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One Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

People say this fudgy vegan chocolate mug cake is the BEST mug cake they’ve ever tried… and it can even be made in the microwave!

A rich & gooey chocolate mug cake you can make in the microwave, under 200 calories for the entire thing! Full recipe:

This is the chocolate mug cake recipe for chocolate lovers.



On Saturday morning, I fully expected to see someone else as the winner of the “best baking blog” award. I never thought I’d see this: Best baking and pastry blog: @ChocCoveredKt

My heart is filled with so much gratitude right now, towards everyone who took time out of their busy lives to vote for me. Because of you, I am the happiest girl on the face of the earth, and I can’t even find the right words to express just how grateful I am to you all.

So instead, I baked you a cake.

Note: You can also find a much larger healthy chocolate cake recipe–with secretly healthy chocolate fudge frosting–in my new cookbook.

Above – watch the video how to make a chocolate mug cake!


 I could tell you that I slaved in front of a hot oven all day to make said cake.

But the reality is this chocolate mug cake only took one minute to make.

Yes, really.

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"One Minute" Chocolate Mug Cake - This is my go-to recipe, from @choccoveredkt - It is super easy, & really fudgy and gooey

Vegan Mug Cake Recipe

If you tried to sum up my blog in a dessert, this cake in a mug would be it: healthy–while still tasting ridiculously delicious, vegan with a gluten-free option, and chocolate.

Of course, chocolate.

It wouldn’t be my blog without chocolate.

Feel free to change up the flavor by adding shredded coconut, chopped walnuts, mini chocolate chips, or a few drops of pure peppermint extract to the batter.

And you can frost the cake however you wish, such as with any of the following:

Healthy Chocolate Frosting

Healthy Nutella

Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting (Reader Favorite Recipe!)

One Minute Chocolate Cake In A Mug Recipe


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One Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

This easy chocolate cake in a mug can be made in the microwave or oven.
4.9/5 (213)
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 1 cake


  • 1 tbsp + 2 tsp cocoa powder
  • 3 tbsp spelt, white, oat, or gf ap flour (or try this Keto Mug Cake Recipe)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp sugar, unrefined if desired, or xylitol for sugar-free
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • pinch uncut stevia OR 1 more tbsp sugar
  • 2-3 tsp coconut or vegetable oil (Many commenters have said it still tastes good if you sub applesauce or mashed banana. I haven't tried it)
  • 3 tbsp milk of choice, such as almond milk
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


  • Mug cake recipe: Combine dry ingredients and mix very, very well. Add liquid, stir, then transfer to a little dish, ramekin, or even a coffee mug. Either microwave 30-40 seconds OR cook in a 350F oven for about 14 minutes. If you don’t want to eat it straight out of the dish, be sure to spray your dish first (and then wait for it to cool before trying to remove it). Frosting ideas are listed above in the post!
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For a larger recipe, be sure to try this Vegan Chocolate Cake!

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Published on November 6, 2011

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  1. Linda says

    I am super grateful to have found this website. I just tried the one minute chocolate cake and I am soooo excited! It’s totally delicious and the best part is that it’s low in points on weight watchers. Going to try some of the oatmeal recipies next! Thank you. Can’t wait to purchase your cook book when it comes out!

  2. Jen says

    Wow, these were amazing! My son was begging for cupcakes and I was too tired to whip up a batch, then I came across this recipe. Was a huge hit! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tracy says

    Do you think there’s a way to modify the recipe to make 1 dozen cupcakes? I have a birthday party coming up and I love this recipe so much! I know it would fool those that don’t usually eat GF/SF.

  4. Fabienne says

    Made it this morning as a quick breakfast, yummie! I omitted the sugars and forgot to add stevia. In stead of 3 tsp oil, i used 1 tsp coco-oil en 1 tbsp appelsauce (appelstroop for the dutch people). It was a delicious, healthy brownie and for me sweet enough.

  5. Lyf says

    How do you come up with all these amazing recipes? I love this one in particular for the ease & flavour, it even taste awesome with applesauce instead of oil. It’s my go-to quick dessert recipe and I thank you for sharing. I would love to see more mug cakes recipes!

  6. Erin says

    This is so awesome! i make it if i’m just feeling that i really need a dessert! perfect portion, and you can even just guessimate the amounts, turns out just fine everytime!
    Katie you are awesome! I use your website all the time!

  7. Shannon says

    Any way I could convert this to the toaster oven or regular oven? The danger of micro-waves concerns me. The recipe sounds delicious!!

  8. Katie WindOM says

    I made this and did a grain free version. I used coconut flour (double the amlond milk) and used pure maple syrup (added to wet ingredients and ate it with some mint chocolate chip coconut milk ice cream! Oh, it was delicious! Thank you for this recipe and ALL your recipes! I have a major sweet tooth and appreciate all the goodness and love. Also my husband (who is not completely vegan and is picky about cheese) LOVES your mac and cheese recipe! He thanks you also!

  9. CutePi says

    I’ve tried mug cake before and was heartily disappointed. But knowing that CCK has yet to let me down, I decided to give it another shot. Well, it looks like I’m going to have to plan to have my wedding dress resized, because I cannot.stop.making.this! I made one for company this past weekend with some chocolate chips mixed in and some Nutella on top…wow. Just wow. Just made another one with mint and white chocolate chips. This is pretty much the most amazing cake I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a LOT of chocolate cake in my lifetime…

  10. Monika says

    Just made it and I am wondering if I did something wrong looks nothing like on your picture and taste like flour. :/

  11. Camilla says

    Absolutely, amazingly delicious–I am in heaven! Now there’s no reason why I can’t have chocolate cake whenever I want!

  12. Chris & Jessica says

    Sweet Lord,

    what an awesome idea it was to google – “tastiest treats to bake at home”. What a recipe, congrats!! cant wait to try the rest!!!

  13. Carol J says

    I found your website by accident [following links] and I was thrilled to find single serving, microwave recipes. I’ve severe RA and I have little control of something being removed from a conventional oven. I miss baking 🙁 but now, as soon as I get the ingredients in the house, I’m making a cake in a cup.

    THANK YOU!!!! 😉

  14. Lily says

    I cannot for the life of me get this to bake right! Please don’t take this badly I LOVE almost all of your recipes, and I make at LEAST one recipe a day, but this one recipe (and the mocha cake) are just turning out horrible. They aren’t baked all the way through, they are bitter, and all I can taste is the applesauce. I’m not sure if applesauce is just the problem; it might be, but is it? Does it affect the sweetness/rawness? I love your recipes, and I am addicted to your blog so please don’t take this the wrong way.

    • Lily says

      I tried it again, and I baked it in the oven at 350 for 10, and I added 4 drops of stevia (and I still used applesauce). I am so happy with it! It is SO amazing! Thank you for this awesome recipe! I’m sorry if it ever felt like I was blaming you for my substitutions!

  15. Melody Kincaid says

    Hi katie!!! I really hope you’ll see this! Ive been trying to come up with a good single serving cake recipe that doesn’t have actual flour in it. Instead i want to substitute it with something like buckwheat, almond flour, rice flour ect. But i cant come up with a recipe!! Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!! Thank you!!

  16. Sherry says

    I have been looking for healthy desserts for my husband for sometime now. I have lots of food allergies including chocolate, but it doesn’t bother me anymore due to the fact that I have been unable to eat it for a couple of decades now, but there was a time that I had a hard time coming to terms with it. Anyway, my husband will love these as he is a major chocoholic! Thanks for sharing and oh by the way I found your site last night when looking for a recipe for a caramel corn that I could actually eat and I found it here! That was the best caramel corn ever, only thing that I had to do different was end up baking it as it didn’t get crunchy, think I had too much caramel for the amount of popcorn I made. I only wish that there was a print button option for your recipes as I do better when recipe is in my hand versus having laptop in kitchen, oh well if the other recipes on your site is as good as the caramel corn then I can copy and paste it’s not that big of deal, just a thought that maybe one day you’ll have that option. I’m sure there are others like me who are old school and need recipe in hand, I’m showing that I am really old school as I still use the old recipe boxes with the index cards, just used to that I guess and seems easier to me. Thanks again for your site, I know I’m gonna find all kinds of goodies for my man now and not have to feel guilty for preparing unhealthy goodies for him and the rest of my family. God Bless you!

  17. Christa says

    This is awesome, thanks! I found it to be a bit on the bitter side, perhaps I need to add more sugar or less cocoa powder next time. Super easy and super quick for those times you just want something sweet. 🙂

  18. MJ says

    Okay guys just a warning: do NOT use applesauce! I did and my “cake” tasted nasty and had the texture of overly-thick pudding. I should have just used oil! Oh well. The healthy shamrock shake and banana pancakes I made today from this site were delicious though!

  19. Becky says

    How much is one “packet” of stevia? Mine comes in a container so I usually measure mine out. This looks sooo yummy! Can’t wait to try it out! 😀

  20. Nicki Ella Smith says

    I have three children and I care deeply about there health. I was unsatisfied with other recipes but this one was very grand. Thank you for making my kids feel as if they were on cloud nine!!!! This my new best-loved website. Have an awe-inspiring day.

  21. jess says

    Oh my goodness deliciousness!

    This is a mini miracle for me – I have a super restricted diet and have not been able to make successful cake since I had to give up corn as it rules out all gluten free flour mixes (as well as gluten, dairy, egg… the list goes on).

    I made this with rice flour and it came out a treat. THANK YOU!!!

  22. Jessica says

    Love this single serving cake, but can I put it in the oven. I got rid of my microwave. If so, at what temp & for how long?

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