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The Healthiest Grain in the World

As part of one of the meals in my Vinegar Salad Stir Fry post, I highlighted hulled barley.  Afterwards, two people asked what the difference is between hulled barley and “regular” barley (a.k.a. pearled barley). Both forms of barley—hulled and pearled—are nutritional powerhouses, high in fiber, selenium, phosphorous, copper, and manganese. They contain all eight […]

The Seaweed is always Greener

In somebody else’s lake… Look, it’s not a post about pancakes! All the Way  Arame Salad is making its way around the world! Seriously, give this stuff a try—even if you think you don’t like seaweed.  The less-intense flavor of arame (as opposed to hijiki) combined with the sweet-tangy sauce make this salad a delicious […]

The Perfect Summer Dinner

When the summer weather blew in, it instilled in me a renewed desire for salads.  Something about salad just screams SUMMER! I can completely understand why many people think salads are boring; have you seen the salads they offer at popular fast-food chains, or even at some fancy steakhouses?  Sorry, but a few pieces of […]

Dessert Pancake-Making Bonanza

Happy Pancake Day! I’m excited so many people are up for the Dessert Pancake-Making Bonanza! Pancakes are like blank canvases, screaming to be decorated.  In case you missed the last post and therefore have no clue what this Pancake Challenge is all about, I thought I’d do a quick review. But first… Sorry, I couldn’t […]

A German Chocolate Pancake Feast

I’ve blogged before about my dad’s penchant for making me pancakes. And my own penchant for eating them in a very strange manner… Back to the subject.  This Fathers’ Day, I turned the tables: Instead of Daddy Dearestcooking me pancakes, I whipped some up for him.  But these weren’t just any old pancakes.  Nope, I […]

Happy Fourth of July!

May your Fourth be spent watching dazzling fireworks, enjoying good company, eating lots of cupcakes…   … and may you stay far, far away from Scary Spandex Man!   Happy Fourth of July!

Voluminous Oatmeal Trick

Do you ever wish for an overflowing oatmeal bowl? As opposed to the measly amount you get from one serving of oats? If you answered “yes” to the above, then the Voluminous Oatmeal Trick is for you! *Ends sales pitch* What is the Voluminous Oatmeal Trick? The idea is to add more than the recommended […]

CCK does NYC

First off: Check out the new page: New Product  Alerts Sadly, it’s impossible to experience everything New York City has to offer during one short trip.  But maybe that’s not so sad after all, as it leaves something for the next trip. One place I always make sure to visit on every NYC trip is […]

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