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The weather's being weird again

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Yesterday was nice and warm– I went for a long run outside, and a few friends and I even ate lunch in the sun. Not today, though! It’s pouring rain, and more snow is predicted. *Sigh* I wish the weather would make up its mind!

Oh well, at least the cold weather gives me a good excuse to eat one of my favorite warming breakfasts– oatmeal! Not that I don’t enjoy oatmeal in the summer, but there’s just something about a steaming bowl of creamy oatmeal on a cold day that makes me feel all snug and cozy.

In the picture are steel-cut oats, made with raisins, apples, chopped walnuts, and a small splash of soymilk at the very end.

Part of yesterday’s “picnic” lunch: a lettuce and tomato sandwich with a little bit of Veganaise.

And here’s some GREAT news: Some of you know that I volunteer a few times a week at a local shelter as a dog-walker. Well, one of my favorite dogs was adopted this week! Of course I will miss him, but I’m sooooo happy! He deserves a good home (as do all the dogs there).

I will continue catching up with your blogs later today; right now I am off to make some hot tea!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I feel you completely. This weekend we had one of those weird 50 degree temperature changes again. It was literally 78 degrees on Sunday, 30 on Monday. What is it with the middle of the country.

    Oatmeal is a perfect cold weather food. It is my epitome of comfort food (since I don’t really like soups, stews, or things like ‘pot pie’). I’ve never had steel cut oats, how do they differ from regular rolled oats?

    Yay about the dog! You do such good work, volunteering like you do, I wish I didn’t have to have a full-time job, or at least that I could walk cute puppies for a living, bonding with animals and getting exercise, right on!

    Enjoy your tea, another perfect complement to the cold weather.

  2. Vaishali says:

    mmm..oatmeal on a winter’s day. Absolutely delicious!
    So glad the dog got adopted- it’s great you volunteer.

  3. jenna says:

    Hi! I just must tell you how much I absolutely love your blog. You’re a great writer and the food you make looks wonderful! I’ve had fun reading through previous posts! I have a blog as well: if you want to check it out!

  4. Billy says:

    I should really do as you did and add more to my oatmeal. I’m usually lazy and eat it with some agave or dehydrated apples.

    Oatmeal is great, especially on cold days.

    It can’t be too cold there in Texas, right? It was cold here in Seattle last night (30s), especially after a few days in DC where it was 68!

  5. pleasantly plump vegan says:

    i’m slowly rotating oats out of my breakfast routine, but i’m sure they’ll be back real soon.

    my arm is still healin and hurtin. thanks for askin.

  6. jess (of Get Sconed!) says:

    I am going to dive into that oatmeal. Thank you.

  7. Romina says:

    Oatmeal is so comforting! I’m starting to eat it almost everyday, just to get some morning endorphins!

  8. Vegan_Noodle says:

    Texas weather is definitely crazy. But some more cold temps are good…cuz summer is a comin! I’ve been enjoying oatmeal for breakfast up here in calgary all week (unfortunately out of a box, but i’d prefer steel cut).
    That is so awesome that you are a voluteer to walk dogs !!

  9. Kumquat Peekapoo says:

    Mmmmm… Who needs to eat the oatmeal; I feel all warm and toasty just looking at your picture of it.
    I really like the idea of walking dogs for the humane society, I’ll have to look into that! My sister used to do foster care kittens for her local shelter. They would give her four kittens at a time and she would take them home until they got adopted. Not only was it a way to save space at the shelter, and give the kittens a nice place to stay, she also got to play with kittens all the time! What could beat that? I think people don’t realize how many really great things they can do, while having fun. Good for you!

  10. Ruby Red Vegan says:

    We must share the same brain or something, because recently I’ve been thinking about combining raisins and apples and walnuts in something! Your oatmeal looks creamy and fabulous – can you believe I’ve still never made steel cut?? I can tell by your picture that I must be missing out! (The quick-cooking steel cut oats are on my shopping list…)

    I knew you volunteered at an animal shelter, but it’s so awesome that you’re a dog walker! That sounds like a lot of fun! And yay for your awesome doggie friend being adopted – hopefully his new parents are as good a dog walker as you are. 🙂

    Of course I’d still come Texas – your snowy weather is probably warmer than our snowy weather, anyway, and you did say “Soyatoo on top”! And I think I’m going to P.F. Chang’s this weekend – lettuce wraps, here I come!

  11. Bianca says:

    It’s supposed to snow here too….but I won’t believe it until I see white on the ground. We haven’t seen more than a couple flakes all year. I’m sure Texas is the same way.

    I love sandwiches with nothing but Veganase and tomato!

    And BTW, when I was Google Image searching for the VegNews cover, I found one of you on the cover. And I was like, what?! Wow! And then I followed the link to an old blog post of yours and saw that it was a joke. You seriously had me fooled for a minute. It totally looked real!

  12. ~randi~ says:

    That is great news about the dog! I can’t believe its snowing again in the Big D! Crazy.

  13. Melody Polakow says:

    What great news about the dog!

    I am really looking forward to spring/summer!

  14. Jenny says:

    Heard you had some snow yesterday!

    I am so happy for you favorite pup! You will miss him, but I hope he likes his new home.

  15. jenna says:

    that’s so funny we were looking at each other’s blogs at the same time!! Thank you for your kind comment! What college do you go to and what are you studying? I love Dallas…I would live there in a heartbeat. My old high school boyfriend went to SMU (graduated last year) and I went out there to visit him a couple times years ago. The food/restaurant scene there is wonderful! 🙂 Also the shopping!

  16. Rural Vegan says:

    It’s a bad sign when even folks in Texas are complaining about winter weather in March! It’s going to be 3 degrees here tonight, so I foresee more oatmeal in my future too.

    Congrats on your favorite dog being adopted! I have a favorite at my shelter too, he’s been there for over a year and I just can’t understand why. =(

  17. Cakespy says:

    I love steel cut oats–so perfect for those days where the weather is getting you down. Especially around this time of year–it’s spring! Oh wait, not yet! 🙂

  18. Urban Vegan says:

    Weather is weird. “Too much weather!” as my friend says.

    I can;t wait to make steel cut oatmeal for breakfast tomrorow.

  19. Lizzy says:

    Wonderful about the dog =D

    Mhh, I’ve never had steel cut oats, I’ll have to look out for them.
    The weather is just as weird over here. One second it’s sunshine and warm and all of a sudden you have snow *shakes head*

    I want to do a vegan picnic!! That must be so much fun!

  20. LisaRene says:

    I too just posted about breakfast oat bran as have a couple of other blogs I read. It’s coincidental how we are all posting about oatmeal at the same time. Breakfast is a must for me each day and oatmeal of some sort plays a big part.

    I applaud you for volunteering at your animal shelter, that is wonderful! I have volunteered on and off for years but resign myself to working in the office as I get to emotional to work directly with the dogs. I did try the foster program 9 years ago – you take a pregnant dog/cat or one that has just given birth and raise the “family” until they are 8 weeks old and return them to be adopted.

    I failed, and kept the mamma dog and her two boys. The are my avatar photo! The mom is in the middle 🙂

    Very glad to learn that one of your favorites was adopted, I hope the other have such good fortune as well.

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