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New Vegan Greek Yogurts

A few days ago, I received the following surprise in the mail: So Delicious Greek Yogurts To my knowledge, these are the first non-dairy Greek yogurts on the market. (And actually, I’m not even sure the So Delicious Greek yogurts are available in stores just yet.) The vegan Greek yogurts—all of which contain probiotics–come in […]

Fat Free Banana Bread

Fat free banana bread that does not taste fat-free. It is so soft and buttery. I’m trying really hard not to say “moist” because I know everyone hates that word! This bread actually wasn’t supposed to be fat-free. In fact, I was quite upset upon discovering—midway through preparing the recipe—only about a teaspoon’s worth of coconut […]

I’m going on a blind date!

Lazy Sunday. The weather was beautiful this morning, so I took my breakfast outside: A big bowl of oatmeal with the Voluminous Oatmeal Trick. One of my favorite things about the voluminous oatmeal trick (aside from how fluffy and creamy it makes the oats) is how easy it is. You do all the preparation the […]

Hot Apple Pie Pancakes

Apple Pie Pancakes… à la mode. Yes, that’s right: à la mode. At least once in your life, try topping these pancakes with my favorite Healthy Ice Cream Recipe. Everything is better à la mode. No exceptions. Apple Pie Pancakes Do you ever eat breakfast foods for dessert? Pancakes, oats, or even the popular Breakfast Pizza?

Smiling’s my Favorite

I can’t stop smiling. My face is starting to hurt. And if my grandma were here, she’d tell me it was going to freeze this way from lack of movement. (I miss my grandma.) Yesterday, a message in my inbox informed me that I was one of the nominees for a foodbuzz award in the […]

Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Muffin (single-serving!)

The following recipe makes just one muffin. So lock your doors. And you might want to invest in some blackout curtains for the windows. This muffin is not meant to be shared. Side note: How fun is that fork?! Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Muffin (can be gluten-free!) 3 tbsp flour (See directions below, for flour notes) 1 tbsp canned pumpkin […]

Every Flavor Ice Cream!

It’s still warm enough for ice cream, right? Continuing with the project of posting photos on my recipe page, I decided the frozen category needed to be done next… ‘cause who wants to look at ice cream photos in the middle of winter?? (Well, besides me. I can eat ice cream year-round. That’s why fireplaces were invented!) […]

Caramel Apple Milkshake

Like a sticky-sweet caramel apple. In liquid form. Caramel Apples This recipe reminds me of those gorgeous caramel apples on display at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Until I got my braces, I looked forward to caramel apples every autumn. (After the braces went on, I was probably more upset about not being allowed caramel […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies

You made me do it. Yes, you. You’re like the naughty child in the back of the classroom; the one who always eggs the other children on… and then watches, laughing, as they get in trouble. Do it, Katie. Make a chocolate version of your PB Cookie Dough Cookies. You know you want to. Yes, […]

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