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If you are what you eat, then I’m a Butternut Squash

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Ummm how creepy does this look? If I eat any more butternut squash, the above might become a reality. Guess I’d better embrace the look, since I’m not planning on cutting back any time soon…

Google “how to roast a squash” and you’ll probably get hundreds of different answers. Below, the Katie Method:

How Katie Roasts a Squash
(Sounds like a childrens’ book title?)

  • Cut the squash lengthwise, down the middle.
  • Put both sides, face-up, on a baking sheet and sprinkle with whatever you want: cinnamon, sugar, maple syrup, olive oil, salt, brown sugar, etc. I leave it plain or use a healthy dose of cinnamon.
  • Roast the squash for about an hour and a 1/2 (depending on the size; if it’s a small squash, it will only take about an hour) at 410-420 degrees F.
  • Scrape the seeds out and enjoy!

It makes the house smell like Christmas!There are so many things I can do with you, dear squash!

fall vegan curry

Spinach, vegan-buttered toast, and Fall’s Favorite Curry :).

Now if ya don’t mind, I need to end this post so I can go focus on boosting my poor body image. Lately, I’ve been feeling very round…
and orange.
Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Erin of Care to Eat says:

    THAT PICTURE GAVE ME THE HICCUPS! Cuz I was laughing so hard, you know.

  2. Meg says:

    Yeah for butternut squash! It all looks yummy! I would turn into a giant sweet potato. I have been eating so many lately!

    We definitely have to get together! Do you want to do it before or after the Holidays?

  3. ConsiderEatz! says:

    You are too freakin cute! I love all your butternut creations, as usual! I love love my magic bullet as well, I just used it for my lunch :)

  4. Halie says:

    Love the new look! A lovable little squash!

    I’ve been loving butternut squash like Gina from Fitnessista, butternut squash fries! Just baked and eaten with ketchup! I love it!

    I love the way Fall’s Favorite Curry looks! In the first photo of it, you’ve plated it in such pretty way! It looks like it’s donning in a lovely dress of leaves, or with a different perspective, it looks like it’s wearing a crown of leaves! I love it!

  5. shelby says:

    So many delicious foods! I love your method of roasting the squash!

    Creepy picture, I’m going to look the same way but a pumpkin!

  6. magpie says:

    My most favorite veggie EVER :) I think there have been times that I was dangerously close to becoming round and orange too.

  7. Lisa says:

    Yummm, butternut!

    I’m taking butternut squash soup to a potluck this week. And I’m going to get whined at because it isn’t my baked beans. MWAHAHAha!

  8. Jen says:

    i have more veggies that i like to eat rather than not eat. if i had to pick a fave it would be an eggplant. love it.

  9. Ruby Red Vegan says:

    You crazy girl! You are quite becoming as a butternut squash. I just got photoshop again and I think I might need to make one of me so we can be twins…I can’t get enough of this lovely b-nut squash either! I have some roastin’ in the oven with some root vegetable friends as we speak.

  10. shellyfish says:

    I would be looking like pb&j on a baguette right about now (that was my last-minute dinner!)

  11. vegcutie says:

    this post was AMAZING because i love butternut squash! it makes me want to roast up a batch right now.
    and your picture of the half squash/half you is hilarious

  12. Vegetation says:

    Better a pumpkin body than a pumpkin head right? 😛 (your pumpkinated body does need some arms and legs though :P)

    Mmmm I love butternut pumpkin. In muffins, grated and baked with smoked paprika, roasted, boiled, cubed, mashed……maybe we’ll both start looking like pumpkins soon 😛

    All of your creations with it look great!

  13. Lauren says:

    LOL! Love the pic! Mmm.. butternut squash is so delicious! :)

  14. imadedinner says:

    WOW thats a lot of squash!

  15. Sarah says:

    Oooh, how do you do your baked tofu?? I’m guilty of eating raw noodles too 😉

  16. Becca says:

    That picture is HILARIOUS!

  17. Eileen says:

    If you need a different type of recipe for the b-nut squash – try the Roasted Butternut Squash Springrolls from V-con! They are delicious! Question: How do you eat black bean dip with chop sticks?

  18. vegannurse says:

    Mmm.. butternut squash.

    My, Katie, you look good enough to eat, lol.. haha, seriously, though, that pic is hilarious.

    I can always count on you to put a smile on my face or give me some serious food cravings, lol.

    Btw, I would LOVE to win a Vita Mix blender.. oh, gosh, how awesome would that be? I would get to make all the awesome recipes you have that use a Vita Mix. Sadly, though, I’ve never won a thing in my life, BUT I always try to stay optimistic! :-)

    Have a great day lovely Katie… and good luck with anything you’ve got goin’ on!

  19. jodye says:

    Mmmm this just gave me the biggest craving for some butternut squash. I wonder why?

  20. River says:

    Who knew a Butternut Squash could be so cute?
    Never has roasted Butternut Squash been displayed in such delicious ways! And it even makes the house smell like Christmas! Take that Glade!

  21. aTxVegn says:

    Hmmmm, should we pair you up with Mr. Potato Head?

    Any meal with bnut squash is an awesome one. They all look so delicious.

  22. eatingbender says:

    Hahaha that picture is amazing. Truly! I tried my first butternut squash when I chose it as the Blogger Secret Ingredient, and I have been eagerly anticipating the next time it would come into my life. I will have to try it with your yummy tips in mind!

  23. Brooke says:

    your butternut squash looks delicious!

    i went through a phase one winter when i ate so much squash that my skin started to turn orange! it was horrible! but i really love the sweet, caramelized taste.

  24. Juliet says:

    Wow. I’ve always wondered about the right way to cook a butternut squash! Thanks for all the advice, ideas, and the pictures. I’m actually about to make a spaghetti squash. :)

  25. CeciLiA says:

    OMG! I TOTALLY MISSED THE SHOUT OUT FROM YA!!! I’m SO sorry :( I’m so glad that it turned out for you … can’t even wait to see what modification you made to make the pud xtra tasty 😀

    Ok, onto today’s post! LOL! You’re awesome at photoshopping!! Pumpkin is not one of my fav veg (I prefer veg that are ‘green’ in colour, strange huh?!) BUT i do LOVE them roasted!! I LOVE dry roasted vegetable, esp when the crust get all crispy after roasting *drool* OMG!!! Guess what I’m planning to have for din din today 😀

  26. says:

    so many delicious creations and that picture is great!!!!!!!!

  27. Sal says:

    haha, lovin that pic!!

    Butternut squash is something I’ve fallen in love with this year, it’s soo good.

  28. Aimee says:

    That is a lot of squash!! You are so creative with your meals girl!

  29. Ricki says:

    How many amazing uses for squash is that?? Wow. And I guess I’m so old I didn’t get the dipping buddies drug reference!!

    PS Creepy Picture=good for a laugh!

  30. Virginia says:

    you make a very cute butternut squash!…although freaky looking (and i mean that in a nice way!) =P

  31. Sanja says:

    I recently had my first butternut squash (they’re not so common here) and i loved it…

    And yeah, I eat tofu plain too. I can even eat it straight from the package…

  32. GroundedFitness says:

    haha you are a photoshop master

    Kelly Turner

  33. Alice (in Veganland) says:

    OK, now I cannot stop thinking about butternut squash… I’ll buy one over and will get over it! And I’ll bake it your way!

  34. Bianca says:

    Am I the only one that think you look a little phallic as a butternut squash? Guess I’m just dirty-minded….heh!

    But I love some butternut squash. I just hate how hard it is to cut when raw. Roasting it whole is a bit easier than trying to chop and peel it raw, though.

    BTW, that is one BIG ASS butternut squash you’ve cooked up.

  35. Vegan_Noodle says:

    I have a butternut squash at home just waiting to be roasted! It does look like you eat it a lot! (not that I blame you.. it’s delicious!)

  36. Veggie Cookster says:

    I love butternut squash too but don’t eat it enough… you’ve inspired me to add it into my meals more… but my new hubby doesn’t like squash… more for me! Muahahahahah! 😉

  37. Joanna says:

    katie, this is too funny. you are too cute.

    i feel the same way about dates!!! i eat them like they are going to be extincted.

  38. VeganCowGirl says:

    It all looks so good! I too love love love the world of butternut squash! It is so versitile and always satisfing. Great for workout energy too!

    The picture was creepy, but only in a super funny kind of way! Be well.

  39. luccy says:

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  40. TavoLini says:

    well, I have been pondering what to do with my squash, pepper and broccoli–your curry just reminded me I’d been wanting to try that!

    Looks delish and healthy :)

  41. sweetpotato says:

    HAHAhAHAHAHA THAT PICTURE. Oh man, girl, I love it!

  42. Lauren says:

    I was catching up on older posts and your mushroom carrot stragnoff looks amazing (sorry if i am spelling that wrong), would you mind sharing the receipe?

    Also, what type of bread do you eat? I noticed you love toast. You mentioned vegan butter that sounds interesting since butter usually is so unhealthy, what brand do you purchase? Thanks so much!

  43. Drew says:

    Honestly (and i mean no offense), but if you ate higher calorie foods instead of such low-calorie “bulk” foods, you WOULDn’t be so thin. By higher calorie foods, I don’t mean sweets or greasy foods that’ll make ANYONE sick, but eating more foods such as any nut butters, more olive oil in your foods (your meals look so..dry), pesto, potatoes etc… I’m not too good with lists.

    Just my suggestion. I think subconsciously you may like being so thin…and i think you know that your foods can be much more dense with calories and fat. Just my two cents.

  44. Cody says:

    You know… squash is something I’ve just never been able to get into. But, it still looks so yummy.

    Also, I’m glad to see that Drew knows more about your (and my?) metabolism than you (we?) do.

  45. ChocolateCoveredVegan says:

    Eileen— LOL I just scoop it up. Plus, it’s a pretty chunky dip… but I sometimes use a spoon for the bean dip; just depends on my mood. The chopsticks were also there for the squash. And thanks for the recipe suggestion! I think I remember seeing those spring rolls on another blog once before and they looked amazing!

    Lauren— I am planning on posting the recipe for the stroganoff! I just need to find the time to write the recipe down; I am so behind in posts I want to share! But it’s coming, I pomise!!! (In the meantime, has a stroganoff recipe, and although I haven’t tried it, I know she’s a pretty darn good cook.)
    As for vegan butter, my entire family, even though I’m the only vegan, uses Smart Balance light (regular smart balance isn’t vegan). It’s pretty cool to be able to use at least one product that everyone else uses too LOL.

    Drew— You gave me your two cents, so I feel like I have to respond with my own two cents. I feel that the only people who want to waste their time making negative comments about others’ eating habits are people who have eating issues themselves. Please take care of YOURself and know that I am doing the same with myself.

  46. Catherine says:

    Love all the eats!! I am a huge fan of butternut squash as well. My parents grow then in their garden, which makes me kind of sad I’m not there to snag them all for myself. :)

  47. VEGAN TICKLES says:

    Butternut squash is the best. I just made a squash lasagna and it was delicious. It can also feed an army.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Just reading Drew’s comment and your comment back, i disagree with you about people only make negative comments on others’ eating habits if they have problems themselves. well maybe its true because many people DO have problems, BUT it sounds like largely DENIAL on your part – which is ever so often seen in anorexia … been there done that so i can honestly say that. i dont think he was being rude at all by being honest with you – he was just telling yo u the truth when no one else will / or they choose to ignore it and turn a blind eye. People need help to recover from eating disorders and its NOT a shameful thing – no one would ever get better alone! so everyone else on this blog is ignoring it – Drew and i are not. and you will probably be angry, but that is no the intention here. just unbiased honesty.

  49. Anonymous says:

    and im not just singling you out – there are many more people on here (veggiegirl) who are disasterously underweight/unhealthy. just being honest.

  50. River says:

    Ha! I came back to read Bianca’s comment (hilarious!), and found this nonsense going on. Looks like Dr. Drew missed your 2,600 calorie post!

    You are way more tolerant of people than I am, “the delete comment” feature is my best friend! 😉

  51. Bethany says:

    wow, those pics of all that wonderful food made me hungry.

    I absolutely love roasted squash. so much better than boiled.

    If I were what I eat, I’d be a pile of nutritional yeast.

  52. Amanda Walker says:

    I made this yesterday! OMG sooo good it’s perfect for cold winters in Colorado!

  53. Strangely, the grocery store didn’t have any butternut squash. But it had buttercup squash. I’m not sure I ever heard of buttercup squash, but for all I know it’s been there for many years. Anyway, I cooked it up this way, with some maple syrup and cinnamon, and it was great!