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Harry Potter and the Elusive Agar

Harry Potter and Agar Agar flakes share an enviable talent in that both possess the ability to perform magic– Harry on wizards of the Dark Arts, and Agar on recipes in need of a thickener. Unfortunately, these two magic-makers share something else: they’ve both mastered the art of invisibility. Many of you left comments on […]


Hey, if Fergie can do it (Fergalicious) and Beyonce can do it (Bootylicious), why can’t I do it? Besides, it is in the humble opinion of this chocolate-covered girl that “Yumlicious” is a much more exciting made-up word than Rachael Ray’s word. Yum-o? How about Lame-o! Choco-licious Chocolate Pudding Makes 2 servings, about 1/2-cup each (but […]

If you are what you eat, then I’m a Butternut Squash

Ummm how creepy does this look? If I eat any more butternut squash, the above might become a reality. Guess I’d better embrace the look, since I’m not planning on cutting back any time soon… Google “how to roast a squash” and you’ll probably get hundreds of different answers. Below, the Katie Method: How Katie […]

Product Review Week: Lucy in the Sky with… Chocolate

I know my title ruins the LSD reference, but who needs drugs (or diamonds, for that matter) when you can have chocolate??? Let’s start with the bad first, so that we can end this chocolatey post on a positive note. I bought the So Delicious Kidz pops as soon as I saw them at Whole […]

"Sarah Palin is a Pumpkin"

Is anyone else highly amused by– and a little bit scared of– the searches that lead to their blogs? I have a ton of work due tomorrow (our last day of classes for the semester, before exams start. Where has the time gone?!), so no product reviews today. However, I do have time to leave […]

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