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No doughnut pan?

You have choices:

  1. Form doughnuts by hand
  2. Roll into balls
  3. Cook in muffin tins, for doughnut muffins!

I cooked a few in a mini muffin pan… and they came out looking like doughnut holes:


So cute!

And now, some more photos.

It’s hard to see what the doughnuts truly look like with the edited photos of my recipe post, so I wanted to offer the following unedited photos:


Photo #1: what they look like upside-down.

Photos #2 and #3: from the top:



How many doughnuts?

This recipe yields 6 doughnuts or 18 mini doughnuts at 55 calories each… or you can make doughnut holes or muffins, as I wrote earlier. (These doughnuts are much lower in sugar and fat than most of the other recipes I found. And if you use whole-grain spelt flour, they’re whole-grain too!)

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