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Vegan Black Forest ice cream

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The Vita-Mix hugs a fruit

May I present:Vegan Black Forest ice cream, in honor of Hug a Fruit Month.


 It’s a pretty similar recipe to my Chocolate-Strawberry Ice Cream.

Look, I made chocolate-cherry art:


Black Forest Ice Cream

(Makes about 2 cups)


  • 8 grams (about 1 and 1/2 T) Hershey’s Special Dark (For most recipes, I use regular cocoa powder, as it has more antioxidants. But the Special Dark tastes much better in this recipe.)
  • 4 grams (about 1 T) Amazing Grass Super Chocolate powder (Or skip this and just add more  of the Special Dark cocoa)
  • scant 1/3 cup non-dairy milk (I use almond milk. If you don’t have a Vitamix, you may need to add more liquid for the mixture to blend.)
  • 2-6 ice cubes (I use 6)
  • 1 bag frozen cherries (or strawberries or other berries) (about 250 grams)
  • If you have a bigger sweet tooth than my non-existent one, feel free to add sweetener

To make it look like real ice cream, use the Ice Cream Trick.

Throw everything in the Vita-Mix and blend!


Optional Ideas:

  1. Either before or after blending, throw in some chocolate chips
  2. Sprinkle coconut shavings on top of the finished creation.
  3. Change up the fruit—use raspberries and you’ll be rewarded with a dessert reminiscent of those famous raspberry jelly truffles.
  4. Add some chopped, frozen banana pieces (or just sub banana for the berries… and you can add some peanut butter too)
  5. Use chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder
  6. For an even more decadent ice cream, use melted chocolate chips in place of the cocoa powder.

Thank you mucho, Vita-Mix Ice Cream Trick.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. That ice cream recipe sounds fantastic! 😀 I think I might try this soon!

  2. Wow I read some of the comment on yesterday’s post and .. Wow .. Definitely gonna bookmark it :)

  3. My Vita-Mix loves frozen peaches, strawberries, and bananas! :)

  4. Leslie says:

    I agree with Marilou. I just went back and looked through the comments, and gosh I am inspired by peoples’ attitudes. I think it might just inspire me to take up yoga or something else where I can be part of a group. Heck, maybe I’ll even start a blog!

  5. Leslie says:

    Oh, and to answer your question of the day, my blender LOVES fruit! Especially green monsters :). Friendly green monsters, of course.

  6. Katharina says:

    Oh my gosh! Forwarding this recipe to my mom!!! We’ve been frequenting this German restaurant to watch the World Cup games and their black forest cake is something we have to order everytime. Now black forest ICE CREAM?! This is perfect for the hot weather 😀

    XOXO keep those recipes coming Miss Thang!

  7. :O
    I want that ice cream! Good gracious it looks sinful and delicious 😀
    My blender reguarlyhugged frozen bananas, pears and strawberries – before it gave up the fight for life, and can hug no more :(

  8. Sarahishealthy says:

    My blender eats bananas for breakfast. But it wouldn’t say no to some of that ice cream!

  9. Jess says:

    That looks so sinful! Frozen cherries are amazing!

  10. Meg says:

    KATIE! That looks amazing, I love black forest ice cream 😀

  11. Mmmm–cherries and chocolate–two of my favorite things :) Must try!

  12. Yum! I made ice cream this weekend too! Rocky Road with little vegan marshmallows and walnuts! But yours sounds even healthier with the addition of the Amazing Grass. Love. that. stuff.

  13. Wow, Katie! This recipe looks amazing. Chocolate and cherries are one of the best combos.

  14. *Andrea* says:


    this icecream looks soooooooooo good! i love how it’s not processed with weird chemicals like many icecreams on the shelves at stores but it’s homemade deliciousness

  15. I seriously need to buy a VitaMix. My poor blender hates me and my protein-ice-cream lovin’ ways. Any thoughts on how to purchase one that doesn’t require selling one of my kidneys to be able to afford it??

    1. nourishingnoshes,
      I *think* they’re usually like $700 but Costco sometimes has them on sale for “only” like $200 or $300. Or maybe punch into google: “Vita-Mixes on sale”?? I totally understand about the protein ice cream thing. I tried to make it in my magic bullet, and it turned into icy mush!

  16. I soooo wish I could dig into a big bowl of your chocolate cherry ice cream right now! That’s one of my fav combos. :)

  17. VEGirl says:

    Oh OH I have a HUGE bowl of cherries in the fridge and I am SO making this! I’ll freeze some and… Oh wait, we can’t find the blade to our blender (it’s horrible). Maybe I’ll use a food processor…

  18. todayslady says:

    I want this ice cream!!! And a vita mix too :) Black forest anything is awesome!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    i love how this looks! I usually just make mine with dark chocolate, frozen strawberries, ND-Milk and banana, but i will have to try this one
    P.S.: I think Spain sucks, i wish the Germans would have won
    P.P.S.:This may have something to do with me living in Berlin 😉

    1. Anonymous,
      LOL well your team did much better than mine ;).

  20. Lola says:

    Yeah Go Spain!!!! I wanted mexico to win, obviously, but at least it was someone who speaks spanish 😛

  21. That cherry choc looks delish!
    Its a little like the one I made here except mine is just frozen cherries and chocolate soya. Cherries and chocolate go so well together

  22. Looks good! I make the same thing only with frozen strawberries and bananas. It’s reallllly good! Tastes like a chocolate-covered strawberry!

  23. Jenny says:

    My kids will love this.

  24. Stefanie says:

    That looks like the perfect treat on a hot summer day. I keep forgetting to get a picture of me with my fruit. Hopefully I can remember to do that soon.

    Have a great day. :)

  25. Marianne says:

    If I had a Vita-Mix, I’m sure it would hug many a fruit. Alas, only my dying Magic Bullet gets to hug fruit around here.

  26. I recently received a vitamix as a bribe/gift from my guilt-ridden mother and it’s awesome! My vitamix hugs fruit all the time like when it creates green smoothies, apple juice, ice cream/milkshakes, etc. I like to make my ice creams more creamy by putting in some soaked cashews. You may have to pop it back in the freezer for a bit, but it’s totally worth it.

    My favorite ice cream is bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. I use frozen bananas and peanut butter and blast away in the vitamix. When it’s done, I mix in some chocolate chips. So good, yet way healthier than normal ice cream and far cheaper than the vegan choices at the grocery. Mmm!

  27. To those people who are looking for ways to afford a vitamix, check out the refurbished ones:

    Still expensive at 379+tax, but cheaper than what you’d normally pay with basically no difference. Same warranty, quality, etc. I’d recommend calling your order in, rather than doing it online. It’s easier to make sure you get the best price and free shipping.

    Another option is to poke around on craigslist or ebay to see if you can find someone selling their old one. It’s typically hard to find these cases as most people hold on to these machines for life.

    Good luck! It’s totally worth it!

  28. My Magic Bullet hugs a fruit everyday for smoothie-making action! 😀 That ice cream looks incredible. I wonder if you could somehow make this in an ice cream maker? I don’t have one of those right now, either..but they’re much cheaper than Vita-Mixes so it’s worth a shot! lol

  29. Katie,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am hosting a Food Should Taste Good Giveaway at my blog! Winner gets 5 FREE BAGS OF FSTG CHIPS!


  30. My Blendtec LOVES some fruit:) How about a healthy apple cobbler (shake) – or something like that:) that would be delicious. Or vegan cookies and cream – or cookie dough icecream. Yumminess. Not fruit – but perhaps we could classify chocolate as a fruit. At least Amazing Grass can count – right???:)

  31. Rachael says:

    My Vitamix plays an important role in the illicit love affair between frozen blackberries and frozen peaches. Summer amazingness, right there.
    By the way, the titles to your posts make me salivate, and today’s was no different. Vegan black forest ice cream? Oh yeah.

  32. Looks delicious! YUM! We have been playing in the kitchen and trying to perfect our raw ice creams, funny how the body craves cold things this time of the year 😉 YAY for dairy free ice cream! HAHA

  33. C,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to write all this! I’ll be sure to give your comment a shout-out in an upcoming post :).

  34. Mary,
    I really need to crank out my ice cream maker when I get back from vacation. I have NOT given that thing enough use!!

  35. Danielle says:

    I love frozen cherries! (And black forest ice cream, duh 😀 ) My vitamix has most def. hugges some fruit…and veggies, and grains, andddd lots of protein powder

    I have another optional idea: Pour PMS Sauce on top!

  36. Everyone’s on the ice cream train! I’ve been going crazy with flavors. I just posted about frozen watermelon-lime bars. They aren’t totally vegan, but I bet you could fix that. 😉 I’m bound to try this soon, and thank you for putting the recipe on the same page – very convenient. 😀

  37. Efi says:

    Your dessert look amazing as always!
    What I like about your sweets is that you prefer them like me, not sweet :)

    Go Spain! Well as Mediterranean I m proud, hihi

  38. Gummy Bear says:

    That looks so good. Like, I want to make it right now. Hahahah x) I read those comments, too, and they’re so sweet. Yay self esteem boosting!!

  39. erinsloves says:

    Ice cream looks delicious! Oh and later I’ll be posting on my blog the results of me making a version of your Fudge Babies! Have a good Vacay!

  40. Skylar says:

    For people who can’t afford a Vita Mix what would you recommend to make vegan ice cream with ? Would a food processor be adequate ? Thanks !

    1. Skylar,
      Little Bookworm just made it with the food processor, and she said it worked (she had to blend the ice for a while). You can check out her post:

  41. I want to make that ice cream! I’m trying to stay pretty dairy-free, so this is perfect, but I don’t have a VitaMix! Arg. It looks so good….

    By the way, I posted my no-makeup pic! It’s one I would normally never post, so I’m proud of myself! Thanks for the loads of inspiration you’ve been providing lately!

    I have a fruit hugger pic too. Where should we be sending those?

  42. foodiefresh says:

    My Vitamix hugs a fruit about 3-4 times a week. Favorite smoothie recipe is here

  43. Bekah says:

    I love blended frozen cherries+bananas. I actually think bananas and cherries are my favorite fruit to eat frozen. And you do it with such beauty and creativity Katie! Black forest ice cream. mhmm.

    While I’m hooome.. um yes, I think I’ve used the vita at least once a day. At least.