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Dessert Pancake-Making Bonanza

Happy Pancake Day!

I’m excited so many people are up for the Dessert Pancake-Making Bonanza!

Pancakes are like blank canvases, screaming to be decorated.  In case you missed the last post and therefore have no clue what this Pancake Challenge is all about, I thought I’d do a quick review. But first…


Sorry, I couldn’t resist putting that German Chocolate Pancake photo up one more time.

Dessert Pancake-Making Bonanza:

To participate, all you have to do is create a fantabulous pancake recipe and blog about it, linking back to the challenge. (If you’re stumped for ideas, just think of your favorite dessert and then Pancake-ify it!) Let’s talk Prizes: As I said in my last post, the real prize is all the fun we can have admiring each others’ pancake artwork. But, one random participant will also win something else of his or her choosing, from: Artisana, PB&Co, or a CCK-Photoshopped Creation, such as a personalized magazine cover (you on your favorite magazine), cereal box cover, or whatever else you can dream up. Below, an example (obviously, I’d use the winner’s picture, details, and choice-of-magazine in place of mine)


Now go put on your chef hats and let the pancake-making commence! (Baking Bonanza ends July 18th.)

Published on July 8, 2009

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  1. jrsimon56 says

    I’m in as long as I can get moved into my new kitchen quickly 🙂 The hubby gave me a perfect idea!

  2. Maria says

    LOL, love that magazine cover of you, Katie. Haha, you do love your photoshop ;).

    Oooh I’m so excited to get started on some pancake brain storming!

  3. mihl says

    I’ll definitely take part in this Katie! Snickerdoodle pancakes sound fantastic, you should post a recipe for them. Wow those German chocolate pancakes look really, really yummy. Too sad I already had breakfast.

  4. brandi says

    love the mag cover 🙂

    I made my first pancake creation this morning and I already have a few other ideas in mind 🙂 it was fun!

  5. Meredith says

    At my undergrad, during finals we would have “Pancake Study Breaks” where the cafeteria would open at like 11PM with a pancake bar full of fun toppings!

  6. MarathonVal says

    Snickerdoodle pancakes sound awesome! That was always one of my German fam recipes, and I usually dont even know that many people that have heard of snickerdoodles! I’d love the see the recipe you dreamed up for this!

  7. jen molica says

    i’m on it, doggone it! today, i made pumpkin pancakes from vegan brunch, but i know that doesn’t count. ((tenting fingers)) ooooh do i have an idea! i’ll post it sometime this weekend.

    xo jen

  8. Kiki says

    Haha Katie, I love your photoshopping! I’m going on vacation in Florida soon, so maybe I’ll get some tropical ideas there :]

    Enjoy your day!

  9. Shelby says

    I’ve made carrot cake pancakes before! They were delicious! I actually used your recipe for the base too =)

  10. Christina says

    Haha I love your photoshopping. I was totally going to do tiramisu pancakes! Sounds like the perfect morning dessert since it can include caffeine!

  11. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Aw, the photoshopped prize is the best ever! Hopefully, I’ll find some pancake-makin’ time. By the way, my granola came in and it is SOOOOOO good. Best granola I’ve ever had. Seriously. Probably because I got to choose what went in it. I’m gonna blog about the company in my Thursday post, that way it’ll stay up all weekend (I never blog on weekends).

  12. t says

    Oh man, I just made peanut-butter banana nut pancakes the other day and didn’t take a picture of them. Gonna have to think of something to top that!

    And those german chocolate pancakes look phenomental- my boyfriend is german and he never makes me anything like that!

  13. Kyle says

    Hey CCV! I JUST discovered your blog, and I’m SO HAPPY. I love (good!) new blog finds! 😀

    Anyways, great blog, please keep posting, and I have a weird comment:

    You ever think of trying out for America’s next top model? They have started (at least for this season) accepting shorter entrants….just a thought! You certainly have the beauty and the “build” for it.

    Anyways, love your blog!

  14. elise says

    you are a photoshop machine, haha, love it! i just bought a silken tofu and am thinking a CCV pudding creation is in my future. 🙂

  15. Holley @ Lunges and Lashes says

    You are killing me with this. I am catching up on your blog and it is making me SOOO hungry! I am supposed to be staying away from sweets, but I have a soft spot in my heart for all things carrot cake. I will be trying some of those recipes soon!

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