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When life gives you lemons

What’s your biggest-ever kitchen mishap? I’ve definitely been guilty of microwaving tinfoil before.  And I’ve done the whole “exploding oatmeal” thing more times than I’d like to count.

Then there was that b*tchy wheatberry disaster

But sometimes a “mishap” can turn into something positive.Take, for example, my snack from the other day, a Blueberry Breakfast Pizzert in a bowl:



I forgot to spray the pan before cooking my pizzert, so it stuck and I had to scrape it out with a spoon.  No worries; I put it in a bowl and made art.

Not just any old art, though: Breakfast Pizzert art!


Published on April 19, 2010

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  1. Valerie says

    *Phew* So nice to know that I’m not the only one who repeatedly boils over oatmeal or forgets things on the stove! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says

    Going with the whole protein theme, I’d love to see a post devoted to vegan sources of protein and how you respond to the question of where you get it. I hate that question, because even though I know I get enough, when people ask me, I freeze!

  3. Mary says

    I love everything you post! But I must admit to being partial to those scrapbook pictures. ‘Cause I don’t have one artistic bone in my body!

  4. Katie says

    I had a glass dish of enchiladas completely explode in the oven during baking. I have no idea why but there were shards of glass everywhere!

  5. Keri - IEatTrees says

    My mom is famous for burning the bread at family get-togethers. There have even been small bread fires. LoL. I think the kitchen mishap I’ve had most oven is melting spatulas, bags, and such on our flat top stove. I forget I just had that burner on and put said plastic item on it, only to come back to a plastic puddle… whoops.

  6. Jessica (PB & Jess) says

    I boiled over some oatbran just the other day…so sad! 🙁 I ‘ve also ruined multiple baking pans by forgetting to use non-stick spray and then having to scrape stuff out, lol.

    Can’t wait for CC-TV!

  7. adrienmelaine says

    Vegan protein bars that don’t taste like chalk! Give that a go! haha

    I’m sure it’s possible, but I haven’t found a high protein one that tastes decent and is homemade.

  8. katie says

    my biggest kitchen mishap was this christmas when i attempted to make s’more brownies that had a layer of marshmellows on the top. it called to broil them in the oven for one minute, but instead of putting them on the middle rack i put them RIGHT under the broiler and after 30 seconds the entireeeee pan of brownies was roaring in flames! it was so scared a froze and had no idea what to do… thank god for parents.
    i’m so excited for a video post! those would be a great weekly addition to your blog, or every so often. i also love seeing scrapbook pages, answers to formspring Q’s, pictures from restaurant or other outings, and every other type of entry you do!!! love them all!

  9. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    When I first got my pressure cooker, I didn’t understand the importance of letting the pressure come all the way down before opening the lid. I opened it too soon after cooking some beans, and the beans exploded all over my ceiling. I had to get out a ladder to scrape beans off the ceiling. 🙁

  10. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    Hmmm… maybe if you added a little protein powder to a fudge baby bar? Haha I’m not big on protein bars either. I used to like Clif bars, but I hadn’t eaten them in a while, and I bought one and it tasted like cardboard!

  11. Renée says

    I’d be interested in seeing more foods given a vegan makeover! For example, you’ve done whipped cream, cheesecake, etc. You’re so creative and knowledgeable about what substitutes well for this or that, I’d love to see even more!

  12. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    Oh my gosh, I love your idea! I’m going to have to think of some common foods to “vegan-ify”… or maybe I can even ask for requests. True dairy/meat foods like meatloaf… Thanks for the fun idea!

  13. Melinda says

    Usually if the food doesn’t look the way you intended, it can still taste great and people need to remember that. You did a great job salvaging yours!

  14. Little Bookworm says

    That blueberry pizzert looks great. Looking forward to Chocolate-Covered Television and more oatmeal ideas! Your oatmeal recipes are fantastic! 😀

  15. Anna says

    For some reason soup always explodes on me in the micro. When I used to eat eggs and I tried to poach them in the microwave, it never came out pretty. Then the kitchen would have a stinky egg smell. Yummmm. I need to make that pizzert, it’s been on my mind for days!

  16. Demelza says

    I think my biggest kitchen mishap was more of a recipe mishap. :/
    Once upon a time I talked to a nutritionist
    Who said I needed to add in a wider variety of grains to my diet.
    She handed me a list of several lesser known grains,
    Which I showed to my mother,
    And she said she’d like to try quinoa with me.
    So we bought a package and she found a recipe for it.
    It had apple cider vinegar and a few other things with it.
    We made this recipe…and it ended up being one of the most unappetizing things I’d seen in a while.
    I didn’t realized that whenever it’s cooked, it plumps up and has weird worm-looking things in it. :[
    I (very reluctantly) tried tasting it,
    But I could really only taste the apple cider vinegar and in general I thought
    the texture was horrible. :s Never. Again.

    Ah, and I am so glad you asked! :]
    I have been looking forward to that meaty mushroom stroganoff recipe. <3

    P.S. Mind if I snag a bite of your pizzert? ;]

  17. Jessica Zara says

    Yay! I can’t wait for the debut of Chocolate Covered Television 😀

    I am a hopeless cook, so much so that my Mum still has to help me (for some reason cooking disorientates me and I usually end up with a panic attack…I know, I have a useless brain) so ALL my kitchen endeavours alone are disasters!

    I’d love to hear more about your decision to use protein powders ~ I’ve recently added them to my diet and I’d love to hear your views on the matter.

    Have a great Monday (is that an oxymoron?)



  18. theprocessofhealing says

    I say y’all too 🙂
    I’ve done the whole tin foil microwave thing. Back in the day, my cousin and I stuck some kind of pastry thing IN the packaging in the microwave and I kid you not, it created a ball of lightening in the microwave! Never seen anything like it before!

  19. leangreendeane says

    Three words: Glass-Jar-Flax. I am sure you can guess what happened. I was picking tiny glass shards and flax seeds out of my socks for a solid two weeks. That was a 2 hour broom/dustpan clean-up, easy. Never attempt to grab a glass jar with freshly washed hands that are not too dry yet… 🙂

  20. Veggiesmack says

    Your pizzert in a bowl looks gorgeous! Yum! I’ve had situations where I forgot to grease the pan, too. It’s kinda sad sometimes . . .

    I love your recipes posts, the more the merrier! 🙂

  21. ohkansascity says

    I think my worst kitchen mishap had to be catching grilled cheese on fire. I was broiling them and somehow there were suddenly flames (I think it was because I had used cooking spray…) My Dad had to rush into the kitchen and save the day. He literally threw the flaming sandwiches into the sink full of water. I’ve definitely come a long way since those days though.

  22. BroccoliHut says

    I’ve had some crazy kitchen mishaps, but one of the milder ones is that I frozen bananas…with the peel still on. That was fun, trying to unpeel those bad boys.

  23. Naomi says

    haha I turn my back for 1 sec and BOOM explosion in the micro for sure!! happens to the best of us!

    man, these pizzerts are FLYING across the blogosphere! yours looks SO good Katie!

  24. Elinor of Pride & Vegudice says

    My choc muffins crumbled into pieces when I took them out of the pan, so I added PB and melted choc chips, smashed it all together, rolled it into balls, rolled them in cocoa powder, and ended up with “PB Chocolate Cake Truffles” hhaha

  25. Katherine: What About Summer? says

    Ingredient for larabar: less evil: honey!
    Brilliant right?
    running is great for thought (maybe it just makes my stomach talk)

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