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Pretty Pumpkin Head

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I’m dedicating this pumpkin card to my sweet pumpkin-addicted friend, Jenny:

pumpkin card

Pumpkin-Finding Tip:

The Libby’s pumpkin has been a bit hard to find lately, due to a poor pumpkin crop this year. But apparently the poor conditions did not affect organic pumpkin farms. If your store is out of Libby’s or generic canned pumpkin, make sure to look in the organic section before you give up! Or try a natural-food store. And if all else fails, you can buy a real pumpkin and cook your own.

Happy Friday!

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. I LOOOVE pumpkin. I really think I love it more savory than sweet – in ravioli and such.

  2. Meg's Gut says:

    Pumpkin pie in a mug!
    Pumpkin, cinnamon + honey and a little crumbled ginger cookie = delicious!

  3. I LOOOOOOVE pumpkin!
    Unfortunately you can’t get canned pumpkin here in the UK, well not in your usual suspect supermarkets anyway.
    One of the leading ones here stocked it for a few months last year in autumn and I went nuts and bought tons, I was silently hoping they’d be there for good but sadly no. 🙁

    I used it in my oatmeal and made pumpkin pie, I was careful not to waste it as it’s soo precious!
    If I had it readily available I’d bake/cook a lot more with it.

    Butternut squash is a super duper substitute and my favourite but I prefer it just roasted. 😉

  4. Jenny says:

    oh boo boo! you spoil me with words 🙂 you me pumpkin and PB have to go on a double date asap 😉 love ya love ya love ya!

  5. jcd says:

    Jenny – your photo is beautiful. 🙂

    Pumpkin and I have a long standing relationship. I would panic if I didn’t have at least one tin of pumpkin purée in my cupboard at all times. And a winter squash in the fridge… I like to add it to my oatmeal, make pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin stew… and since I have discovered this blog I am also now in love with squash fries and pumpkin pie babies. Ahh… it’s a tough life. 😉

  6. BroccoliHut says:

    Total pumpkin addict here–I love adding it to smoothies and oats, or to mix it with wheat germ & PB as a toast topper.

  7. Stefanie says:

    I have 2 cans of pumpkin but am saving them for when the craving is unbearable. The stores I have checked do not carry them right now because of the shortage last year. My favorite way to eat pumpkin is in oatmeal. That pumpkin pie mousse looks good though. Right now I satisfy my craving by eating other squash.

  8. Sarahishealthy says:

    Oh my gosh that card is SO CUTE!!!

  9. Jessica says:

    Love that photo, Jenny! Teach me photography please???

  10. I go through pumpkin phases. Hasn’t really hit me much this year, but I do have a can in my cabinet. Actually bought it for the pups b/c I give them spoonfuls whenever we switch dog foods since it’s helps with their digestion. Hmm, maybe I’ll eat it instead. Sorry pups. 😉

  11. CCV says:

    Wha??? My pups are now angry with me for not ever feeding them pumpkin 🙁
    I didn’t know you could have it, guys: I’m so sorry!
    (I don’t think they forgive me…)

  12. Valerie says:

    I am the biggest pumpkin addict, so that card looks like it could be me: a pumpkin head!

  13. eatandrun says:

    Thanks for the tip about organic pumpkin! I only ever check in the baking aisle. Maybe I’ll have more luck in the organic section!

  14. Mary says:

    Katie, did you draw that card?!?!
    Are you good at everything?

  15. ieattrees says:

    I go through extreme pumpkin-love phases. Usually it hits me in the fall when you see pumpkin decorations and patches everywhere! Then I have to buy some pie pumpkins (and squash) and get baking!

  16. Oh, and that IS a deliciously amazing picture!

  17. Anonymous says:

    i think we can all agree that jenny has amazing photography skills. and YOU have amazing artistic skills. that card even LOOKS like jenny! so pretty 🙂

  18. Bekkah says:

    Pumpkin is one of my all time favorite foods!

  19. Inspired says:

    I make your Pumpkin Pie Babies and then cover them in chocolate and shredded coconut! They are the most amazing things!!! Like trail mix babies covered in chocolate. You should try it!
    🙂 🙂

  20. Anonymous says:

    is that your handwriting and drawing? its soooooo pretty!

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