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Coconut Chai Milkshakes

Thick. Luxurious. Coconut A few years ago, after drinking a coconut chai shake at Bonobos, I created my own version of the delicious spicy-sweet shake. I’m re-posting an updated version of the recipe today, because the old one was a little hard to follow. Put on a lei, close your eyes, and pretend you’re lounging under a […]

Comfort Stew

Union Square Farmer’s Market! Oh my gosh, I could move in. At Union Square, one can find everything from organic kale to juicy strawberries to… purple basil?! If only I lived in New York and therefore had a use for the incredible array of fresh vegetables and fruits at the market. After browsing, Jess and […]

A cookie the size of my head!

It probably seems weird that I’d want to write more posts while I’m on vacation. But actually, this is easier! These recap posts come together much quicker than my recipe posts, because I’m not doing photoshoots or trying to think up a story to go with the posts; I’m just recapping what happened in my day.  Fast as a Rabbit Today’s […]

This little piggy went to Prada…

This is my 2nd post today! Click to see the first: A fun running game. Jess and I left our room with no specific dinner plans. We wanted to be true tourists, letting chance dictate our destination. As luck would have it, chance treated us very kindly. It placed a Moroccan restaurant, called Tagine, right […]

A fun game to play while you run

NYC Day 1 When I run through suburbia, back in Texas, I see very few other runners. So it was really exciting to run with a lot of other people in Central Park. The energy in that place is electric. I made up a new running game, called Pass or be Passed. Basically, the rules […]

Chocolate-Chip Banana Bites

Hors d’oeuvres will never be the same. Imagine you’re invited to a “desserts only” party. A party where everything—from the drinks, to the appetizers, to the main course—is a dessert. Dare to dream. Impress all your friends with these gourmet-looking cookie bites that are secretly healthy and so simple to make! Chocolate-Chip Banana Bites 1/3 […]

Did you know I have a dark side?

Come to the dark side We have the chocolate! Unlike last week’s Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes (best pancakes ever!), many of my current loves are very dark. Perhaps I’m just trying to counter this oppressive Texas heat. Currently… Currently eating: dark Peanut Butter Chocolate Frosting. Straight from the jar. Like it is my job. Anyone want to […]

Giant Chia Seeds! (giveaway)

Big Chia Mess! The first time I bought chia seeds, I was on vacation. To bring the seeds home, I packed them in a plastic bag in my suitcase. Big mistake. When I arrived back in Texas, the bag had spilled open and there were chia seeds everywhere. And then, when I tried to clean […]

Cherry Crumble Bars

I used to think I disliked cherries, because I hated cherry-flavored candies, vitamins, drinks, and especially cherry cough drops. But I don’t think I’d ever tasted an actual cherry until I was a teenager. Weird, right? After that first taste, I was in love! Now, in the summertime, I’ll almost always have fresh cherries in […]

Harry Potter theme party!!

I *heart* theme parties Once (pre-vegan), I threw a Jungle-themed ice cream party, complete with monkey tails (pretzels), elephant droppings (Hershey’s kisses), baby elephant droppings (chocolate chips), and even zebra dandruff (shredded coconut). In retrospect, these might not have been the most-appetizing choices for ice cream topping names… but the point is that I go […]