does it compare at all?

  37. MoniMeals says

    Good Golly! You need to change your name to Coconut Butter Katie at this point.:)
    I(like many other readers) strongly agree, if you fuel your body with the right foods-you will see the doctors much less. So I spend money on what I need to get the best so I CAN BE THE BEST. I make up for it by going to the Farmers Market(lucky enough to have so many rockin ones all around) instead of speding a zillion at Whole Paycheck, I splurge on good chocolate and espresso always though. 🙂

  38. Chris says

    Oh man, they look great! Yummy! I agree with others, buying healthy food is not a splurge, it’s an investment in your health and overall happiness with your quality of life. For splurges, I go all out with travel. I will drive my cars til they croak, almost never buy new clothes, don’t care if i have a fancy phone so I can spend my hard earned money on trips around the globe!

  39. vegansunshine says

    I agree with your money philosophy, I am the same way. People often ask me, “isn’t it expensive to be vegan/healthy?” Usually I answer with two answers:
    1. I like spending money on food. You can easily find vegan/healthy options for cheap. You don’t have to buy all the fancy vegan alternatives, get some dried beans and rice and have yourself a feast!
    2. I spend most of my money on food. I have had the same purse for almost 2 years and it cost me $15. The most I’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes was $50 and those were for my Tom’s so that money went to a good cause anyway! And I definitely don’t spend $200 on jeans. I’m a foodie. I don’t need a new purse every week, just gimme some coconut butter and it’s all good!

    But I totally understand what you mean what you say it all balances out.

  40. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan says

    “I’d brush my teeth with that stuff if I could. Heck, I’d even marry it.” – HAHA! I couldn’t agree more!

    My big splurges also include nut butters and coconut products. Raw organic nuts and seeds can be pricey too, so I try to order in bulk…when will they start selling quart-size jars of coconut butter?!

    [Said in Chandler-voice:] Could I BE any more excited about these giveaway? 😛

  41. Alex says

    When I was in NYC last week I was delighted to find Artisana Coconut Butter in Whole Foods in Union Square – I bought the biggest jar and stuffed it into my suitcase and prayed that it would get back to London in one piece!

    It did, I am thrilled and raw macaroons are on the agenda this weekend. YES!

    Put me down as their second biggest fan (and can they get a UK distributor please!)

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