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Chocolate-Covered Fashionista

Or not so much. I love how other bloggers use the “mirror trick” to take photos of their outfits, so I wanted to try it myself.  First try was dreadful: See what I mean? Second try was even worse!  So I gave up and tried using the “delay” button instead.  Much better! Although I do […]

“Fudge You!” High-Protein Chocolate Cake

Above and below, covered in Vegan Whipped Cream. Possible problems with making a whole pan of brownies: After only a few days, they get hard and crumbly (especially the end pieces). If you live alone, it’s hard to finish a whole pan by yourself before they go stale. If you’re my mom, you disagree with […]

Baby Food For Grown Ups

Gerber’s got competition… Lately, thanks to the (finally) warmer weather, I’ve been craving Faux-Yo. But yesterday I was being lazy and therefore wanted to use my easy-to-clean Magic Bullet instead of the Vita-Mix.  So I opted for canned fruit, because Mr. Magic Bullet’s tummy doesn’t agree with frozen fruit (i.e. he refuses to blend it).  […]

Vegan Bodybuilding With Robert Cheeke

I’m honored to have my friend Robert Cheeke as a guest today. He’s written an informative post on vegan bodybuilding and has even sent a  list of High Protein Vegan Foods. Robert Cheeke is pretty much the antithesis of what one thinks of when one hears the word “vegan.”  He definitely helps squash the stereotype […]

But where do you get your protein?

I have to laugh when people ask me that question. It’s just so ironic that, 90% of the time, the same people who are asking me where I get my protein have absolutely no idea where they get any of their nutrients.  If they’re asking out of genuine curiosity, I’m happy to list vegan sources […]

Pea Soup And The Prom

Not together, though. Oh goodness no. Lunch Munch: Magic Mushrooms (I didn’t know it was 4/20; I promise!), mache, toast with vegan butter and smashberry jam, and homemade pea soup. Below, more photos, because I have issues with making decisions, and therefore couldn’t decide which to post: After lunch, my friend and I took her […]

Protein Powder 101

People often ask for protein powder recommendations. I’ve tried Spirutein a few times, but I only like the cookies-n-cream flavor. And Jay Robb’s okay ( it’s a hassle having to buy it online). But the truth is that, in my everyday diet, I normally don’t use any protein powder. I get enough protein from “real” […]

When life gives you lemons

What’s your biggest-ever kitchen mishap? I’ve definitely been guilty of microwaving tinfoil before.  And I’ve done the whole “exploding oatmeal” thing more times than I’d like to count. Then there was that b*tchy wheatberry disaster… But sometimes a “mishap” can turn into something positive.Take, for example, my snack from the other day, a Blueberry Breakfast […]

Chocolate Protein Icing

Break out your Canned Pumpkin! And fish out those goggles, because it’s time to dive, head-first, into a pool of chocolate protein icing. Chocolate icing so healthy you can eat the entire bowl in one sitting. Kind of like with the recipe for Whipped Cream in a Bowl. (See, you want to dive in, right?) “Fudge […]

Magic Mushrooms

Story time! One day back in high school, my art teacher (we’ll call her Mrs. Smith) decided to show off a mushroom-shaped piece of pottery constructed by a student. “Look, class,” she said.  “Isn’t this gorgeous?” Her question was met with snickers. Confused, she asked, “You don’t think it’s beautiful?  Just look at the skill; look […]

Expanding the Larabar Love

Thanks to reader, Liz, for the heads-up: Liz says that Larabar is coming out with New Larabar flavors! My only question for Larabar is: Why has it taken you this long to make a carrot cake flavor?! 😉

Build Your Own Pizzert

Wait, what the heck is a pizzert??? Pizzert/ noun. Dessert pizza. A pizza topped with anything sweet. Bonus points for chocolate. (Yes, I very much did just make up that definition ;).  But it should be a real word!) You can use whatever you want for the crust—traditional pizza dough, pita bread, tortilla… Especially for […]

Healthy Breakfast Pizza

Sweet frosted healthy breakfast pizza, better known as a pizzert! Pizzert/ noun. Dessert pizza. A pizza topped with anything sweet. Bonus points for chocolate. Imagine eating a giant pancake–and yes, you can eat the entire thing yourself. I frosted today’s breakfast pizza with homemade Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting. And you might notice in the picture […]

The Vegan Wonder Drug

Red Star Nutritional Yeast is amazing stuff. It’s high in so many nutrients! Did you know that 1 and 1/2 tablespoons has EIGHT grams or protein? If you think you might be deficient in a certain nutrient, or even if you don’t, Red Star nutritional yeast can make a great addition to any diet—especially a vegan […]

Iron, Anemia, and Vegetarian Diets

A few readers have left comments on the post or sent emails asking about how to get enough iron, B12, etc. on a vegan diet. The truth is, it’s not hard at all! Here was my answer to one of the emails: In terms of getting good bloodwork results, the most important thing you need to be […]

Make Your Own Coconut Ice Cream

It’s easy, tastes even better than Purely Decadent, and it’s also cheaper. Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream (makes about 2 cups) 1/3 cup canned coconut milk ingredients for Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream shredded coconut, soy whip, chocolate chips, etc. 1. Make the chocolate ice cream, using full-fat canned coconut milk as your milk of choice. You […]

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