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Positive Body Image

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But first, food. ‘Cause who wants to talk body-image on an empty stomach?


Mâche with raspberries and walnuts, buttery veggie stir fry, and whole-wheat toast with soy-free Earth Balance. It was my first time trying the eb, and I wasn’t blown away. It just tasted like… nothing. As far as vegan butter substitutes go, Smart Balance Light seems to have much more of a buttery flavor. (Note to vegans: regular Smart Balance has whey.) But the rest of the lunch was delicious. So much so that it deserves another photo:


Now, on to the body-image talk!

I felt sparked to address this after learning I’d upset a sweet reader.

My negative self-talk was made in a joking manner, as I apologized and explained in the comment section of that post. Yes, I was making fun of my appearance. But it was all in good fun. I can’t stress that enough. Maybe it’s because I do have high self-esteem that I’m ok with poking fun at myself. Truthfully, I’m happy with the way I look under normal circumstances… But really, does anyone look pretty when soaking wet? (Umm wait, let’s exclude the Victoria’s Secret models from this question, shall we? Any real people?) Long story short? I’m sticking with my Sphynx-cat comparison ;).

However, the commenter had a point: the more we engage in negative self-talk, the more it becomes ingrained in our minds. Although I’m soooo over uttering juvenile statements such as “Oh, I hate my arms. Oh I’m so ugly. Oh I wish I looked more like so-and-so” by now, I can’t say these words never escaped my lips… especially when I was in middle school! (Come on, I’m not the only one who’s ever said—or thought, “Gosh, I wish I looked like someone else,” am I?) The amazing thing is that once I replaced these negative statements with more positive ones, I stopped thinking them too! Stopped thinking them forever? Wait, I’ll cop up to it: every time I see Alassandra Ambrosio… gah, to look like that! LOL but this doesn’t mean I’m unhappy with my own appearance (nor does it mean I don’t realize that celebs have makeup artists and professional photographers at their disposal to make them look like goddesses). I think I finally stopped the negativity when I realized that there’s no one set standard of beauty. Different things are beautiful to different people. It might be trite, but it’s so incredibly true: what matters most is what’s on the inside. Case in point: would you rather spend 50 years married to the handsomest jerk or a plain-lookin’ guy who treats you like a queen? I’m going with the plain one!

Quick! Name one thing (or two or three!) you like love about yourself.

It can be a physical trait or a personality trait. But it has to be positive!

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ive gotta BOOTY and I love it! 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    *BOOTAY* I mean

  3. After being referred to as “spunky” on three different blogs in as many days, I’m pretty much loving my blogger reputation. 🙂

    And yes, I love that I’m spunky and people don’t worry about me coming to places and not knowing anyone, since I tend to ‘make friends’ easily. I also love that I can balance that side out with the low-key, loves to chill out and just “be” side as well…

  4. Great Post, as always Katie 🙂 I love your positivity. Thanks for the great image reminder!

    P.S. I agree with you, Smart Balance Light is the best vegan “butter” in my opinion!

  5. Gloria says:

    I love my nose… it moves up and down like a rabbit when I talk. I have no idea if this happens to anyone else, but people always comment on it! I have a pet bunny, so maybe it’s one of those pet/owner look-alike things 🙂 but my ears haven’t stretched… yet!

    1. LOLOL! I had a pet bunny, a few years back, that we rescued in China. She fit in your hand… but then, we went away for the summer. When we came back, she STILL fit in your hand… but her ears were now twice as long as her body! (She’d later grow on to be a HUGE rabbit. Serves us right for naming her the Chinese name for “little rabbit”!)

  6. Sarahishealthy says:

    Wow, your photos are so vibrant!
    And this is a great post. It came just in time for me, because I’ve been having one of the WORST body image weeks since I recovered from my ED a few years ago. I needed this reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Thanks, girl :).

  7. abby says:

    terrific post! as usual hehe :). i love my height. i used to want to be taller, but now i’ve realized it’s a blessing i can wear heels and still not tower over the boys! 😉

    1. abby says:

      oh and you might not be able to pull off allesandra (she’s too tan and brazilian looking lol) but I’ve always thought you looked more like giselle anyway. and I always thought she was prettier anyway.

  8. Kim says:

    Well, I love my hair! For one thing it’s not all one colour. Strange but true, I have a mix of everything from fine blonde hairs to stiff black ones that make up my mane. And it’s really thick too.

    As for Alessandra Ambrosio, I had to search to find out who she was. You know something? You do look like her! I swear, you have the same smile and face shape…just look at the picture they’ve got of her on Wikipedia!

    1. abby says:

      woah, lol i just went and looked (just from curiosity). i guess i have to take back my last comment. kim’s right. you DO look kinda like her! you just need a tan and you could be twins sorta. here’s the link so you can see for yourself:
      hehehehehe :). happy friday katie!

      1. Ilana says:

        I agree! There is a Katie:Allessandra resemblance!!

        1. Iris says:

          Yeah, I was having that same thought too.

    2. Wow Kim, you have SERIOUSLY (seriously!) made my day week month with your comment.
      And your hair sounds amazing! Haha can hair sound amazing? 🙂

    3. Jennifer - jcd says:

      I agree too, you DO look a lot like Allesandra! Even prettier, I’d say!

  9. GabyE says:

    Great post! I love my hair 😀 its big, long(down to my tailbone), and curly, and I dye it with henna so its bright red. It get s a little unruly sometimes, and I’ve had people make fun of it, but I love it anyway 😀

    1. Leslie says:

      I have unruly hair too! And I absolutely love it, although not when I have to comb it out in the morning!

  10. Albizia says:

    Hooray for positive body image! And for beautiful food images 😛 .

    I like my abs and since this is a little odd, I’ll have to choose something else that doesn’t make me look like some fitness freak. Let’s think… I like my honesty. So if I have to be honest, I really love my abs 😀

    1. LOL you are too cute! 🙂
      I like your sense of humor!

  11. katypie says:

    My eyes – because they are green, with dark dark rims just like my Mum and my three beautiful sisters.

    I’m opinionated and I OWN IT (thanks Rachel Wilkerson!) – Iget fired up about things in a good way. Politics, human rights, theatre, film, global warming and individual consideration. I have strong opinions and I’m not ashamed of them. I think what drives this is a very strong belief (to large part inherited from my Mum) in equality, fairness, justice and respect. I care and thats ok.

    1. Lisa C. says:

      My whole family has green eyes too… except for me! Mine are brown. I always wished they were green. But since this is supposed to be a positive body image exercise, I won’t dwell on that here. Instead, I’ll give you a high five from another opinionated lady! 😉

  12. Ilana says:

    Oh yeah, the negative self-talk. It’s like a cultural norm – and if you actually like yourself, you’re weird! I used to be really depressed and disliked myself a lot, and I always used to wonder how “normal people” did it, felt happy, loved themselves. I’ve made a complete about-face and not only do I love myself but I’m happy regularly, and now that I am, I find that most people AREN’T, and it shocks me! We’re taught from an early age to dislike ourselves- media images, parents with their own body image issues, peers who learn negative self-image at home, etc. It’s like it’s so much easier to be negative! I say, LAME!! I mean, what is there really to dislike about a healthy and functioning body? Just because it doesn’t look like a cookie cutter version of that “perfect” body on magazine covers, if your organs and limbs are functioning and you’re not sick, you’re in pretty damn good shape!

    3 things I like about myself: My hair, my shameless outgoing-ness, and my resilience!

    I love you Katie! Keep preachin’ the good word!!

    1. I seriously don’t know how YOU, of all people, could’ve EVER found anything you didn’t like about yourself. You are one of the most amazing girls I know!

  13. Christin L. says:

    I am curvy, which use to be the bane of my existence, but now I celebrate them! I also love my brown eyes (which I also spent years wishing they were blue or green, but now I love their dark depth!) and my laugh (which I also didn’t always like because it’s loud and boisterous, but I have had TONS of people over the years tell me how much they love it, which in turn has helped me to love it too!). I am so glad that in my 28 years on this planet that I have been able to turn my negativity about my appearance into love. I still have an occasional day where I don’t like to look at myself (especially during monthly visitor time), but they are much fewer and further between, and that’s progress!

    1. Christina says:

      Um, I like you’re AMAZING Larabar t-shirt! Rock it!

  14. I love my arms, my hair and that I am an extremely loyal friend 🙂

  15. Jennifer - jcd says:

    First, one thing I love about you is your thoughtfulness.

    Now, one thing I love about myself is that I know how to be silly and play with little kids. Look at me, I’m a googly potato masher monster… yep… totally silly.

    Great post. We all need to keep happy thoughts.

    1. One thing I love about you is how you always leave such sweet comments that make me smile. I can only imagine you have the same positive effect on all the kids you guide. P.S. You will be sharing some of your blended oatmeal with the poor girls, right? I remember the horrors of Girl Scout camping food. Take pity on them! 😉

      1. Jennifer - jcd says:

        Thankfully, we almost always get good food at Guide camps! This weekend is an exception to the rule – the menu is horrible. Thank goodness for fudge babies! I”m making three batches to bring with me and share. 🙂

        1. Hahaha you are too sweet :).
          Our menus were always horrible, although I don’t remember exactly what they served… probably ’cause I blocked it out!

  16. Cecilia says:

    I like my new haircut and my eyes.

  17. eatandrun says:

    I love my strong legs :).

  18. Shelby says:

    When I start getting those negative thoughts or thinking I would like to look like someone else I look in the mirror or think “You are so fabulous, what are you thinking?!”

    I love my
    1. Booty! I swear, I’m like the white beyonce of rear ends. I love it. Not to mention I went from literally not important at school to the girl people’s boyfriends oogle at and try to cheat with. True story right there, not bragging!
    2. My lips. Even though they’re small, they’re full and the perfect shade of pink!
    3. My feet. Yes, I know most people hate feet. I do too…when they’re other people’s! I think mine are just so cute (: haha

    1. Yup, you are DEFINITELY fabulous. And I love how honest and outgoing you are too!

  19. Lisa C. says:

    Love this post! I agree about the negative self talk. I think that’s one of the main reasons the media sways opinions so easily–because they’re the only ones sending out the message, so people believe it if they keep hearing it! We’re like the animals in Animal Farm. The more they chant something, the more they’re made to believe it’s true. Great post, Katie!

  20. VEGirl says:

    Nice post timing! Just last week I was talking to my mom about body image and she asked me to name some things I like about myself.

    1. my butt
    2. my legs– long, strong, and slender
    3.My ability to connect and interact with all animals

    Katie, girl– I really love that your doing this, body image that is. I feel so safe and secure when I read your blog. I feel like you care about everyone here (which I think you do!) and it makes me feel so involved and important 🙂

    Luv ya!

    1. It’s kinda hard NOT to care about everyone, since you all (especially YOU!) are so kind and thoughtful. I’ll never forget your kindness to my family with the birthday gift. You have no idea how much it meant!

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