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Power to the Peanut Butter

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Hopefully all the mommies out there are being pampered like they deserve: breakfast in bed, pedicures, and lots of hugs.  My amazing mommy received a special breakfast (which I’ll write about tomorrow).  But because I was working on her breakfast, my own had to be quick and simple.


A lightly-toasted whole-wheat English muffin with homemade Smashberry Jam and peanut butter


Now it’s time for another installment of “Strange things I see when I Run.” I almost stepped on this guy yesterday (well, not him, but his look-alike).


And then, later, I came across a hissing squirrel. Did you know squirrels can talk? I didn’t! Nothing as strange as Scary Spandex Man, but if I never see him again, I think I’ll be okay!

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Published on May 9, 2010

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  1. Diana says

    That breakfast looks so good 🙂
    Actually, Mother’s Day was last weekend here in Portugal! Interesting, huh? 😛
    Have a great day!

  2. Mary says

    I’m sure that whatever you’re making your mom, it’s awesome. I can’t wait to find out! Tell her happy mom’s day for me!

  3. Jenny says

    **swooooooooon** – this post = the perfect wayt o start my morning 🙂

    Hope you have a beautiful Mother’s day!!

  4. C @ Slide into Hippiedom says

    I celebrated Mom’s Day last weekend, since my parents are at my sister’s college graduation this weekend (out of state). I made her a veggie skillet and banana brandy crepes; so good! For Mother’s and Father’s day every year I just do brunch for my parents. It’s a fun time to make tons of yummy breakfast food (favorite meal of the day!) and hang out.

  5. Marina says

    I love seeing strange things on my runs :))
    I adore the brand “made by me at home” 😀
    It’s cheap and has only one ingredient: peanuts. (and occasional epithelial cell from my or my bf’s fingers 😀 )

  6. Meg says

    I adore turtles 🙂 this post made me smile! As do all of your posts 🙂

    I’m taking my Mom out to dinner and brought her flowers this morning!!

  7. Demelza says

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you made your mom for brekkie. :]
    I made my mom chocolate croissants.
    I’m not entirely sure what my family is doing…:/
    I think my mom wants everyone to go see a movie together before my brothers go back to college to finish their finals.

    I haven’t tried too many brands of peanut butter, so my favorite is Naturally More.

  8. Rachel says

    awwwww turtle!

    Smart Balance makes a PB sweetened with agave nectar and added omega-3’s which is pretty tasty, can’t say i met a PB i didn’t like, except the time i accidentally bought chunky…the texture is just too weird for me.

  9. Danielle says

    I love turtles! Hissing squirrels? not so much…

    I think the strangest thing I’ve seen while I was running was a man on a motorcycle with his dog riding in an attachable cart wearing sunglasses. It was really cute 😀

    Your mother’s day breakfast is so sweet! I’ll be calling momma Coffee Run today

  10. Stefanie says

    I bet your mother’s breakfast was really good because it was made with love. Your breakfast looks better then mine was.

    My mom is getting fresh homemade pretzels when she gets home from work. It is what she wants so that is what she will get.

    My favorite PB is MaraNatha no-stir varitey. Now i’m wanting some peanut butter. 🙂

  11. foodlovingpolarbear says

    we had a lovely Mother’s Day dinner at a great scandinavian restaurant.

    Haha, I would totally freak you if I would see a turtle here, they’re NOT living freely outside in our country 😀

  12. lisa @ early morning run says

    unfortunately I live hundreds of miles from my mom, but I emailed, texted, called and blogged to tell her how much I love her and she means to me. She’s fantastic!!

    By far, PB&Co is my favorite brand! And I’m having a PB&Co giveaway soon on my blog!! Can’t wait to share it with others! Yum!!

  13. BroccoliHut says

    Sadly, I can’t be with my mom on this Mothers’ Day…but I’ll see her soon enough for graduation!
    I lurve 365 PB and Maranatha.

  14. Michelle says

    I made your 24 carrot cupcakes tonight =) they came out awesome let me tell you. i topped them with frosting and ate 3… good recipe!!

  15. Gaby says

    You have a very lucky mom! I’m sure you took good care of her 🙂
    My dad made breakfast this morning for our whole extended family, then in the afternoon I took her shopping, and tonight I wrote a special blog post for her.
    I am of course hugging my fats per usual these days but need to get around to taking a picture for you! There has been an abundance of almonds, peanut butter, tahini, coconut, and avocado loving. Sometimes all at once!
    Oh and tonight’s dinner was also covered in a traditional chimichurri sauce with plenty of EVOO!

  16. *Andrea* says

    my favorite peanut butter is naturally more! i also love the no-stir maranatha kind.

    my sister has a 3-toed box turtle that looks just like that fella 😉 so cute!

  17. Courtney (Pancakes & Postcards) says

    I love your breakfast! I could eat some combo of carbs, PB, sugars, and banana for breakfast every day and never get tired of it. Toast, bagels, oatmeal, pancakes, anything!

    I celebrated mother´s day by… going for a run and making your pizzert idea (and blogging about it). Thanks for the great idea, it was awesome!

  18. Jessica (PB & Jess) says

    Ohhhh, your breakfast looks divine!! You already know that I loooooooove me some PB. My fav is the grind-your-own stuff. It tastes so fresh because of it’s 100% pure peanutty goodness. 🙂

  19. Marianne says

    Mother’s Day here involved going to the 1st farmer’s market of the year, working, going out for dinner at my cousin’s house, and watching playoff hockey! WOO!

    And my favourite peanut butter is our store brand old fashioned variety – just peanuts with a little bit of salt. Delicious!

  20. Mastering Public Health says

    This just proves that it really IS “all relative”: you call your breakfast ‘quick and simple,’ but it likely appears deliciously gourmet to most. Way to playfully dispel the fat-makes-fat myth.

  21. amandatrombley says

    Hissing squirrel? Wow, no haven’t seen that one..maybe that’s specific to Texas squirrels? My Squirrelly here is more a quiet, meaningful stare kind of squirrel as in communicating with her eyes, “why didn’t you bring me chocolate covered marzipan? And while you’re at it, how ’bout some corn chips?” Sometimes, when sounding an alarm they say something like “nuk nuk nuk”..

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