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Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies!

Hi chocolate munchkins! I first wanted to quickly answer a question. A lot of y’all have asked if there’s a way to get my posts without having to remember to click on the website every day. If it’s easier, you can get CCK recipes by email. For today’s post, my friend, Scott, wanted me to show […]

Two-Bite Brownies

Nom. Nom Nom. Nom Nom Nom. Have you ever tried a two-bite brownie? I’d not heard of such a thing until after I became a vegan. And honestly? I’d rather eat a big ole brownie than a baby one. But I know a lot of y’all like mini desserts. These will be right up your […]

Some of My Favorites

Hi chocolate… hmmm, what haven’t I called y’all yet? Raisins? Cookies? Pretzels? Its’ been a while since my last “currently” post, so I thought I’d do another one to highlight a few of the things I’ve been loving lately. Starting with… *gasp* not dessert?! Giant veggie bowls doused in crack Ranch Sauce. Roasted cauliflower, steamed […]

Raspberry Cobbler Bars

Take your cobbler to-go! I created these to compliment the Deep-Dish Cookie Pie at our Memorial Day party. Put in charge of dessert, I figured people wouldn’t want two chocolate selections. (Silly people. Don’t they realize two chocolate desserts are better than one?) Thanks to their portability, these bars make really good breakfast bars, too. […]

Too many brownies!

Yes, there is such a thing. On Thursday afternoon, I embarked on a quest to create a delicious-yet-healthy fudge brownie recipe. But that meant a lot of experiments. The first batch was too dense, the second too gummy. And the third wasn’t chocolate-y enough. Goldilocks and the Three Bears much? There was even a fourth […]

Chocolate-Zucchini Muffins

There’s a zucchini in my dessert! I love zucchini: the taste, the color, even the name. (It’s fun to say, right?) Therefore, it is only natural that I’d enjoy zucchini paired with one of my other great loves: chocolate! Such as in the above recipe: Chocolate-Grasshopper Pie. In general, zucchini lends moisture and softness to recipes without leaving […]

Crazy-Good Ranch Dressing

Slurp! I want to drink this dressing through a straw. Might be a little salty… instead, maybe I can bathe in it? All I’m saying is, throw me into a tub of this stuff and I will happily drink my way out! It’s delicious on salad, or as sauce for pasta, veggies, or beans. Or my new favorite: poured over […]

What’s in that dessert?!

Hi Pies!  Chocolate-Chip Cookie Pies, of course.   You probably got more than enough chocolatey photos in yesterday’s post to satisfy even the most enormous cookie-dough craving.  But I found one more that I forgot to post:    Gooey, melty, chocolatey Deep-Dish Cookie Pie.  Is there another word for gooey? I keep using it over and […]

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