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NYC never Sleeps

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I think last night was the worst night of sleep I’ve ever gotten in my life. Even though I climbed into bed at 10ish, I didn’t fall asleep until midnight… and I woke up at 1:45, wide awake! At around 3, I gave up and grabbed a book to read, hoping it would make me sleepy.

Didn’t work.

Finally, I got out of bed and went for an early-morning run in the dark. The weird thing is that I didn’t feel lethargic or sluggish AT ALL. I kept waiting to crash and burn, but my run was energy-filled, and the adrenaline kept me going for the rest of the day as well. Plus, I got to hang with my Saved by the Bell friends while I made my second breakfast! (I’d turned on the tv to see if there was a World Cup game.)


Above, a Manila mango, a glass of almondmilk, and Chocolate Cream Pie Bulgur Pudding


I have an overwhelming fear of flying. It’s ridiculous, especially considering the number of airplanes I’ve been on in my life (starting at 6 weeks old). The reason for my sleepless night, last night, was that I was wide-awake thinking about tonight’s flight to New York. Normally, I’m wary of taking any sort of medicine (I very rarely even take Tylenol), but before I fly, if I don’t take 1/2 an Ativan, I’ll have what I can only imagine is a panic attack (heart racing, nausea, light-headedness, etc.).

Ah, but the ends justify the means… I’m going to New York!


Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Oh I feel for you – your nights’ sleep sounds like mine most nights! It’s very frustrating :/ I hope you get a better one tonight!
    Your breakfast looks incredible :O

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I am very afraid of flying also…I always take *something* before boarding!
    Have a safe trip and have lots of fun in NYC 😀

  3. Janna says:

    I can never sleep the night before a flight. I have a HUGE fear of flying!

    But yay you’re coming here!!! What are your NYC plans??

    1. Janna,
      I’m not sure yet LOL. Right now, we’re going to Long Island, but NYC is going to happen sometime… maybe in July… I’ll definitely keep the blogworld posted, because I want to meet everyone lucky enough to live there!!

  4. I have an intense fear of flying!! It’s my only real “fear”, but it’s major. I even panic a little when planes fly over my house (loudly). No, I don’t think they’re going to crash into me, it’s just an irrational and intense fear of airplanes.

  5. Jenny says:

    Are you going to Cocoa V? :) (BTW, I don’t like to fly, either. I always get my “affairs in order,” beforehand, assuming I’m going to crash. BUT I keep flying, and I get used to it the more and more I do it.)

    1. Jenny,
      What’s Cocoa V? Sounds fun (maybe because “Cocoa” is in the name hehe?)

  6. Jennifer says:

    I hate flying too! Especially take-off and landing. I just got back from the Bahamas, and the flight between the Bahamas to FL was in a 19-seater. 19 seats! It was so tiny and falling apart and I was so close to the pilot (no door to the cockpit by the way) that I could have spit on him. It was scary but fortunately only a 45 minute flight, though of course that was followed by a grown-up flight back to NJ so it sucked either way….

    Have fun in NY!

    1. Jennifer,
      19 seats?! Ok, you’re brave! When we were in The Philippines, we had a chance to go to a “special” beach… but it was in a 6-seater. My mom and I stayed in Manila and let my dad and sister go!

  7. Have fun in New York! It sounds so much more glamorous than summer cottage 😀

  8. abby says:

    i take something too! it’s not ativan, i think it’s called xanax? or something… i haven’t flown in a while so i don’t remember. but i’m terrified of it! thanks for admitting you are too! it makes me feel less silly to know someone i look up to has the same fear as me! :)

  9. Sorry about not being able to sleep. :( Your second breakfast looks amazing though! Hope you have a great time in New York! 😀

  10. Mae says:

    Ohh I want to come visit you!!! How long are you staying? Either way that is so exciting. Have a safe flight and I hope you have an amazing time!

    1. Mae,
      I think a little over a month… but we’ll be all around: Boston, NYC, Long Island… are you going to be any of those places this summer? It’d be great to meet up!!

  11. Oooh New York!!! What’s the occasion?

    I bet you’ll be fine on the flight. I’ve never had a fear of flying (I fly a lot, too), but I hate how I have no leg room. I love to spread out in my car when I’m driving, but I always feel so cramped flying! Ugh.

    Anyways, Have a safe flight! Bring a bag of munchies for your flight-as long as it’s not liquid! I always bring an empty water bottle to fill up inside the airport water fountain, so that I don’t have to pay for over-priced water! One time, though, My mom brought a bowl of oatmeal through the terminal for a very-early morning flight, and they took it from her!!

    1. Alex,
      Summer vacation! :)
      We go every year, because it’s where my whole family lives.
      And BOO to them about the oatmeal; I would’ve fought them on that! It’s not a liquid!! Meanies… they probably wanted to eat it!

  12. jen says:

    i don’t like flying either…i mean i do enjoy the excitement of travel but lately it makes me feel sick and if i have a panic attack a whole load of awful symptoms accompany it so i take a gravol and it sort of knocks me out since i’m not that big lol.

    ive wanted to try other grains for breakfast like bulgar or something other than oats but i don’t know what to put in it! that looks yummy:)

    have fun in new york!!! xoxoxox

  13. everyone puts up the “you have a greater risk of dying in a car” argument, but really the amount of risk per minute in a car and in a plane are the same. I hate the way your body reacts to being in the air etc; my ears always pop- it’s uncomfortable!

  14. Katie says:

    Sorry this may sound unsympathetic, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! I have panic attacks months in advance when I know I am flying. I haven’t flown in 7 years, but sometimes when I think about flying somewhere someday I get panic attacks. Yeah, I’ m claustrophobic- when I lived on the 11th floor of an apartment building in the city, I took the stairs every time. No elevators for me. (I weighed 10 lbs less then too!)

    1. Katie,
      It doesn’t sound unsympathetic; I’m the same way (in that I feel comforted knowing I’m not the only one with this irrational fear). :)

  15. Jennifer - jcd says:

    Have a great trip! I never sleep the night before a flight either, but that’s because I’m too excited to go wherever I am flying to. I understand your fear though, my mum is like you. Take it easy. Comfort food always helps.

  16. Sarahishealthy says:

    I’m another plane fearer :(. But I love going places, so it’s a trade off.

  17. Ilana says:

    Hey, look at it this way: I’m on the other side of that plane ride! Haha jk.

    I think a lot of our generation have really deep fears of flying – the World Trade Center/Pentagon tragedy took place at a point in our lives that was a really definitive turning point for us because we were JUST developing our adult cognitive processes (I don’t know about you but it was my FIRST WEEK of high school). I get nervous flying too, even though I do it several times a year.

    Have a safe flight!!!!!!!!

    1. Ilana,
      I had to fly TWO WEEKS after that! :(

  18. your chocolate breakfast just made my fruit breakfast a little sad! have fun in nyc!

  19. eatandrun says:

    Heck yeah, go USA!

  20. Kat says:

    yay for mangoes! I’ve been eating them so much lately :)
    and New York! I’m going in 3 weeks. One of my favorite cities ever! can’t wait to hit up the vintage stores :) Have fun!

  21. Kat says:

    I’ve been loving mangoes lately!
    have fun in NYC! I’m going in 3 weeks! can’t wait! one of my favorite cities ever! hello vintage shopping and super fun shennanigans!

  22. Kyle says:

    I’m afraid of DRIVING in general, so…don’t worry about the flying thing. We all have our fears, and obviously you face yours (and I drive anyways, just not as often as most and I don’t take freeways…)

  23. jenny says:…it’s vegan chocolate and wine. I don’t like wine, and I think it’s expensive. But I think they even have “cheese” plates. I think it sounds so fun. And one of the only vegan places in NYC I haven’t been to.

    1. Jenny,
      Oh awesome, I’ll look it up for sure!

  24. Danielle says:

    Isn’t it peculiar how our bodies can contradict our minds? I’m always puzzled on the (rare) occasions when my body doesn’t seem to need sleep!
    Have an AWESOME vacation! Can’t wait to read your reports on NYC!

  25. chef Dennis says:

    sounds like you have some really great recipes! I am always interested in learning new things and Vegan food is really new to me, and more of my girls are going that way
    all the best

    1. chef Dennis,
      Aww thanks!!
      Happy Thursday to ya :).

  26. Jennifer - jcd says:

    Speaking of fear today, a hornet decided to visit me at work today: sitting on my desk, flying around my head, landing on my keyboard. I almost cried. I am terribly afraid of hornets, wasps, and bees! I know they pollinate our flowers and veggies but they bite and sting. We all have our fears. You aren’t alone.

    1. JCD,
      *Shudder* I don’t think anyone would want a hornet visiting his/her desk! That sounds like a perfectly-grounded fear!

  27. Jessica says:

    My dad’s family is from Long Island, we used to go every summer. That should be a fun trip! I get nervous about flying too. I’m usually fine until right before the plane takes off… you’d think after enough flights I’d be over it! But you’re right, the ends definitely justify the means in this case :) Have fun!

  28. caronae says:

    I have terrible insomnia. I find that when I’m anxious and can’t sleep, there are a few things that help: meditating, journal writing, massaging my hands or feet. Good luck! I have a fear of flying too; I always take a special object with me and hold it in my hands while we take off; for example, I have a tiny wind-up otter and a Stanford duck keychain. Random, but it works!

    Are you doing an NYC blogger meetup by any chance? It kind of is the best city ever. :)

    1. Caronae,
      I want to! I’m not sure when I’ll be in NYC though. My family lives so close that we sometimes end up taking sporadic day trips. But I think I’ll be in NYC for a few nights sometime in July. Are you going to be there? It’d be great to meet up!

  29. I’m scared to fly too … so much so that I managed to avoid airplanes until a couple years ago when my company made me fly to Chicago for a conference. I begged them to put me on a train (one goes straight from Memphis to Chicago), but they said the airline offered a better deal. So I flew. And it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought….so I flew again in January to a conference in San Franciso. The large airplane to get there wasn’t so bad, but I had to ride on a tiny plane to get to my layover in Salt Lake on the way back…I thought I was going to die! I had to order wine, and then I was a little better. Thank god for alcohol and pills, right?

  30. omg my mom take half an ativan when she flies!! haha thats kind of funny. yea i was given the tylenol no. 3’s with codeine for my jaw pain but omg my body is WAY to sensitive and i broke out in hives. i never took tylenol as a kid cuz it used to make my headaches feel worse! yucky meds. but i mean sometimes some work good- different strokes for different folks i guess! <3

    if i wake up and try to read i always STAY awake! i used to think it was the best remedy to get me back to sleep.. the only thing ive found that works is making a hot tea.. like a ginger or chammomile tea and sipping it.. then 30 min later id fall right back to sleep..ahh… :)


    1. Kelsey,
      Haha my mom takes one too!
      Oh, and speaking of my mom: she told me to read my science book when I can’t fall asleep, because it’s so boring! 😉

  31. You’re going to New York?! Lucky you! I’ve always wanted to go there; in fact, I think that’s what I want to do for my 18th birthday. 😛 You will have so much fun, Katie. I’m excited for you and I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures. Be sure to take lots of pictures. :)

  32. Tori says:

    I like the new “real” you! I’ve never been one to follow blogs just for the food and recipes, so I am glad you’ve decided to put more of yourself into your blog!

    <3 Tori

  33. Kudos to you on your blog style changes! Not because you should or should not share certain things on your blog, but for making changes that are true to you. :) That’s what bloggings’ about after all eh?

    I hope your flight went ok :( but welcome to NY!!! 😀

  34. Mo says:

    I actually reeeally like flying, but I don’t do it very often. I was absolutely terrified the summer after 9/11 flying to Maine though. I didn’t quite understand the concept that not every plane was equipped with terrorists for a while…

    Sorry about your bad night! :(

    But on the bright side, I’ve passed on a plethora of blog awards to you. :)

  35. dmcgirl37 says:

    Im the same way on flights, I actually did have a panic attack on a few’s the worst…I hate not being able to go places though so I go on them anyway..SIGH..
    What is it that you take? Maybe I can ask my doctor about it and it would help for me next time I fly?

    So jealous your going to NY 😛

    Dana xo

    1. Dana,
      It’s called Ativan. It just calms you down and makes you sleepy. Trust me, I would NEVER be able to sleep on a plane otherwise! I’m still scared, but it drastically reduces the amount of anxiety and the “can’t breathe” feeling.

  36. mapledreams says:

    Oh no, sorry to hear about your terrible nights sleep! i’m like that every single night, but the only difference is, i AM constantly exhausted! very annoying! it’s weirdd though sometimes i do have more energy if i have only 1/2 hours sleep instead of my usual 3/4 a night! it’s strange..maybe it is because my body doesn’t actually get to the totally deep sleep stage so doesn’t make me feel soooo exhaused when i waken!

    i hope you manage the flight with no problems at all. JEALOUS you are going to NY though i must admit! it’ll all be worth it so try not to fret my love xx

  37. Lori says:

    Hi Katie! I’ve been reading for a while but have never commented. I’m getting caught up after not checking in for several days and I think the changes to the blog will be great! I, too, tend to worry too much about other people. It’s great to consider others, but we must be real and true to ourselves! And just so you know, those of us, your smart (for lack of a better word) readers, know that you are healthy by your beautiful glow, beautiful hair, beautiful teeth, … I think you’re awesome!

    1. Hi Lori!! So nice to “meet” you :) :). And thanks for the sweet comment!

  38. caronae says:

    Katie –yes, I live here! :)

  39. I used to get sick EVERY time I flew. And that’s at least 6 times a year. It wasn’t until a few flights ago I had to go without my usual pepto-bismal overload but ever since then I’ve been fine. You’re ganna have so much fun in NYC! Just think about that during the flight! 😀

  40. Danielle says:

    Aw, I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well! I’m not a huge fan of flying either but I’ve been on so many airplanes that I’m sort of immune to it now. But you’re going to NYC!! Sounds like fun 😀

    Oh, and the vegan cinnamon rolls came from Veganomicon (except they’re called the maple brown sugar pinwheels). I glossed over that recipe many times because it was called a “pinwheel” and not a “cinnamon roll!”

  41. shesarunner says:

    I have a fear of flying too, and I get panic attacks sometimes. I haven’t been on a plane in a pretty long time, but I used to take ativan for my panic attacks (not just for flying but any time throughout the day when I would get unexpected panic attacks, or general anxiety). I’ve recently stopped taking it quite so frequently, since I’m trying to ween off of all prescription drugs (benzos are the last to go) but honestly, I still take it if I really need it…and I don’t think it is that big of a deal. I honestly don’t know how I would function sometimes without it because my anxiety and panic attacks would interfere with my daily life. I don’t like being dependent on it, but for now, it works for me. I think taking 1/2 a pill before a flight is really no big deal, especially if it allows you to get some sleep and go to NEW YORK! I wish I could come too! Have a good flight and an amazing trip!

  42. I haven’t been on a plane since I was little, so I’m sure the next time I’ll have overwhelming anxiety, too!! Good luck, I’m sure it will be fine. :)


  43. Hi Katie!!

    Just wanted to say Hi!!
    I have been following your blog for some time now…and just recently decided to start onw of my own!! Your an inspiration 😉
    I would love for you to check it out at some point (although Im still learning all the “technical stuff”)

    Have an amazing time in New York!! I LOVE that city…lived there for about a year and a half and travel back for work on occasion.

    Safe travels

  44. Jess says:

    You are one committed runner :) Before 6? DANNGGG!
    <3 jess

  45. Try not to stress and enjoy the flight! :)
    And welcome to my territory 😉 NYC is the best in the summer!
    Have a blast!

  46. Emily says:

    Hi katie!!

    I have a HUGE fear of flying! I have nightmares for weeks before I fly…ugh! I try not to let it take over though, or I’ll get to miss out on so much in life! One thing that has helped me ( a bit) is reading and learning as much as I can about how planes fly, why they fly, the training the pilots take, what’s going on in the cockpit etc…I feel the more I know about all the operations of the plane and the feelings of flying and what to expect makes me a little more at ease because I can rationalize with myself…there’s tons of information online. It’s worth a shot!

    Have a fun trip!!!

  47. have fun on your trip!!! just brniog some good magazines, some music and zone out! it will FLY by!

  48. Lorin says:

    I just came back from there last night after visiting it for the first time. You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO go to Max Brenner’s in East Village by Greenwich (It’s on the bottom edge of Union Square) . I had the chocolate pizza there (it was featured on Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network) and it was amazing. Even my dad, who doesn’t like sweets very much, said it was really good! Plus, there’s a Whole Foods around the corner.

    1. Lorin,
      Chocolate pizza?! Ok, you definitely have my attention! I’ll have to check it out and see if it’s vegan! If not, no worries: I know I can find a ton of amazing food in NYC! :)

  49. sarahnotsoplainandtall,
    Your name is just too cute!! I loved that book, growing up (I even read the sequel… and another book by the author, called “Baby” or something like that hehe).

  50. Marianne says:

    Oooh, New York! Fun! I’m officially jealous. I must get there some day soon. I can only imagine all the shopping and food fun awaiting me there.