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Identity Crisis!

The question many people have been asking: What happened to Chocolate-Covered Vegan?  Do we really have to start calling you CCK now?

Answer: I changed the blog title to “Chocolate-Covered Katie” because I didn’t want to sound exclusive, especially since not everyone who reads my blog is a vegan. I didn’t want it to seem like my blog was only meant to be read by vegans.

Chocolate-Covered Song of the Day
You Make My Dreams Come True
(Hall and Oates)
Is it just me, or is ’80s music especially good for running?

Published on February 27, 2009

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Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the top 25 food websites in America, and Katie has been 
featured on The 
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ABC's 5 O’Clock News. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating dessert every single day.

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  1. orangepop says

    CCV/CCK/whatever else you desire to be called, I’ll “read ya!” I’m entered for the contest! YAY, thanks!!! I’ll work on those recipes… mmm!
    p.s. Jasper says hi back!

  2. Kristie says

    Ahhh okay well thank you for clearing the air on that one! CCK is grand but CCV is your THING, You’ll just always be CCV to me 🙂

    I talk about the weather all the time too, but it’s such an important thing! It can determine your mood, what you wear, what you do that day… such a simple thing and yet such huge influence! It’s important stuff!

    And I’m proud that I was the first one to take advantage of the extra Jocolat entries. I feel like a winner already. It wasn’t even on purpose, I had already made the blended breakfasts before I even read the post. Fancy that eh? Hehe

  3. Lauren says

    hi love!
    so i just got around to seeing the new spot..and i must say it is looking wonderful! i love the organization and everything..makes me want to do the ol’ wordpress switcheroo!! 🙂

  4. luckytastebuds says

    Hi!! I really love the new site because it really shows what a bright personality you have!! The colors are great and YOU are fabulous for hosting a jocolat giveaway. 🙂

    P.s. I love the picture you put up!! You’re so pretty!!

  5. Vaala says

    I can understand crazy weather. Here in Auckland, New Zealand, it is supposedly summer (well, it’s been pretty hot all week) but today it’s pouring with rain. We seem to have 4 seasons in one day round here on a regular basis!

  6. Shelby says

    I like the new name too, they both work…probably because they are both chocolate covered! haha

    Even though I wasn’t born in the 80’s I run to the music all the time! It’s great!

  7. linds says

    omg ccv I am so sorry I didn’t get back to you huge and wonderful comment question on my blog, tonight is the first that I’ve signed into it in a while (I have been a busy bee girl haha) so if you still have any of those questions please just let me know and I’ll answer anything and everything for you. But by the looks of it, it seems that you’re doing quite well navigating wordpress!!! So so sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier and again just ask me if you still have those questions 🙂 xoxoxox

  8. Vegetation says

    The weather is crazy here too. 2 days ago I had a coat on, now I’m wearing shorts and dying of heat and there was rain somewhere in between. I’ve never seen such insane weather. Last year it just rained from the start of summer until the end (which made me incredibly happy). Not this year. Just….craziness.

  9. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Yes yes, more pudding please. Nashville’s weather is just as bizarre! We have a 60% chance of snow tomorrow, and it was 70 degrees two days ago.

  10. Gina says

    Hey, I have a question for you about agar. I know you use it a lot, and you always say that you use the flakes. I have the powder, and I have yet to use it at all, because every recipe that I see in which it is called for, says flakes. Any idea how to use them? More or less?

    Just wondering, thought you may have some insight 🙂

  11. xanabioticx says

    ohh~ please2! another pudding recipe please! i LOVE puddings! but its so hard to find vegan puddings here at my place so i might as well make ’em for myself and my friends, right?

    i hope you get to watch/ read FFNation. An Inconvenient Truth is also a good documentary.

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