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Red, White, Blue, and Vegan (Part One)

Ok, first I have to tell you all this hilarious story: On the morning of the Fourth of July, I went out to a running trail by a local lake. I was minding my own business when suddenly I noticed a man going the opposite direction, wearing patriotic SPANDEX shorts! He had on a blue tee shirt and bright red spandex shorts with white stars. I’m amazed that they even sell something so heinous! It definitely put me in a light mood for the rest of my run, because every time I thought about the guy, I burst out laughing!

The rest of the day was much less bizarre. My family attended a barbecue at the home of one of our neighbors. The weather was gorgeous, and I thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon and evening of swimming, playing lawn sports, having water-balloon fights, and catching up with my neighbors and family.

The main course at the party was brisket (it’s a type of chewy, overcooked meat that’s common at Texas barbecues. I’m happy to say I never liked it even in my pre-veg days, so I don’t miss it at all). I brought my own patriotic meal. Check out the red, white, and… black? Too bad there isn’t such a thing as “blue beans” but at least I had the meal on a blue plate!

Black beans, brown rice with vegan butter, and roasted red peppers. I also had a salad with purple kale and red and green Romaine and peach salsa.
Since when did they add green to the American flag?! With the black beans, brown rice, and green salad, I guess my meal wasn’t so patriotic after all. Oh well– at least I tried!
Dessert! My super-health-conscious neighbor (he does Ironman competitions!) put together this beautiful fruit salad that consisted simply of fruit and a little lemon juice. Über Yum!
Judging by all the grass she collected on her fur, I think it’s safe to say that silly Molly had a little *too much* fun, … until the fireworks started, that is. Poor Molly and Henry hated the loud noise.

Sister bonding!

Published on July 6, 2008

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  1. shellyfish says

    Patriotic, shmatriotic! You lunch looks yummy either way! And woo hoo for playing outside, sister bonding, and water balloons!

  2. Allison says

    I was laughing the whole time I read your story!~Haha seriously, who would sell those shorts?! You and your sister are beautiful! It looks like you had a fun day…can’t wait for part 2!

  3. Katy says

    I’ve never even had brisket (guess it’s not a Seattle thing) but your dinner looks millions of times better!

    And Molly is just so cute!!!

  4. Kimberly says

    Gah, brisket. I’m Jewish, so brisket is front and center on the table at pretty much every holiday. I didn’t realize it was a Texan thing as well!

    And a dude in patriotic Spandex is weird, but what’s even weirder is that the sellers probably make a decent chunk of change off of them this time of year!

  5. Danielle says

    Guy? Spandex? Red, White & Blue?

    Hahahaha, you have no idea how much that just made my day… thanks 🙂

    You and your sister are adorable by the way!

  6. Sara says

    Funny spandex!!

    I have a question for you though, if you don’t mind answering. I’m new to your blog so I was wondering why you ate all your meals with chopsticks?

    Thanks, and keep up the fantastic work!!

  7. Healthy eating blog says

    aww, im glad you had fun! you guys look absolutly GORGEUS!! :o) im really you had a fun 4th of july! :o)

  8. mad about udon says

    Happy belated 4th of July! Excellent holiday colour-matching efforts! I would have suggested blueberries, but blueberries + peppers + rice = something that probably doesn’t taste so good.

  9. healthyceliac says

    That guy in the spandex is too much. Don’t you love it when things like that just happen in everyday life, and they make your day?

    Your food looked great, even if it wasn’t too patriotic. And the picture of you and your sister is really cute!

  10. Amy says

    What a nice summery meal! I had watermelon for the first time in a while. I forgot how delicious it is!

  11. Caitlin says

    Looks like you had a fun (and yummy) 4th. Aww, your doggie is so cute! My dog is also scared of loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms…she always starts whining and hides! Poor thing. 🙁 Glad you had a fun day!

  12. Jenn says

    Patriotic spandex? Wow, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that one :o)

    It looks like a fun and delicious holiday for you! Nice work incorporating all the colors of the flag – didn’t you hear? Black and green are the new blue, so you’re set ;o)

  13. Ricki says

    Sounds like a great day, even with the weird spandex beginning. . . greens and peach salsa? Another original, interesting combination from CCV! 🙂

  14. Anonymous says

    i know i am just an observer, but you are very thing sweetie and you dont seem to be eating enough fats/proteins. it would be beneficial for your heath and at your weight to eat more than just greens, fruit, and veggies. (faux meats or grilled bbq tempeh, non-dairy ice cream, vegan cupcakes, etc)

    • trajayjay says

      I honestly don’t think she should have a problem, she loves chocolate and fatty pastries so she should be fine.

  15. lighterportions says

    Spandex shorts simply by themselves are hilarious but PATRIOTIC spandex? That’s in a category of ridiculous all of its own.

    Your meal sounds tasty and I’d say you did pretty darn well following along with the patriotic theme, even if there were some greens thrown in the mix 😉

  16. Nikki Douglas says

    Stay away from the brisket – ewww…that is one meat (actually among all) that I do not miss. What you had looks great. And I love a big fruit salad.

    I’m glad you had a nice holiday, you are such a lovely person.

  17. ChocolateCoveredVegan says


    Please be assured that I eat a very healty diet and DO include vegan sources of fats and proteins. If you read my other posts, you’ll be able to see that I don’t just eat fruits and veggies, as I agree that would not make for a balanced diet.

  18. jessy says

    everything looks so yummy! and that’s too funny on the hilarious spandex shorts! i have for sure cracked up at some of the running gear some people wear – makes me chuckle, and makes for a fun run, too! 🙂

    our dog julie doesn’t care for the loud noises either – she tries so hard to be tough though!

    your dinner looks delish – and hooray for sister bonding, water ballon awesomeness, and swimming. sounds like a super stellar 4th of July to me! yay!

  19. Sara says


    You obviously don’t read CCV’s blog, do you? If you did, you would know that she does in fact eat fats and proteins. Plus, she doesn’t blog about everything she eats, so who are you to assume she isn’t getting enough? Even if you’d bothered to read the commentary under her pictures in this post, you’d see she added margarine to her rice. And if you actually read her blog instead of assuming from one photo that she undereats, you’d never advise her of all people to eat a vegan cupcake, since she’s constantly making them. Don’t assume things. It makes you sound really rude.

  20. Eric says

    Wow….tasty food! I laughed at your morning run story…..not only can I not believe that spandex shorts are made like that, but I can’t believe someone would actually wear them!

  21. Kati says

    Ahh brisket, I remember that from living in Oklahoma. 😛 Other than that, sounds like a lot of fun! That fruit salad looks amazing.

  22. Lizzy says

    Aaaahahahahaha oh my god I totally cracked up when I read that! I could totally picture him =p

    Ha ha, gotta love your patriotic dinner!
    Cute picture of you & your sister. Makes me wish mine was sitting next to me right now =(

    And YUMM, I want that fruit salad!

  23. Animal-Friendly says

    Patriotic spandex- I would love to see a person actually wearing something like that!

    Your meal looks great, even if it isn’t the traditional “red, white, and blue” (is there even a truly blue food?)

  24. Anonymous says

    i read your blog daily so i am aware you do eat protein and (a little) fat. but im just concerned. you seem very underweight and look ill. and how do we know that you actually eat cupcakes? a lot of people BAKE desserts, but choose not to eat them. just take care…

  25. Sara says

    CCV, you should delete anonymous’s comment. That was RUDE and uncalled for. You look beautiful! Even the guys who I’ve shown this blog think so (sorry to creep you out that I’ve shown guys your blog lol, it’s just my friends)

    Anonymous, how do you live with yourself, making negative comments about others’ appearances and hiding behind anonymity? Especially someone so sweet as CCV. Sounds like you have really low self esteem.

  26. Bianca says

    Oh my! Those shorts do sound quite heinous! But your patriotic meal looks tasty and much healthier than nasty old brisket…I’m always amazed by how tiny you are with those big ol’ servings. I wish I could eat that much and get fat…

  27. Sanja says

    I LOVE that look on Molly’s face, it’s so funny.

    And I’m sorry about some of the comments you get.

  28. vegan addict says

    Awesome clown cake, even though clowns scare me silly.

    It sounds like you spent the fourth in perfect relaxation. So, what’s wrong with spandex patriotic running suits? Hmmm? Maybe I have one of those nifty get-ups too! No, never! Goodness!

    I love the photo of you and your sister!

  29. Melissa says

    Aw, that pic of Molly is too cute! So is the pic of you and your sis! Sounds like a great holiday weekend 🙂

  30. Vicki's Vegan Vice says

    Cute sisters photo! and fabulous looking fruit salad. There used to be a “patriotic” rollerskater in Pacific Beach who only wore a red, white, & blue loincloth and Indian headdress with a flag sticking out his butt. I kid you not, and it DOES add some levity — After seeing this I no longer worryed if my outfit matched or my hair look “funny” LOL!!! brisket???

  31. lonelysound says

    I’m going to have to agree with anonymous. Although you eat healthy foods, it is pretty clear you are not eating enough calories to sustain a healthy weight.

  32. linds says

    You totally should have followed his lead and grabbed an American flag off the nearest house, wrapped yourself in it, and continued your run while singing ‘America the Beautiful’ or something equally patriotic 🙂 Your delicious looking food kind of makes up for that though. Kind of.

  33. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    Ooh my camera DOES have a fireworks’ setting :o). But, like you, I didn’t realize it until this year, so the photo was taken using plain old “night” setting. I must’ve taken 30 pictures, and that was one of the only good ones! Did you get any good pictures this year with your new-found firework setting?
    My doggie thanks you for complimenting her ;o).

    LOL it IS scary that someone actually makes a profit from those things! I mean, did the manufacturer just wake up one day and decide, “I’m going to go into business selling patriotic spandex”?!

    Lonelysound and Anonymous—
    Actually, I am very healthy and do get enough calories to meet my energy needs. But all that aside, did you ever stop to think how it makes people feel to read the mean anonymous comments y’all leave? Can’t you find a more compassionate way to spend your time than putting people down and hurting their feelings?

    Aww, thanks so much for sticking up for me!

  34. Clara says

    What a fun holiday!! 🙂

    CCV, i’ve been reading your blog for awhile (a bit of a lurker) and I love it!

    to lonelysound and anonymous – would you tell someone whose overweight that they’re ‘obviously eating way too much’? just because someone is built thin does not mean that they are not healthy. I think CCV is very healthy – it just shows in her face 🙂

  35. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    Thank you so, so much. I was a bit upset from the negative comments, so your super-kind words couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you for being so nice!!!

  36. glidingcalm says

    1) Your iron man neighbor sounds sooo cool!! haha i wish I had more healthy friends/neighbors who could make fruit salad! nobody I know eats healthy!!

    2) OF COURSE you can add me to your blog roll! I’d be honored!!

    3) water balloon fights sound like so much fun!! I’m in need of a good water battle! I love love love supersoakers…though I haven’t used one in YEARS.

    take care CCV!!

  37. Amanda says

    To the two amazingly rude commenters,

    I know Katie in real life, and yes she is one of the skinniest girls I know. But ya know what? She is definitely healthy. She eats a lot! And she has more energy than anyone else I know. So making assumptions about her diet is just stupid and makes ASSES out of you. Who are you to tell someone you don’t even know that she is “obviously” not eating enough and looks ill?! Are you medical doctors?

    You’re obviously jealous of Katie because she has it ALL: beauty, skinniness, popularity, intelligence, and so much kindness that she would never tell you to shut the hell up like you deserve to hear.

  38. Allison says

    Girl, the Moosewood cake was to DIE for!! I made a small sample (halfed the recipe) for my whole family to try and they all loved it. I made another version tonight using dark chocolate cocoa powder and added dark chocolate chips…MMM!!! Thank you SO much for posting the link to that recipe! I didn’t make a frosting though…do you know any good recipes for a mousse-like frosting? PS…Don’t let the negative comments get you down…I LOVE your blog and you are such a sweetheart!!

  39. Anonymous says

    Hi Katie-
    Long time reader,first time commenter. I agree with Clara- your face is glowing and your hair is beautiful! You seem healthy and happy. You’re so creative and you’re a great writer. Thanks for sharing so much of your life/food/recipes with us readers. I am sorry that people have been so rude to you. You rock!
    -Amanda E.

  40. Katie says

    LOL thanks!

    I don’t know how you manage to update every single day – that amazes me! I’m glad you had a good 4th. I saw fireworks with my family.

  41. CeciLiA says

    Hi Katie .. yummy patriotic meal you have there! Sorry for the late comment, hehe – sometimes I forget to comment after I read 😉

  42. Lizzy says

    Katie swetie, don’t let that dumb anonymous person affect your mood.
    To me she/he sounds like someone who is completely unaware of the fact that there are people out there and are naturally thin. Of course you have the genetic thing. When people don’t know about that it’s easy to assume you have an eating disorder, but you don’t have to justify yourself in any way.
    I guess this person who’s too scared to even put a name to the rude comment is someone who’d love to be thin, can’t get it done and now tries to tell you (a thin person) that you need to change your diet and become fat. Jeez, just by the sizes of your portions people should realize that you eat enough.
    And if the person really does visit your blog daily as he/she insists he/she does he/she would know that you eat all of the things he/she told you to eat more of (faux meats or grilled bbq tempeh, non-dairy ice cream, vegan cupcakes, etc) and not just “fruits & veggies”. Ugh, dumbass! If you were seriously concerned as you try to make us believe you wouldn’t be so rude and ignorant!

    You rock Katie! =)

  43. Astra Libris says

    Your red white and black meal sounds scrumptious! Such a great idea, using the peach salsa as a healthful dressing!

  44. Anonymous says

    It’s obviously not genetic though. Look at the picture of Katie and her sister. Her sister looks amazing and at a healthy weight. Katie looks emaciated.

  45. Lizzy says

    Good god will you stop it already? What is your POINT??? What’s your fucking problem? Even if she was anorexic or whatever it is you’re trying to prove here, how is that any of your business?
    And in case you didn’t read anything Katie ever wrote, she pointed out that her mother and grandmother were very skinny while growing up, too!
    And for your information, I used to go to school with a girl who pretty much was as thin as Katie and she kept complaining that she could eat whatever she wanted, she just wouldn’t gain weight because of her metabolism. And she had a younger sister, too. And her sister was “normal”, she didn’t inherit the fast metabolism.

  46. Sara says

    I agree with Amanda. Anonymous, it is so obvious that you are jealous of CCV because she is skinny, beautiful, smart, and kind. It is also obvious that you have no life, because you keep coming here to post mean things.

  47. lonelysound says

    CCV, I didnt mean to insult or attack you, I was just a little misled by the address of your blog “how to gain weight on a vegan diet..” and was just making an observation..

  48. Simple and Divine says

    I didn’t want to say anything, because Katie, though you know I adore you more than words can say (you ARE my twin!!!), I felt that adding to this negative energy would do me no good, and more importantly, it would do YOU no good. I didn’t want to give said commenters any power, and thus I withdrew from adding my two cents in.


    When you go so far as to ridicule someone based on their appearance, in such a patronizing tone, and THEN go on to pull a member of their FAMILY into it, you have most certainly crossed the line. I don’t know what you have been through, but it seems as though you, personally, are struggling with yourself, both in your mind and in your body. Though you may have only been saying something with the intention to be kind and caring, your words came across as demeaning, cruel, and just N.O.T. N.I.C.E. Unnecessary, in fact. To even think to write on someone’s blog, that they look ill… Well, I pray for you. Because you do not know/cannot see inside the lives of these bloggers. They blog with a passion to share their adoration for the culinary arts and for animal rights/compassion. YOU read these blogs, it seems, to look at/scrutinize the appearances of the bloggers. That must be incredibly difficult for you, as every single one of these women, sharing this passion, are beautiful. So to look for flaws, every day? Well, that must be very hard for you. Harder though, would be if you made a comment like that on someone’s blog that WAS truly sick. G-d forbid. While they use their blog for their personal enjoyment, to escape said illness, you feel the need to invade it, tear it down, disrupt the positive energy it brings to their life. Well, I’m sorry, but these blogs do not work that way. Katie’s blog is for KATIE’S enjoyment. She is healthy, beautiful, and absolutely divine… Her radiance shines from the inside-out. Do not even attempt to ostracize her from that… Especially not here.
    I hope you can find some inner peace, some love for your self, your own self-worth. And very, very soon. Katie’s worth a million and more to us, and I hope, someday, you can bring such joy to those around you.

  49. Rach-ums says

    Sorry to butt in here, but I just wanted to tell you Katie that I think you look great. You do not look ill in any way! Your meals always sound delicious AND healthy and when you post pictures of yourself, you glow like a person who is both happy and well fed!

    One of my best friends growing up was naturally skinny and I was naturally hefty, and she ate waaaaay more than I did. She always hated people making ignorant comments to her about her weight so I can imagine how you must feel when people post this stuff.

    I hope the person that made those comments really did have concern for you and wasn’t just trying to be rude, but either way it’s uncalled for.

  50. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    Yeah, I don’t like my URL. I initially made it up as a joke, but now I don’t think it’s funny (I never expected so many people to read my blog). I’ve actually wanted to change my URL for a while, but I’m afraid of losing readers. Still, I think I will get around to changing it someday.

  51. Anonymous says

    there seems to be a second anonymous…

    i have to defend myself though because i am only trying to help. i actually am extremely underweight and in recovery from anorexia. i am not jealous in any way; trust me. i know what to look for and little clues about eating disorders. anyways, katie, you seem like truely a wonderful girl. i just wish you well. my main point i was trying to make is, someone that is that thin (naturally or not) should try to incorporate more healthy fats into your diet and more calories because it is unsafe for ANYONE to be underweight. your heart can stop at any minute. i just am curious why you use silken over firm tofu? or steamed veggies in vinegar? lite margerine vs. full fat? girlfriend, you dont have to eat low-calorie! i think your diet would be ideal for a vegan at a heatlhy weight. but i just am trying to state my opinions and reach out.

  52. Sara says

    Anonymous, if you are in recovery for an ED I think you need to focus on you and leave poor CCV alone. She has already said that she does not eat low calorie (and she explained in the post you mentioned why she uses silken tofu and lite margarine. Maybe you should read her posts more thoroughly before you accuse her of things). You should worry about you and let CCV and her doctor take care of CCV. I don’t think you’re really trying to help. I think you really are just annoyed and frustrated that CCV can be healthy at such a low weight when you (and most of the general population) can’t. If you were really trying to be helpful, you would’ve emailed CCV instead of publically accusing her of undereating on her blog and calling her “ill”. There is no way for you to know how much/little CCV eats, so assuming things is not very nice.

    CCV, sorry I’m answering all these posters for you, I am just getting so frustrated every time I check back and see someone else being negative. And I have a desk job, so I have tons of time to check back often. The assumptions and accusations need to stop!

  53. Anonymous says

    sara you are right. i did not know i could email a blogger.

    and for the record, i have always been naturally thin. i always ate whatever i wanted because i have a fast metabolism. but i then started to eating healthier and became vegan, and lost an incredible amount of weight. also anorexia is a MENTAL DISORDER for the ”type a” people. and control and perfectionism are such a large portion of the disease. i am wrong for accusing katie, but so are you.

  54. ChocolateCoveredVegan says

    You definitely don’t need to apologize! I’m so grateful to you for sticking up for me :o). But don’t worry about the anonymous comments upsetting me. I’m actually not upset AT ALL! In fact, I’m happy that the negative comments were left, because look at all the wonderful comments I’ve gotten that were all thanks to one negative one! :o)

  55. Jess - The Domestic Vegan says

    Hi Katie. I know this drama is (thankfully) over now, but I just wanted to add to the others’ comments saying that you are beautiful & your skin just glows! My mom was teased her entire life growing up because she’s been 5’11” since she was 12 years old–and weighed about 120 pounds until she had me!! Some people are just naturally thin, and your posts seem very health-oriented, besides the occasional cupcake treat. 🙂 Don’t worry about what others say. If you know you take good care of yourself, and you’re healthy & happy, that’s what matters!

  56. Pink Theory says

    oh i love all those fresh fruits and vegetables…so colorful! And you and your sister are simply dah-ling!

  57. Becca says

    LOVE your blog! I found it from “A Vegan On Stage”‘s Blogroll, and added it to mine the first time I read through some of your posts!

    I am SO glad that you can let the criticism roll off your back like you are. It shows your beautiful character. If the same were to happen to me, I doubt I could be so graceful about addressing those negative comments. Great example of a lady.

  58. Vegan_Noodle says

    Katie, your positive response to all these comments just goes to show what an amazing and beautiful person you are, both inside and out 🙂

  59. Kirsten says

    Hi Katie,
    I read your blog all the time but I’ve been slacking for the last month so catching up on your posts I just read this one. I hope you don’t listen to anything the anonymous posters said. You are clearly a very healthy girl ! You have made my second try at veganism much easier with all of the recipes and food pictures you have ! You are a very inspirational person and I look forward to your posts 🙂 Take care and keep those yummy cupcake posts coming 🙂


  60. Amanda says

    I have to respond to Vicki’s Vegan Vice’s comment!

    “There used to be a “patriotic” rollerskater in Pacific Beach who only wore a red, white, & blue loincloth and Indian headdress with a flag sticking out his butt.”

    Do you mean Pacific Beach ( San Diego ) ?? I lived there from 94-99 and I TOTALLY remember that guy! Is he seriously still doing that??!! hahahahah toooooo funny!!

    Aloha from Maui 🙂 Amanda

  61. themalikwhey says

    It’s always amazed me how it’s unnacceptable to call an overweight person “fat”, but totally fine to call someone thin, “emaciated”. I put up with the same thing for a period of time and (wrongly) combatted it by overeating. Then I felt low on energy and miserable! You certainly look healthy – you have great skin and hair and seem to be abounding in energy! It’s always the people who are unhappy with themselves who try and point out the flaws in others. xxx

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Your comment is so sweet… and also so true! When I had less self-confidence than I do now, peoples’ comments actually drove me to a point where I was eating MULTIPLE pieces of cake per DAY to try and gain weight! And feeling sick. That could only go on for a few months before I finally realized that if people have a problem with the way I look, that’s their issue. Plus, you’re NEVER going to look perfect to everyone, so why try? Finally, I can say that I am 100% happy with how I look. Ok, so I’d still love some bigger arms and a butt… but mostly I’m happy with how I look, and I know I’m blessed to be able to eat as much as I want and not worry.
      Nice to know I wasn’t the only one who dealt with negative comments by overeating to try and gain weight… but I’m sorry you had to go through that too :(.

      • themalikwhey says

        Thanks 🙂 You live and learn! Like you, I realised that I was never going to be able to please everyone. I did put on weight, and the comments stopped (only to be replaced by other negative comments), but I hated the way I felt (sluggish and stuffed all the time!). Now I choose the eating patterns that I know work for me. I don’t undereat, I exercise, and have a healthier lifestyle than a lot of people I know! If I end up losing weight and receiving those comments again, I won’t care! Self-acceptance can’t depend on the opinions of others. I’m glad you’re sensible enough not to let negative comments affect your opinion of yourself anymore! I think you look great 🙂

      • trajayjay says

        I can understand. My family members are always telling me I need to eat more meat even though I have like 14 oz a day. I know I have a filled out body, but I’m not very wide, I have a small frame that can’t carry a lot of muscle, so they’re convinced that I’m underweight and anorexic. It kind of irritates me that no matter what I eat, they’ll always find some way to say I’m eating too healthy (because my idea of breakfast is eggs, milk, and some fruit, and a healthy fat not fruity pebbles, eggo and a cinnamon poptart, or pancakes made with refined flour, fried in shortening and smothered with butter, and maple flavored corn syrup)
        They also think I’m afraid of becoming obese and that’s why I don’t eat that extra cookie or slice of cake or chicken wing. No I don’t eat it because of the sugar or sodium. I also think I’m eating an appropriate amount of calories. I enjoy calorie dense foods: nuts, nut butters, dates, oats, so I shouldn’t have any problems eating 2,600 calories a day, or even 1.333 times that. But I totally understand how you feel that it’s unokay to call someone piggish and obese, but it’s fine to “warn” him that he is emaciated, anorexic, and scrawny.
        That being said, I think I have fairly thin limbs, and smaller muscles, but the extra calories I eat tend to collect in my abdominal area. I kind of wish I could distribute my fuel more evenly, any tips?

  62. Jennifer says

    “chewy, over-cooked meat” I love that description of brisket. It is so true most of the time, too. I think if I had been left to my own devices as a child, I’d have been a vegetarian or vegan. But I was raised in a meat and potatoes household, and I’m having trouble giving it up. I have to admit, though with your recipes, it is much easier. I am so encouraged that I can eat healthier too. Also in response to your wish for a bigger rear, I’d much rather have a runner’s rear than the marshmallow, couch-potato rear that I have…though not enough that I’ve actually tried running yet. Who knows, maybe with your good influence that might be my next challenge 🙂

  63. Leigh says

    Hi CCK!!

    I LOVE your blog!! I’m a mom to five children, ranging in ages from 18 down to 2!! We LOVE having a big family and I LOVE feeding them healthy, yummy, vegetarian fare!! Your blog is my “go-to” blog when it comes to dinner/dessert/smoothie/milkshake ideas….thank you for that!!

    Though I’m about 3 years behind this original blog posting, I wanted to share that my oldest is built like you….healthy, glowing, radiant, beautiful, kind and very thin. The only part of her “small frame” that she doesn’t like is the way it makes her look so young. She’s often accused of being the younger of the oldest two, which is NOT fun when you’re 18 and ready to look more grown up. So, for her, she’s decided to cut her hair and though this doesn’t add any weight to her, it does make her young looking face more mature, which makes her happy!! She is beautifully thin, like my sweet hubby’s side of the family. My other kids are MUCH thinner than I was growing up, thanks to our healthy eating habits, though not as thin as she is. Bodies change, just like the seasons, and they are all beautiful. If only we saw it that way from the inside of ourselves. I’m learning to love my curvy body again as a new season approaches for me. It’s all good!!

    Much love to you and thanks for the blog!! Our current fave meal is the creamy polenta with veges!! Our current fave “snack” is your raw chocolate cookie dough shake (which I make raw by making our own almond milk)….soooooo yummy!! And just last week, I made your oh-so-yummy chocolate-pnut-butter-coconut spread thing and yum-o-licious to be sure…the good news with that spread is that I’M the only one that likes it (my kids don’t like the coconut taste), so good for me, something I don’t have to share!! LOL!! With five kids, I’m always sharing something!!

    Love and hugs to you, the sweet blogger that reminds me of my sweet firstborn!!


    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Wow, Leigh, thank you SO much! That’s one of my biggest insecurities too: looking much younger! In real life, people don’t accuse me of being anorexic often (I am skinny, but not bone-y or unhealthy looking). But they DO confuse me with a young teenager, when I am really 24! My mom says I’ll appreciate that when I’m 50 ;).
      Anyway, it always helps to know I’m not alone!

      Chocolate hugs to you and your family!!! 🙂

  64. Angelli says

    Hi! 🙂 I know this post is old but I just read the comments and I just have to reply. For you Katie, I really like your blog and you really are so beautiful ypu look great, your skin and hair demonstrates that you eat healthy, each person is different and every body is different too so whatever shape and size I think all persons are pretty and it’s obvious that we all are DIFFERENT we can’t all have the same height, weight, shape, as we can’t all have the same eye color for example. Don’t ever feel sad for the people’s comments because there’s always somebody that tries to find something wrong when they see a happy person. And think that many persons would really like to have your type of body or looking younger as you 🙂
    And for anonymous, I recovered from anorexia, and I agree that we can detect some clues like you said, so I can detect that you are really frustrated, you said that every person naturally skinny or npt should have gain weight, but every body is and works differrnt, I have 2 friends that are as skinny as katie and they eat a lot and all kind of food and I hate when people say to them the same stuff that you said. If you are really recovering you should concentrate on yourself because I think that you are putting so much attention in others and comparing yourself. If you want to recover I thing you have to understand and ACCEPT that there are people that are so skinny naturally, just like Katie, and accept that everybody is different including you. As there are people with a big shape that eat healthy there are people with small shape that eat healthy. I think there’s nothing wrong woth eating silken tofu or lite margarine as there’s nothing wrong eating full margarine or normal tofu and you have a wrong idea of food, you don’t have to eat fake meat and cupcakes and fats all te time in order to being health. I really recover because I think that you’re not helping yourself.

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