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Fruit Salad… with an addictive dressing!

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Hello Fruit Loops!

Or maybe I shouldn’t call you fruit loops. After all, you are all awesome, and fruit loops… well, they taste like cardboard. But here’s something that doesn’t taste like cardboard:


My breakfast this morning: Single-Serving Oatmeal Cake

Along with the oatmeal cake, I made a gorgeous fruit salad. Normally, I don’t like fruit salad. (It all melds together, meaning you can’t taste the distinct flavors of each fruit.) But every now and then, I crave something I don’t usually like. Is this weird?

fruit salad

This is actually my sister’s recipe, and it could not be easier. But she says whenever she makes it for a party or brunch, everyone asks for the recipe!

Addictive Fruit Salad

  • juice of one and 1/2 lemons
  • handful fresh mint leaves (about 1/2 cup)
  • 1 tbsp powdered sugar (I left this out, because I think fruit is sweet enough on its own. But my sister always uses it when she brings the salad to parties.)
  • fruit of choice (about 6-8 cups total)

Blend together the first three ingredients (I used a Magic Bullet) and pour over the fresh fruit. Stir to coat. Best if eaten at least one hour after making, so the flavors have a chance to marry.

Hello summer fruit season!


Above, with some of the best fruit, during my time in France.

I’m most excited for the raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and honeydew.


Questions of the Day:

Are you excited for fruit season?

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Jenny says:

    What a pretty fruit salad! I guess that’s just another plus about fruit… Not only is it incredibly healthy, but it’s also super pretty to photograph! — Just like chocolate chips I guess? Haha. 😛

    I loved a lot of the chocolatey cereals as a child… I was in Singapore for a big part of my childhood, and they had a lot of cereals there that I don’t think they have in the US, like Weeto’s (I think those were my brother’s and my absolute favourite! But they discontinued it a long time ago…) and Koko Krunch. Oreo O’s were my next favourite… until I reached an age where I cared more about my health. Then I started to eat cardboard-y cereals like Special K and All Bran. Then I learned more about nutrition and finally started eating oats… Thank goodness for change!

    The Cookie Crisps let me down, too! I’d agree that your Cookie Dough Bowl is 100 times better. (Yay for unprocessed but delicious food!)

  2. Mariah says:

    Hi Katie!
    I clicked over to your blog from your Blondie post on foodgawker today :). I keep seeing you on there, and so finally I thought I’d click over and say hi. You have some beautiful photos, and I’m really enjoying your blog :).

  3. Alexis says:

    I can’t even tell you how many of your recipes I have “saved” and are waiting to use. I love everything you post on here!
    I love fruit!! I especially love summer fruit. blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries! I can’t get enough of them some days 🙂

  4. Lisa Fine says:

    I love fruit salad [unlike you], and don’t add sugar to it [like you]. 🙂

    As for my favorite cereal as a kid, I loved Kix too, and Cocoa Krispies, although we didn’t get those very much.

  5. Emily says:

    I was always that weird kid that likes grape nuts and museli. Currently I’m obsessed with Cracklin Oat Bran which is by far the most underrated cereal ever. It’s not the healthiest, but how can I say no to oatmeal, coconut and cinnamon?!
    And my mom and I just demolished an entire cantelope! It was soooooo sweet and creamy. Yay summer!

  6. I thought produce in Europe tasted better than I ever had in the US. No idea why!

  7. I loooove fruit salad!! And you’re so right- chocolate chips make EVERYTHING look better 😉

    Haha you probably don’t get a lot of our cereals over there, but whenever I went to the States as a kid I LOVED Lucky Charms and Cap’n Crunch! 😀

  8. I love fresh fruit and agree its more than sweet enough on its own! I love fresh mint, especially with strawberries, it makes an awesome smoothie combo 🙂

  9. I LOVED Kix when i was little. And Cookie Crips. That stuff was dangerously good. I also went through a Life phase which i have yet to It’s just so good!!

  10. Pine Apple says:

    As a kid my favourite was Honey Smacks and Frosted Flakes, although they are called differently here. (Just “Smacks” and “Frosties”) Today sugary cereal is my vice … so I never buy it (not even the healthy unsweetened organic kind), otherwise I’d be eating nothing but cereal with vanilla soy milk … both are expensive, not the healthiest choice around and actually “binge foods” for me.

    For a snack I just had 1lbs of locally grown strawberries, they are finally available here! Like candy, soooo sweet. One thing I’ve noticed is how my appetite for fruit changes with the seasons. In winter it’s oranges oranges oranges, as summer rolls around this changes to anything melon (oh honeydew, I love you!). I’m looking forward to apricots (:

    It’s funny, when I lived in the US (Oklahoma) I would eat apples from Washington etc., but here I’d never ever buy apples from, say, Norway, although the distance Norway-Austria is probably much less than OK-WA.

  11. VeggieGirl says:

    When I was a kid I loved Honey Nut Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, and Waffle Crisp cereals.

  12. Mint + fruit is perhaps one of my favorite flavor combinations of all time. I particularly love mint and watermelon and…mint and pineapple. I once told my students (after they asked why my pineapple had green spots on it) that eating mint and pineapple would literally change their lives. They looked at me a bit confusedly, but it’s true. 🙂

    I make this same sort of “dressing” (not sugar for me either) but always use lime juice, and I usually just chop the mint real fine and not blend it all together…but I do like that idea. Sometimes I add a little crystallized ginger—that pairs wonderfully with mangos and blueberries.

  13. Emily says:

    My mom rarely bought us “sugar cereals” when we were kids so we were usually pretty happy with cheerios or corn flakes. On the rare occasion that she DID buy fun cereals, I was pretty much in love with coco puffs!

  14. Megan says:

    Im majorly pumped! I love berries and they cost major bucks when they aren’t in season.
    When I was little I loved All Bran. I was a weirdo. But i was also a huge fan of cocoa puffs! Especially the chocolate milk at the end! Yum!

  15. Lilly says:

    I adore berry season, and summer fruit in general- yum! As a kid my mom was smart and knew cereal would not fill me up so I rarely had it But at other people’s houses I loved those mini assorted cereals, frosted flakes (whoa sugar in a bowl), but cracklin’ oat bran was my fav. i still sometime crave it. Seriously, sounds gross but was soooo good!

  16. Jennie says:

    As a kid I would only eat Frosted Mini-Wheats – nothing else! Now as an adult, when I eat cereal, I still eat mini-wheats, only I get the unfrosted ones (fav is Mom’s Best Toasted Wheat-fuls).

    That fruit salad looks delicious. I also think fruit is sweet enough on its own and would not add the powdered sugar.

  17. Hela says:

    this fruit salad looks soooo yummy!! I´m not that much into fruit salads, either, but I think it can be a great way of using up “tasteless” fruit.
    I made your Cookie Dough Bowl today. My mum was saying all the time “this is bad, this is really bad, I can´t stop eating it” 😀 So, what did she do? Helped herself to another big spoonful of deliciousness, then another one, and went outside to stay away from the bowl 😉

    1. LOL! Your mom sounds like mine!

  18. We always had boring cereals growing up. Cheerios was as exciting as it got. I do love them, but I never knew the fun of cereal until I was older. I am so ready for cantaloup to come back into season! I was experimenting a couple of years ago and put orange zest and juice on my cantaloup. It took the flavors to a whole different level! Your fruit and oat cake look delicious!

  19. amy says:

    Call me a freak, but I loved raisin bran most! My second favorite was smurf berry crunch … only because sugared cereal was banned in our house and I loved the smurfs. Knowing I could not take any of it home to eat, I may or may not have eaten it at Grandma’s until the roof of my mouth was gone and I peed blue …

  20. Riss says:

    I can’t get super pumped fresh summer fruit… My parents live in the Philippines and whenever I visit them I absolutely gorge myself on fruit. My first few days there, I eat it for breakfast and dinner… and then I settle down a bit and stick to just breakfast (and second breakfast, and snack, dessert… etc.). The fruit here in the States (even from the Farmer’s Market) just doesn’t taste as good. =(

    And I actually HATED cereal growing up. The only way I’d eat it was dry with a glass of milk on the side… But I did go through a slight Oreo O obsession around the 4th grade. And then Reese’s Puffs in high school. (I think we’re seeing a trend.)

    1. I lived in the Philippines for a year… it’s where I learned to love mango! Oh my gosh the mangoes there are insane!

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