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Scrapbook Saturday

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I didn’t know what scrapbook pages to highlight so I’ll start with what I’m working on right now: Cruise Pages

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znyc 173

znyc 179

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Jenny R. says:

    Katie you’re crazy…who would pick 5?? You have such a cool life wow. I’ve never even been on a cruise! Actually I’ve never been outside North America so your travels sound pretty cool to me. My picks would be puppy pages and China/Japan pages (didn’t you say you also lived in Japan?) Scrapbooking looks like so much fun..I have a doggy scrapbook kit sitting here..I just haven’t gotten around to working on it yet :S
    p.s. I don’t think we even have nectar bars in canada…all we have is normal cliff bars…Canada never gets anything good lol

  2. Erin says:

    I loved those Clif nectar bars. I didn’t know they were no more :(

    You are so creative! I have a complete lack of it…no exaggeration. Could you please prettify my life?
    I’d love to see anything! So all options but 5! Well, I love you recipes too. So anything you want!

  3. I love it that you feature stuff other than food my sweets! I would love to see pics of your current life…like your friends, any boyfriendy type people that may be in your life :) if there are, your house, what your kitchen looks like…that kinda ordinary daily life stuff but that is always nice to see :) What lovely cruise pics…more of those would be awesome too!

  4. Maria says:

    I honestly think all your scrapbooks look amazing, so I would love to see them all 😀 Wow, it must take so much time and effort to create a single page! Maybe sharing some scrapbooking tips would be nice too, hehe. I’ve never scrapbooked anything before!

  5. I’d love to see more travel pages! I’m so impressed with your scrapbooking skills. I used to scrapbook quite a bit but my pages were never that pretty. :)

  6. Abby says:

    I adore scrapbooking.. It’s so much more fun than putting pics in a slotted album (which I, of course, still do as well!!). I just finished a wedding page and a honeymoon page myself. I would enjoy seeing anything you decide to work on next! I’m sure it’ll be great!! (Your “bear fruit” page looks delicious) lol

  7. I vote for travel plus personal things to help us get to know “CCV” better. I’m a relatively new reader as you might know, so I love all that stuff! :-)

  8. ellie says:

    Clif C bars? What?.. There are new cranberry orange nut bread ones out :)

    Scrapbooks… I love travel stuff. I think you should visit Scotland so you can do a page on that 😉 I love random things too- a Flashback Friday type page!

  9. Bridget says:

    Travel would be awesome. China? Yes, please!

  10. so creative!! id love to see more traveling ones!! have a great day :)

  11. Shelby says:

    I would love to see it all Katie! Your scrapbook pages are absolutely beautiful! I wish I was half as talented as you are!

  12. I’ve never tried scrap booking before but it looks like so much fun! Your pages are really beautiful, Katie. Hmmm….if you are asking me to choose I am going to HAVE to go with cute puppy pages, no question about it!

  13. Tay says:

    Holiday pages!!! Those would be so fun :-)

  14. Emily says:

    Love seeing your scrapbook pages…you are so talented, Katie! Looks like you’ve been on some really fun cruises to amazing places. I’d love to see more of your travels!

  15. holly b says:

    travel & holidays!! I’d love to see pics from your time in China and holidays are especially festive and fun :)

    I put together a scrap book years ago and it is a TON of work. Your work is absolutely beautiful.

  16. taleoftwovegans says:

    I definitely choose options, 1, 2, 3, and 4! Recipes are great, but secretly some of my favourite blogs are more about everyday life. I love getting little glimpses into what other people are up to! (in the most non creepy of ways, of course!) Haha! :)

  17. Ricki says:

    I can definitely see your creativity at work on those pages! I’d love to see anything you feel like posting. . .I’m sure they’ll all be equally artisitic and pretty!

  18. Jenny says:

    new clifs?! must get the 411… this is scandalous!

    how cute are you miss scrap booking diva?! I don’t curr what you scrapbook about as long as I get to see your sweet face :)

  19. carbzilla says:

    Haven’t heard a peep about the new Clif bars – should I be checking my local co-op? Maybe I’ll ask them!

    I used to be a HUGE scrapbooker back when I wasn’t working full time. Let’s chat about sending you some supplies! I’d like to turn my scrapbook room into a closet/yoga area! I have literally TONS of supplies that could soon be heading your way!

    PS. I have to go with #1 though I think any and all are good!

  20. lola says:

    TRavel pages definetely! :)

  21. Rachel says:

    All of the above except 5. Why would you ever think that?! Love the scrapbooking…I’ve been meaning to try it out but the cost and the perseverance needed just makes me change my mind at the last minute. Boo. Yours looks fantastic:)

  22. holly says:

    i vote for (d) all of the above! i love scrapbooking and i LOVE traveling, so if i had to pick one, it would be traveling :)

  23. #1 & #2 because I love to travel, and I love puppies. More please. :)

  24. Becky says:

    Wowza- I just found your blog and I love it!! Your food creations are amazing :) I am so overwhelmed with all of your recipes/food concotions that I want to try. Hello-brownie batter pancakes?! Banana butter?! Can’t wait to read more

    Oh, I vote all of the above! I do love traveling and cute cuddly animals :)

  25. Christina says:

    Your pages are so cute! I’d like to see holiday ones :)

  26. Kaitlin says:

    I was at Whole Foods today and actually saw the Cliff Nectar Bars on the bottom shelf with all the bars and thought of your blog. I can’t remember if you said earlier that you can no longer find them now or what, but if you’re looking to stock up there’s some at WF on Preston & Forest (North Dallas)! (No creeper, lol, just remembered you said you go to SMU.)

  27. Marina says:

    I would choose option…all of them :) I love to travel, I love puppies and babies(duuuh), and I would love to see how holidays are spent in your family :)

  28. Devan Newman says:

    new cliff favlors!!?? hurrah!

    i LOVE your scrapbooking pages! You are so creative :) Scrapbooking is so fun. My aunt is really into it, she has TONS of albums for scrapbooking.

    I’d love to see Holiday pages :)

  29. WholeBodyLove says:

    I’ve always had the intention of doing a scrapbook as my daughter’s “baby book” and I even bought some supplies. I just get overwhelmed when I think of beginning the process of sorting through pics and cutting and whatnot.

  30. Jenna says:

    I would probably melt at more adorable animal pictures, but I want them anyway!

    Also, just anything ordinary. Someone above mentioned pictures of where you live (not detailed enough so as to worry your mom though =D). Mundanities I think are just as wonderful as all the exciting stuff! I’m a big fan of “it’s the little things…”

    Like when you posted your morning routine – that’s a good example of something you anticipated being totally boring that actually really interests me (and many of your other readers, as you saw)!

  31. elizabeth says:

    i got to sample the c bars at expo east-so here’s the deets:
    they are a layered bar
    only a handful of ingredients
    lightly baked
    and have a bit of sea salt in them for enhanced flavor
    they come in :raspberry, cherry pomegranate, blueberry and apple. each contains 1 serving of fruit. and are 70% organic.

    and they’re pretty tasty! the nuts are especially crunchy. it is not a raw bar though…
    they’ll be on shelves in january!

    happy monday!

  32. That’s good! Something different is always appreciated. Seems you have had some real fun holidays.

  33. CaSaundra says:

    New Clif bars?! Oh, the suspense! And I have to wait till January?! Drat!!

    I looove to scrapbook to, but with college now I barely have time :-( I would love ta see travel pages, those are always fun!

  34. Melinda says:

    Love the scrapbook pages. I would love to see more on travel and China. I spent 3 weeks in China a few years back and I made a scrap book, but it is in storage now.

  35. jcd says:

    Wow, so much talent! Those scrapbooking pages look fantastic! Please post more scrapbooking stuff – any type will do! I have a weak spot for travelling – I love to see where people have gone and what they have done to inspire my own travels, so I would love to see those. Gosh, I’m selfish! Really, post whateer you like – I enjoy reading all of it!

    PS – That blue dress was made for you – you look great.

  36. Natalie says:

    Just came across your blog. I love the name and have loved reading so far. You are so cute. Love the scrap book pages too!!

  37. Jessica says:

    I just bought a bunch of the nectar bars so I can enjoy them while they’re still around. Can’t wait to find out what the news ones will be like…

    I love scrapbooking, so I’m happy to see whatever you put up!! :)

  38. Vegyogini says:

    I didn’t hear about the new Clif bars! I can’t wait! I eat a few nights a week as dinner on the go after work and before my numerous post-work activities. :) I eat Luna bars every day for breakfast. :)

    Your scrapbook pages are so pretty and creative!

  39. jace90 says:

    nice scrapbook.. i definitely go with puppies! if they’re yours.. hehe.. no point putting random dogs..

  40. Marianne says:

    I’m a sucker for travel photos, and would love to see stuff from when you lived overseas :)

  41. Renee Allen says:

    I just tried the Iced Gingerbread Clif Bar yesterday. LOVE IT! Which of your Gingerbread treats are most similar to the Clif — the Gingerbread Balls or your Gingerbread Men?