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Gluten-Free Breakfast Pizza

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Although I love gluten, I know many of this blog’s readers do not love gluten; or rather, it does not love them.

I try to take this into account when creating recipes, and there is a section of the website devoted entirely to those recipes that are or can be gluten-free: Over 100 Gluten-Free Healthy Dessert Recipes

And now, here’s one more recipe to add to the list:


Readers have been asking if my dessert pizza recipe can be made gluten-free, so I decided to try it out: I’m always up for an experiment if it involves food! Without much any gluten-free-flour experience, deciding which ones to use was a daunting task. Finally, I chose a combination of coconut flour (Are you surprised?) and garbanzo bean flour. I’d read that it’s best to combine flours when cooking gluten-free.


This does have a slight hummus-y taste, which I really liked. But if you’re not a hummus fan, maybe try subbing rice flour or quinoa flour for the garbanzo flour? (If you’re not doing the gluten-free thing, I also really like subbing spelt flour. It’s yummy in conjunction with the coconut!)

Gluten-Free Breakfast Pizza

(Serves 1-2)

  • 45g (1/3 c plus 1 tbsp) garbanzo bean flour (or spelt flour, but that’s not gluten-free)
  • 24g (3 tbsp) coconut flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1-2 tbsp sugar or 1-2 packets stevia (If you have no sweet tooth you can omit, as I like to do.)
  • 1/2 cup water, juice, or milk of choice
  • 2 tbsp applesauce or coconut oil, pumpkin, canola oil, mashed banana, or even baby food!
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • spices or extracts if you wish (I like adding a little cinnamon)
  • A few handfuls: Fill in the blank! Raspberries? Chocolate chips? Chopped apples, walnuts, and raisins?  Anything goes!!  It’s your breakfast pizza!

Combine all ingredients, then pour into a well-greased 8-inch round pan. Cook in an UNpreheated oven at 420F for 14-15 minutes (less time if using spelt flour). Leave out 10 minutes before cutting around the sides and then transferring to a plate. (Note: be sure to spray your cake pan well; my first attempt with the gluten-free pizzert fell apart when I tried to take it out! But it was still a delicious, crumbly mess. UPDATE: If you have trouble with a pizza that sticks to the pan, try putting it onto a sprayed or oiled baking sheet instead, and use a rolling pin to flatten.)

breakfast pizza


I highly recommend this frosting: Secretly Healthy Vanilla Fudge Frosting.

This time, I topped it with… nothing. The coconut flour gave the pizzert an almost custard-like taste. Why am I surprised that coconut flour is so good? It’s coconut, after all!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Mallory says:

    Tastes like custard??? I want some!!!

    Like egg custard?
    I haven’t had that since long before becoming vegan. I think I have spelt flour (I’m not gluten free), so all I need to do is get the coconut flour. So excited to make this!

      1. Mallory says:

        Ok, I’m sold! I’ll have to make a special trip to the grocery store so I can make this today! Thanks girl! :)

  2. Alaina Rose says:

    Hi Katie, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made a gluten-free version of your pizzert using Pamela’s (gluten-free) Baking and Pancake Mix and it turned out really good! I just didn’t add any baking powder because the baking mix already has it in there. I bet your gluten-free version is super yummy too! I’ll have to try it.

    1. Oh wow, thanks for telling me! lol just shows how naive I am. I didn’t realize there was gluten-free baking mix! I guess I ought to peruse the gluten-free section of the grocery store more closely!

      1. Alaina Rose says:

        Awww nonsense! You’re not naive. Sometimes we all just need someone to turn us on to something new! You do that for people all the time 😉 Yeah, Pamela’s is a great line of gluten-free products. I definitely recommend them to anyone with a gluten allergy or just trying trying out a gluten-free diet.

  3. Änne says:

    yummie, that looks tasty…making a pizzert for breakfast is so on my list, especially after you posted the one with blueberries :-)
    I just became vegan and I´m still cooking, baking and nibbling myself through vegan cuisine 😉

  4. I wonder if you could do this with whole chickpeas in a blender/food processor. And then maybe you wouldn’t need the applesauce for moisture?

    1. Honestly, I am such a novice baker, so I have no clue if it’d work. But it *sounds* like a super-fun idea. If you try it, let me know how it works!! I’d love to know!

  5. Iris says:

    Looks delicious to me! I’ve just started learning to bake gluten-free with stevia, and it’s so much fun! (albeit expensive, yes?)

    1. Yeah, I think that coconut flour was like $6? But oh-so worth it!

      1. Teresa says:

        Check the bulk section of your local WHole Foods or Natural Foods Store. I got just a bit to experiment with from bulk at WF, and it really wasn’t too bad. Maybe less sanitary (?) but definitely more affordable.

        1. Thanks, Teresa. I never thought to look there! I’m sure I’ll be needing more very soon ;).

  6. Definitely going to get some Garbanzo Bean Flour – I’ve been curious about it for a while.

    As for coconut flour, I can’t get it over here. Would it work to just finely ground desiccated coconut in a blender or coffee grinder? Or does coconut flour have some special ingredient?

    1. I *think* it’s just coconut… but oddly enough, my package doesn’t seem to list the ingredients! But when in doubt, you can always google ;).

  7. Lisa C. says:

    Off topic, but your photos just get more and more gorgeous every day. Your blog is a joy to read :).

  8. HVL says:

    Great recipe.

    but… GAH! It really annoys me when people label foods as ‘special diet’ foods. It doesn’t really encourage people to try foods without animal producst etc if they think they’re some ‘freaky’ or ‘special’ food. If food is vegan, then great, vegans can eat it – but so can omnis! It’s just… food.

    Sorry for the mini-rant, but adding labels encourages people to shun foods and think that ’cause they’re labeled ‘vegan’ that they can’t eat them (seriously, friend A asked why friend B was eating soy burgers when B wasn’t vege – err, because he wanted to/liked them? How is that hard to believe?).

    1. Don’t be sorry! I completely agree with you. Like when I say I went to a raw restaurant… people ask me, “So are you a raw foodist?” No, but I’m not Chinese either and I still love their cuisine lol.

  9. Katie, I seriously want some coconut flour now! Hehe. 😛 This gluten-free pizzert looks amazing–almost like a better version of socca! I’ve been playing with socca a little bit recently, which uses garbanzo bean flour. It’s super fun. :)

    1. I still need to make socca! I’ve been eyeing the P2R Twins’ creations for a while now. Must get my butt in gear!

  10. YUM! It kinda reminds me of socca….have you tride socca before?? And it reminds me of my coconut flour crepes I made yesterday….SO GOOD! And btw, I have made your pizzert before with brown rice flour and it worked well 😉

    And everything I eat is “special diet” All my food is sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free…..I’m kind of a nut like that 😉

  11. Jennifer JCD says:

    Coconut flour?!?! Sounds super yummy! And the chickpea flour will give it that eggy taste. Mmm… sounds delicious!

    As for ‘special diets’ we’ve been vegan for a long time and eat a lot of raw snacks and desserts. Last week I was doagnosed with a life-threatening nut allergy (major sad face), so that threw a screwball into our usual eats. It can be tricky, but education and making yummy food makes up for everything we are ‘missing out on’.

    PS – Silken tofu + melted chocolate + Magic Bullet = very delicious chocolate pudding/mousse/pie (depending on the ratios you use)

    1. Lindsey in CO says:

      Thank you so much for posting this Jennifer!! My little girl is allergic to dairy and egg products and has really been missing chocolate pudding. I can’t wait to make this for her!!

    2. Oh no, JCD! A nut allergy? I think you’re the worst one if could happen to! What’re you going to do with all those gallon-sized tubs of pb??? (Or is it just one particular type of nut?)

      1. Jennifer JCD says:

        It’s horrible, I know!! So far, the dangerous allergy is just hazelnuts and wlanuts (maybe pecans and almonds), but my doctor told me to avoid all nuts until I get an allergy test, which isn’t until July. Ick. Thankfully, our big tubs of PB were almost empty so I gave them to a friend. It’s been like Christmas around my house because I’m giving boxes of nutty things to friends and relatives. (Peanuts should be safe in the end, so those big tubs of PB may return…)

        Thank goodness for NoNuts Peabutter… at least I can make fudge babies with that. (It’s a locally-made nut-free spread that resembles peanut butter.) I’m now on a quest to find good nut-free chocolate… Endangered Species may contain nuts.

        1. Wait, but coconut’s ok, right? That’s all that matters! 😉
          Hmmm… I’ll have to look out for chocolate for you too. Four eyes (and mouths) are better than two!

        2. Amber says:

          You should also check out sunflower seed butter. Sunbutter is the common brand (even my Target carries it), but I prefer the store brands from Trader Joe’s or my local grocery chain. I can’t say for sure, but I feel like there are enough brands out there that at least one or two of them shouldn’t have cross-contamination concerns with nuts. As an added bonus I’ve found prices to be much closer to peanut butter (at least when compared to most other nut butters).

  12. Gen says:

    Great idea!!!!! I’ve actually never tried baking gluten-free, but a pizzert would definitely be a good start! =D

  13. Kate says:

    Thanks for thinking of us gluten-free girls (who still love chocolate)! Here’s another recipe for your mix – pumpkin chai bread. Add chocolate chips or dried cranberries for a real treat.

  14. Girl, I love your Pizzerts!!! 😀 I haven’t tried them gluten free yet! Ohhh, and this sounds amazing!


  15. NADIA says:

    katie thanks so much for this recipe! I cant wait to try it. I think I have everything on hand, and will use quinoa flour instead of garbanzo. I wonder if it would work with millet flour.. hmm ….
    anyway thanks for making the gluten-free listing!!
    I am gluten & sugar-free but I do eat meat and dairy (Except straight cow milk/cheese – yuck!) I love vegan food and I <3 your blog!

    1. Aw Nadia, you’re so sweet :).

  16. Jos says:

    I’m currently following Primal/Paleo diet lifestyle..I think you mentioned your sister did that a while back? So far I’m loving it :)

    1. lol nope, not my sister. But glad you’re enjoying it, girl! :)

  17. Raw foods! But they’re so much more accessible than everyone thinks! Guacamole, salsa, green salads :) I try to stay away from sugar too, even vegan/raw sources. Definitely no high fructose corn syrup going in this tummy :)

  18. Ahh love love love you! Slash I always eat vegan, gluten free, and mostly raw and soy free. I hate labels though so I just say I eat food:)

  19. I try and experiment with different restrictions to see how my body reacts. Custard flavor? I’m in!

  20. I have just about every flour that they make. From coconut to quinoa flour to whole wheat to chickpea. I also LOVE experimenting with gluten-free AND grain-free baking recipes. Gluten is tasty, but I think gluten-free can be awesome, too. I love variety, so I”m down for trying just about anything!! :)

  21. This looks delicious! I have to say that the coconut flour has to make that taste incredible. I think rice flour would be perfect with it too! I bet a flax egg would help it hold together a little more too, instead of xanthan gum. I am definitely going to make this one!

  22. i love me gluten!!! chickpea flour is a good idea for the sans gluten version!.. I eat vegan foods, which is why i worship your recipes page.. and RAW FOODS ARE GOOD.. well ive never tried raw savory foods but like raw bars and balls and FUDGE= happiness in my belly

  23. Everything I eat it gluten free, corn free, dairy free, and mostly soy free. Yikes!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    just wondering- is blogging your full time job? i know your in college- what are you majoring in? how do you have time for a full college course load AND trying all these recipes and writing the posts? you must be super busy!!!

    1. Yup, as crazy as it sounds, I’m finding that I AM starting to be able to make a living from blogging and opportunities that are coming my way because of it. It’s truly a dream job! I haven’t written a post about this yet, but I’m planning to do so.

  25. My “special diet” is veganism :) I will probably never go raw though!

    Gluten-free baking can be kind of hard! There is a woman that owns a gluten-free bakery in Charlotte,NC. She came to one of our Dietetics state meetings with samples, I tried the carrot cake muffin and the devil’s food muffin, both YUM! You couldn’t even tell it was gluten-free! So delicious 😀

  26. Hannah says:

    gosh this looks good. like you mentioned, it reminds me of Socca, which I’ve been seeing all over the blog universe lately. I’m going to HAVE to try it.
    as for your pizzert, I’ve been meaning to try it, but without a kitchen its a bit difficult. When I’m home on spring break, you bet I know what I’ll be doing : )
    Special diet products? I’ll try anything. Just because they’re made from ingredients not widely used doesn’t mean I can’t try’em. heck, they’re often better than the original!

  27. I’m not gluten free, but sometimes I like to cook that way because I enjoy the texture of gluten-free baked goods and pasta.

  28. Lauren says:

    I still need to make a pizzert! I am not vegan, but most days, I eat vegan for at least one meal. I’m willing to try anything, so if there’s a raw or gluten-free or vegan choice, I’ll definitely try it!

  29. The pizzert looks great! I have so much coconut (and almond, peanut, and oat) flour on hand but still have not tried garbanzo bean flour. I am the only blogger who hasnt yet tried a socca-variation.

    Your pizzert looks delish and makes me wanna get some garbz flour, asap!

    And “special”? I guess very much so…vegan/plant-based, GF, soy moderate, sodium avoidant, raw seeking. :)

  30. Maya says:


    Since I have celiac disease, I have been gluten free for what seems like 390483209 years (also dairy free, but sometimes I indulge in ice cream). Luckily for me, you made a special section of GF food!

    I love your recipes and I’m so thankful you made a section for those of us with gluten issues!

    As a side note, a lot of gluten-free bakers will tell you that, when combining enough different types of GF flours, the need for xantham or guar gum vanishes. Gluten Free Girl, the queen of GF cooking, talks about it here:

    1. Thanks, Maya! I’m off to read the link :).

  31. I made my GF pizzert with the Bob’s Red Mill GF all purpose flour which has garbanzo flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, and fava flour. It was so delicious! 😀

    1. Oh my gosh, yes, I remember that now! I’ll have to look for that flour; I love Bob lol.

  32. You’re so lovely to do a special gluten-free list when you’ve got no problem with it :-)

  33. This looks good, I am not a gluten free type person but I know that it is good to try different things and that too much gluten can be bad (when it is in EVERYTHING you are eating)..

  34. bitt says:

    I enjoy when nongluten free folks post GF recipes because it means it’s good even to a regular palate, whereas GF foods can have a different taste and texture to them. But I wouldn’t expect you to be an expert. There’s an art to GF baking that even I have not mastered in my 14 years of being GF! So give yourself some slack. I use a baking mix like Bob’s most of the time because it’s all mixed up for me. Never used coconut flour, but I am curious.

  35. I’m not vegan anymore, but I do enjoy baking vegan goods. I’ve never tried gluten free, though :)

  36. Gina says:

    I love you for making a GF recipe section <3
    Thanks, Katie :)

  37. I don’t have a special diet myself, but I’m always open to trying new types/versions of foods!

  38. Lisa says:

    ahh it hought that was a giant pb cookie when i first saw it. haha. looks yummy! other than eating natural/organic foods (with some exceptions of course, like gum for instance isn’t the most natural thing but I love it!!), I dont really follow any specific diet of GF, dairy free, etc., except that I dont eat beef or pork, nor do I eat fast food (havent had fast food in years!!) it works for me!

  39. How nice of you to accomodate to your readers. :) Looks delicious, too!

  40. Yum yum looks great, reminds us of our socca! Coconut flour is one of our favorite gf flours to bake with!
    We don’t really like to look at the way we eat as a special diet because we feel we just eat yummy foods that make us feel great, which they happen to be plant based items and mostly raw. Though I know using terms like dairy free, gluten free etc helps people understand things better. We definitely feel our best when we eliminate the top 8 allergens :)

  41. Moni'sMeals says:

    yum Katie, I need to get some garbanzo bean flour, I keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder. This really looks like something I would love…and your raw lasagne and fudge recipe too! yum yum

  42. This looks the BEST! Your recipes are always so amazing :)

  43. Disturbed says:

    Well, I am vegan-but other than that I don’t do much. I eat as organic as possible, and I eat a nearly gluten free diet-except for my breakfast cereal it is all gluten free. I like limiting my soy as well-and really I hardly eat it except for the occasional tofu.

  44. I am not vegan but I eat a lot of vegan foods. I also try to incorporate raw and gluten-free foods, just to keep me balanced. :-) This looks interesting!

  45. Renée says:

    I really need to get around to making a pizzert!
    I’ve never not liked one of your recipes so I don’t know why I haven’t tried this one yet!

    As for special diets, I always eat vegetarian foods, and I make sure a good bit of them are vegan too. I also limit my soy consumption with the exception of my protein shakes which are soy protein and the occasional tofu dish!

  46. Beth says:

    Katie: here is the chocolate raspberry cookie recipe I mentioned on Twitter. It’s from Veganomicon.

    Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

    Makes 2 dozen

    1/2 cup raspberry preserves
    1 cup sugar
    1/3 cup canola oil
    1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
    1 tsp. almond extract
    1/2 cup plus 2 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder (sifted if clumpy)
    1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
    3/4 tsp baking soda
    1/4 tsp salt

    Preheat the oven to 350 F. Lightly grease cookie sheet. In a large mixing bowl, stir together the raspberry preserves, sugar, canola oil, vanilla and almond extract. In a separate bowl, sift together the other ingredients. Add the dry to the wet in three batches, mixing well after each addition. When you get to the last batch, you may need to use your hands to work the batter into a soft and pliable dough. Roll the dough into walnut sized balls and then flatten them with your hands into a 2 1/2″ diameter disk. Place on a cookie sheet (they need be only 1/2 inch apart because they don’t spread out when baking.) Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes. Transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely. You can also serve these cookies still warm.

    1. Awwww thank you so much! They sound incredible; right up my alley (chocolate-covered alley). Maybe I’ll even add chocolate chips! :)

  47. Shannon S. says:

    This sounds like a great recipe. I am not gluten free, but this is something I would definitely try if I could get my hands on the right flour.

    Question…have you tried adding wheat bran to your pizzert? I mixed 1/3 cup ww pastry flour + 2T wheat bran (plus pumpkin and cinnamon) and it turned out really good. A little bit thicker texture than your original version, but I found the added fiber made the pizzert a little more filling.

    Also, that coconut banana butter looks awesome – you have the best ideas. Keep up the good work! :)

    1. I haven’t, but it sounds like a yummy idea!

  48. My mom has a gluten allergy so I’m very happy you are showing off your gluten free recipes. I may make this for her.
    Gluten free and vegan food sounds so yummy to me. In fact I just posted a gluten free vegan recipe on my blog the other day. What a coincidence

  49. Hannah says:

    I’m guessing that it doesn’t work with just coconut flour? I bought coconut flour for the first time recently and aren’t sure what to use it on! Maybe I could to coconut flour and normal flour here?

    1. Yeah, you can’t use it alone. Doesn’t bind at all, apparently. But you can supposedly sub it for about 20% of another flour in any recipe.

  50. Coconut flour – how I love thee. I can eat it by the spoonful straight from the bag. Garbanzo bean flour…not so much. That stuff needs to be cooked.

    I really need to make coconut banana butter. That sounds so tropical and yummy. :)

  51. Tara says:

    I love trying foods from different diets. It’s a fun way to vary the nutrients you get as well as flavors and textures! Fudge babies are a perfect example! I mean, fudge is good and all, but fudge babies are awesome and way more unique, not to mention easier to make and customizable!

  52. Alyssa says:

    Yay for GF Pizzerts!! Thanks for posting this Katie :-)

  53. This totally looks like apple pie crust! YUM-O! I definitely wouldn’t mind a hummus-y flavor because I love hummus and have actually had coconut lime hummus so the combo of coconut flour and garbanzo bean flour sounds wonderful to me!

  54. I am so glad you’re making a gluten-free page! I’m not gluten-free, but I do think it is a good idea to have a low-gluten diet… and I have several friend who are gluten-free and I’m always trying to find dishes to bring to parties that they can eat.

  55. BroccoliHut says:

    I definitely dabble in special diets–raw, vegan, etc. What can I say? I like to play with my food.

  56. Jenny says:

    I am totally in agreement with the first line of your post: “Mmmmm I love gluten.”

    Honestly, though, I’d like to try a gluten-free diet to see if it would actually make me feel ‘better’, but I think I’m too scared to actually go all-out and do just that. Plus, I’d feel bad if I did actually feel better! I’d feel like I actually SHOULD give up gluten… But I still think it’s super wonderful and thoughtful of you to create gluten-free versions of your recipes for those that do adhere to that diet – either due to actual allergies, intolerance, or other reasons or conditions.

    I imagine the slight chickpea flavour from the flour might throw me off if I make this for breakfast… but hey! Everything’s worth a try at least once, and your breakfast recipes are ALWAYS fabulous. Thanks for another recipe, even if it’s just an alternate version! 😀 I may just start trying to make breakfast pizzerts with other flours just to see how they turn out…

    I haven’t dabbled much in special diets… I try not to be concerned with food limitations since I’m trying to pack on some pounds, but I’d like to try veganism one day – but only because you make it look easier and tastier than some people would have me believe. :) (And your blog is a great guide to actually going vegan, IMO!)

    1. I’m always curious about elimination-type diets too! Whenever someone says, “Oh I gave up ___ and felt so much better,” I’m intrigued. But then ya never know if it’s really thanks to a diet change or just the placebo effect. And I would never (voluntarily, without a medical need) give up my gluten or cooked foods or soy foods!

  57. Well I love me some gluten, but I think it’s so SWEET and KIND and KATIE of you to think of your gluten-free readers!! Love you girlie :)

    Well I’m a vegan, and I’ve had a few raw foods before, and what I’ve had I’ve LOVED!! Like fudge babies…I think I’ve had some every day since I first made one!! You know what they say…a fudge baby a day keeps the doctor away! 😛

  58. Cat says:

    Hmm I’ve never tried baking with coconut flour, but now I want to try it! I have a recipe for gluten-free biscuits using coconut oil, g-f baking flour, salt, baking powder and hot water. I made them for Thanksgiving and they were a hit… I feel like using coconut flour and having it alongside some kind of curry would be amazing!!

    I like experimenting with raw cooking in addition to soy-free & Gluten-free cooking. It’s always so interesting what you can come up with when you challenge yourself with new ingredients and cooking methods!

    1. Jill says:

      I would love to try those! Would you be willing to post the recipe?

  59. Ali says:

    I’m intolerant to salicylates and sulphites so I don’t come under the ‘special diet’ section of shops and books but I do have to be careful what I eat!

  60. VEGirl says:

    Yay for GF pizzerts! I really enjoy the taste of garbanzo bean flour, so this sounds fantabulous! I am gluten-free out of necessity, vegan from ethics, and (mostly) sugar-free by choice. Also, since I eat very little processed food and sort of dislike soy milk, I eat mostly soy-free, too. I do love my occasional tofu, however :).


  61. Ohhh, I love custard! I am definitely trying this! I’m so excited about all the coconut/garbanzo bean flour recipes popping up all over blogworld…and you used BOTH! Yay!

    I like trying raw desserts…but mainly because I’m an “instant gratification” type of gal when it comes to my sweets and lets face it, most raw recipes are done in no time…or you can always eat the “batter” straight out of the food processor!

  62. Emily says:

    Hey! I only just started reading your blog and I saw your comment calling for gluten-free ideas! I’m sure you’ve already heard of black bean brownies, but it turns out you can substitute pureed beans (not just bean flours) for any recipe that calls for flour. So far I’ve used beans for pancakes, cakes and crepes and I’m going to attempt muffins next! As a sidenote, you don’t have to just use black beans, white beans work as well and it gives the final product an “I used white flour,” look. 😀

    1. Wow, that sounds so fun! What about white bean chocolate chip cookies?! Oooo now I wanna make some!

  63. Heather says:

    I tried subbing almond flour mix (I bought this product) for the garbanzo flour and subbing sorghum flour for the other flour…it is looking too wet…not sure what to do with it :(

    1. April says:

      Hey Heather I just wanted to let you know that you have to be really careful when subbing for coconut flour. Coconut flour is really absorbent, so if you replace it with something else you’ll have to significantly adjust the liquid amount in the recipe as well. That’s probably why your pizzert looked too wet.

  64. Em says:

    I’ll have to try these sometime (:
    They look so good!


  65. aubrey says:

    can you use all coconut flour? I can’t do beans:(

    1. I wouldn’t recommend it. You can sub the garbanzo flour for another flour like spelt flour. But coconut flour is too crumbly to use on its own.

  66. ~Jessica~ says:

    Has anyone made this with peanut flour as opposed to coconut flour? I have loads of peanut flour and would like a higher protein pizzert, but I’m pretty clueless about baking things and don’t want to risk it going wrong!


    1. I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like it *might* be good… if you do try it, let me know how it goes! I’ve always been intrigued by peanut flour, but haven’t really used it for anything.

    2. April says:

      If you replace the coconut flour, take caution when adding the liquid! Coconut flour is REALLY absorbent, so if you replace it with any other flour you’ll have to significantly change the liquid amount in the recipe. It would probably be better to just stick with the CF!

  67. Rhonda D says:

    I just love your ideas.
    I want to thank you for sharing.

  68. Jane says:

    Just became “gluten free” and i really enjoy all your ideas. Thank you so much for all your great recipes. I made the pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and loved it. You have a great site! God bless you as you continue to help people eat healthy and enjoy foods in different ways.

  69. Tami says:

    Could you use tapioca flour instead of the garbonzo bean flour? I bought it to sub for almond flour (hubby is nut allergic). I seem to not use it now. Would it work?


  70. Kathleen says:

    Hi Katie! I was wondering if this pizza taste good on its own? And if half the pizza is a good part of a breakfast. How big is just half the pizza?
    Thnx :)

  71. Isabella. Eloian says:

    I had this on Easter morning and it tasted sooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Tessa says:

    Katie, there’s no instructions other than how to bake it. I assume you just mix everything together?

  73. Ally says:

    Hi Katie, I just wanted to tell you about what I’ve been up to with your recipes this summer! I’m 14 years old and am really into baking. One of our family-friends told us about this website and we decided to check it out. Ever since then, I have made at least 1 new recipe a day, (which has pretty much been my main summer goal) and have made everybody I know taste try things! From my picky sister to my health conscious parents, everyone has loved them, including me, and has started eating much healthier thanks to you, and without even trying! Thank you so much for your fabulous recipes, and keep them coming! :) I love testing them out and seeing what I like, and I’ve learned a lot of new baking skills that I didn’t know before finding out about this recipe! Thank you again! -Ally

    1. Thnak YOU so much for trying the recipes. One of my favorite parts of blogging is when someone actually tries one of the things I’ve posted :).

  74. I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is loading incredibly
    slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  75. Daisy Villa says:

    As a health consultant, you might want to consider going gluten free. Gluten is a protein which is used as a filler in food which the body cannot assimilate properly. Gluten contributes to dementia, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases….it is also bad for the gut.

    I love your creativity!!! I might post your gluten free quinoa cookie recipe on my blog and of course give you credit. Love the breakfast pizza idea as well.

  76. Carly says:

    I am in LOVE with this recipe! I used pureed garbanzo beans to replace the garbanzo flour. And I didn’t have coconut flour, so I mixed oat flour & coconut milk powder together as a substitute. Thanks for the recipe :-)

  77. Florencia says:

    I love this recipe, I always come back to it hahaha its inevitable!!! Last time I made it with out flour and coconut flour it was delicious :) Where I live is impossible to find spelt flour so I have to improvise

  78. Ashley says:

    I was wondering how many servings this made? Also, what is the nutrition facts for this?

  79. Jacqueline Christensen says:

    this came out delicious!! a little crumbly as you said, but so delicious. i topped it with a peanut butter chocolate frosting (my recipe) and raw cherries :)