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Coffee Frosting: Nutrition Facts


WW Points (new system): 1 point

The recipe is gluten-free, and it can be 100% refined-sugar-free as well. This entire recipe makes 230 grams (about 1 cup), and nutrition information is per tablespoon.

Substitution Notes:

I haven’t tried the recipe with any nuts other than the ones listed, so I really can’t predict the results of using a different nut. However, perhaps pecans or almonds could make for a delicious variation. Or, if you don’t want to bother with the soaking stage, try using cashew butter… or maybe coconut butter?

Aside from the coconut butter idea, I don’t have any nut-free options for this particular recipe. There are other nut-free frostings on this site, though.

For a list of all my frostings, see the 9th category here: Healthy Dessert Recipes.

For the maple syrup: It will change the flavor if you use agave or honey, but texture-wise it’ll be fine. Don’t use honey for strict vegans. I also wouldn’t advise replacing the maple syrup with more stevia, as you might end up with a weird aftertaste… but feel free to experiment as long as you’re okay with the chance it could fail.


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