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Lower-Calorie Variation Ideas:

Lower-Fat Option: Decrease the nut butter amount by two tablespoons.

Lower-Sugar Option: You can decrease the sweetener by 1 or 2 tablespoons, but be aware that the bars won’t stay together quite as well.

Below are some other lower-calorie options I brainstormed, but haven’t tried. Anyone want to try one of these variations out and let me know how the squares (or balls) taste??

  • Use puffed cereal in place of crispies
  • Instead of the peanut butter, use Banana Butter
  • Sub mashed banana for some of the pb (or applesauce or pumpkin)
  • Omit pb entirely, and use 1/4 cup vegan butter instead
  • Blend the crispies with the other ingredients, instead of simply stirring them together (This last one isn’t actually a lower-calorie option… but it’s something I thought up, and I’m curious to know how/if it works!)
  • Some commenters meantioned a spread called “Better n Peanut Butter.” If you like that, perhaps you can try it in this recipe?