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One death is a tragedy

1000 deaths is a statistic “Support our Troops” This message is everywhere: store windows, street signs, even bumper stickers. But have you ever stopped to contemplate its meaning? Have you ever actually thought about the AMAZING sacrifice that our soldiers—many of them not even old enough to drink—are making for you and me? I can’t even […]

Peanut Butter Banana Soft Serve

So remember when I said all I wanted to do in this hot weather was sit around eating salads and ice cream? Forget the part about the salad. And double up on the ice cream to make up for it. In this particular peanut butter and banana soft serve, the banana gives the recipe its […]

The Perfect Summer Dessert

I chopped a few frozen strawberries and let them melt into a Whipped Cream Bowl. Then I put the bowl in the freezer for 40 mins prior to eating. Next time, maybe I should also add some homemade Chocolate Butter to the bowl!

Sweet Beach Party

Last Thursday, I revisited an old favorite pastime: Cupcake Decorating! On this particular occasion, it was for the club, Circle of Friends, with which I’ve been involved for the last two years. With only a day to decorate forty cupcakes, there wasn’t enough time to make fondant critters. I had to think of something quicker. […]

Healthy Chocolate Sauce

Healthy Chocolate Sauce!                   About a year ago, I fell in love with Artisana Cacao Bliss. However, my wallet was not so smitten: $11 for an 8-oz jar? In the interest of saving money, I vowed to attempt making my own Cacao Bliss… it turned out even […]

Raw S’mores Fudge

Fudge Babies, that is. Above, my first time actually making S’mores Babies. It’s kinda expected by now that, whenever there’s a party, I will bring food. Don’t know how this came to be, but I’m powerless to change it.  If I don’t show up with food, all hell breaks loose among my hungry friends.  This past […]

Have You Ever Done A Fast?

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without food? Aside from a few “required-to-fast” doctor appointments, I don’t think I’ve ever even skipped a meal. I never understood how some of my friends could concentrate in school without having eaten breakfast.  And the kids who did those 30-hour Famines were so inspirational… but I […]

Mondo Zucchini Burrito

Tortilla stuffed with No-Name Zucchini. Mondo Zucchini Burritos (Makes 2 burritos) 4 medium zucchini, sliced into coins high-quality olive oil (Be sure to store olive oil in a dark container. It loses health benefits when exposed to light) 3-4 tsp minced garlic salt and pepper to taste (I like about 1/2 tsp salt, but you can use […]

If You Like Piña Coladas

And getting caught in the rain… Well I don’t know about getting caught in the rain. Who likes that? Maybe warm rain. My mom is a super-special lady who deserves nothing less than the best of everything. I’m sure many of you feel the same way about your moms. So spoiling her on Mothers’ Day is […]

Power to the Peanut Butter

Happy Mothers’ Day! Hopefully all the mommies out there are being pampered like they deserve: breakfast in bed, pedicures, and lots of hugs.  My amazing mommy received a special breakfast (which I’ll write about tomorrow).  But because I was working on her breakfast, my own had to be quick and simple. A lightly-toasted whole-wheat English muffin […]

Summer Vacation

Finally, summer vacation!! It felt like you’d never come. A few friends and I *tried* to celebrate last night by watching a movie… but it was one of the worst movies known to mankind. It was not the sweetest thing. More like the grossest, most-pointless thing.  If there wasn’t crude sexual humor in a scene, it […]

The (Olive) Oil Crisis

Many people ask why many of my recipes have the option of being so low-fat (or fat free). I wrote the answer on my FAQ Page, but for the sake of convenience, I’ll write it out again here. From the FAQ page: “Many of your recipes seem low-calorie.  Why is that?” I know a lot of […]

Avocado Huggers, Beware

As good as avocado hugging is, you might want to take Kate’s funny advice to not end up with a big, green mess. (Three cheers for big, green messes)

"Hug a Fat"

Join the Party: Find your nearest EVOO bottle, pb jar, etc. and get your hug on! Then post your photos on your blogs, send me a link, and I’ll include you in the “Hug-a-Fat” post at the end of May. (If you don’t have a blog, you can send a photo in an email.) Camera […]

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