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Pancake Sundays

When I was a little girl, my mom did all the cooking during the week. But on Sundays, it was Daddy’s job to take care of breakfast. Sunday mornings always found us eating like royalty– crepes, waffles, French toast… but there was no doubt as to my dad’s specialty: Pancakes.

Fast forward many years.

CCK is sitting at the table, grey hair framing her face, doing crossword puzzles while her grandchildren play by the fire. Uh oh… you fast-forwarded a bit too far!

Rewind some.

That’s better.

Now, back to the story.

Although my younger sister and I are both grown, on many Sundays one can still find our dad in the kitchen, cooking up a pancake feast for Mom and himself. Last Sunday, I decided to join the flapjack fun by making my own vegan pancakes to give Dad’s a run for their money. (Actually I made my pancakes on Saturday so they’d be ready to eat Sunday morning. I hate cooking when I’m hungry, especially right when I get back from working out.)

I know there are some great pancake recipes out there (my apple raisin pancakes recipe included!). But since I hadn’t made pancakes in a while, I opted to keep things simple, using Hodgeson Mills Buckwheat pancake mix and just adding water and a tiny bit of EnerG egg replacer.

Accompanied by homemade Tofu Scramble and a big bowl of Apple Pie Pudding, this made for a perfect post-run breakfast:

vegan breakfast

I ended up spreading some of the pudding on top of the pancakes, to the delight of my taste buds.

hodeson mills pancakes

After finishing the tofu scramble, my chopsticks were conveniently right there; it would’ve been silly to walk all the way over to the drawer to get a fork, no?


pancakes chopsticks

Oh yes I did!

Ooh, and on another day, I put the pancakes straight into the pudding. Apple Bread Pudding!

Published on November 14, 2008

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  1. Vegetation says

    Haha, I love the image of Grandma CCV, you got a chuckle out of me.

    Pancakes are the one thing my family consistently beg me for, so I must be an okay pancake maker. I should try some buckwheat ones. I made some out of a packet once and they were kind of eeky, but I want to try some handmade buckwheat ones, especially now that I see how fluffy and thick yours are (mine came out more like crepes).

  2. shelby says

    Mmm, I NEED to try that apple pie pudding! Especially with pancakes mixed in. Your meals are so amazing. Sure I make my meals all pretty and out of a cookbook but your always look like they taste the best.

    Oo and I can’t wait for the crepes!!

  3. Joanna says

    i love how you ate them with chopsticks!! just the fact that you have chopsticks in the house makes me happy.

    that’s such a touching story of you and your family. did your dad try your pancakes? i hope he did because they look marvelous.

  4. Brooke says

    i love pancakes, so much! the apple pudding as a spread is very creative.

    and i love your sunday tradition. traditions are my favorite 🙂

  5. CeciLiA says

    Wow, it’s so awesome that your dad is the ‘pancake maker’ in your household … my dad on the other hand, has to YET set his foot in the kitch 😉 His specialty is … buying us ‘naughty foods’ during grocery trips when my mum is not with us 😀 (ah, childhood memories!)

    P.S.: Totally made your the apple pie pudding today … so GLAD that mine turn out like yours!! By the way, what is the weight of one of those applesauce containers?? Applesauce comes in a BIG jar here in Aus … btw, did I mention the pudding is FREAKING filling?!!!?!! It’s UH SO TASTY though 😀

  6. CeciLiA says

    OH YEA!! Did I just BEAT everyone’s arse?!!?! I mean, am I the FIRST person to make this duh-licious pudding!! SCORE!!!!! 😀

  7. Julie says

    I love pancakes. This is so pitty we don’t have this tradition over here in France. I hate eating croissants for my breakfast. Your breakfast is huge: pancakes, scramble tofu and apple pie pudding at the same time? Waouh ! Anyway, I love your blog.

  8. Fitnessista says

    hahah the fast forward part cracked me up.
    i have never tried pudding and pancakes- what a great idea!
    hope you're having an amazing weekend <3

  9. Emma says

    mmm pancakes sound like a great start to any morning! I should definitely be more creative with my breakfasts- I just have porridge every morning without thinking!

  10. Tara says

    I always think about pancakes on the weekends too! My mom always made them for us on Saturday mornings. I love pancakes now with a side of tempeh fakin bacon. Yum!

  11. Teenage Veg Head says

    wow those pancakes look so good!!
    so do the veggies. i just found your blog and i think its amazing! you always make your food look so tasty. How long did it take you to make the vegetables?

  12. River says

    Wow, you look gorgeous with grey hair! 😛

    You ALWAYS have the most delicious looking tofu scrambles ever! Yummy Apple Pancake Pudding! Genius! 🙂

  13. shellyfish says

    My dad used to make us all pancake feasts when we were young…good times! I miss that Grandma Katie!
    Thanks for your sweetness about my foot. 🙂

  14. CeciLiA says

    Oh gosh, I WAS planning to tell you this tomorrow, BUT I could NOT (NOT!) hold it any longer …. I made chocolate pudding based (losely) around your recipe …

    I basically just stirred in some cocoa powder at the end (instead of applesauce) and add a tsp of maple syrup at the end …. wait for it to set and cool (err … if you are that patient!) and blend >>>>> EAT!!!

    So yea, thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for introducing to the world of PUDDING…. ahh, I gonna turn into a pud monster soon … 😉

  15. Alisa Fleming says

    I love that you eat everything with chopsticks … and your story made me giggle, caught me off guard this Sunday morning!

  16. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    I have a house (that I share with a roommate) down near my college, but I like to go home on the weekends to see my parents and puppies :o)

  17. Animal-Friendly says

    This post brought me right back to begin a little kid again! My mom would always make chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes on weekends for the entire family and I’m now remembering how much I loved it. I think I might just make a vegan version of these for my family next weekend- thanks so much for the inspiration!

  18. aTxVegn says

    Pancakes with pudding topping is a great idea! I have a “Daddy’s Pancakes” recipe which is from my mom, from her daddy. Sunday mornings will always be a great memory for you.

  19. Alice (in Veganland) says

    I love the idea of the pancakes in the pudding. Oh, and that pudding? I’m totally making it soon! I’ll be careful with the tattooed man in Barcelona, haha.

  20. Catherine says

    OMG my dad was all over the weekend pancakes too!! He used to always make whole wheat pancakes with orange juice in the batter, topped with honey… yummers!!

  21. Vegan On Stage says

    omg thats amazing…buckwheat pancakes are my favorite too!!!! I miss coming to your blog every day… but trust me i come whenever i get a chance!!!! hope your well girlie 🙂

  22. Bethany says

    looks like an amazing bfast. Love adding the pieces of pancakes to the apple pie pudding. yum.

    very neat that your dad would cook for you.

  23. ZakiyaRox says

    My comment re: your apple pancake recipe. I've been vegan since 2005 and searching for three things since then: recipes for pancakes, seitan and cheese-like sauces & sliceable. Well, thanks to you I can stop my endless surfing and pancake cooking marathons. Your recipe is so very good I just enjoyed it, not once did I think, "Damn I miss…".
    Roxbury, MA (Boston)

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