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Your Perfect Diet Plan

Yesterday morning, failed me again. About twenty minutes into my run, the skies opened for an unpredicted rainstorm. It actually felt glorious; a nice way to cool off from the horrible Texas summer heat.  Of course, the coolness didn’t last long. Soon, Mr. Sun resurfaced, and the temperature soared back up to the 90s, causing me to search for a new way to cool off.

Enter Afternoon Snack: Chocolate-Covered  Banana Faux-Yo


Above, Banana Faux-Yo, topped with swirls of dark PMS Chocolate


It’s a proven fact that chocolate eaters have more fun! Ok, I don’t actually have studies to back this up, aside from experience. But that’s gotta count for something, right?

Published on June 11, 2010

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  1. abby says

    ooh katie, i’ll join you on this chocolate diet. it sounds perfect to me, even though i don’t normally think diets are a good idea.

  2. Inspired says

    Fun question! I think my diet will be called the Milk and Cookies diet, where adherents eat cookies all day like Santa Claus. Sounds great, right? 🙂

  3. Jennifer - jcd says

    I’ll add a resounding YES to your diet – life IS more fun with chocolate.

    Inspired’s cookie diet sounds fantastic.

    My diet would have to be the All Day Breakfast Diet. I could live off smoothies, pancakes, oatmeal, fruit, and pea curry all day, every day, and be very happy.

  4. Katharina says

    Yum!!! I wanted to make a smoothie yesterday but it actually turned out more like a soft-serve. It had frozen peaches, a frozen banana, a bit of almond milk, coconut milk, protein powder (Huzzah lol), and lots of ice! SOOO DELICIOUS!!! And I totally thought of you.

    Hm… I would have the same diet as Jess lol–I love Trader Joe’s. I miss it so much though because they don’t have any in Florida. Or maybe… coconut ice cream diet? I have no idea!!! There are so many different things I love and can never have too much of.


  5. Meg says

    Diet schmiet – I say we all eat what makes us feel good inside 😀 Which you are an example of – that ice cream looks AMAZING, but hey, doesn’t EVERYTHING on your blog look amazing….umm yep. Love you girl! Happy Friday and wishing some sunshine your way 😉

  6. Leslie says

    What about a diet where all you eat is ice cream? And of course, in a perfect world, you’d still be healthy! Oh, and of course, it could be vegan ice cream for you, CCV 🙂

  7. Kelsey says

    i want in on this diet plan lol!!! omg i totally can see how a nice texan rain storm is awesome after a run. thank goodness u got caught in it at the end rather than having to start out in it. u wouldnt like it here tho.. its the opposite. u start out in dark cloudy cold rain and when ur all done and about to take a nap.. it gets sunny and warm. damn u weather gods!

  8. Mary says

    I love all nut butters, so I’m proposing a Nut Butter Only diet. My rules: You can ONLY eat nut butters, but it can be any flavor. And seed butters can count too. What do you think?

  9. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas says

    Hi, how are you today?

    Just chocolatey, thank you!

    You’re right…chocolate IS the answer to any question!

    I’ll be making banana ice cream for my brother this weekend. He’s never had it, and I’m going to make him guess the ingredients! He’ll be amazed, I’m sure.

  10. maxinthegym says

    Hahaha I love your diet rules! Although nothing can replace peanut butter in my heart, I do love making your PMS Chocolate!

    My diet would be called…peanut butter chocolatey goodness on errrthang 😀

  11. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    I always say there is no perfect diet for everyone since we’re all so different, but YES, EVERY diet should include a little chocolate.

    I cooled off with some homemade ice-cream as well yesterday. The heat in Nashville is pretty brutal these days. Really, what did I do pre Vita-Mix days?!?

  12. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    Ha! I have no idea what i would call my perfect diet, for my cravings change from day to day! How about the “feel, eat, enjoy” diet….i dont know….

  13. Danielle says

    Ahhh I could really use some of your PMS chocolate right now! (haha tmi?)

    And is it weird that I actually love running in the rain?? You can pretend you’re in The Notebook and that Ryan Gosling is 5 miles away 😀

  14. Katherine: What About Summer? says


    How I hate defining diet: such a selection or a limitation on the amount a person eats for reducing weight: No pie for me, I’m on a diet.

    How diet should be defined: food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health: Milk is a wholesome article of diet.

    Diet smiet let’s all eat chocolate!

  15. bitesandbliss says

    Gah the weather channels NEVER right. They’ll say thunderstorms all day and it’ll stay sunny and hot. I guess they’re doing the best they can, though..but ugh!! Oh, and my diet would be “Eat to live, live to eat”..that’s the name and the rules. 🙂

  16. Quix says

    Texas weather has been way off this week. I didn’t bike commute yesterday because it was supposed to pour all day and it rained for literally 2 minutes. 😛

    I believe a diet should involve reasonable portions of mostly healthy food that you like, and some not-as-healthy food that you just want. A life without french fries or mexican food every once in a while is not a life worth living, imo. And this should be balanced with lots of vigorous booty moving!

  17. Marianne says

    Hmmm…I have no name for an eating plan, but there are only two rules: Eat food you enjoy, and eat to feel good. Why get more complicated than that?

  18. veganwhoopies says

    That fudge sauce looks delicious-I cannot wait to try it! I love your blog and the fact that you encourage people to enjoy life and stress less over food. Keep up the inspiring work!

  19. shesarunner says

    I would go for a chocolate covered diet any day! Or a banana ice cream diet.

    Oh, here is a perfect one for me: The tropical fruit diet. Consisting of anything made up of bananas, mangoes, coconuts, etc. It could be the fruit in their plain form, or blended into a smoothie or soft serve, or in the form of coconut water and coconut butter. You catch my drift!
    That would be a lovely diet- I could never get sick of those things.

  20. BroccoliHut says

    If I were to create a diet, I think it would be something like the “Taste the Rainbow” diet wherein the only rule is to eat as many different colored items at each meal as possible. I can’t resist a technicolor meal:)

  21. Mandy says

    Oh my! I’ll definitely have to try that one, it looks delicious!

    My diet of choice would definitely be a chocolate-oats diet! Breakfast cookies, oatmeal, cocoa and PB in unlimited quantities! Of course, fruit wouldn’t be shunned either, but the name would get too long. 😀

  22. Gabby says

    The moldy food diet! Where all you eat/buy is moldy/old/not tasty, so you don’t ever get hungry. Oh wait, you said GOOD diets, not “strange diets we’ve heard of.” I just couldn’t resist letting you know about that one I heard about the other day, because I was so grossed out by it!

  23. Sarah G. says

    Hi Katie,
    I just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to making your high protein chocolate brownies.
    They were DELICIOUS!!!! I ate the whole pan. 🙂

  24. JoLynn-dreaminitvegan says

    That is some chocolate action on the ice cream!

    I like the “taste of rainbow” diet mentioned above. I love eating all the different color foods!
    Yes chocolate being one of them of course, that would be an additional color! ha!

  25. Emma says

    While I haven’t yet tried your chocolate covered banana ice cream (which looks delicious and I hope to try it soon), this post definitely inspired me to enjoy a chocolate covered banana this weekend!

  26. Caroline says

    Aww, get better soon Chocolate Covered Mom!

    If I were to make up a diet for those trying to lose weight, it would be exactly like my everyday diet, but maybe 1/4-1/3 fewer servings of breads, nut butters, etc. I’m not sure what I would call it…but it would be completely vegetable-centric and include a ton of recipes for how to get people to appreciate how absolutely delicious fresh vegetables can be when prepared right (like your zucchini that becomes gourmet when doctored up with some olive oil). I would focus more on adding and discovering fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans and not on subtracting meat or dairy. After trying (and hopefully liking) the new foods and finding that they are way more flavorful and healthy than a slab of dried-out meat, they may tend to phase out meat as I have been doing. I would eat a peanut butter banana sandwich or some blueberry pancakes over steak and eggs any day.

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