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There was a time (middle school) when not a day went by without a Mommy-and-Katie fight.  Now, however, she is my best friend and the most amazing person in this world.  That’s not an opinion; it’s a fact.  If you met her, you’d think so too! :)


Things that make my mom so awesome:

1. She teaches Special Ed.  Mommy = Saint.

2. Even though she’s afraid of trying new things, she accompanies me to any/all vegan restaurants I choose, because she says that me being happy is more important to her than her feeling uncomfortable.

3. She routinely talks me into buying things I deem too expensive, telling me that I’m worth it.

4. She always puts others’ needs above her own.  Always.

5.Everyone knows that teachers work very hard for little pay.  Still, my mom puts in even more time with the kids because she is in charge of the Circle of Friends program at the high school.