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Win a Case of 2010 New Larabar Flavors

To enter to win a case filled with the four new Larabar flavors (chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chip brownie, carrot cake, and peanut butter chocolate chip)…

NYC2010 374

EDIT: Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

Published on February 26, 2009

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ABC's 5 O’Clock News. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating dessert every single day.

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  1. Lindsey says

    I LOVELOVELOVE Jocolat bars (AND CCV!), I would definitely like to enter the contest! I don’t have a blog, unfortunately. I have made a few CCV oatmeal and pudding recipes, but never took pics, and like I said, no blog to blog about it. If I make another again soon, I’ll gladly snap some pictures and write about the fabulousness for you 🙂

  2. Christina says

    Mmm I’ve never tried a Jocolat bar but they sound so good! I don’t have a blog but please enter me in the contest! And I’ll definitely be making your tofu pudding soon 🙂 I have it bookmarked.

  3. Stacie says

    I have a blog, but don’t know how to do a link. (Sorry, I’m technologically challenged) So what I did was talk about your give-away and copy and past the URL into my blog to direct people here.

    I also blogged about your tofu pudding–I had it for a snack yesterday afternoon. Yummy!


  4. sals says

    Not a blogger, but I love reading yours– your positive attitude always makes me smile. I’ve never tried a Jocolat bar, but am excited about the chance to!

  5. Lacey says

    My blog is in the works, but as of today it isn’t up yet. But I would still like to be considered in the drawing. I absolutely love Larabars!!

  6. Megan says

    I do not have a blog, but I have had the Jocalat bar once and I would so love to have an entire case! ;D

    I also have made numerous recipes of yours!

    I have made the chocolate-covered strawberry ice cream, the tofu chocolate mousse, ratatouille, and tons o’ other faves!
    You’ve also got me addicted to all sorts of whole grains, and adding amazing things to them. nut butters, banana, or chocolate! creamy goodness anyone? 😉

    Also, I just recently became addicted to PB&Co! I love their dark chocolate dreams, and cinnamon raisin. (I save the white chocolate for when im feeling extra extravagant!) Okay I’ve said too much, but most importantly, I love your blog!

  7. Carol says

    I have a blog but have no clue how to do all the stuff like linking, etc. I just started it last month and am very enw at it. Please enter me for a chance to win. I LOVE chocolate, I actually think I’m addicted to it!

  8. Tracey says

    Even though I’m blog-less, I’m a major a chocoholic and an even bigger CCV (CCK!) fan and would love to enter this contest and try these delicious-looking bars! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  9. Babycakes says

    fabulous giveaway! Don’t have a blog, but I love reading yours! I’m also glad you switched to wordpress. Good decision! 🙂

  10. Courtney says

    I don’t have a blog, but I would love to try these bars–I haven’t seen the jocalate bars before!


    PS If I try one of your recipes and leave a comment, does that count since I don’t have a blog?

  11. staci says

    unfortunately i don’t have my own food blog, but i do love reading and getting food ideas from others. and i would love to try the jocalat bars; larabars are my favorite! please enter me into the contest. thank you!

  12. Jacquelyn says

    I dont have a blog but I would LOVE these bars :)) I have tried them once, but cant find them since.

    the blog looks sweet too!!

  13. Laura E says

    Hi, I don’t have a blog but would LOVE to be entered into your contest. Thanks for the opportunity. I’ve had a couple flavors of the Jacalot bars but haven’t tried the rest! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    I’ve also make your banana bread blender cereal often, but I don’t have a blog to show it, so I don’t know if that would count for extra entries.

    Keep up the great work on the blog. I enjoy reading daily!

  14. jsr says

    I don’t have my own blog but I would love to still enter this contest.

    I have tried LaraBars but never the Jocalat. I would LOVE to taste them!

  15. Kristie Lynn says

    I don’t have a blog, but I’d love to be entered into the drawing! I’ll probably still be making one of your recipes even if I can’t get the 3 extra entries for it (seriously… why can’t I have more time so I can blog?!)!

  16. Annie says

    I am a broke college student who looooves Jocolat bars!! I do not have a blog, although I am working on starting one 🙂 Please enter me in the drawing!! xox

  17. amelia says

    I don’t have a blog but would love to be entered into your contest. I’ve never had a Jocalat bar..or Larabar..but it sounds delish!

  18. Ellen says

    i don’t have a blog, but i would love to be entered to win these! i love larabars but don’t get to by them often cause of the expense. thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Shelby says

    Mmm, I just had a mint one this morning for the first time! Delish! I will be sure to post about this and yes, some CCV recipes are in my future =)

  20. Helen says

    hi! i don’t have a blog, but i’d like to enter the tasty jocolat bars contest. thanks so much for having the contest – you are sweet to do so.
    i’m a 13-month vegan and i found your blog browsing the internet for vegan info and solidarity 🙂 i’m inspired by your blog and your great attitude toward life and you always make me smile. thanks much!

  21. Deborah R says

    I don’t have a blog but would like to enter the contest. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to look at your recipes.

  22. Rika says

    Hi! I dont have a blog but I’d like to be included in the drawing-

    p.s. I’ve made your pudding recipes before and they were amazing 😉

  23. Shelly says

    I don’t have a blog but I LOVE Jocolat!!! And I love the new blog! 😀 hehe

    Please enter me in the contest, por favor! thanks!

  24. ruby red vegan says

    Girl, oh my gosh, there are already 70 responses to this post! A case of Jocalat bars sounds wonderful… I will take any excuse to make more CCV recipes!!! I must now get to work… I made a WONDERFUL CCV-inspired pudding yesterday and today, so I will have to blog about that very soon! So wonderful, and I like WARM pudding because I’m a weirdo, and I actually made a warm pudding parfait. Yay!

  25. Emily Borenstein says

    I have made all of your puddings.
    I think the apple pie one is fabulous, but sometimes i put in too much thickening agent and it becomes a weird texture.

  26. Emily says

    I linked a post to your fabulous contest!
    Actually I’ve never had a Jocalat bar…but I love Larabars, so I’m sure they would feel right at home in my pantry. 🙂

  27. Katie says

    I would love to try these! Alas, I’ve never had a Jocolat bar, woe is me. I don’t have a blog, but would like to be entered in your contest.
    Oh, and I’ve tried a lot of your belended grains recipes! I especially LOVE blended oats! And just last night I made pumpkin pie pudding. It was so good, I couldn’t wait for it to chill, so I ate it right after blending. I am sure it would have been better cold, but it was cold outside, so I didn’t care. 🙂

  28. TanyaS says

    I don’t have a blog, but I have been jonesing for these bars since I first got to sample last fall during a trip to Vegas. Sadly I have been unable to track any down in Canada. Why I only bought on on that trip I will never know!

  29. kctheveganteen says

    I would write a post on my blog, buuut no one reads my blog, so it won’t do you any good. I’m just commenting, I hope that’s okay!
    I want to try a Jocalat SOOOO bad – they only sell a limited amount of Lära bars where I live.
    I hope I win! <3

  30. Kelsey says

    aww, I dont have a blog…..but you know, I’d still like to be included! :]
    you write really well. Your blog is soooo fun to read!

  31. Rina says

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog but I DO LOVE JOCALAT BARS and ofcourse CCV and would greatly appreciate being entered into the drawing! I’ve only tried Jocalat bars ONCE while visiting the Fresh Market that is 3 HOURS away from where I live and unfortunately, I’m a poor college student and couldn’t afford it anyway. LOL. Nice new site.

  32. Stephanie says

    I don’t have a blog but want to be in the contest. I read your blog and subscribe to it on google reader, I am really excited your recipes are organized now. It makes it easier to find yummy looking things to make!

  33. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Katie, it’s going in my next post for sure. Also, I’m sure I’ll be blogging about one of your creations soon as I can’t go a day without making one. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Vaala says

    Wow, what an awesome prize! And it reminds me that I have been meaning to post about your ice cream recipe for ages which is funny ’cause I have had it at least twice a week since you posted it!

    Oh yeah, and I linked to your website (and one day I will get around to sending you the green curry recipe you asked for but I am terribly slack!).

  35. Stacey says

    I do not have a blog but would really like to be entered into the contest. April’s too far off! 😉 Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. Teresa says

    Wow so clearly you didn’t have to worry about everyone forgetting about your blog if you moved to wordpress. Impressive amount of comments Katie! I really like the new layout and love how organized it is. Seriously its making me want to blog again.

    I don’t have a blog anymore (maybepigscanfly) but I would love to be entered into your lovely contest. If I won if would be perfect timing for my birthday!

    Looking forward to your next posts on the new site!

  37. Ozlem says

    Please please I want to get in this contest too. Love the larabars. Just wandered into your blog and bookmarked it. Always on the look out for delicious and healthy vegan recipes. Thanks!

  38. tastetheshadow says

    My blog isn’t set up yet (darn digital camera problems! Oh, and the fact that I’m the only 23 year old who’s compeltely useless with computers) but I would LOVE to be entered into the draw as I live in England and have never savoured the chocolately goodness in this wonderful bars!

    *ooh* and your blended grains are amazing…I don’t know how you came up with the idea but I think you should copywright it : )

  39. foodsthatfit says

    I love the new blog. And I just posted about your giveaway on my site just now. I’d love some of those bars! Delicious!

  40. Marianne says

    Woot! Chocolate giveaway is perfect for the Chocolate Covered Katie. I linked to your giveaway, and you know I’d whipped up some of your blended oats 🙂

  41. Kristie says

    JOCOLAT BARS. Wowza! As if your amazing recipes weren’t enough of a treat already, now you’re offering Jocolat Bars. Geez Katie, you spoil us way too much.

    I mentioned the giveaway of course, in this post:

    And you’re well aware that I am familiar with your fabuloso blending recipes. I made them again of course. In the same post as the giveaway is mentioned in:

    Thank ya Missy <3

  42. JillyB says

    I don’t have a blog but would love to be entered. Perhaps I’ll start a blog just for this!?! That’s how much I love chocolate.

  43. Amy says

    I do not have a blog, but would like to be entered into this giveaway. I’ve also never tried these bars, but they look really, really good!!

  44. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    Everyone—If you don’t have a blog, I can’t give you the extra three entries… but if you leave a comment, you DO get to be entered into the drawing once. So far, I’ve entered everyone in the drawing who’s left a comment (except you, Synthia. Hopefully someday they’ll come up with an allergen-free Jocalat!).
    If you’re reading this and haven’t commented yet, there’s still plenty of time; the contest doesn’t end until April!

    Helen, Coconutgal, tastetheshadow, and everyone else who left comments—Thanks so much for the sweet comments! You have no idea (or maybe you do) how happy they made me! I wish I could give EVERYONE (including me– haha) a free box of Jocalats, because you all deserve it!!!

    Jenna—Ohmigosh, we’re so close! Ah, I should’ve gone to TCU; I know three vegetarians there and not one here at SMU. Thanks so much for the sweet comment.

    Megan—I think it would be impossible to not become addicted to that pb&co stuff. It’s like heaven in a jar! Pretty much, I eat it every day, at least once. It’s just soooooo yummy that every time I go into my fridge it calls to me. Eat meeeeeee!

    Emily—Ugh, yeah that agar can be tricky! But when it works, it’s awesome :o)

  45. DameNoire says


    Congrats on the new blog- it looks even better than the original one:)
    I don’t have a blog myself, but I would love to join the contest, esp. because I live in the Netherlands where they don’t sell Jocolats.

  46. Joane says

    I’m new to your blog but I already love the title :). I don’t have a blog but I’d like to be entered in the drawing. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

  47. Laura says

    Hey Katie, I posted the link and some pics of my rendition of your chocolicious chocolate pudding on my blog, yummy scrummy! Thanks again for holding this competition, I hope I win 😀

  48. Kelly Ann T. says

    I don’t have a blog but would still like to be entered into the drawing. Congratulations on getting your recipes in order. It feels so good to accomplish a goal like that. Take care.

  49. Liz says

    I have yet to try a Jocalat… BUT. I love larabars. I love chocolate… I dont have a blog- but I would love to be entered into this contest.

  50. Sweet and Fit says

    omgosh! awesome giveaway! seriously! =) I just linked to this giveaway in my last post =) thanks katie! oh, and thanks for telling me that i’ll be the first to know about the mushroom recipe – hehe, I love any and all mushroom recipes, but that stronganoff looks amazing!

  51. kf says

    I don’t have a blog, but I’d love to be entered into the contest! I haven’t tried a jocolat bar yet, but I hope to! 🙂

  52. Michaela says

    I’m sorry to say I don’t have a blog, but I’d love to be entered into the contest.
    I’m a UK reader so I haven’t had a chance to try these lush bars!

  53. Chelsea says

    I don’t have a blog but I would love to be entered! Larabars are my absolute fav-especially the chocolate ones! Thank you!

  54. luckytastebuds says

    You are TOTALLY goin’ up on my next post. Fingers crossed!!! I’m your big butt fan (even though I’m not even vegan) oH and I heart the Larabar company and alllll their yummy products – probably except the cashew bar. :OP

  55. Niki F says

    Never tried the Larabar Jocalat, but I’m salivating just thinking about winning!

    Off to look at your recipes so I can increase my chances of winning. (You would be willing to ship to Canada, right?)

  56. Jessica says

    I just mentioned your giveaway on my blog – I’d love to win a whole CASE of these! Fun giveaway! I’ve got oen running currently too for a KERF t-shirt if your interested.

  57. Reva Skie says

    I have never heard of Jocalat, I would love to try them. I am a big fan of Larabars. Chocolate that doesn’t melt sounds right up my alley.

  58. Wendy says

    OK…I don’t have a blog, but I would love to get entered into the drawing for these. I’ve been DYING to try them but can’t find a local store that carries them. Love your blog!

  59. Karyn (aka cowgirrlup) says

    I LOVE Jocolat Bars! They are really hard to find where I live, but hubby occasonally hunts them down for me when he is traveling. I cannot even imagine the yummy joy of winning a whole case of them!


  60. Ariel says

    Congratulations on the new blog! It looks great, and I love how you’ve organized all of your recipes.

    I don’t have a blog, but of course I would love the chance to win an entire case of Jocalat bars!

  61. jen says

    i LOVE larabars but have never tried a jocolat bar – i would love to win some!! thanks so much for doing this!

  62. Rachel S says

    I also do not have a blog, but I’d love to enter the contest- I’ve never tried Jocolat bars before!

  63. Kathy D says

    I do not have a blog….. I would love to win choclate I am trying to write down everything I buy for the next few months and do not want to write down candy so trying not to buy anything i don’t need

  64. Ashley says

    I made blended grains yesterday and linked to your blog! So tasty!! I was inspired by your peach recipe, but didn’t have any peaches so I used peach-applesauce – so delightful 🙂

  65. justjac says

    Hey Ive tried LaraBars but never the jocolat kind! I really want to win! You’re linked on my page too!! 😀

  66. Rocio says

    I don’t have a blog and I’d definitely like to have a go at winning the Jocalat bars. Anything with chocolate must be delicious!

  67. Alison says

    I am dying to try these – haven’t had the chance yet! And sorry, no blog. I’m a reader, not a writer!

  68. Chocolate-Covered Katie says


    Yeah sure, why not! Haha if you make something and post about it on flickr with a link (and then leave another comment telling me the link), I’ll give you the three extra entries :o)

    Love your creative thinking!

  69. JENNIFER says

    I’ve only had Jocalat once, but man, was there a party in my mouth. I’d love to have the box- I don’t buy them otherwise b/c I can’t afford them! This would be a nice bday present- I’m turning 27 March 4!

    I don’t got a blog and haven’t yet tried one of your recipes.. but don’t birthdays count for somethin’??

  70. Ruth M. says

    I don’t have a blog but I do want to enter to win!! I have never yet tasted the wonders of the Jocalat bar… but I LOOOOOVE chocolate <3

  71. Sheri says

    I would love to be entered! I do not have a blog (but one is in the works 😉 I love Larabars but have yet to try a Jocalot!

  72. Gina says

    I don’t have a blog 🙁
    I’d love to win the contest because I’ve never tried Jocalat, but I see it on blogs everywhere and am dying to try it!!

  73. Erin says

    I linked this contest on my lunch post today. I’ve never tried Jocalat because I can’t find them anywhere, but I’ve heard they’re amazing!

  74. Maria says

    Greetings from Denmark! 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog, but I would love to enter the contest. I have tasted many of the other Lärabars, but have not seen this one around here yet…

  75. Erin Flynn says

    I don’t have a blog, but I read food blogs like it’s my job! I have never tried a Jocolat bar, but I’m always looking to try new nutritional bars!

  76. Sarah Who Is Not a Vegan But Likes the Idea of It says

    I prefer to keep my blog private to my friends but I would love to enter your contest.

  77. Emma says


    I have linked to your giveaway on my blog and hope to try out one of your recipes soon! They all look really scrummy but as I don’t have access to a blender many are off-limits! I bought a butternut squash recently though so want to try making your butternut squash fries!

  78. Jery says

    I don’t have a blog but I enjoy reading them and would appreciate the chance to be entered in your awesome giveaway!

  79. Hayley says

    Ooh, I’ve never heard of these fabulous looking bars. We have a limited supply of Lara bars around here but they sure do look tempting! I unfortunately don’t have a blog, otherwise I would link back! Cheers from a friendly Canadian!

  80. Lindsay says

    just found out about this contest… i completely forgot to add your new blog location into my wordpress… whew, it’s done now 🙂

    i will be posting a link to this contest tomorrow!!

  81. Liz says

    Sorry, I don’t have a blog, but I can attest to how good those bars are. I got a free sample after a recent race, and they were delicious. I can’t remember the exact flavor I tried, but I know it had a sweet, chocolately, coffee like after taste. Delicious.

  82. Jaime says

    i don’t have a blog but these bars always look soooooo good to me on blogs, but haven’t been able to find them around where i live and shop.

  83. Keegan says

    Oh man, these bars look incredible. I haven’t seen them at my local grocery store at all. I don’t have a blog, but please enter me in the contest!

  84. Melissa says

    I don’t have a blog, but I’d love to be entered in the contest. Chocolate cherry is life alteringly amazing…

  85. Jodi says

    I love love love larabars and have never seen these, they sound so good! I don’t have a blog, but am addicted to everyone else’s blogs!

  86. Ellen M says

    jocalat may be my favorite bar EVER! just imagine the creations I could make with a whole box!!

    no blog 🙁

  87. jen says

    I don’t have a blog, but would love to be entered into this contest anyway. I’ve never tried these bars, but I’m always looking for ways to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet. I’m also glad I found your site, thanks to KERF, because although I’m not vegan, I’m always on the lookout for more ways to incorporate more healthy vegan recipes into my diet. Thanks!

  88. Sabe says

    I don’t have a blog, but I’d love to win these bars. I’ve tried one Jocolat bar before, and though I don’t remember the flavor (maybe Chocolate Hazlenut??), I do remember it was quite tasty!

  89. leslie says

    i don’t have a blog, but i adore yours! you are by far one of the most creative bloggers out there. and i would love love love some jocolat!

  90. Grammie2Maddie says

    I am 60 (a young 60 might I add!!), and I have only one body, so I’ve decided that in my family we are going to eat the most wholesome, nutritious, organic food that we can – I know I feel better than ever!

  91. Victoria says

    I love Chocolate and just found your website. Wow, great stuff. I would love to be considered for your contest. If I win, I will make sure that I share my treats with friends and co-workers so that everyone can try these bars and get hooked. Thank you again – greetings from Maine —-brrr – we need chocolate to warm us up…

  92. Rae says

    yummy yummy!!!

    I dont have a blog YET…I really need to get on that….but LOVE larabars and would be so excited to try Jocolat!!

  93. Kelly says

    I would like to thank you for your giveaway. I’ve posted about it on my blog as well! I’ve never tried the product but am excited about maybe getting them for free! Thanks so much.

  94. Sar says

    I’m blog-less but I would love to be entered in the contest! I’ve tried most of the amazing Larabars out there but never the Jocolat. Hoping to remedy this!

  95. Kyle says

    I have to admit that I’ve always wanted to try the Jocolat bars!!!! I’d love to be entered into the contest 🙂 This is so generous of you! I love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  96. Dee says

    I love healthy bars and Larabars are one of my favorite go-to foods! I’ve never experienced the wonder in the taste of one of these bars, but I’d love to be included in the chance to win a box. I don’t have a blog, but have been frequenting several great blogs since I have the inspiration to begin by own, but am not really sure where to start. I’m sure a Jocolat bar would look great on the first page of my blog- if they’re as delicious as you say! Thanks for having such an awesome blog, it means a lot to us out there. : )

  97. Sima says

    I don’t have a blog, but please put me in the drawing! I love love love your blog and make blended banana oats almost daily…just imagine them topped with some Jocolat goodness!

  98. Natalie says

    1. Hey Katie! I’d adore to be apart of your drawing although I don’t have a blog…yet!

    2. I have a recipe too:
    Caramelized Cinnamon Toast
    Comforts 1 individual (serves 1 hehe)
    Two big slices of your favorite bread for toast (I strongly recommend toasting these suckers while your broiler heats up for extra crunch)
    1 1/2 tsp cinnamon (or however hot you like things)
    2 tsp agave syrup (depending on your sweet tooth)
    non-stick spray

    -Mist your foil covered baking sheet with non stick spray, since your working with agave here.
    – Season bread accordingly (one side first)
    – Slide pan into broiler for 30-45 seconds on the first side
    – Take it out, flip them over, season
    – Slide back in for 30-45 sec, no more no less!
    – The sides should be chestnutty on certain areas
    – Serve warm and crisp. Enjoy with a melting slab of Earth Balance and tea 🙂

  99. Emma says

    hey katie- thanks for the comments!

    Just to let you know I made one of your recipes!! I made and thoroughly enjoyed butternut squash fries! I will definitely be making these again in the near future!

  100. Amanda says

    hey love, don’t know if I mentioned–I wrote about this contest in my blog a few days ago. The moment I get some groceries I’ll see if I can’t whip up a recipe or two of yours



  101. Katrina says

    I don’t have a blog, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember me when choosing a winner for the box of jocolat bars!!!!!

  102. Michele says

    I don’t have a blog, but I’m addicted to reading them. I’ve never tried the jocolat bars, but I’d REALLY LOVE to. Thanks.

  103. Cindy says

    I don’t have a blog but I love Lara bars. I can only imagine how good chocolate ones are!! Please enter me!

  104. Elizabeth says

    I love reading health blogs and should really start one but haven’t yet. Please enter me I LOVE these bars!

  105. Aimee says

    I made one of your recipes and talked about it on my blog, although there are a bunch more that I need to try soon!! I keep seeing your blended grains that I have to try them. I also linked back to this contest on my blog.

  106. Alicia says

    I made your Banana Bread Blender Cereal and loved it! I posted about it on my blog and about your contest. Love all your breakfast ideas.

  107. Christine says

    I mentioned this in my blog entry but I made your basic agar pudding (your a genius by the way! I cannot say this enough!!)
    flavored with ube powder and almonds. It was fantastic!! I also agree with every single one of your sentiments towards the glorious Jocalat bar. So. Good.

  108. broccolicat says

    Better late than never!
    I mentioned this in my new blog today and tried your apple pie in a glass and pumpkin pudding today. I love your recipes! Where do you get your inspiration?

  109. Hal says

    i have only tried the larabars and clif bars THESE JOCOLATS LOOK amazing! i really want to try them and i would like to be entered in this giveaway!!

  110. Ada says

    Hi CCV!
    I live in México and down here is imposible get those great bars =(

    This is my only chance to get them.

    I’m crossing fingers!

    P.S. sorry for the bad english xD

  111. Katie says

    Heyyy! I’d love a chance to win yummy chocolate! I made a post about this on my site, and I plan on trying out a recipe from your site some time soon!

  112. monica says

    Hey Katie…..No blog, (sigh), but I would love to be entered! (Does it count if I blend my oats thank you very much to be entered an extra two times?:) Keep up the good work!-Monica:)

  113. Stacy says

    I do not have a blog, but I would love to be entered! I first tried a Jocolat bar at the Portland Chocolate Festival and it was yummy!

  114. janie says

    (BTW, Hi! I’m a new reader, btw! Enjoying your blog very much since I stumbled across it!)

    Anyway, those look soooo good! I’d love to enter the contest but don’t have a blog of my own.

  115. lauren says


    I mentioned your giveaway in my blog from today, March 16th, AND I tried your banana brulee oatmeal which knocked my socks off!!!

    Happy Monday,

  116. Bridget says

    I love these! I don’t have a blog per se, but i love reading great vegan ones and would like to be entered.

  117. Schmee says

    Just recently found this blog and I love it! You’re so enthusiastic and it’s infectious! I don’t have a blog, and I have never had a jocalat, but I love larabars, and seeing this giveaway made me hit the kitchen to make some good ole fashioned chocolate chip cookies. although I have never used the ener-g egg replacer, I just do the whole 2 tbsp flaxmeal, 6 tbsp water (2 eggs) and I did some other alterations just based on my own preferences, but let me tell you they were very delicious! best vegan chocolate chip cookies I have made yet, thank you!!

  118. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    Aww thanks, Schmee! And thanks, everyone else!

    I am loving this giveaway contest because I’ve “met” so many sweet people 🙂

    Such wonderful comments; thanks all!

    Just to let y’all know: if you don’t have a blog but have left a comment on this post, I’ve entered you in the drawing.

  119. jrsimon56 says

    Here’s another question…how many blogs do you have in your reader? I swear you’re all over the web! You’re amazing! 🙂

  120. Diane Bélanger says

    Though not a blogger, I want, want, want, want, to enter your draw ! Chocolate Jocalat bars are the best – since i found them no other bar is good enough (even though they are not bad).
    Thank you
    Diane B

    P.S. : i look forward to exploring your website/your recipes – i like to cook and i’m hooked on (good) chocolate.

  121. lane says

    i wish i had a website but i do not. i’d still love to be in the drawing though! no blog either, but i did make your chocolate chip cookie dough oatmeal and told all my friends about it. even the oat skeptics 😉 i’ve made this whole last week oats week to boot@ yay jocolat!

  122. Michelle says

    Unfortunately I don’t have a blog, but as i live in Norway and can’t get Lara bar anything here I couldn’t resist entering in the competition.

    I love your blog.

  123. tahinitoo says

    Hey Katie! Thanks for hosting the contest!!!!! I just linked from my page to yours about the giveaway. Enter me, enter me!!! Please. And thank you, too!

  124. finsorfeather says

    smack dab in the middle of england doesn’t seem to be the ideal place for lara bars and such products; be great to have a stash for field work and train rides—and chocolate too! what could be better. tried the chocolate chip cookies recipe–sort of, had to do chocolate chunk, as chocolate chips, let alone vegan ones, are not easy to come by here. and then i fiddled…perhaps a bit much..they turned out like sweet mini scones; very tasty, but not quite the consistency i was going for. will have to try again…maybe trying not to fiddle this time. thanks for the cool contest!

  125. Caroline Y. says

    I do not have a blog but would like to be entered in the drawing! I don’t see Jocalat bars very often in stores where I live, but I’d love to give them a try.

  126. izzy says

    OMG I almost died when I saw this giveaway! My chances are sliiiim but I’d kick myself if I didn’t try!!
    I’ve linked you back – well, I will tomorrow morning! 🙂


  127. Jo says

    Wow! I don’t suppose you would send them to Australia? It could be expensive for you 😛 But it would certainly be appreciated, especially as Larabar have recently stopped exporting to here! *weeps* I miss my Larabars sooooo much 🙁

    And of course you are on my blogroll 😛

      • Jo says

        Vegemite is definitely an acquired taste 😛 You should ask for a sample of “vegan Tim Tams”! They are right up your alley. Google the word “choculence” to see what I mean 😉

        And yay! Thanks! Will enter soooooon. Happy Barfday by the way!!!!


  128. Heather McClees says

    Hey CCK!!:) I have a surprise for you as part of my entry! This week was my Daddy’s 50th birthday that passed away this year, and I made him self-creation cake all in his honor! Check out this post

    on my blog and you can share his cake! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

    I love my own Cookie dough coins, which are pretty much like fudge babies, but different ingredients! I share the love hunny, however I’ve been DYING to try the Carrot Cake Larabar but can’t find the new single bar anywhere!!

    Thanks for the amazing chance to win some!:) You’re awesome:)


  129. Jess of Midwest Vegan says

    Not only do I have a blog, but you are already on my blogroll (you even have your own thumbnail)!

    I think I would’ve had a heart attack if I opened my door to find four boxes of those, Larabars are my bag, man!

    I also linked back to this post, because seriously, I NEED those Larabars!!

  130. dancinghopinglivingdreaming says

    oh my giddy god trousers. these look amazing 🙂
    i am off to blog about your giveaway, and i would be off to add you to my blog roll but… YOU’RE ALREADY ON IT! 😉
    this is so exciting because these aren’t even available in canada yet 😀

  131. Marianne says

    Well, I definitely want to win this, because they don’t seem to be out in Canada yet. What’s up with that? I’ve linked back from my blog, you are on my blog roll, and I shall tweet…now!

  132. Teacher Girl says

    I would love to try these bars. I’ve linked your post on my blog, you are already on my blogroll and I tweeted.

    Hope you had a absolutely fabulous birthday!!!!!


  133. ~Jessica Zara~ says

    Thank you once again for hosting an amazing giveaway! I must apologise for not commenting in so long: I have been reading but selfishly I have been concentrating too much on my own struggles and neglecting many of the blogs I love so much.

    I have both linked to you and added you to my blogroll 🙂

    Apologies for the hugely long link!

    I feel really cheeky asking this, but if we do win can we specify which flavour we receive? It’s just that of the new flavours I only like the Cookie Dough variety and I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone else of a different flavour only for me to not use them!



  134. radioactivegan says

    Hey, I blogged about your giveaway here:

    I also tried to make some of your recipes last night, but I changed them so much I don’t know if they count … I think the spirit of chocolate coveredness is still in there 🙂

    And … you have been on my blogroll since blog inception! I don’t know if I was supposed to leave a bunch of different comments for all of these, but I figure you can work it all out. YAY for new larabar flavors!

  135. Vanilla says

    Man, I’m the 468th contestant. -_-‘

    I linked. You’re in my blog roll. And I almost died in heaven eating your Bulgur pilaf, so you better enter me, I took huge risks for this!!

    *Happy Birthday again!!*

  136. Seglare says

    Oh, I’ve been dying to try the new Lärabar flavors! Unfortunately, I’m probably not eligible for this giveaway (living overseas) – but good luck to everyone else! 🙂

  137. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    Awesome, AWESOME giveaway!! Love it and I LOVE Larabars!

    I already have you in my blogroll, so I’m going to Tweet this AND link to this in my next post. 🙂


  138. Albizia says

    I think I’m not eligible to enter but I put a link to this sweet giveaway in my last post. Will they ever import Larabars to Europe? I think they would have a lot of fans, including me 🙂

  139. elise says

    try as i might to alert the staff of EVERY whole foods i enter, they have still not stocked a single store near me with these. what the eff?? im talking about NYC and LA, im not in the middle of nowhere. unacceptable. please have mercy on a very desperate girl. it could be your wedding present to me 😉

  140. Namaste Gurl says

    I’ve mentioned you many, many time over the past couple weeks and made a bunch of your recipes, as you know–does that count?

    Also, I’m not sure how to add to blogroll on blogger…can you? I totally will if i know how to do it:)

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