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What’s black and white and read all over?

Hmmm, I guess the joke doesn’t work when it’s written out. How sad.

What is black, white and read all over?

Well, I don’t know about read all over, but raw Chocolate Macaroons are black and white. Yesterday, I made up a batch for a friend.

Well, they were supposed to go to a good friend. But the macaroon babies never actually made it to their intended destination. While sampling the chocolatey macaroon batter (You have to sample the batter, right?), I decided to be selfish and keep them for myself. What can I say? It’s very dangerous to have me around chocolate. I didn’t forget my friend, though:


She ended up with a homemade Afri-Card and some Raw Snickerdoodles instead.

So I doubt she minded in the slightest that I ate her original babies. (Ooh that sounds so wrong.) I’m terrible at getting presents. Even when shopping for others, I always think, “Would this be a present I’d be happy to receive?” Then, if the answer is yes, a new problem presents itself: I want to buy the present for me! Christmas shopping is so hard; I end up buying a lot of my own presents. Oh well, at least that way I know I’m getting something I really want! 😉

Do you ever worry what others will think of your healthy food?

Do you worry something you make won’t be well-received by people who are accustomed to fries and Twinkies? Fudge Babies have become my go-to dessert to prove to people that healthy food can taste good. Parties, gifts, outings with friends… I never worry anymore that people will think the babies taste too “healthy.” Everyone, from my guy friends to my grandma, is in love with the little gems. No one can believe they’re health food!

Published on September 26, 2010

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  1. mckella says

    Lately I love to make gazpacho for people. I’d never thought I’d love gazpacho so much, but it’s delicious! Especially when you make it with organic homegrown food.

  2. Jessgettinghealthy says

    Hi Katie,
    I just found your blog from Tina’s post over at Carrots-n-Cake. I am loving it already, and I added you to my Google Reader.
    Jess, a new reader

  3. Amy says

    I am at college eating in dining halls still, so people I don’t know well frequently look at my plate while I am eating and say, “You are soo healthy.”

    I don’t want to make others feel guilty or bad about themselves, so I choose to not really respond and I try not discuss what I eat with the people I am eating with.

    My friends and family know I like chocolate and sweet things, but I make more conscious decisions due to my food allergies and healthy lifestyle choices.

    It took me about a year to get comfortable with my food allergies because they restrained me for a while to eat unhealthy foods. Now I don’t even want them, but I occasionally make the allergy friendly versions if necessary.

    I have a much healthier view of food thanks to your blog and other blogs like yours. It helps to know other people choose to eat healthily, oddly enough.

    I tell my friends about your recipes and I make my family try the things I make and everyone gets a little healthier and more comfortable everytime. Thanks!

  4. Hela says

    too cute your nail design is matching this adorable afri-card 😀
    i never really worry, because as soon as people has tasted my healthy food they love it leave with the recipe 😉
    i made a lovely lemon cake yesterday for a party with freshly milled whole wheat flour. and people didnt even notice!!! that is just because they always ASSUME it would tast weird and “too healthy”, but they dont know better. so give em delicious healthy food and make em happy 😀
    hahaha! im the exact opposite! i love to go shopping for others and even when im shopping for myself im buying things for my friends or family 😉

  5. [email protected] says

    omg the little girl on the homemade card is SOOOO CUTE!!!! i love her little outfit and toutou <3 <3 hehe

    fudge babies make wonderful gifts for friends and family or even just yourself 😉

    when i make desserts or bake muffins, people assume theyre healthy just cuz they know i made it. its sort of funny actually. like when i made muffins to give to my mom's workplace they said "oh i dont eat muffins, but sinc e i know kelsey made them, i definitely had to try one. they were SO YUMMY!, i cant believe theyre so healthy too!!" lol.. but i didnt even attempt to make them "healthy" lol.

  6. Anonymous says

    I bake a lot- and while I don’t try to make things “healthy,” I do tend to make things vegan- that’s just because I am. People seem to assume two things: that whatever dessert I’ve made is either good for them (not true; I use sugar, fat, and boring white flour sometimes) or not as good as butter or egg based desserts (also not true; often, my cookies are better than a lot of traditional alternatives)

    It kind of sucks that people think vegan cooking is automatically bland or super-good for you. It can be delectable and devilish!

  7. Albizia says

    If people like my cooking, I am happy. If they don’t, it’s their problem. I am tired of trying to please everyone so I just have fun in the kitchen and enjoy the results myself if nobody else wants to give a chance to any untraditional food. But some people actually like the things I make. Yesterday two friends of mine visited me and ate almost all of the banana oatmeal cookies I had baked. The feeling was great!

    By the way, the card you made is really very sweet 🙂 .

  8. VEGirl says

    You really draw that card? it’s utterly gorgeous and amazing– and it looks so even and professional! I like to draw, but I know MY drawings may never look that good!

    Yes I worry that people won’t like my food– I am automatically known as the “health freak” with other teens I know. Any food I ever bring places seems not to get eaten much– except by me! They all go for the multicolored packages with the “food” that is neon colored.

    That’s kinda why I want to move– get a new start, because everyone here knew me in my beginning of veganism- when I was all preachy and wanted to get the word out any way I could. I mean, I want to get the word out NOW too, but I wasn’t the most tactical back then. A new start would mean I could just bring my tested (and good tasting!) recipes to parties and gatherings.

  9. EmbraceYourSkin says

    I do sometimes worry about people not liking my food because it is healthy. Then I remember that I don’t need to please everyone… only me! 🙂

  10. eatinglikeahorse says

    I just tend not to tell people how “healthy” things are till they’ve eaten them! Then you can say there’s courgette in the cake or whatever afterwards because they haven’t got a skewed perspective of what it’s going to taste like.
    My colleagues would say they didn’t like it and refuse to try it, then they’d miss out (although I suppose that would mean more for me; maybe that’s my mistake!)

  11. thedelicateplace says

    i usually never tell anyone they are healthy or else they judge them before they even take a bite! after they swoon, then i reveal my tasty secrets 🙂

  12. Di @ says

    I stopped telling people the dishes are healthy and let them judge on taste and appearance for themselves. In most cases, they like it so much it gets wiped out and they ask for the recipe. In the summer, some of my fav low-cal dishes to bring are Taco Salad or Spicy Mango & Pineapple Salad. In the fall, some of my get together recipes include Apple & Onion Pork, Beer Bread, or Lemon Parmesan Brussel Sprout Slaw. Yum.

  13. Shelby says

    I do worry about how others think of my food. I love it but everyone’s taste buds are different, ya know?
    Although I’m sure everyone would love a sample of your macaroons!

    And did you really draw that card?!?!

  14. kristy @ ksayerphotography says

    I sometimes worry when making food for other people because of how different my preferences are. Like, I’d much prefer to have a huge portion of vegetables with a small serve of pasta almost like a side dish, where most people are like “GIVE ME THE PASTA!” 😛

    But when it comes to baked goods, I don’t tell people they’re “healthified” until after they’re telling me how good they are 😛 My younger sister used to refuse to try my “healthy” cakes and would beg me to make a “real recipe with butter” but now that I don’t tell her they’re healthy, she’s been giving me requests for things to make. It must be the mindset!

    I like to go with the idea that – if its healthy and it tastes good, it’s a win win!

  15. meandchew says

    I sometimes get anxious when I share a new food creation with others that I haven’t yet sampled myself. If I’ve had the chance to try a recipe and tweak it before sharing, it’s easier. Plus, if I, personally, love the dish, I feel much more confident sharing it!

  16. Little Bookworm says

    Looking forward to the fudge baby post – you know I love those recipes! 🙂 Chocolate Macaroons look amazing, as does that card!

  17. A Teenage Gourmet says

    Freshman and Sophomore years, I was horrible embarrassed by my healthy food. I’d hide it in my lunch box, pull out a bite, and then close the lid so that nobody saw what I was eating. I felt self-concious every single day.

    Now, I pack what I want and I pull my food outtt of my lunch bag. I still feel self-concious sometimes, but I’m WAY better. Friends don’t usually ask questions, but when they do, I reply calmly, without turning red. 🙂

  18. Jamie @ Food in Real Life says

    I do worry sometimes about people liking my healthy foods. But I also derive great pleasure from serving healthy food that people like and then whipping out the “DID YOU KNOW THOSE POTATOES WERE ROASTED WITH NO ADDED FAT????” or something like that…and watching their jaws drop (or slightly fall open) when they find out. I take pride in my little tricks and tips.

  19. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    I dont worry that people will think the food I make and give to them is weird but I have learned to only give the things I make away to people who are going to appreciate it. i.e. to blog friends or real life friends who “get it”. I would never spend the time and money making raw vegan macaroons and then gift them to someone who thinks a hostess twinkie is the perfect dessert. I have learned to be selective in who I give things to so at least I know all my hard work is being appreciated b/c as you know, it takes time to cook…whether raw vegan or otherwise! Why waste efforts?! 🙂

    I would be delighted to receive anything you made…and have been! xxoo

  20. *Andrea* says

    when iwas little i swear my mom would get my friends bday gifts for the parties i went to then i would want the gift so i would make her buy another one for them 😉

    love the card!!! so cute

  21. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    I always worry people wont like my healthy food. But this weekend my mom made one of my recipes and brought it to me which was awesome of her! She also said she’s tried a few others and said they were really good. 🙂 I guess having the fear makes it even better when they turn out great.

  22. couchpotatoathlete says

    I don’t really make healthy food for people unless I know they will appreciate it. I just don’t want to spend the money or time on something that won’t be appreciated, you know? Maybe thats a bad attitude. And at the same time, I don’t really cook/bake for many people other than my coworkers, and they’d be happy if I brought in a few Snickers bars every day! 🙂

  23. Katharina says

    You are so adorable! I would keep those babies too mwahaha! I’m the same way with presents too lol.

    I use to worry about it. But now I’ve grown to be more confident in what I make, and I don’t care because I know it tastes awesome. If it tastes awesome why would anyone complain? lol


  24. Namaste Gurl says

    Hey gurl–
    First off, I would’ve eaten those choco macaroons, too– how can one stay away from chocolate and not try? 🙂

    Second, I made your “sneaky veggie cheesecake” and froze it, however when I thawed it, it slowly turned into liquid…melting. Did I not freeze it long enough or is it supposed to melt? I was expecting it to turn into cheesecake form– help me if you can 🙂

  25. Michal says

    I do worry sometimes what people will think about my food choices. But then i remember that im the one eating it not them, and if they want to eat junky stuff all day long then let them!

    I love that card too its soo cute!

  26. BroccoliHut says

    I worry about my healthy ways all the time–even when I am cooking for my family or Seth! I’m just really self conscious that I’ve developed “healthy tastebuds.”

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