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Healthier Oreos: Calories and Nutrition Information


Weight Watchers SmartPoints: 3 points (or 2 if using the sugar-free option)

*You probably won’t use all the filling–meaning the calories and sugar in your finished product will actually most likely be lower than what’s shown above–but I went ahead and added it all in to the nutrition facts for the sake of easier calculating. I guess that just means you can eat some of the leftover filling as you work 😉

In comparison, the same 19-gram serving size of real Oreo cookies will have 90 calories, no fiber, and 8 grams of sugar. The label also might say 0 grams trans fat, but packaged Oreos still contribute 3% of the daily allowance for trans fat, meaning zero is not really zero. Nutrition information above is for 2 chocolate cookie discs, with filling. It was calculated using real sugar in both the cookies and the filling.

To view the recipe, click here: Healthy Oreos



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