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Notes About The Above Nutrition Facts:

1. Total fat—all heart-healthy fat from plant sources—is higher than the RDA. There are different schools of thought about how much fat one should eat, and I’m on board with this particular way of eating simply because it’s what makes me feel healthiest. I cannot stress enough that what works for one person might not be the optimal diet for another.

2. The label’s sugar grams include all of the natural sugars from the fruit, tomatoes, grains, etc. Added sugars are only around 2-3 grams for the entire day.

3. Everything I ate is in order (listed out below). The rice and beans are listed in the amount of dry ingredients I used before cooking, but of course I ate them cooked!

4. I am not a nutritionist and 100% admit I do not know if the high intake of Vitamin A, fiber, and iron are ideal… I’m only going by how I feel and the fact that my most recent lab results came back all within a healthy range. Also, the RDAs are based on 2000 calories, so everything is automatically going to be more if you’re eating more calories. (If any nutritionist reading this wants to leave feedback, please do feel free.)

5. Clearly I have no problem whatsoever getting enough protein on a vegan diet! 🙂

Once again, this is what works for one person, and everyone is different. Please talk to a certified nutritionist or a doctor if you have any worries about what foods and amounts are right for you.

P.S. My Italian grandmother would be furious to see the system took off a letter grade (from an A to a B+) and gave me “bad points” for the alcohol. I’m guessing the person who developed CalorieCount’s nutrition database was not Italian!

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