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Secret Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Soft, chewy, homemade vegan peanut butter cookies.

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies That Melt In Your Mouth

These vegan peanut butter cookies are impossible to stop eating!!!

It’s been over six years since I first shared the recipe for these peanut butter cookies on the blog, and yet it is still one of the most popular recipes I’ve ever posted, with readers writing in pretty much on a daily basis to say how much they love these cookies.

One reader even emailed me to say she’d entered the recipe into a contest… and these peanut butter cookies took home first prize!

The cookies are so deliciously light, soft, chewy, and better than any other peanut butter cookie—vegan or not—that I’ve ever tried.

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Above – watch the video how to make vegan peanut butter cookies!

 The first time I made the recipe, I remember being shocked it could possibly be vegan.

How could there be no eggs or butter?!?!

They tasted way too good!

I’ll never forget how excited I was the first time I brought these peanut butter cookies to a pool party and heard that people couldn’t stop raving about them.

I loved seeing their surprised faces upon hearing the secret that the cookies were vegan. Yes, vegan peanut butter cookies that didn’t taste vegan.

(Ten years ago, veganism was much less mainstream than it is today.)

The recipe has another secret: applesauce! It makes these cookies so amazingly melt-in-your-mouth soft!

healthy peanut butter cookies

P.S. Be sure to also try my Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice Cream, because it is a huge reader favorite.

Discerning eyes might notice that although I roll the cookies into seven balls in the video, only six cookies come out of the oven…

This may or may not be due to the fact that I ate one of the cookie dough balls instead of baking it with the others.

My favorite part of vegan baking is that, since there are no raw eggs, you get to eat as much raw cookie dough as you could possibly want.

To be honest, sometimes when I make these cookies, none of them make it into the oven!

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you probably remember the original version of the recipe, posted back in 2011. It’s become so popular that I went back to it this past weekend to see if I could get the cookies even healthier while keeping them just as soft and perfect.

I was indeed able to decrease the sugar from the original version, and they are still just as delicious!

Leftover Peanut Butter? Make A Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie!

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (Chewy, Soft)

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Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Both vegans and non vegans love these soft homemade vegan peanut butter cookies!
4.93/5 (91)
Total Time 8 minutes
Yield 7 – 10 cookies


  • 1/2 cup peanut butter, or allergy-friendly sub
  • 3/4 tsp baking soda
  • 3 tbsp flour (spelt, white, oat, sorghum, rice all work)
  • 1/3 cup sugar, unrefined if desired
  • 2 tbsp applesauce
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/8 tsp salt


  • *If you're a visual person, be sure to watch the video above showing how to make the vegan peanut butter cookies!
    Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. If your peanut butter is not stir-able, gently warm to soften. Add all remaining ingredients to the mixing bowl and stir to form a dough. Roll into cookie balls. If you want soft cookies, refrigerate the dough at least an hour. (You can also freeze cookie dough balls to bake at another time if you wish.) Bake in a preheated oven (350F) for 8 minutes. The cookies will look quite underdone when you take them out. Let cool for at least 10 minutes before removing from tray, as they firm up while cooling.
    View Nutrition Facts

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 Have you ever made vegan cookies?

Or have you ever made any vegan dessert? The best part about vegan peanut butter cookies is the lack of raw egg in the batter. So no one can stop you from eating as much cookie dough as you want!

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4.93/5 (91)

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Published on December 11, 2011

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  1. Becca says

    This recipe is divine. I’ve found though that it’s necessary for me to quarter this recipe to make a single serving because I literally have no self control when it comes to these cookies; I could easily eat the entire batch in one sitting! Usually I just eat the dough raw or even use it as frosting! Last night I made your chocolate cake in a mug and frosted it with this cookie dough and it was amazing!!! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says

    These cookies are great! I was so happy they turned out – earlier this week I had a disappointing experience with egg replacer in my chocolate chip cookies that didn’t turn out – I was afraid vegan cookies would never be good!
    But you proved me wrong. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  3. Ruthie says

    Thank you so much for sharing! I made them today and substituted stevia for sugar. They were wonderful, so soft and rich. Appreciate your insight & recipes into vegan cooking; love the blog!

  4. Anonymous says

    i loved these cookies! i swear theyre the best cookies ive ecer put in my mouth! i had to only bake 1 to resist eating the whole batch (good luck with stopping my cookie dough eating though) you desserve a metal for these.

  5. Sabina says

    Hi I loved this recipe! I was just wondering about how long I should bake them. You said that if they looked a little underdone to take them out anyway so I did and they completely fell apart on me. Is that normal? I was just wondering your thoughts about them. They just broke the minute I touched them and tried to remove them from the cookie pan to a plate. Thank you so much for making this recipe available to us!

  6. Candi says

    Oh. Em. Gee. I have never baked anything vegan but I have a friend coming in from out of town who recently changed her diet to exclude all animal proteins for health reasons. Being a Southerner, I can’t have guests without having plenty of sweets and snacks for them to eat, so I found your recipe and made these. They’ve been out of the oven 20 minutes and I’ve eaten 3. HOLY COW. I may have the whole batch eaten before my friend gets here! Good thing I have another batch of dough chilling in the fridge. THANK YOU for this amazing recipe. This will most likely be the only peanut butter cookie I ever make. Awesome.

    (Before I forget though: did you use sweetened or unsweetened applesauce or did you make your own apple puree? I used “original” applesauce from the grocery store. Since I used sweetened applesauce, I cut back on the amount of white sugar I used in the second batch by about 1/16 of a cup.)

  7. Andrea says

    Hi! I made these cookies last night and they tasted great! I doubled the recipe because I wanted more cookies. Someone had posted a comment about the recipe only using 3T of flour and I was questioning that too. But the consistency was perfect. Chewy peanut butter cookies ….just the way I like them. I also added 3 chocolate chips on top on a couple. Yum.

  8. Svetlana Nelson says

    YUM! I made these and they were amazing. I threw in a handful of grated carrots just for fun and it still turned out great! And a word of warning to the rest of you…make sure you are not using sweetened peanut butter! I am glad I realized what I had done before I added in all the sugar!

  9. Star Fashion Addict says

    We are just embracing a Vegan lifestyle, and sure didn’t expect it to be so hard. Surfing almost every day to find those foods that we love and crave and learning how we can still have those foods but keeping it vegan. Thanks for the cookie recipe, can’t wait to surprise my cookie monster hubby.

  10. Lena says

    I’ve made these so many times before, I love them! I just made them with half a cup of flour (1/4 white, 1/4 whole wheat) to make them firmer because last time I used just the 3T and I sent them to someone abroad, and they crumbled a lot… also used agave and maple syrup, and some chocolate chunks. Turned out great, but for the first time ever, I found myself thinking “this needs some salt!” (My friends know me as the one who always avoids adding salt to things.) I’m so used to not putting any in unless it’s in the recipe that I didn’t think to use it here. I really think it would’ve added a lot – maybe worth adding it into the recipe? I know you mentioned your PB had salt but I kind of skipped over that, haha. I dunno, just my point of view. Either way these cookies are amazing 🙂

    P.S. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  11. Morgen says

    Hey C C K!
    I’ve been making lots of your awesome recipes lately and I’m loving them! Do you have nutrition info on these cookies? My husband thinks they are awesome!

  12. Anonymous says

    Hello, good to see a recipe for Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies (and sugar free), but, the sugar free ones are a totally different type of cookie to the sugar ones.
    I want the sugar ones, without the sugar.
    How can I make them without sugar?

    Yours Sincerely

  13. Brit says

    Wow! These are delicious. My hubby and son inhaled them during Sunday football. I’ll definitely make a double batch next time! I made some small changes based on what I had on hand. They turned out so great, I had to share! I used cinnamon raisin granola peanut butter and left out the vanilla extract – because I didn’t realize I had run out :-/ I was a little concerned about the missing vanilla but the peanut butter had so much flavor, we didn’t even notice.

  14. Susan says

    I made these today using Peanut Butter & Co’s White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter. OMG! So, so, so easy and so, so, so, so good! I am NOT going to admit to the actual number eaten!

  15. Cera says

    OMG. These are so good. I can normally control my cookie eating, but with these, I was out of controle! I did increase the amount of flour ( i used whole wheat, rolled oats and flaxseed) and I did refridgerate the dough. They came out amazing. Perfectly soft and chewy… I seriously ate like 8 of them!

  16. Julia Smith says

    OMG! These things are stinkin AMAZING!!! HOW can they be healthy??? Lol I LOVE you Katie!!! You are a miracle-worker!!! 😛

  17. Faith says

    No raw egg batter is the best! Haha my daughter always wants to try it and its been worry free fun since we have become vegan! 🙂

  18. Dan Griffin says

    Hmm. Not sure what I did wrong here. Mine puffed up a bit in the oven, but then immediately fell to very flat (1/8″ thick). They still taste good…so believe me, we’ll still eat them. Is there supposed to be baking powder in here as well to add some leavening.

  19. Cheryl says

    Hi Katie,
    I absolutely love your blog. I have seen you mention on your blog you are not a fan of “fake” sugars. I totally agree. I have seen some vegan dessert recipes that use dates as the sweetner, that turned out well, even smoothies. I’m wondering if you would consider incorporating dates as the sweetner for the sugar free option for some of your recipes? Your recipes are so amazing, I’m anxious to see what you would come up with using dates to sweeten vs xylitol etc.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  20. Damen says

    Just made these about 10 mins ago got 12 cookies i used natural pb instead and all purpose flour turned out great ill def be making these again !!!

  21. Frances says

    I made these on Friday for a cookie contest & recipe exchange. I added some dark chocolate chips. Sadly they didn’t win but I loved them so much that I took a few of mine home instead of exchanging them with the other peoples’ cookies! My sons and I just made up another batch of the dough to bake in a little while. I love that they’re vegan and so few ingredients and that I can eat the raw dough. Another winner! I also love your chocolate chip cookie dough pie!!!! Keep up the great work 🙂

  22. Pt says

    These cookies have turned out to be fab. thankx so much for the reciepe.. the only thing that surprised me that the cookie flatterned a lot more.. then expected.. is there something i should have been more careful about.. i rolled them in my hand after cooling it in the fridge for about an hour & then re-frigged them. but like u said.. the cookie is supersoft & melts in the mouth.. exact recipe… does give same result.


  23. Andrea Butler says

    I LOVE this recipe! I’m not a dessert person, but every now and again a craving comes along. I’ve tried your Secret Peanut Butter Cookies and Healthy Cookie Dough Dip. In both, I used agave nectar instead of sugar and they both turned out very well. Thank you for the great ideas and for satisfying a healthy girl’s sugar cravings. 😀

  24. Jennifer says

    I have a friend who DO NOT do sugar, but she is missing cookies. I am new to using Stevia in baking… could i substitute a liquid Stevia for the sugar? If so, how much should I use?

    In advance, thank you for your time and help!

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