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Healthy Chocolate Sauce

Healthy Chocolate Sauce!










About a year ago, I fell in love with Artisana Cacao Bliss. However, my wallet was not so smitten: $11 for an 8-oz jar? In the interest of saving money, I vowed to attempt making my own Cacao Bliss… it turned out even better than I’d hoped!

Healthy Chocolate Sauce or Hot Chocolate Butter

  • 4 tablespoons (60g) virgin coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon (52g) cocoa powder. (For a sauce, decrease to 1/4 cup)
  • 1/4 cup agave OR you can use nunaturals vanilla stevia drops (I use 10 vanilla drops, but if you don’t like super-bitter chocolate, triple that amount)

Melt the coconut oil, either in the microwave or on a candle warmer or in a warm oven. Add the vanilla drops (or agave) and stir. Add the cocoa, then add 3 tablespoons water only if you used vanilla drops. Stir stir stir! Stir until it gets thick like Artisana Cacao Bliss.

For Magic Shell or Healthy Chocolate Sauce:

Decrease cocoa powder to 1/4 cup and keep all other measurements the same. Also, if you re-heat it for a few seconds, it’ll get thinner. And if you freeze it, you can make incredible chocolate bars… or even chocolate chips! Just break up the chocolate bars into little pieces.

Vegan Hostess Cupcake

I used this spread to frost my Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcakes.

Nutrition Information (for 2 tbsp)

  • 100 calories
  • 10 grams fat
  • 0 grams added sugars
  • 0 grams cholesterol
  • 2 grams protein
  • 3.6g dietary fiber

Or, if you make the recipe into bars, each 30g bar will have 100 calories (stevia version) or 140 calories (agave version). They also have 11% of the RDA for iron and are very high in manganese as well.

Side Note: This is also good on Homemade Luna Bars.

Published on May 20, 2010

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  1. Marina says

    I never tried anything Artisana, of course, since I’m thousand of miles away from it, but I recently discovered I can make my own coconut butter, and I can’t wait to try various combo’s with it 🙂

  2. *Andrea* says

    looks amazing!!! i want to swim around in a giant vat of this while drinking/licking my way through 😉

  3. Little Bookworm says

    The chocolate butter sounds absolutely amazing! Definitely keeping a note of this recipe. 😀

  4. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Yummy! Even though I finally found the coconut butter, my WF doesn’t sell the cacao bliss. I’ll have to give this a try!

  5. Aimee says

    Wow, I thought I’d be the first to make this, but two other people ALREADY beat me to it??? 🙂 🙂

    Katie, this stuff is amazing! So good I can’t stop eating it. And you are 100% right that it’s better than cacao bliss, which I was skeptical about until I tried it. My word, it’s good. You just saved me an hour’s drive to my nearest Whole Foods, because I can get the coconut oil locally.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some more :).

  6. Effie says

    Some times I cut small pieces of banana, put them on a stick and use the chocolate as dip….I m such a pig

    • Tina G says

      OMG I was just wishing for this recipe, made some healthy no sugar no flour coconut macaroons, and adapted the recipe for peanut butter flavor and wanted to add a healthy chocolate this will do it. Thanks and Yum…..

  7. Marianne says

    I have a jar of Cacao Bliss that is *this close* to being finished. I may just have to try out your replica, because we all know I love me some chocolate and coconut.

  8. BroccoliHut says

    I’m kind of in love with cacao bliss too but NOT the price tag. Homemade would be cheaper for sure!

  9. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    Oh my goodness! I just mad this, and there is one thing I can think of: Give me more! I dipped everything in it: strawberries, bananas, goji berries, pretzels….mmmmmm…..

  10. Michelle says

    You give me so many great recipes so i’ll give you this one. It’s called PB Chocolate Smoothie (and it’s completely vegan): 1 cup spinach, 1 block tofu, PB to taste, unsweetened chocolate powder, sweetener (stevia, splenda, sugar etc…), and banana. Put in a blender and blend. it tastes like a chocolate milkshake- no joke.

  11. Sünne says

    Oh, wow, now I’ll be able to have Cacao Bliss in Germany, too!

    Another question toyou as a coconut butter expert: Do you know whether coconut butter and creamed coconut are about the same? I found the latter but can’t get the butter around here.

  12. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    I think maybe the difference is that the cream has oil AND butter, whereas the butter is just blended-up, roasted coconut? I’m not really sure, but I bet you could google it. I’m sure the cream tastes delicious in any case :).

  13. Julia says

    Katie I so want to make this, but am not sure as to whether or not my coconut oil would be condusive to this heavenly recipe!

    I use Spectrum Organics Coconut Oil… I didn’t look at the lable upon purchasing (was in a rush) and bought the “refined” kind… does this make a difference? Here’s a link to the product…

    This recipe looks delicous, so I may just give it a go anyhow!

    • Mab says

      The refined kind has most of the coconut flavor processed out of it. Some people prefer this kind in cooking since refining creates a higher the flash point (think frying) and also the flavor is neural so not everything cooked in it or baked with it has a coconut flavor. You want the unrefined if you are after the full coconut flavor. Tropical Traditions is a good brand too. They have a website.

  14. Julia says

    Thank you Katie! I actually took a leap of faith and made the recipe today, adding 1/8 tsp coconut extract just to be safe. MY GOODNESS! Your coconut butter is amazing! Thanks for another award-winning recipe 🙂

  15. Jessica says

    I tried to recreate my favorite bean burger from a small, townie restaurant. Unfortunately I used too much egg white, and it turned into scrambled beans….yummm haha

  16. Alexis says

    I’ve tried to recreate the peanut sauce you always get at chinese or thai restaurants – it was pretty easy just throwing a bunch of ingredients together that seemed to fit. Now it’s a staple for us!

  17. Amanda says

    I tried recreating chocolate almond butter using a hand blender for the first time…and ended up with 11 stitches! My almond butter was ruined but at least I now have a funny story of my blender stupidity 🙂

  18. Demelza says

    Before I became a vegetarian, I tried to recreate the French Onion soup from Panera Bread. The soup itself came out pretty similar, but because of various allergies my family members have (dairy, corn/dextrose/corn syrup/maltodextrin/etc.) I had to use croutons that didn’t really fit the bill. :/
    Other than that, sometimes I will stumble upon a recipe or a mixture of ingredients that somehow ends up tasting like a restaurant food. For example, one time I made biscuits that apparently ended up tasting quite similar to the biscuits at Red Lobster, but the base I’d used was just something I’d found in a Bisquick cookbook. Very interesting.

  19. Jennifer - jcd says

    We have succesfully re-created a few items actually: Chicao deep dish pizza crust, Zoodles (that was my husband’s creation), Nutella, and ginger beef, now called ‘ginger veef’ in our house. I can also make really yummy chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and mint chip ice cream.

  20. Kelly Michelle says

    Yes I have started making my own hummus instead of paying to buy it. It comes out so yummy and much cheaper!

  21. emilie says

    just last night i made my own salad dressing/”honey mustard” dressing with yogurt, dijon, apple cider vinegar, SF maple syrup, and a bit of seasoning salt. it turned out great!

  22. Victoria says

    I make my own cashew cookie larabars all the time. It is by far my favorite flavor and usually one larabar just isn’t enough so I make a whole food processor full of dates and cashews. Sometimes I add some cocoa too 🙂

  23. Lisa says

    My favorite restaurant in college made this shrimp, sausage, and spinach pasta dish that was just amazing. For years I’ve been trying to recreate it and still haven’t perfected it.

  24. Rick says

    we tried to recreate the bean dip we had a local vegan place, but alas we just cannot get the spiciness down pat…bummer!

  25. Erica says

    I tried to recreate coconut butter via HEAB’s tutorial but it didn’t work. I still don’t know what I did wrong 🙁

  26. Christin L. says

    I’ve attempted to recreate a few appetizers and dressings, some of which come out better and some of which do not! 🙂

  27. Kristi says

    I tried to recreate the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich – it’ s my husband’s favorite, so I wanted to surprise him. It turned out okay, but not as great as the real thing….

  28. runnergirl says

    I tried to recreate trader joe’s flaxseed crunchy peanut butter, but mine didn’t turn out as smooth :(.

  29. jvegegirl says

    I tried to make artisana coconut butter with shredded coconut and it turned out ok, but a little chunky.

  30. Christine says

    I’ve re-created MANY a dish but the most popular one are my Thai Spring Rolls! Braised cabbage, carrots, ginger, garlic, jalepeno for heat and Srichacha (sp?) sauce.. Always a hit!

  31. Valerie says

    I have tried to recreate a product! I LOVE the Amy’s black bean burritos, and love TJ’s version of them even more. But TJ’s version is about $2.25 per package. My recipe took a lot of tweaking, but got close enough I would call it a knock-off, and it’s only $1.25 per serving! Sweet!

  32. Cecilia says

    I’m not sure if this competition is open to aus residents, but who cares … I like this question.

    Well, because I’m not blessed enough 😉 to have access to all the wonderful products that you guys are enjoying, I tried to recreate …

    Maple Pb
    White Choc Wonderful Pb
    Dark Choc Dreams Pb
    Cashew Cookie Larabar
    Artisana Cacao Bliss
    Artisana Coconut Butter
    Nutella (making it vegan, mega fail…)
    Almond, Cashew, Sunflower Seed, and Pumpkin Seed Butter

  33. j. says

    the dish that i tried to recreate was the general tso’s sauce as i love it and could eat it with a spoon all day 🙂

  34. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says

    Amazing! This is a great idea, esp. since Artisana is pricey. But such a necessary treat. 🙂

    I have definitely tried recreating restaurant meals. I recently posted a recipe for a fried rice that was actually based on a pasta dish I loved, so it was different but the flavors were there.

    It has been too long since I said hi over here – I’m so sorry. 🙁 Still love you!

  35. Stefanie says

    I tried to recreate the Mayan Harvest meal from Kashi but it did not come out right. It tasted ok but was no where near what it was supposed to be. You win some and you lose some.

  36. Mary says

    I have tried recreate many many restaurant meals and I thing I have been pretty near to some of them.. I have tried Mcdonalds salads and mcmuffins 😀

  37. Stacie says

    I have been trying to re-create a white asparagus salad that we had at the Four Seasons Aviara. Not quite there yet but getting closer…

  38. Lindsey says

    Katie, I feel terrible for sometimes entering your giveaways when I don’t comment regularly, but I read EVERY day. I am trying to recover from an eating disorder, and you inspire me to push myself towards a healthier life, because I used to get the same kind of joy that you do from my healthy vegan diet years ago.
    I just got to try Artisana coconut butter last week, and cacao butter yesterday! OH MY, addictive! Darn the price tag!

    Anyway, to answer the question:
    My boyfriend at the time and I went to Gobo in NYC for Christmas dinner last year, and I had their fabulous Malaysian Curry Stew with a perfect glass of Cabernet. I was determined to re-create that dinner! So the next day I went out and bought everything I knew was in it, and messed around in the kitchen for hours until I came up with something comparable. My version is amazing, but a bit too expensive and laborious to make all the time. So it’s just relegated to a delicious memory for awhile, but some day I WILL have it again 😀

    And obviously, I would like to be entered in your Artisana giveaway.

  39. Beth says

    I always try to recreate Indian dishes. Some experiments are more successful than others but it never quite tastes the same as our favorite Indian restaurant!

  40. Amy says

    The only recipe I’ve ever tried to recreate is this wonderful Alpha Omega Salad that my local Co-op sells for a rediculous amount of money. It’s a list of about 20 ingredients with kamut berries, sunflower seeds, peas, etc. After buying all of the ingredients and messing with the oil/vinegar/juice combo for the sauce, I realized I would have saved money buying the salad from their deli…doh! But mine was good and I had a lot left over to eat on all week. 🙂

    As far as Artisana goes, I’ve been contemplating for WEEKS about whether or not to buy these products online. I can’t find them anywhere in stores around here….and they all sound amazing!

    I’m a new reader of your blog, just found it a week ago and I love this place! 🙂

  41. junghwa says

    i tried to recreate this wonderful seaweed salad that I tried at japanese restaurant. it didn’t taste exactly the same, but i liked my version better! so up until today, i make it for parties!

  42. bananasforbananas says

    I can’t remember any packaged products per se but i always like to take my fav desserts and make them healthier (and better!) at home. I’m all about the guilt-less sweets 🙂

  43. traviesa says

    I try to recreate just about everything I love, from nut butters to larabars and salads and veggie burgers.

    I’ve always been really adventurous in the kitchen though. I’m definitely not afraid of throwing random ingredients together in order to possibly make something yummy!

  44. Elizabeth says

    I have not tried to recreate anything, but I am planning on making my first smoothie soon to mimic one from Starbucks that I like. 🙂

  45. Sydney says

    Last night I actually wanted to make my own vegan taco filling, instead of buying the pre-packaged Smartground Mexican Style stuff. Since I didn’t want to go shopping, I had to improvise with what was on hand in the kitchen. I mashed together pinto beans, silken firm tofu, cauliflower, tomato paste, chili powder, cumin seeds, paprika, and a little salt and pepper. Cooked in a pan on the stove till it started to brown a little bit. It turned out absolutely amazing and I will never buy the pre-made stuff ever again!

  46. Carolyn says

    I’m sure we’ve all had those disastrous (and pleasant) experiences in the kitchen trying to recreate our favorite dishes. To me, however, the most pronounced of these ventures is the desire to recreate serving sizes and the general processed appearance of food that we see in most advertisements and in chain restaurants. The issue here is that the appearances of these products is created in the use of thousands of synthetic chemicals (see for examples… motor oil!). I’m still in high school, but even having taken some basic Foods courses in middle school, I’ve had the opportunity to become more aware of the realities of nutrition. One of the very first recipes I made was muffins: my entire class learned that the mountainous, peaked-cap appearance we’d grown to associate with store-bought muffins actually meant that the muffin had been over-mixed. The muffins we made were small, tiny enough to cup in the palm of a tween-age hand, as opposed to the gargantuan cake-muffin monsters that Costco has made popular. The same thing applies to serving sizes: just because a restaurant shows dishes upon dishes of food doesn’t mean that it’s indicative of what a healthy meal should look like. Our experiences in recreation are based largely on our sensory perception of food. I think that if we learn to savor the natural flavors of healthful food, we’ll be a lot healthier as a society. Take a look at your recipe for chocolate butter! All-natural, no preservatives, and packed with healthful nutrition. There is such a thing as healthy “packaged” food (like this coconut oil, agave syrup, etc, etc, etc – in moderation, of course), and learning to embrace it alongside local, organic, and vegan ingredients is what has been the biggest nutritional wake-up call for me.

  47. Sassy says

    I’ve tried to recreate the biscuits at Red Lobster, Lara Bars and most recently – the coconut butter. (I was NOT successful on this last but did get it down to an interesting paste I can use)

  48. Renée says

    I tried to recreate Starbucks frappuccinos. I was unable to create an exact replica. It tasted good, and I make them every now and then, but sadly for my wallet, it wasn’t good enough to replace my Starbucks addiction 🙁

  49. mich says

    yes- i once tried to recreate a blueberry protein bar. it was vanilla flavored with whole blueberries in it. only now i know that if i made it again,i would use dried blueberries.

  50. Megan says

    Panera had a salad the summer I was studying for the bar and it was delicious. They discontinued it, but I started making that at home. A salad isn’t too hard to recreate, although I didn’t quite get the dressing.

    My grandmother found the biscuit recipes from Red Lobster *and* Bojangles somehow. Love them.

  51. lunchiemunchies says

    Wow that chocolate butter looks insanely good. Even if I won the artisana cacao I would be making that with the coconut butter to make it chocolatey after your own heart!
    As for the question…I’ve tried to recreate a bunch of restaurant dishes, and recently I’be been making my own nut butters- maple cinnamon almond as we don’t get fancy flavours like you over here in England 🙁

  52. Sünne says

    I think I’ll have to get myself some coconut oil soon …

    About re-creating restaurant dishes: My mum made up a recipe for a (vegan) bean & vegetable soup she ate at a café and it rocks!
    I’d love to recreate more restaurant dishes but we’re not eating out often.

  53. Diane says

    I’ve tried to re-create honey almond butter, which is pretty easy to do and turns out great. I haven’t tried to re-create anything too tricky yet…. 🙂

    Thanks for having such a cool contest/giveaway! 🙂

  54. Nicole P says

    I havent tried to re create anything! Am I lame? Haha im just a really bad creative cook.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Ive never tried what youre giving away, and im so excited to have a chance to!

  55. Kyle says

    I’ve definitely tried to recreate dishes/products- Silken Tofu, by adding Agar-agar to soy milk, and blondies from a local restaurant that I used to be OBSESSED with. My recipe didn’t come close 🙁

  56. Em says

    I tried to recreate an AMAZING lentil dip I had at a local cafe. I’m confident it will be delicious with some continued tweaking 🙂

  57. Claire says

    I’ve never, ever tried coconut butter before–chocolate or regular!
    Guess I have to get on that asap! 🙂

  58. Kaye Stain says

    I am always trying to re-create Starbucks mochas and iced mochas, healthier of course. I have several versions, but none I’m happy with. I did used to make a suzy q cake, which was very delish and..tasted like a suzy q!! I also tried pretty successfully to make Whole Foods Sonoma Mock Chicken Salad.

  59. Lili says

    I’ve tried to recreate many things, such as pasta sauce, cookies, ice cream, breads, noodles, and of course my favourite: chocolate ganache. Some of my creations don’t turn out too well, but I’m always trying new things. 🙂

  60. Alanna says

    I love Thai food, but I the first time I made it at home I somewhat misjudged how much curry paste should go in so it turned out inedibley spicy. It wasn’t all bad, as it must have been hilarious to see my family and my reactions to the extreme spiciness of the noodles (there may or may not have been some screaming.)

  61. EC says

    best thing I’ve tried to recreate was chocolate peanut butter- yum! I have been giving it away as housewarming/birthday/Ilikeyouhaveapresent gifts ever since. I’ve also tried making graham crackers a few times. They taste okay, but not much like the real thing, and definitely not good enough to be worthy of chocolate pb.

  62. A.B. says

    I’ve tried to recreate Starbucks’ Chocolate Banana Vivanno. I kind of like my version better, though, because I make it really thick and creamy! 😉 Mmm…

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  63. j says

    I have made homemade oreos! It was an attempt to prevent my brothers and dad from chowing on the transfat laden variety… I used non-hydrogenated palm fruit oil to make the filling. The cookies were quite fantastic (recipe on!

  64. Monika says

    I have tried to figure out this fabulous Hazelnut Mocha cake that my favorite bakery makes…it is impossible to duplicate and very annoying!

  65. KG says

    Katie, I love your website- so many simple recipes that I can’t wait to try out!

    Okay, for me it was recreating Dark Chocolate Dreams PB…I’m not sure if I am there yet but I grind a bunch of peanuts (as many as I can fit in my food processor) and with the peanuts melt about 30 Ghirradelli chips in a saucepan and add those to the mix as well. It is SO delicious- not a perfect replica but a lot cheaper and very enjoyable!

  66. Andrea says

    I always try to recreate tzatziki (the white cucumber sauce on gyro but Greeks use it on a ton of other stuff too) into a vegan friendly dip..have yet to succeed!

  67. Lauren says

    I’ve made homemade granola, peanut butter, maple cinnamon pecan butter, and raw almond butter! saves lots of money 😀 but I really want to try making my own yogurt.

  68. erica rose says

    I’m always trying to recreate restaurant recipes!! The BBQ chicken salad from CPK is one we make a lot, minus the cheese/ranch/chicken of course. Fingers crossed!!

  69. Jaime says

    Oh, yes! I’ve attempted to make home-made, all-natural Twinkies before–a complete disaster! I’m convinced that whatever toxic elements they are made with is the spongy-cake’s binding agent!

  70. Tara says

    Today I made my own whole wheat graham crackers. They were delicious, healthy, and way better in taste and nutrition then store bought! I want to try making smores with them… yum!

  71. Teresa says

    I’d have to say that the one thing I’ve tried and successfully made on my own are Lara Bars. And really I owe it all to you and your chocolate fudge babies. Seriously it’s so easy and so much cheaper to make them on your own and you get to choose the flavor! I love using restaurant food and packaged food I’ve tried as inspiration in the kitchen, even if I’m not necessarily trying to replicate those things.

  72. Lisa says

    I try to make flavored nut butters myself because it is a lot cheaper, and I think they taste better too!

  73. Allison says

    Def! I ‘ve tried to recreate Whole Foods tofu egg salad a million times…it never ends well sadly. d

  74. Akanksha says

    SUCH AN EXCITING GIVEAWAY! God, I love chocolate!

    I’m part Indian/part Middle Eastern, so I’m always trying to recreate dishes from my childhood at particular restaurants from places I’ve lived in–shawarmas, an Arabic everyday venture, sold at little shops where they roll them fresh off the rotisserie, are something I’ve finally been able to come close to, and am glad for! Oh, the garlic sauce. IT. IS. AMAZING.

  75. Cynthia K says

    It’s fun to browse through all the comments and see what people are making at home! My plan for our supper tonight is re-creating Cracker Barrel’s hash brown casserole….so good. Nice to have a breakfast night once in a while because heaven knows we’re hardly ever together in the mornings!

  76. molly b says

    I love trying to recreate restaurant recipes! Last night I made my husband a sweet potato, black bean, and mushroom quesdailla based on what I had at a yummy vegan place.

    This is such a great giveaway! I just got my hands on coconut oil, but I am dying to try coconut butter and cacao bliss!

  77. Ashley S says

    I’d love to enter to win! I’ve recreated several dishes. I think my favorite though is my roasted potato recipe that is almost identical from my fav greek restaurant!

  78. Steph says

    Lets see…I have recreated Larabars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, hummus, veggie sandwiches, and cupcakes! I love recreating foods, it lets me be so creative 🙂

  79. Allison says

    I used to LOVE the frisco melt at Steak ‘n Shake but it’s SOOO terrible for you so I decided to make my healthified version. I ended up using two veggie burgers, a blend of fat free thousand island and fat free ranch dressings for the sauce, and cheese made with 2% milk. I put it on sourdough bread, sprayed it with a little olive oil, and grilled it on my panini maker instead of slathering it with butter and frying it. It tasted the exact same and left my feeling satisfied without the guilt!

  80. Cellabella says

    I so want to make this, and very soon. I’ve only recently learned the wonders of coconut oil and hope to reap its delicious rewards!

  81. dianna says

    ALL the time! i love doing a healthier version of my restaurant /packaged food favorites. one of my best attempts has been the peanut kale salad at M Cafe de Chaya. They’ve posted the recipe on their website, but I tried to further healthify it by using almond butter instead of peanut butter and stevia instead of rice syrup. YUM is all i can say! not so much for many of my other “creations.”

  82. Mary says

    While I generally don’t try to recreate others’ dishes or products exactly, I have certainly been inspired by all the flavors and textures I have experienced in my life!

    Lately, I’ve been making an awesome raw hummus using sprouted sunflower seeds instead of garbanzos (to which I am sadly allergic.) It is somewhat inspired by a hummus my sweetie used to buy at a restaurant. The tricky thing about that is I’ve never tasted that hummus, so I’m working blind! I think I’ve got a great formula now. Hooray!

    I’ve also been making date-nut truffles that resemble Larabar flavors lately, so I am SO EXCITED to have found your blog, where I see your recipes for similarly inspired tasty treats!

    I am also so excited about the possibility of maybe winning some Cacao Bliss! I haven’t tried it yet but it looks and sounds like HEAVEN! Coconut + Cacao = The Best!

  83. Karissa Chow says

    I love recreating pizzas from restaurants like BJ’s, but of course healthier versions! 🙂 pizzas are yummers.

  84. maren says

    i love recreating all sorts of sweets. various baked goods from restaurants/bakeries. anything from cookies to cakes

  85. Gaby says

    I remake things ALL the time! The homemade versions are usually so much better and healthier.
    With the exception of nut butters, which for some reason never turn out as smooth or creamy or tasty :\
    But I’ve made homemade poptarts, donuts, bread, thin mints, a kibbeh dish I ate at a restaurant once that was really good, and so many more restaurant dishes. I’m always picking up ideas. I also love getting cake decorating ideas!

  86. Kristina says

    I like creating simple dishes, such as salads and sometimes pizza. I’m still iffy about trying out any baked goods. I think I’d ruin it. 😛

  87. Rika says

    I’ve tried to recreate Pb&Co. Dark Chocolate dreams! but mine came out like milk chocolate peanutbutter 😛

  88. Anamaria says

    Hey Katie, I’m a frequent visitor who wishes she had patience for her own blog and makes up for it in looking at everyone elses! 😀 Theres a few blogs that I actually really like, and yours is up in the list (it was your oatmeal list that sold me).. and no I’m not kissing your ass because I want that coconut cacao, even though I do, haha. WELL, I always recreate everything I like at restaurants which has resulted in me never wanting to eat out.. ever…..literally. It saves a TON of money, and tastes a lot better, it also branches into other ideas. I’m a huge falafel girl, and my homemade one is sah-lammin, which made me make raw falaf, which is even better. But i guess the most interesting and best thing I make at home is my own feta cheese and greek yogurt. Loveeeee it.

  89. Krista says

    Of course! I love fake chicken but can”t but any without egg whites around here. Therefore I have perfected a setian recipe that satifisys the craving!

  90. Courtney says

    My first experiment with recreating something packaged was making homemade almond butter, and I haven’t turned back! I still buy my peanut butter though, as the 365 lightly salted just can’t be recreated at home for some reason! And now, I must try to make this!

  91. sarah b says

    I recreated Panera Bread’s whole grain baggette at home! Now I need to perfect my black bean soup, and I will save a LOT of mula!! 🙂 HOPE TO WIN!

  92. Jen says

    This may seem silly… I used to haunt a coffeeshop (before moving to another city) and soon got to know the owner. He always used to carry around a big bottle of what he called “fairy water.” Intrigued, I tried it and was instantly hooked. At home I tried to figure out the right combination of water, cucumber, mint, agave, lemon and rosemary to recreate this elixir, but nothing ever tasted as good as his creation. Maybe I was missing an herb or using too much lemon? I may never know — it’s a top secret recipe.

  93. Haley says

    Although I haven’t tried to recreate anything packaged at the store YET, my mom ALWAYS used to recreate meals we had in restaurants when I was growing up. For some reason it drove me crazy (I am thinking it was because it took the “fun” out of eating out?), but now I love it!

  94. Kaysie says

    all the time! Mostly with salads at restaurants. I do want to recreate the tropical lara bar… so complex though! Very delicious!

  95. Melissa says


    We keep trying to get our tofu like the tofu in P.F. Chang’s General Tso’s. HOW do they DO it? *sob*

    We’ve also tried a few times to do our favorite Ethopian kik alicha wot – yellow split pea stew. It’s never quite the same but it’s good! I’ve had good success with making homemade mochis and other desserts, though!

  96. Midnite says

    Unless you count making my own seitan sausages, I’ve never tried to recreate any dish or packaged product before (at least, I can’t remember trying to at this momemt anyway). Lame, I know.

  97. Jo says

    well – you know all about my “recreation” of Dark Chocolate Dreams!! (without knowing what the real thing tastes like!)

    But I am always trying to recreate meals I eat in restaurants at home – one of my favourite vegetarian dinner party dishes to make is spinach and ricotta cannaloni after having it in a restaurant and recreating it at home. Basically if you are veggie and coming to my house for supper – there is 99% chance that’s what you’ll be having! I’m sure I could do a vegan version if you’re ever in the UK!!!

  98. Jo says

    I love coming back from holiday and trying to recreate the local food (never quite tastes the same though!!) I have just come back from Poland on holiday and have been trying to recreate all the nice polish food I had!

  99. MaryZ says

    I have tried to recreate these awesome bacon wrapped shrimp appetizers from Salt Grass…but they never taste quit the same.

  100. Heather says

    I always try to recreate foods I enjoyed from a restaurant. A few weeks ago, I ordered baba ghannouj and enjoyed it so much that I bought an eggplant and made my own. I actually thought my version (made from a Vegetarian Times cookbook recipe) was tastier!

  101. pursuitofhealthfulness says

    I love the challenge of trying to recreate foods from restaurants, cafes and bakeries. The one creation that still alludes me is the “Savannah Bar” from my local Great Harvest. I will avail!

  102. Lauren says

    I am always recreating – Like some of your other readers I have tried Nutella and Reeses PB cups. Those I have done OK on. But… my challenge has really been marshmallows! Still working on that…

  103. Marie says

    I can’t recall ever trying to recreate a packaged food. I know I must have done it at some point in my crazy childhood, I just can’t remember when. I guess if you count macaroni and cheese? I ended up liking the boxed version better :P. Your chocolate butter looks amazing, though!

  104. Gloria says

    I’ve never tried coconut butter before, but it always looks so good in your blogs!

    One dish that I absolutely loveeeeee but haven’t been able to successfully recreate is a vegetarian-ized pad thai dish at my favorite hole-in-the-wall thai restaurant! I don’t know how they make it so good!

  105. Emily says

    I’ve tried to recreate dairy queen peanut butter cup blizzard. I froze greek yog with hunks of peanut butter and chocolate. I was an okay substitute!

  106. diana says

    I had the most amazing sweet potato mash a few weeks ago. Can get close but just not the exact same… sweet pot, cinnamon, maybe some citrus?? Been wanting to try that coconut butter…

  107. Michelle in Alaska says

    I have tried to re-create the dressing on my favorite Nordstom’s Cafe dish the Chinese chicken salad….wasn’t as good 🙁 But still yummy

  108. Lorna says

    I try to re-create restaurant dishes all the time. Memorable attempts have been the “Rustler” pizza at Pizza Luce (a local minneapolis chain) and this freakin’ delicious tempeh, sweet potato, greens sandwich which was a seasonal special at Candle Cafe in NYC.

  109. Anna says

    ahhh boniato tacos! soooo good. no the attempt wasn’t the same but yam tacos are just yummy anyway and substituting some fun salsas for the creamy dressings has been a good compromise

  110. Katie says

    Hi 🙂 I enjoy checking out your blog for creative ways to fix veggies and other things. I’ve seen you mention coconut butter several times and would love to try some, so I thought I’d bite:

    One thing I tried recreating at home is this special Indonesian soup. I actually like it best the way my in-laws’ house helper makes it, but I have also had it in a restaurant. Anyway, it’s a bit harder to recreate (even though I obviously could get the recipe) since his in-laws (and their house helper) live in Indonesia, so I can’t get all the ingredients here. It’s like chicken soup but with lots of awesome add-ins – rice noodles, hard boiled eggs, tofu chunks, tempeh chunks, green onions…

  111. Ari says

    I have spent an embarrassing amount of time re-creating Nutella. With great success, actually, because who needs strange powdered milk and vegetable oil anyway?

  112. Becca says

    I’ve tried to recreate so many things, but they rarely ever turn out the same. But! Sometimes they’re better, so I’m not complaining. 🙂

  113. Ruthie says

    I am continuously trying to recreate reeses peanut butter cups. They’re always a bit healthier but they never come out like the regular junk food! My secret: add a little more than a sprinkle of salt yum!

  114. Abbey says

    Okay, I know that you have your own version but looong ago when I worked as a hostess, the restaurant I worked at had a “new” cauli mashed dish. Of course it was delicious, and of course it was laden with butter and cream. So, I decided then and there that I would make my own. Simply stem fresh cauli, then throw into the food processor. I like my a little chunky 🙂 Add Penzey’s spices and it’s soooooo divine. My hubs even likes it which is saying a lot. Trust me. He doesn’t like 90% of “my” food.

  115. Kate says

    I recreated purely decadent coconut ice cream in the form of popsicles made with light coconut milk and maple syrup. They were delish. Just have to figure out a way to get some chocolate in there!

  116. Cassie says

    Hello there! I just stumbled across your blog..more specifically, this page.
    Yesterday I received my very first order of Cacao Bliss in the mail, and just tried it now heated up a little…

    I can see myself needing your recipe in the *ahem* near future 😉

  117. Kat says

    I haven’t had the cacao bliss yet, but I’ve made some similar recipes – chocolate + coconut = awesome! can’t wait to try your recipe. and thanks for the chance to win!

  118. GG says

    Want some Artisana Coconut Butter? Yes, yes, yes, please! I would love to try them out! They look so yummy and creamy… mmmm, goodness in a jar!

  119. Jessica H. says

    this comment is my entry in your nut butter giveaway… I love the sound of cacao bliss but haven’t gotten around to making it yet!

  120. Jennifer Stephenson says

    this sounds absolutely amazing; as someone who is discovering how wonderful coconut is; I would love to try the Artisana products!

  121. Jessica F says

    This looks amazzzzing! I’ve never actually had coconut butter/oil in my possession so this would need to change first… but I’ve been eyeing it for a while and may soon make a change to that! Or maybe win this FANTASTIC giveaway?! Crossing my fingers! Thanks for this opportunity! You always come up with the best recipes and I need to try more of them.

  122. Kayla says

    Hey girl, I have actually made this before, MANY times. Your spot on recipe has saved me a ton of $$$! I’m a chocoholic just like you, so this is my favorite of your coconut butter recipes :).

  123. Chris says

    Oh, this looks so good! I have been dying to trying the coconut butter – every time i see that little dallop that usually accompanies your meals my mouth starts watering!! Yum!

  124. Jocelyn says

    Definitely going to have to try this one. Have never had any Artisana products before…hope I can win a sample or two! 😀 I love your posts and recipes Katie!!

  125. Midnite says

    This sounds like the best recipe with the artisana coconut butter> simply because I love cacao. Hope I win.XD I know I won’t. lol

  126. Diana says

    This looks incredible! Given my adoration (make that obsession!) for all things chocolate, surprisingly I have yet to sample any sort of coconut/ chocolate combination – but of course I would love to try. So far I have only tried, and fallen in love with, PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams when it comes to nut butters, but I’m planning on adding many more jars of the stuff to my ever-growing collection.

  127. Amy says

    Made this last night using Agave and added a bit of vanilla extract. Too delicious! Thanks for the terrific recipe!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hmmm… I don’t think it even needs to stay in the fridge, since none of the ingredients (coconut oil, cocoa, etc) are perishable. So I’m thinking it’d last a good few months because Cacao Bliss lasts a while, even after being opened. But I always store my leftovers in the freezer, in the form of bars. (And then you could always melt a bar if you want it in liquid form.) So, I guess my answer is… indefinitely? 🙂

  128. katie says

    0.0 ok wow, i have coconut oil hidden all over my house, why? because my hair is past my butt and i use it as conditioner.. i didnt know i could cook with it.. i will be trying this.. oh but you are wrong about coconut oil being nonperishable.. it does go bad, it gets a stink when its gone bad.. and there is a difference between unrefined and refined coconut oil.. in my experience the unrefined stuff goes bad first.. but it smells better.. anyway, can it be sweetened with splenda? i dont have agave, or even real sugar..

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I don’t see why it couldn’t be sweetened with splenda.
      LOL about the refined/unrefined… I didn’t know there was a difference until I accidentally bought the wrong one once and was very sad it didn’t smell/taste like coconut!

  129. Becca says

    Katie, I should be mad at you … I make this way too often!
    And tonight I’ll be making the mint brownie babies/balls/squashed things you just posted. Mmmm.

  130. Katie says

    Thanks soooo much for this recipe and your blog in general! I have recently gone dairy and sugar free and was looking for some delicious recipes. This has become my new favorite, and an awesome way to get the daily coconut oil I’ve read so much about. I recently added crushed raspberries and froze it (as suggested by you!) and today a frozen banana…YUM! I know they are “good fats” but I am a little worried about having so much chocolate, though it is sugar free. I’ve been using xylitol (dissolved in a bit of water) and/or coconut sugar (also dissolved). both were delicious. the stevia made my head spin for some reason! Thanks again 🙂

  131. Ellie says

    Thanks Katie! 🙂 As a vegan in Perth (Western Australia), I often have difficulty in finding vegan-friendly recipes that I’m actually able to obtain the ingredients for! I’ve been smitten by every single recipes of yours I’ve discovered so far and I’m desperately hoping to be able to recreate some of my CCK favourites as soon as I’m able to obtain the ingredients! 🙂 <3

  132. Cheryl says

    I love everything that has to do with the coconut. Magic shell is even easier than making the butter. All you have to do is melt a bag of chocolate chips (or cacao, or whatever type of chocolate you choose) over a double boiler, and throw in a few tablespoons of coconut oil (liquid or solid, doesn’t matter). Stir until incorporated, and Viola! Instant chocolate hard shell. I keep mine in a squirt bottle on the counter and it hardens immediately when poured over anything cold. We keep it kinda cold in our house, so sometimes I have to set the bottle in some hot water for it to soften up a bit.

  133. Anne Marie says

    Just had to add that I’ve made this several times and its amazing and perfect and so chocolately that I actually giggled out loud the first time I tasted it. (and many times after that)

  134. Karen Lynne says

    Call me crazy, but anything I make with coconut oil tastes VERY coconutty. (Most of the folks who use it comment that the coconut flavor isn’t very noticeable, but I’ve tossed everything I’ve made with it.) I guess I can always use it to condition my hair!

  135. Elise says

    Why didn’t I try this earlier?!?!?! WHY?! It’s SO good and SO easy… I ate some with frozen banana chunks and made the rest into chocolate bars 😀 I used 1 tablespoon of maple syrup instead of 1/4 cup agave and was worried it would be too bitter but it wasn’t! It was just the way I like it 😉 Mmmmmm I can do so much with this…

  136. Elise says

    Oh, and I was wondering, have you ever made this into chocolate chips or chunks and tried baking with them? I want to try but I’m afraid they will just melt…

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      You can DEFINITELY freeze them for incredible chocolate bars, or use for chips. Unfortunately, once they’re heated, they’ll melt completely because of the coconut oil. So unless the recipe calls for melted chocolate chips, I don’t think they’d work in things like cookies. But if you try it, I’d love to know what happens!

      • Mint says

        Hi:)! I made this using the recipe for making chocolate bars, and I subbed maple syrup for agave. It’s been in the freezer for a really long time and is very cold (about as cold as it’s going to be), and it is more like a soft chewy thing than hard like a chocolate bar. I’ve made your 3 ingredient choco bars before and they’ve worked, so any ideas as to what I might have done wrong?

  137. Elle says

    Hello! Totally delicious! I’m gluten and dairy free (and egg and soy free…) so as you can imagine eating plain ol’ chocolate has become difficult to do. This will be a life saver! I made a half recipe today and froze it into little kisses. It’s only been like, what, 2 hours? and I’ve already eaten most of them!

    As you might expect they have no -snap- like normal chocolate. They’re a little chewy? and very, very smooth and cool right from the freezer. I thought the coconut was perfectly detectable but definitely a background flavor. I just about doubled the agave (what can I say?) and thought that was the perfect amount of sweetness.

    I will make this a million times over! If only they could be baked, too…

  138. Laura Stark says

    I’m sorry if this question was already answered above, but I just can’t read all the way thru so many posts! You should take it as a compliment tho, that so many people think so highly of you and your site! I do love all your recipes; I’ve made quite a few with awesome results, so thank you. My question is: can I substitute brown sugar for the agave nectar in the chocolate butter recipe? I try to use ingredients I have on hand as I can’t buy just one item when I’m in my fave bulk store. Take care and keep writing; you’re greaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

  139. Esty says

    Can this be made into ‘magic shell’ by adding more coconut oil? How much would you add to get it to be that thin, harden over ice cream texture..?

  140. Sarah M says

    This recipe never works for me!! Arrrgh! I have made almost everything on your site without a single complaint…until this one! This is the same for the three-ingredient chocolate bars, which others commenters posted similr problems. I get a big goofy mess, every time. I just tried it for the third time tonight with no success. What could I be doing wrong?

    I bought unrefined coconut oil after you addressed another reader with problems similar to mine. I used agave, as the recipe indicates is fine. I did not accidentally add water. I tried measuring the oil two ways: before and after heating. Still, the moment I add the cocoa powder I get a big glob of goo. The ingredients do not incorporate, no matter what I do. I even tried a food processor on one attempt!

    I would SO love for this recipe (and the chocolate bars) to turn out!! They taste amazing, I just can’t get he right texture. HELP!!

    • Sarah M says

      Ok…I wanted to post a follow up for all those people who said they were getting a gloppy mess 🙂

      I tried this again…for the fourth time…and finally am getting something in the right ballpark. I added the cocoa powder one T at a time until I thought there was enough. I did not need more than 1/2 a cup.

      So…moral of the story: add the cocoa a tiny bit at a time to incorporate the ingredients properly 😀

  141. Veronica says

    I just made this and it turned out great. It’s really helped me get through a stressful day and really bad menstrual cramps. Chocolate is the best remedy for so many things. Thanks for this great and easy recipe!

  142. Julie says

    I am in love with your blog! I can’t wait to try some of these…I was just lamenting the fact that I need to give up some of my favorite decadent desserts b/c of their sugar, fat, and calorie content…but these actually look healthy-and DELICIOUS!! Thanks so much for this blog for dessert junkies like me!

  143. Bekah says

    I finally just made this for the first time and I love it!! 🙂 Such a great easy recipe. I used the agave version and it came out perfect with no problems whatsoever. I dipped some raw vegan cookie dough bites in some of it and froze them, froze some of the chocolate by itself to break into bars/pieces, and the rest leftover for whatever. Thanks again! Oh, and I finally got a food processor, yay!! 🙂 haha. That will make so many of your recipes easier ;).

  144. Rose says

    I’ve been experimenting with your recipes for a few weeks now but I always avoided using coconut oil because of the saturated fat content and such. I decided to try it finally and good God…. is coconut oil even fit for human consumption???? I must have done something wrong because it tasted like cleaning product and it coated my mouth in the most unpleasant way.

    • Sondra says

      Did you get the right kind? There are some non-food grade coconut oils that companies release for cosmetic use, not that they ever say so on the bottle. I would suggest getting a jar of Spectrum Unrefined Coconut Oil, its one of my favorites. Otherwise if your own a budget (or don’t like the taste of coconut), I’d suggest the Nature’s Way Efagold Extra Virgin. You can get it on Amazon, 2 16 oz containers for 12$. This kind kind of has a similiar mouth feel to Ghee (I have infact taken to using it in place of ghee in kitchari since becoming vegan.

  145. Megan says

    Hi Katie, I made your homemade Luna bars and they turned out great except for the no-sugar chocolate sauce. I used unsweetened cocoa, stevia extract drops and refined coconut oil. After following your directions I mixed and mixed and the sauce never get smooth, it had a gritty texture. I spread it on the bars anyways and froze them. When I took them out the freezer the coconut oil separated from the cocoa and froze in pools on the bars. Is this because I used refined coconut oil? Please help!

  146. Alix says

    Oh man, I should have read the directions better!!! So I was reading your post about making coconut butter and there was a link to this post. Well I just assumed I would be making the hot chocolate butter out of the coconut butter….nope. Oh well, it still turned out great! It’s just a lot thicker than your pic 🙂 Next time I’ll have to use coconut oil!! And I seriously have to give you props for eating such dark chocolate!!! I had to add like 30 extra drops and then I still added agave haha 🙂

  147. sam says

    when u say cocoa are u refering to the special dark like hersheys or the other kind (forgot wat its called) also by hersheys ?

  148. Andrea says

    I made this chocolate sauce, and poured it over popcorn tonight. AMAZING! Then, I froze the leftover chocolate. So yummy! Thanks for this recipe.

  149. Anonymous says

    How many servings is the pumpkin seed smoothie, because from my calculations, the pumpkin seeds alone in this smoothie are around 1450 calories

  150. Ami says

    I made this magic shell recipe tonight and it is AMAZING! I put it on the homemade ice cream recipe and what a scrumptious dessert sans the morning-after guilt 🙂

  151. Desiree says

    Won’t the few drops of water not combine with the oil or am I missing something here? I’d like to go that route and of course also get it right on the first try 🙂

  152. Mia says

    Darn you, you made me admit to liking something with coconut in it 😉 I saw your Banana Split sandwich post and used the chocolate butter to make one 🙂 but mine wasn’t nearly as pretty as yours even though it tasted amazing…

  153. Karishma St. Juste says

    Ahhh! What a treat! Katie you amazing woman! My nieces first birthday is at the end of the month and she is everything free! Lol, dairy free, egg free, nut free, meat free.. etc. So I want her candy buffet to be guilt and allergy free! can’t wait to try these and have you or do you know of any other substitute than Coconut oil? I’ve been thinking Canola oil, anywho will give a try and let you know! THanks heaps darl! X

  154. Jamie says

    I got really impatient while I was waiting for my cake batter donuts to cook in the oven, so I decided to whip some of this up. I didn’t have agave on hand so I used HyVee Sugar Free pancake syrup instead, and it actually worked fine. Both tasted sooooo delicious! Thanks for being there whenever my sweet tooth starts growlin’!!

  155. Andrea says

    Hey Katie,
    I love your site and recipes because I have a ton of allergies and the one that I have made have been very tasty. However, I have a question for you. I am extremely allergic to coconut (coconut, coconut oil, coconut butter, etc), so what can I use instead of the coconut products you recommend especially in this recipe? Thank you!

  156. Lisa Woodruff says

    I finally broke down and ordered some stevia drops!! I’m so excited!! I bought them on, $9.12 for 2oz. Do you know of a better deal??

  157. Moehn says

    Hello Katie!
    I have to admit, it DOES look delicious, but only 100 Calories for a 30g Bar?
    That can’t be right, coconut oil has 900 kcal per 100g and cocoa powder about 390, given that the whole recipe is 150g (Stevia Version) and has 740 calories every 30g bar would contain at least 150 calories. Or did I get something wrong? :/

  158. Mia says

    This stuff is like crack. (not that I would know what real crack is like, lol.) Made mine with a few TB of maple syrup and nunaturals vanilla stevia drops, as well as Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa. It didn’t turn out as smooth looking in the picture and was a bit lumpy, but with stuff tasting this good, who cares? My husband took a bite, his eyes bulged, and he snatched the bowl from me and ate most of it in a matter of minutes. And he scoffs at “healthy” sweets and doesn’t like coconut!! (this does have a hint of coconut flavor, for those wondering, and I’m not real big on coconut myself, but this is just awesome.)

  159. Lenore says

    I just made this last night and it is amazing, but very bitter. I thought I liked dark chocolate but I am surprisingly humbled by Ms. CCK’s choco taste buds. I used 40 drops of vanilla stevia but could not cut the bitterness. I may try to replace the extra tablespoon of cocoa with powdered sugar next time. I don’t know what will happen, I am not accomplished at this yet. That said, this was so incredibly decadent and delicious that I could not stand leaving a smidge on the mixer or in the bowl. I detached the mixer and licked it clean, then decided to make hot chocolate with it, and when the chocolate milk was nice and hot, I poured it in the bowl and worked off the chocolate that had dried on the bowl so that not a bit was wasted!
    This is a concoction that will always be in my fridge now.
    I am going to buy the Cacao Bliss today and see how it compares!

  160. Lenore says

    Later that afternoon……I must say the Cacao Bliss does not even compare to your concoction. Wow. I’m a little surprised, but it’s true. I will still eat it, but it’s not nearly as chocolatey as the Hot Chocolate Butter. Just thought everyone might like to know before buying it, though here in CA I only paid $7 or so at Whole Foods, not $11.
    Now to try making the choc chip blondies, bought a food processor today and Macys was having a sale, I paid $60 for a $150 machine, yip yip yippeeeeee!!!

  161. Anonymous says

    I was wondering if you had a homemade recipe for cadbury spread cuz I really need some sugar free cadbury spread but its really high on sugar. Please help 😀

  162. Janine says

    I made your chocolate today and my kids loved it. I, unfortunatly, cannot eat chocolate 🙁 so I couldn’t taste it myself. However, my recipe turned out more “fudgey” than I was expecting. I thought it would be firm and “breakable” as you said could be done for chocolate chips, but mine was more “bendable”. Any thoughts as to what might have happened? I spread it in a pan and put it in the freezer as the recipe instructs.

  163. Uma Ankolekar says

    Hi Katie,
    You look very young from your pics and show an enormous amount of enterprising spirit (I am 45 and waking up to such things :-)) and Wow way to go Katie. I have 3 questions for you.
    1. I live in Mumbai which is in India and today it is a sweltering 32 deg C (90 deg F). The coconut oil we have here is already in liquid state. So do I still have to warm it?
    2. Will only stir – stir – stir thicken it? How so? Is there no cooking it on a stove top involved to make chocolate butter / bars (if frozen) ?
    3. I recently used extra dark chocolate to make home made chocolate by heating the broken up chocolate bars on a stove top in a super dry vessel (no water), moulded it and put in freezer for 10 min and then into the fridge. But upon removing it to unmould and pack it turned very soft. How do i temper the chocolate on the stove top? While I was searching for this on the net I came across your recipes but they involve no cooking.

  164. Janna says

    love love love your recipes-they are delish-everyone in my family loves them and believe me they are die-hard Reese’s & Hershey’s fans-keep the healthy choc dreams coming :))

  165. Rebecca says

    So how many 30 gram chocolate bars does the 3-ingredient chocolate bar recipe make?

    Would definitely be helpful if the yield amount was listed (then the calorie count can be put in context)

  166. Jay Lundgreen says

    This is an AWESOME recipe for chocolate lovers that must go sugar free. I will say one thing though, invest in some super high quality cocoa powder. Using “grocery store” brands, even the nicest ones there, will produce a fairly bitter product. I recommend either Cocoa Berry Extra Brute or Valrhona. Valrohna is quite costly, but an amazing product. I always go for Cocoa Berry Extra Brute as it is about half the cost. Right now a 2.2 lb. bag is only 23 dollars on Amazon.

  167. Katy H. says

    Thanks for the yummy recipes, Katie. I’m low carbing so I’m wondering how much a batch of hot chocolate butter makes…cups or tablespoons (whatever is easiest for you)…so I can calculate carbs per tablespoon.
    Thanks so much, 🙂

  168. Jill says

    Love your site! I know sugar is considered a liquid so if I want to reduce the sugar do I need more liquid or can I use honey (the same amount) instead? Thanks for your reply:)

  169. Claire says

    Love all of your stuff thanks you so much!
    I live in Australia and the summer temperature makes the coconut oil and this yummy stuff totally runny, what do i need to do to make it solidify a bit more so i can spread it?
    More cocoa? or something else?
    cheers, Claire.

  170. Leah says

    I’m thrilled to find your recipe blog!!! Everything is so delicious and now my goal to stop eating refined sugar desserts is so easy thanks to you. Love you Katie!

  171. Tracy says

    Katie, I saw that you can use this recipe as chocolate chips is you use the sauce option. Would that work if you used them for baking required chocolate chips as well? Or would it Melt? Thanks for your help and all of your amazing recipes!

  172. sandra53 says

    Hi Katie, Just wondering how you store the hot chocolate butter and for how long; I just made it for Valentine’s Day and loved it, but had a lot left…thank you.

  173. Randa stewart says

    So glad I found your web site, it was by accident , but a good one , was looking for receipes low or with no sugar or flour and your receipes fit the bill. They are all great tasting and easy to make my husband even likes them and he doesn’t like healthy. My favorites are your frostings and cakes as I have a real sweet tooth. Thanks , keep up the great job

  174. Jessica says

    Is there a good substitute for coconut items? Honestly I find anything coconut disgusting. Even the stuff people say you won’t taste it or smell it in but I’m finding it in alot of your recipes that I want to try.

  175. Lara Arar says

    Katie, I always wanted to make this recipe, but coconut oil here in Brazil is really, REALLY expensive! Also, I’m not a completely vegan, so do you think butter would work? Please, answer, I’m dying to make it! Thank you <3

  176. AnnaBananaBelle says

    Looks delicious! Wondering though, could i use honey or maple syrup instead of the agave or would that not work?

  177. Kathy says

    Katie this looks amazing! I wanted to make chocolate sauce to top my banana boatmeal but only had cocoa powder at hand….. so I came up with another recipe! It’s super simple (read: lazy-people-friendly) and doesn’t involve heating at all 🙂

    1 tbsp nut butter, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 2 tbsp honey, 2-3 tbsp milk. Stir everything together and ta-daaah!

  178. Jan says

    This stuff is amazing! I know the recipe is pretty old, but I wanted to leave a comment anyway. I could definitely just sit and eat it with a spoon. I added a sprinkling of coconut sugar to some of it (probably less than a half a teaspoon), and my son thought it made a good chocolate spread with that addition.

  179. Tree says

    I also tried to replicate Artisana’s Chocolate bliss. I do it a little differently. The ingredient label said coconut butter, chocolate, agave and, I think (haven’t seen the jar in a long time) cacao butter.

    I make my own coconut milk from organic bulk shredded coconut, to ensure no additives and it’s much cheaper. I buy 22 pound bags of Let’s Be Organic shredded coconut.

    I am gluten-free, sugar-free and animal dairy free. Coconut milk is my dairy. This ‘candy’ treat is one of my fallback survival treats when I need an indulgence. I am very disciplined about what I eat because of health challenges, which, btw, I manage well because I am so careful. The great thing about this ‘candy’ is that it gives healthy fat. And with the almonds morphed into chocolate almond butter or chopped almonds added to your bars, you get all the benefits in almonds.

    I had also enjoyed coconut butter and clearly the chocolate bliss had same texture.

    Here’s my recipe, amounts every time I make it. I do it in a blender and it counts as raw.

    2-3 cups organic coconut flakes, put in blender and blend on high until it melts and gets warm. The friction of a good blender turns it warm and liquidy.

    1/4 pound raw cacao butter. With the coconut warmed up, I chop up the raw cacao butter. Small pieces melt faster. I run the blender until the cacao butter is also warm and liquidy in with the coconut warm liquidy butter.

    A dash of vanilla

    Stevia. I use white organic stevia powder, and I forget it as much as I add it. This stuff is tasty without added sweetener. Depends on your taste. I don’t feel good about agave for anyone — studies about it show problems. Plus I have diabetes and agave is higher in sugar content than stevia.

    1/2 cup of raw cacao powder, blend away and in a total of a couple minutes you have a pure liquid that will harden just like coconut butter is hard at room temp. You can pour it into bar molds, ice cube trays or just put it in a jar and eat it like butter. You can add chopped nuts to bars or the jarred butter.

    My friend and healthy eating pal skips the almond butter and adds chopped almonds to his poured-into-mold chocolate bliss bars that he refrigerates. They do okay at room temp but if the bars are thin, best to keep them cold until you eat.

    You could add fruit — into the blender or chopped, like raspberries. Haven’t tried it.

    You can add mint flavor. A dash of cayenne. Depending on one’s mood. Even Indian curry can be a nice touch when done lightly.

    I don’t eat an all raw diet but I do try to keep what I eat as raw as possible. Doing chocolate bliss in a blender counts as raw because although the food gets some heat, it’s not full blown cooking, it’s friction!

    I am sure what your recipe yields is delicious.

    I usually add 2 cups raw organic almonds when the chocolate liquid is all warm and gooey and blend several minutes to get chocolate almond butter.

    • Aenia says

      I know that this comment is pretty old by now, but your recipe sounds delicious!! I will have to try it, as I love Katie’s version. I am gluten-free and animal dairy-free and do my best to eat low/ no refined sugars. This is a hybrid of my favorites: nut butters, chocolate, and coconut oil.

  180. Lorrin says

    This. Is. Awesome.
    I made this last night and found my new favorite snack ever.
    – Banana Ice Cream – 2 frozen bananas blended in a food processor with 2 T cocoa powder, a capfull of butter extract, and a splash of almond milk… then topped with cacao nibs and THIS delectable concoction. Y’know how frosting on ice cream is like the best thing ever? That’s what this tastes like! 😀 FROSTING… deep, dark, chocolate goodness.
    Thank you for sharing this FANTASTIC recipe!

  181. Lyana says

    Wow! I found what I was looking for :)) Healthy, easy, quick and delicious. Plus a great look on the finished product on a lightly frosted chocolate cake. Thank you for sharing this with the world!

  182. Rene' says

    I LOVE your site! I eat your baked oatmeals nearly every day!

    In this recipe you use the word sauce about lots of different versions. I want to make the ice cube tray chocolates but it doesn’t make a sense that you use less cocoa powder for it. Also, can honey be used in place of agave?


    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Yes, follow the chocolate sauce link and use the non-stevia version. Replace agave with honey in an equal amount.

  183. Urvashi says

    I live in India and most of your ingredients aren’t readily available. Can I use sugar instead? If yes, then how much?

  184. Jessica says

    I just made a half batch of this recipe and substituted 1 medium banana for the agave – I gave up added sugars for lent, so I’ve been sweetening everything with banana! I left out the water and threw it all in my magic bullet. Put globs of it on parchment in the freezer and ended up with slightly chewy chocolate kisses. So good! Thanks for the inspiration!

  185. Mischelle says

    Dear lord! Just when i though i was giving up trying to make my vegan ganache for a friend’s bday and thought maybe cck has a recipe? Found this. Made it. It’ perfect! I opted for the 1/2cup and the full recipe glaced/ covered my whole cake! Lovely and thank you

  186. Jaime says

    Does this make 4 tbsp with the stevia or is it over 4 tbsp?
    I’m wondering how many servings the recipe makes

  187. Nancy Talladino says

    I am so happy to have found your chocolate sauce recipe! I refuse to buy store-bought because of HFCS! Thanks so much!!! It’s delicious!!

  188. cheyene says

    I wonder how this would be with carob powder? My husband can’t have cocoa, but we both love our sweet treats & this sounds great!

  189. Sian says

    Hey! I just discovered your blog (late I know!) I really want to try and make your chocolate sauce to make chocolate candies but here in Ireland Coconut Oil is super expensive. Is there anything I can sub it with that will still have the same effect? Would olive oil give a strange flavor to the sauce?

  190. Meghan says

    I just made this and its DELICIOUS! So wonderful! I put some of it in my Greek yogurt, along with some flaxmeal – good decision 🙂 . I was wondering what the shelf life of this butter is (I’m sure it won’t last long because it’s so darn good). I wonder because I go to college states away from home (and from handy food processors at my use) and would like to make some ahead of time and keep it in my dorm with me. Thank you!

  191. Becky Kaiser says

    Can maple syrup or honey be substituted for the agave or stevia? I don’t care for the taste of either.

  192. Sammie~ says

    I want to make for my younger siblings, but we have no liquid sweetener at all. Can I just use vanilla extract or something? Google has not helped at all with this question..

  193. Christina says

    What part does the coconut oil play? Would it ruin the consistency to leave it out, or is there a good substitute? Unfortunately, anything coconut makes me ill after eating it.

  194. Firefly says

    Hey Katie! I made this recipe recently and oh my goodness this is amazing! It tastes just like a piece of heaven! Since then, i’ve tried so many things with it: made balls of corn flakes and honey and covered them in this chocolate, put pepper for spicy chocolate, mixed frozen strawberries witg it… AMAZING!

    But i have a small request. Is there any way to make it into milk chocolate? Like, add a bit of heated up nut milk to the mix? I know it’ll be more liquid-y, but maybe more cocoa powder would help? Thanks in advance 🙂

  195. Cheryl says

    Hey Katie, any alternatives to using the agave or vanilla drops? Any other sweetener likely to work? I’m not a fan of agave at all but I’ll see what I can do about getting the drops. Historically I’ve had problems with bitterness and stevia and am apprehensive about using it. Thanks!

  196. Joe Kurian says

    Can anyone tell me the expiry date on for this 3 ingredient chocolate.
    Keeping this chilled and dry
    Thank You

  197. Katie says

    Does this make enough to cover the “Refined Sugar Free Chocolate Cake” Recipe? How long will it last and how should you store it if you want it to stay runny?

  198. Mo says

    Love this frosting. I put it on Katie’s Pumpkin Snack Cake and it is perfect. This frosting hardens when you leave it out because of the coconut oil, so frost right away. I had to heat it up again to spread it.

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