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Pirates of the Cacao-ribbean

Great dessert stories yesterday.

And I had no idea that Disney was so accommodating to vegans! I’d always heard it was hard to find vegan food at Disney. Guess that was old information. In terms of vegan desserts, I’ve been pretty lucky in that most of the ones I’ve tried have been yummy.

Hello from sunny Long Island!

I’ve been soaking up every last second of this beachy weather before I have to go home to Texas. Molly and Henry have been enjoying the weather too. The other day, they took a ferry ride!  They were so well-behaved. Neither barked at any of the other passengers, and Molly basically slept the whole time.


Aww look, Henry’s smiling!


This scene reminded me of the Truman Show, when he reaches the end of his world. The sight was so perfect, it was as if it’d been painted!

Beachy AfriCard of the day:


Have you seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

I loved the first, but thought the second and third were… meh. And someone told me they’re making a 4th? Seriously? My sister had to drag me to the first one; I did NOT think it sounded like something up my alley. But thankfully, little sister knew me better. (She’s also the one who basically forced me to read the first Harry Potter book. How much do I owe this girl?)

Published on July 30, 2010

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  1. Kelly says

    I love that AfriCard! So cute.

    Like you, I loveloveloved the first POTC movie but really wish they hadn’t bothered making the next two. And the fourth just sounds like an awful idea.

    I was at Disney in June, but I missed out on all these alleged vegan desserts! Sadface. But I did discover that their veggie burger is vegan, and it contains mostly organic ingredients. It’s also surprisingly good – it’s not just like TVP ground up into a patty; you can see corn and lentils and beans and all sorts of healthy things. So that’s somethin’!

  2. Megan @ Healthy Hoggin says

    So jealous of your NYC trip! It may be my favorite place to visit EVER!

    I loved the first Pirates movie, but the other two were just terrible! (especially the third) I hate it when sequels aren’t “self-contained” movies, that are good by themselves. The second one basically ended as a “to be continued…” which is always annoying to me. I hope they don’t do a fourth one! I don’t think many people would be interested at this point!

  3. erinsloves says

    Hey pretty girl! Umm so I am so jealous of all your travelling! Ive only been out of the south a few times when I went to see Stu while he was based in San Diego while training. However I am making a big ole trip to St Louis in September haha Sad I know ):
    And I have only seen the first Pirates of the Carribean..I loved it so I dont know why I never saw the others? Have a good Friday Katie!

    PS. I just bought some more dates- Fudge Babies Im thinking? Yup!

  4. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    I love POTC!!! But I agree, the 1st was the best (saw it..8ish times in theatres and EVERYDAY for a few weeks after it came out on DVD- after running out at midnight to buy the first one) Yeah, I was a bit obsessed..:/ The rest kind of just went downhill from there.

    Anyway, you lucky duck! Wish I was on some beach!

  5. Laura says

    What a cute card!!!!
    I have only seen POTC one, and really didn’t enjoyed it, so i haven’t yet embarked on the mission of watching the follow ups! xx

  6. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    That is my favorite Africard so far! I heart pirates! We’re having a Pirate Fest & Parade in Memphis in September. Can’t wait!

  7. Marianne says

    I know I’ve seen the 1st Pirates movie, and I might have seen the 2nd? But not the 3rd. They were alright, but I’m not an overly big movie watcher to begin with.

  8. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    Fun Fun! Soak up the sun!!! What’s the temp like up there?

    I completely agree with you, the first Pirates movie was good, but the next two were not up to par. My sister didn’t even completely understand what was going on….a bit strange….

  9. Raquel says

    Your vacation pics look supremely awesome! I’m glad you had fun! I had a great time when I went to visit my sister in Maine back in June. 😀

    Aahh, POTC…how I loved it! I agree it went downhill from there, but I blame the whole Will and Elizabeth storyline for that. thier story should have concluded in the first movie, period. I saw a promo for part 4 which looked uber, since Johnny Depp did it. I have hope it will be much better. More JACK centric! check it out for yourself. I admit it’s still up in the air on whether it’ll be any good, but I have hope! 🙂

    Have a fun evening!

  10. Raquel says

    EDIT: Hmm, they have the original clip. When they showed it originally it was at this year’s ComiCon, and the crowd’s energy kinda got me excited!

  11. Rachael says

    Great card, great cause. I’m thinking about starting a kid’s art project at the elementary school in Malawi that my non-profit works with – we need new income to keep expanding and creating new programs…this is good inspiration!
    I haven’t seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but I do think that pirates are universally accepted as being pretty cool. Just went to a pirate-themed bar in Montreal, and felt a little like I was in an adult-version of Disneyworld!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      That sounds like a really terrific idea. When I worked with underprivileged kids in China, it was SO sad (and heartwarming at the same time) when they would get excited over something as simple as a sharpened pencil. They would probably FLIP for an art program!

  12. ecogrrl says

    pirates…oy! with the exception of chocolat and don juan de marco and edward scissorhands, i hark from the land of 21 jump street 🙂

  13. Britney says

    Looks fun!
    But why did you photoshop yourself? (It’s my job, I can absolutely see your bikini photo has been altered on the left side). You’re already extremely skinny. No need to make any more changes, Katie. 🙁

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Britney!
      Oh goodness, I definitely did not photoshop that part to make me look skinnier. Yikes, I agree that I’m already skinny enough… in fact, it’s something I’m pretty self-conscious of. I DID photoshop that part of the photo though (and it’s kind obvious, because it’s blurry and I didn’t bother to take the time to make it look “perfect”). The reason is funny: my mom’s hand was holding me, and her nailpolish was chipped and ugly LOL! So if you look carefully, you can see that her arm seems to disappear behind me! 🙂

      • Chris Braunmuller says

        lol, anyone who follows ur blog would know you wouldn’t make yourself look skinnier!!
        If anything maybe you photoshop your face sometimes?But that’s just normal. Anyone with photoshop skills would be tempted to do so if they’re posting their pictures to God knows how many people to read online!
        Keep on keeping on Katie.

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          Haha yup I sometimes do (when I’m not too lazy)! Whenever anyone asks, I freely admit that I photoshop my photos … but not very many people ask, because it’s no secret that I have photoshop. (What, you mean the photo of my face on a bumblebbee body isn’t real?! Outrage! ;))

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