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Facebook, Covered in Chocolate

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“Chocolate-Covered Facebook”

I still remember where I was the first time I heard mention of the word “facebook.”

My friends and I had just graduated from high school, and we were celebrating by being lazy. As we lounged around, the conversation turned to boys (as it inevitably always did). One of my friends kept going on and on about this guy she’d just met, while the rest of us rolled our eyes and said, “Yeah, whatever. He’s probably way uglier and more boring than you’re making him out to be.” (What good friends we were…) But she countered, “No, I can show him to you! He has facebook.”

Thus began–for me– the first of many hours spent on facebook.

Initially, I didn’t think I wanted a facebook account. It sounded like a big waste of time. But as the application became more popular, I realized all of the amazing things it could do. For instance, I could reconnect with friends from China, stay in touch with friends from Texas, and even find out where my friends from Japan and Pennsylvania were going to college.

What are your thoughts on facebook and privacy?

I’m not dumb enough to post info or photos on my facebook page that I would mind anyone seeing. But still, I’ve turned down a lot of friend requests simply because I just don’t know that I want strangers to have access to that much about information about my life. However, I’m betting that a lot of these “strangers” whose requests I’ve turned down are just bloggers and blog-readers. And I would like to be friends with them.

Therefore, yesterday, I created a facebook profile solely for the blog!

Chocolate-Covered Nail Art of the Day:


Hugging Squeezing a favorite fat: Artisana Coconut Butter.

Question of the Day:

Do you remember where you were when you first heard of facebook?

And what were your initial thoughts? I remember thinking, “What’s the big deal? It looks boring, and why did he pick such a dull name? This is one trend that’ll fizzle out pretty quickly.”

Hmmm, guess I was really wrong. Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Love the Nail Art of the day – so pretty! :)

  2. *Andrea* says:

    AHHH I LOVE YOUR NAILS!!! you should make a page on your blog up top with pics of all your beautiful nail art creations 😉

    i seriously can’t wait to try the pb icecream!

  3. abby says:

    i was still so young when facebook came out! i didn’t get it for years and years. but now you can’t get me off of it!

  4. Jennifer - jcd says:

    I was wary of Facebook for a long time too. I’m not a huge Facebook person either, but I like to get updates from my favourite companies, ganisations, and friends once in a while. It’s nice to share family or trip photos with relatives who live far away. I don’t understand the hype over the games and other features though.

    I sent CCK a friend request. (Jennifer D…)

  5. *Andrea* says:

    o and with facebook i remember creating it my senior year in hs because a guy i liked moved to town from some other state where it was first popular and then he showed me so i made one… then later i remember when high schoolers could become friends with college students since at first you couldn’t mix haha. oh how it’s changed!

    i’m certainly careful with mine because i’m friends with employees and old teachers (some are jesuits lol) and my mom lol

  6. Valerie says:

    Oh you weren’t the only one who thought facebook wouldn’t amount to anything! I figured it would stay around about as long as Xanga. Does anyone even remember Xanga?

  7. Andrea,
    Isn’t it weird how things’ve changed?! I remember when grown-ups who had facebook were “weirdos” and I told my mom she wasn’t allowed because kids would make fun of her. But now even peoples’ grandparents are getting it!

  8. JCD,
    I accepted!! So nice to be your friend… even though I most definitely already was :).

  9. Caroline says:

    My math teacher actually knew Zuckerberg b/c he went to his high school…he wasn’t a fan of him, though, lol.

    I think people are ridiculous to put up inappropriate pictures of themselves on Facebook b/c:
    1. it doesn’t look cool
    2. when you apply for jobs, people check your Facebook!!!

    My friends deactivated theirs when they applied to college. Not because they had anything inappropriate…you just don’t want to risk it!

  10. Caroline,
    Sounds like you have smart friends. ‘Cause the hard truth is that even if you DON’T have inappropriate things up, you might still have something that a potential employer decides makes you “not our type of person.” Better to be safe than sorry.

  11. Leslie says:

    I still can’t believe you painted those nails yourself! You are so talented! But maybe not psychic LOL, thinking facebook would die out. 😉

  12. Leslie says:

    Did you get my hug-a-fat photo?

  13. Inspired says:

    I was one of those older folks who wasn’t allowed on facebook. And I STILL don’t have it. I might be the only one!

  14. Sherri says:

    I remember when facebook started and people were trying to get as many friends as they could. Many have cut their lists now. :) I love seeing friends who moved away years ago get married, have babies, etc, but I am surprised is is still as popular as it is.

    I love your blog Katie, and your nail art. keep up the great work!

    1. Awww thank you so so much, Sherri!
      And LOL I remember the “get as many friends as you can” thing too. People I’d never even spoken to in high school were suddenly adding me on facebook!

  15. Stefanie says:

    I have a facebook to keep up with friends and family. My profile is on private though and I do not accept people I do not know.

    You always bring a smile to my face when I read your blog. Thank you for brighting my day.

  16. Stefanie,
    Your comments never fail to make ME smile :). So thank YOU.

  17. Mo says:

    I didn’t want to have a facebook for a really long time. I’d already gone through an obsession with MySpace and deleted because I was addicted. Then a year later facebook became the thing to be on and I refused. Finally I was at my friend’s house and we were going to be seeing each other again in a few days, so she said, “If you make a facebook account, I’ll give you cake!” And me, not being able to resist cake, made one. I added friends, and then immediately regretted joining. Every day I’d log on and find a request for me to get some sort of zombie vampire application, and I’d get notifications telling me that so-and-so bit me on his vampire application game thing. Oh, and the poking? Very annoying. I’m actually not addicted to facebook because it’s more annoying than MySpace is (at least MySpace in 2006, it’s probably changed loads since then).
    I have friends who move a lot though so it’s a great way to keep in touch. I check it maybe 1-3 times a day, I ignore most requests for joining stupid groups that suggest if I join a puppy won’t be put down or I’ll get $1,000, I don’t “friend” strangers and now it’s not so much of a bother.

    And like you, I have at least half a brain and don’t put up anything that I wouldn’t want anyone to see. That’s why I have my privacy settings so that friends of friends can see most of my info. I don’t say where I live, I only share my e-mail address and not my phone number, and if I were to do something I wouldn’t want someone to see, even if I thought they’d never see it, I wouldn’t post a picture of me doing it on a social networking site. The people who are upset about their privacy being invaded are the ones who need to realize that no information you share on the internet is guaranteed to be private. That’s why you’re supposed to be diligent regarding the type of information you post. No one is going to find out my street address by knowing that I like to quote George Carlin and listen to Ben Folds. 😛

  18. Danielle says:

    I want to be your friend on fb! I think everyone in blog land should be friends…cuz then you get to know the person better (through the 8 billion mediums of technology 😀 ) And I don’t do fan pages either- there’s just too many applications!

  19. I dislike Facebook and what really makes me mad is I feel like I basically have to have it to “survive”. Soon we’ll be voting for president on Facebook. My friends arrange nights out on Facebook. I have to have a personal profile for IET to have a page. It’s one thing to not post not-so-flattering pics or personal information about yourself on there, but that doesn’t stop anyone else from doing it! If you don’t want your boss to see pics of you holding a beer, you just can’t hold a beer in public. Sure, you can untag it, but it’s still there. And everyone and their brother knows about your engagement, pregnancy, new job before you even get to share the exciting news because the first person you told posted it on Facebook.
    I guess I just ranted and didn’t really answer the question. 😛 The first time I heard about it I was a freshman in college and everyone was excited our university was one of the ones that had it.

    1. Keri,
      I completely agree with your rant! There are some pictures of me on facebook that make me cringe. And honestly, just like you, I would rather not have it at all. It’s such a time-sucker.
      Your “someday we’ll vote for the president on facebook” remark would’ve made me laugh… if it weren’t so true :-?.

  20. McKella says:

    I like facebook for keeping in touch with friends, but I never accept a friend request if I don’t know who they are, and sometimes even if I do! I get overwhelmed with all the stuff and I don’t even use most of the applications. Too much!
    And I posted the recipe with your agar pudding if you want to check it out!

  21. Ah, Facebook. (Proud to be your chocolate-covered friend, btw!) It’s weird for me because when it started, it was literally only open to a handful of colleges in Boston, mine among them. So it was really small when I joined. And then it started opening up to more and more colleges, and it seemed like it would only be a college thing. But of course, people graduate, and thus began the worldwide dominationImeanexpansion. So now I’m in this weird place where I DO have kinda wacky/quasi-embarrassing pics from college there, but on the other hand, these days I’ve got people like my parents and little cousins friend-ing me. What used to be a relaxed, immature site great for procrastinating is now practically a professional tool for social networking, and I’m still not sure how I want to use it, so I’m caught between two worlds, so to speak, haha. I used to not accept bloggers as friends for privacy reasons, but now I’m “friends” with a handful that I know aren’t creepers. 😉 I definitely do not friend my co-workers though. That’s what LinkedIn is for. And so the ridiculous amount of networking sites continue to take over my life…

  22. I feel the same way about facebook. I have been wary of adding people that I don’t actually know, so now I am in the process of making a page for my blog. That way I can be fb friends with other bloggers and readers! I will be sure to add you when it is set up. :)

  23. vegirl says:

    I DO NOT have facebook– I’m a bit scared! My parents have warned me not to pout info about myself on the internet, and it’s freaky talking to people you may not know. I know some of my friends have a facebook and at school they talk about their conversations the night before. Couldn’t we just talk in PERSON all the time? Seems like another way to be lazy. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s great if you want to stay in touch with someone or something, but still…

  24. I have never viewed social networking as “private” so I wouldn’t put up thoughts or pictures that I don’t mind sharing with the world. People are up in arms about facebook, but most don’t realize that they publically share facets of their life on twitter – all of our twitter posts can be read by anyone and can even be found on search engines!

    If I have something to share with loved ones specifically, that is what the phone, direct emails, and tea time are for :)

  25. Oh, and CCK, have you thought about adding an email subscription? I am really trying to get off of reader, it is a pain and too time consuming. But a lot of bloggers haven’t switched to email yet. Very easy to simply sort the emails and even put posts into a folder that I want to have for later.

  26. I have FB too, and I only accept people that I know. I have a bunch of friends who think it’s a numbers game though!!

  27. Ha! I first heard about Facebook when I was lecturing at my old college. I’d been out of college for probably three years or so, and all the college kids were talking about Facebook. And being the old fogey that I am, I was like, “what’s Facebook?” At the time, I had a Myspace page, but I’d never heard of Facebook. It was still mostly used for college kids then.

    Once post-college folks started using Facebook, I resisted for awhile … holding tight to my MySpace page. But then I realized that EVERYONE was moving to FB and I outta get on the bandwagon…it’s been especially helpful in my work as a newspaper reporter. I find sources and connect with people who have story ideas.

    As for privacy, I don’t care much for it. I’m all about living out loud, and I don’t feel a need to hide any part of my life from anyone. I do have the privacy settings just in case …. but I pretty much approve anyone to be friend so long as they have at least one mutual friend with me.

  28. Hi!
    I read on your blog that you use the magic bullet machine. I would like to buy one, but is it a good blender? Did you buy it from the website or at a regular store. thanks

    1. littlemisspharmacist,

      I can’t recommend it enough!!
      I make my “babies” and so many other things in my Magic Bullet. They’re only $50 to begin with, and if you have a Bed, Bath, and Beyond near you, you can go online and download a coupon for 20% off, which makes it even cheaper. It’s the BEST money you will ever spend!
      Seriously, I use mine every day, for blended grains, fudge babies, soups, sauces, puddings… and clean up is a breeze because it goes in the dishwasher. Haha I promise they didn’t pay me to write this ;).


  29. Katie says:

    Love the nails love!!!

    Yay for being facebook friends now too!!

    Actually when I first heard about facebook I was still in myspace land, and didnt care for facebook, but last year my friends told me to join and now Im hooked! Its a good way for me to keep in touch with family and friends out of state!

    I do think though that people do post too much of their personal life on there, like if they are havinga fight with their boyfriend, etc…

    Facebook is not supposed to be therapy, lol!

    Love u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Meg says:

    I TOTALLY remember NOT wanting a Facebook, then I just got sucked in…guhh! It’s such an addiction – but I agree – very time consuming and I really like enjoying my friends in person than on Facebook, but it’s a GREAT keep in touch tool :)

    That ice cream is BEAUTIFUL just like y ou!!

  31. Ilana says:

    First time I heard of facebook was from the guy I was dating when he went away to college. I *really* wanted one and had to wait almost two years before I went away to school too haha. Now, though, I have SERIOUS issues with facebook and privacy!! I can’t stand people knowing my business and I’ve always used Facebook to connect to people for school programming and stuff (I was the president of my sorority, it was really easy to invite everyone to philanthropy events with Facebook). I really didn’t think it was such a huge deal. When my boyfriend I started dating we ended up doing that ridiculous “in a relationship” thing even though I really didnt care either way, but a few months down the road we kind of thought we were breaking up, so we ended our relationship on facebook, which I hated. I want to be able to tell my friends my business on my own terms, but with the click of a button the hundreds of people I’m connected to on facebook know my most private personal pain? No thanks. Worse, he and I decided to stay together (well, thats not bad haha), but I didn’t feel like going through the whole announcing it on facebook drama again. We’ve been together two and a half years and people still ask me, “So…whats up with you and Jon? Are you dating? Because your facebook status doesn’t say you are.” Really?! I had no idea that Facebook was actually the defining factor in human relationships, yanno?

    Whew, that’s my rant. Time to go eat some chocolate butter to counter the negative thoughts!

  32. thats pretty similar to me.. a group of people were talking and then someone said “oh i’ll show u them..they have facebook” i never really got attached to it. actually i recently deleted my account.. im done with it. ive had too many issues with it and more so seen so many of my friends’ relationships with their boyfriends/other friends get ruined because of it. hmmm good for some bad for others.


  33. Mo says:

    Oh, yeah, and the cake promised to me turned out to be a facebook gift. As in, a picture of animated cake was sent to me. 😐

  34. I remember my brother heading off to college and realizing that he was practically the only college kid without a facebook account so then I wanted to get one to be like him. Gotta live up to the big brother. :-)

  35. I miss the days when facebook was separate for college and high school and you had to be invited to join. I was in like 8th or 9th grade chatting it up on good old AIM when my friend invited me and told me it was only the coolest thing ever

  36. Michal says:

    I love facebook :) I personally like it way better than myspace or anything like that. I mainly use my facebook to keep in touch with family that live far away or friends that i dont really see anymore. But I do enjoy playing treasure island everyonce in a while!

  37. Oh goodness…facebook…I’m rarely on, but it is nice to see of my friends that live all around the country. Its nice to see photos to see how they are doing. What I hate though is when someone who might be a friend of a friend of a friend asks me to be a friend…but i don’t even know who they are! One friend’s little brother who is like 10 years old asked me to be a friend, I didn’t eve know she had a little brother! (don’t worry, she was a new friend, I’m not that careless about my friend’s lives!) I think for a lot of people its just a big contest to see who has the most friends.

    By the way, I like your new layout. The heading is bigger and nicer to read!

  38. Katie says:

    Haha, I held out on facebook for a while, too. I was a freshman in college when it came out and I thought it was ridiculous – but after a few short months of boycotting, I was hooked myself. I also don’t use it a whole lot, but it’s nice to be able to contact old friends if I need/want to!

  39. Katie says:

    You’re at Bryn Mawr?? I went to Villanoava! I used to work at Hope’s Cookies, have you been there?

    1. Katie,
      YES, I know Hope’s Cookies!! Oh my gosh, yes haha. I even have a few friends from Villanova. I’m actually not at Bryn Mawr anymore (I transferred), but I was there in 2005-2006. Were you there then? We might’ve even passed each other on the street!

  40. Sarah says:

    Your ice cream looks SO darn perfect! I have had a Vita-Mix for almost 6 months now, and yet every time I go to make ice cream, it either turns out like a smoothie or it won’t blend at all if the fruit is too frozen, and then I have a yummy(?) ice cream brick. Who wants that? Gah!

  41. Haha this post is great. When I got your request yesterday I figured that was why you made a different one, and I’m glad you did. Safety is good
    :) I actually had to make a different profile a few weeks ago because people who’ve seen Minor Details kept adding me.. lol.

    Love the fat-hugging pic. :)

    To answer your QOTD, I remember making one just for the heck of it. Myspace was still the big thing at the time, so I didn’t really find it necessary. Little did I know that years later I’d be so over Myspace and so grateful for Facebook! It’s helped me reconnect with a ton of friends. :)

  42. kelli says:

    Can’t wait to see your vita ice cream tutorial I just got a vita yesterday 😀

  43. Ann Claire says:

    The vita-mix ice cream looks great! I really love your blog. I invite you to check out my blog, I’m pretty new to this whole healthy eating blogging thing but I am really enjoying it!

  44. Amy says:

    I remember I was sleeping over at my friend from camp’s house at the beginning of my freshman year of high school. Back then you had to be invited into facebook by someone, so my friend contacted someone she knew who was in my high school’s network already. I felt very cool being the first one of most of my friends to have a facebook. Now everyone has them and being invited is not necessary. Even though so much has changed it is still a great way to keep in touch.

  45. Jessica says:

    Mmm, that ice cream looks so good.

    I do remember first hearing about facebook – I was intrigued. I heard about it before it was actually introduced at my school (in the beginning, they were introducing a handful of schools at the time). I was SO excited when they finally introduced my college (I think I was a freshman) – and I’m still kind of addicted. I know it sounds lazy, but it’s just such an easy way to keep up with friends from all over the place. I usually still check it once a day, sometimes less and sometimes more :)

  46. shesarunner says:

    I remember the first time I heard about Facebook! It was also from a friend who was dating a guy and wanted to show me his facebook profile, so almost the exact same scenario as you. I had no interest in getting it at first, but eventually I jumped on the bandwagon. It was addictive and I felt like I was spending way too much time on it, but now I don’t really care about it. I rarely check it or go on it to “face stalk”. I think it is kind of creepy how I can know where someone is going to be, what they did last night, who their friends are, and what they are wearing today. Thats why I never post status updates or give much info on my own profile. Having said that, I still keep the account…it allows me to be in touch with people that I would probably lose touch with otherwise.

  47. Kelly says:

    Man, I can’t pinpoint an exact moment when I first learned about Facebook, but I remember waiting to join until just after I got accepted at Carleton – I wanted to be associated with my future college and not my high school! Ah, those were the days… Facebook was simple and served its original function without useless frills! Now I keep my privacy settings fairly tight, because I hate the idea of just anybody seeing my profile.

    I’m friending your chocolate-covered self! I’m Kelmishka (an old nickname) over there now, which probably helps cut down on anybody knowing who I am just by my name. :)

  48. Katie says:

    Hi Katie,

    I was at Villanova from 2000-2004. My husband and I hope to return to the area at some point (that is where we met). I definitely miss the King of Prussia Mall and Hope’s Cookies among other things!


  49. it was the summer right after senior year of HS and on AIM, on peoples profiles some said “Facebook me” witha link to their FB page…i was so intrigued but didn’t join right away but then I hopped on the band wagon…now come to think of it..AIM seems so outdated hahaaa

  50. Marianne says:

    Hmmm…I think I discovered facebook like, 5 years ago or so? I’m not 100% sure. Probably when they opened it up to non-college students finally. Or maybe I signed up as an alumni. I honestly don’t remember, but it is great for keeping in touch with people around the world.

  51. You went to Bryn Mar – I live near Philly – Super cool!!

    I actually enjoy facebook. It helps me to keep up with my family since they are all over the place.

    I definately only accept friends and family that I know!! I’m with you right there!

    1. idreamoftahini,
      You’re so lucky; Philly is one of my favorite cities. I also grew up in Thornton (not sure if you know where that is, but it’s right outside of Philly too).

  52. I remember very clearly when I first heard about Facebook; I was living in Germany and had used a similar GERMAN application for months and had loved it, so easy to get in touch with my new friends and plan something fun to do :) then a friend who is living in Ireland suggested Facebook to me and I joined. First I thought it’s weird and complicated and there were almost no Finns at that time, but in FEW months I got almost all my real life Finnish friends in Facebook, it was so cool 😀

    Because a lot of my friends are all over the world I love how Facebook makes it easier to be in touch and plan reunions and such. We also have a 2 years old thread going on in Facebook with friends who live in Copenhagen, Dublin and Helsinki, we write each other almost everyday what we’ve been up to and when we finally meet a few times a year it’s like we’ve never been separated, it’s so cool! I use Facebook a lot BUT I’m very careful who I add as a friend and I never accept anyone as a friend whom I don’t know. I have a lot of pictures and such there which are meant only for my friends and family. It’s not about the quantity, but the quality 😉