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Healthy Makeover: Ice Cream Bon Bons

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Engulfed in a chocolate shell.

Making bon bons may seem intimidating, but this recipe is really so simple. There are only three ingredients! And did I mention the filling is engulfed in chocolate?

Engulf: to swallow up or immerse.

I like that word when associated with chocolate. Being engulfed in chocolate is never a bad thing!

chocolate banana bon bons

Everything’s cuter in a ball.

Take, for example, the fudge babies.

Or my no-bake Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Balls.

(Those things are awesome. I need to make them again!)

And then there’s Henry. He’s such a cutie when he’s squished up and sleeping in a ball. Making him even more adorable? He doesn’t snore, but sometimes he makes a beeping sound while he sleeps. Perhaps he is dreaming of milk bones. Or chasing squirrels. Or peanut butter balls?

healthy bon bon

And everything’s cuter engulfed in chocolate.

These fancy-schmancy bon bons are perfect for impressing people at a party. But they’re just as perfect for lounging around at the pool with your friends…

chocolate banana bon bons

Or, um, hiding alone in your house like a hermit and gobbling them all up before anyone else gets the chance to snag one. :)

Chocolate-Banana Bon Bons

  • 3-6 very-ripe frozen bananas, cut into pieces (or nondairy ice cream)
  • 1 package choc. chips, or this: sugar-free version
  • Optional: 1 or 2 tbsp unrefined coconut oil

1. First, make the banana filling by blending your frozen banana pieces in the food processor until very smooth. (Alternatively, you can use nondairy ice cream. And if you don’t have a food processor or blender, you can always just dip regular banana chunks in chocolate.)

2. Transfer to a bowl, and freeze until the mixture is hard enough to form balls with a melon baller or mini ice cream scoop. Scoop balls onto a cookie tray (or any plate), then immediately put back in the freezer to chill for at least a few hours.

3. When the balls are hard (Get your minds out of the gutter!), it’s time to prepare the chocolate: Either use the sugar-free chocolate sauce or melt chocolate chips in a double broiler (or microwave 1 minute, stir, microwave 30 seconds, stir, repeat until melted, making sure it doesn’t burn). I recommend stirring in 1-2 T coconut oil, especially if you’re having trouble getting the chocolate to adhere to the balls. Coconut oil will act like Magic Shell!

4. Bring the balls out and either dip into the chocolate or spoon chocolate over them. (I actually took the balls out one at a time, then put each chocolate-covered one back in the freezer before taking out the next. They’re fat-free, so they melt very quickly.)

bon bon

5. Freeze the balls again, until the chocolate shell hardens.

vegan bon bons

Got extra chocolate sauce left over?


Make a single-serving Chocolate-Banana Reeses Cup.

Question of the Day:

Engulfed in chocolate: good thing or bad thing?
I’ll concede that maybe some items are better off not covered in chocolate. Like my dog. Or a wedding dress. Wait, I take that back. I would love to get married in a dress made of chocolate!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Lauren says:

    Yum!!! Just need to unpack the blender and then I can make these 😀

  2. Liz says:

    And your Starbucks Frappuccino photo was the #1 most gawked last week. Did you know that? :)
    Pretty awesome, considering how many peoples’ photos are on foodgawker every day! Just goes to show how awesome your recipes are :).

    1. Are you serious?!
      I saw it on the most-favorited page, but didn’t know it got to #1. Thanks for telling me :). I’m a photography nerd, I guess, because stuff like that really makes my day. It’s weird; a year ago I didn’t care about photography at all!

  3. These look amazing! The perfect summer treat! And I could probably eat way more than 10… My mouth is watering just looking at the photos!

  4. ALWAYS a good thing!! When is chocolate ever a BAD thing?! Those bon bons are the cutest things EVER!! :)

    HAHA I literally couldn’t stop laughing at your “get your minds out of the gutter” thing! You are SO funny!!! 😀

    1. It’s really hard to write a post about balls! Especially frozen balls! Or banana balls! Oh wait, this post has both! 😕

  5. Barb says:

    wow, yum!! these will satisfy my ice cream craving and my chocolate craving all at once!

  6. Laura says:

    Wow!! I am going to have to try these (PMT week, perfect timing!). I got stuck into your Black Forest Ice Cream recipe the other night – was sooo glad I made it, it was divine!

    1. Ooh I’m glad you made it too… because I forgot about that recipe until you mentioned it!

  7. Wow…. I’m making these. I need to buy coconut oil! I see it all the time now but never just buy it.
    Do you think it would work with frozen bananas + raspberries? I have to head to my kitchen to experiment now lol

    1. I love your thinking! Now I wish I’d added raspberries. Yum!

  8. Considering I just blew through my grocery budget this week, these are in high priority for next week!

  9. HOLY YUMMERS!!! Must make ASAP!!

  10. Looks so yummy! I love those muffin cups! Chocolate covered ANYTHING is good 😀

    1. PS: I’m VERY happy for you! Showed my mum your photos and said: you know, I’m a regular reader of her website! 😀

  11. I love how cute and healthy these are! I have to buy a blender so I can make them. Any blender recommendations?

    1. I don’t have a fancy food processor. I just used an old Cuisinart (at least six years old!). But if you’re looking for a blender recommendation, I always tell everyone to buy a Magic Bullet because it’s great for single-serving recipes and can go in the dishwasher ;).

  12. This is one of my favorite go-to recipes! I love having individual banana bites in my freezer to grab whenever the urge hits. Here’s another tip for frozen treats – start with a pint of low-sugar coconut sorbet. Take individual spoonfuls and rolls into small balls. Dip in melted dark chocolate. Freeze. Enjoy!

  13. Yum Katie!
    I loooove chocolate covered “ice cream” bon bons :)
    Get in mahh belly.

  14. Jen says:

    I don’t think anyone who reads your blog would say that being engulfed in chocolate is a bad thing! These bon bons remind me of chocolate covered bananas. I love the way coconut oil hardens, but I’ve never thought of using it to keep chocolate solid! My brother and I used to love drizzling Magic Shell over ice cream when we were younger. So fun!

  15. These look amazeballz and I want to make them right now! If only I wasn’t at work. Oh, is that a headache coming on that can only be cured by chocolate covered banana ice cream? Why, I think so!

    1. Hahaha go home “sick” 😉

  16. Errign says:

    Things engulfed in chocolate are a very, very good thing!

    Yum. Chocolate dipped banana soft serve. I totally want to make this, except for the fact that last time I made BSS my food processor was being cranky and totally just made a bunch of noise and let the bananas bounce off the sides and both of my roommates came out of their rooms thinking I was bombing the place. Ohhhh, to live with people who don’t eat “weird things”… :)

    1. Too funny!
      Sometimes my Magic Bullet yells at me like that, and it’s scary… I think it’s going to explode and shoot chocolate (or whatever I’m blending) onto the walls. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing…

  17. Courtney says:

    Oh course everything is better when engulfed in chocolate. Anyone who says otherwise should be committed :)

  18. Aisatsana says:

    Those look amazing! Engulfed in chocolate is definitely a good thing – I was dipping frozen banana slices in your brownie batter dip yesterday, it was amazing. :)

    Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  19. Katherine says:

    Mmm, these look great! I think I might have to find a way to sneak in peanut butter though. Speaking of, the Dallas central market is having a special on peanut butter and co. For anyone in the area. Buy one jar, get one free! 😀

  20. Chocolate-covered BETTER be a good thing if we’re reading your blog! I bet these would be great with some nut butter, everything is :)

  21. saskia says:

    Gooood thing!!:) and about that dress, dunno if this would’ve be a good idea, cuz i’d soon be naked, and a naked bride might be special, but Not that classy, i’m afraid!;) You have a nice day! In austria its raining..again.


    1. Hmmm… yeah you wouldn’t be able to show off your wedding photos to anyone ;).

  22. LOVE this idea to bring banana soft serve to a whole new level! I must make these asap (maybe with some pb mixed in!).

  23. Lisa says:

    uh,, yum!!! seriously, I love frozen banana. I love chocolate. How could this NOT be tasty? the pics make them look like cookie dough engulfed in chocolate. mmm. now THAT would be delicious :)

  24. Amber K says:

    Wow, those look delicious!!

  25. Gen says:

    So cute! And I bet they’re delicious, too!!!!

  26. One of my favorite summer treats are frozen chocolate covered bananas. As much as I love plain bananas, they are obviously better chocolate covered. As are strawberries, or any thing else for that matter. So yes I agree with you… nearly everything is better covered in chocolate (even you! hence the blog name).

  27. Fran M says:

    “engulfed”……a must to add to my vocabulary! Especially when it comes to chocolate.

  28. Yes- everything is better when engulfed in chocolate! I actually saw chocolate covered bananas at TJs yesterday so this is a great, cheaper version! I’m not a big banana fan though so I’ll make mine with non-dairy ice cream… YUM!

  29. Aja says:

    Banana soft serve covered, excuse me, engulfed in chocolate? I’m so in.

  30. Rebecca says:

    So how many frozen bananas do you keep in your freezer ready to go? And do you peel them before freezing them?

    1. Yes, DEFINITELY peel them before freezing. How many do I keep in my freezer? Not enough! Especially with all the multiple-trial recipe experiments I do, the frozen bananas go too quickly, and then I’m left wanting to make something with an overripe banana… but I don’t have any!

  31. Note to self:
    When wanting to make CCK’s stuff…always keep chocolate chips and bananas stocked.

  32. Robin says:

    This looks utterly delicious. If only I could find some chocolate chips around here. It’s completely ridiculous, but all of them seem to have gone into hidding.

    1. Oh no! That’s terrible! Maybe you live near me… in which case, they have all gone missing because they are in my tummy ;).

      (Side note: if you click on the “sugar-free” link, you can use cocoa powder.)

  33. Lorin says:

    I made your brownie batter pancakes from a week or so ago for about the 3rd time! I love it. I keep wanting to try other recipes but just knowing that it’s so good and that it will turn out, I don’t ever try anything else! Sometimes there’s so many recipes I want to try from so many bloggers that I just say screw it and make a pb and j, haha. Too many choices! :)

    1. Lorin says:

      I wanted to make your gooey pb and j blondies. I’m thinking I might make them pb and chocolate chip blondies! I have way too much chocolate though, so I might need to mix it up : )

    2. Aww that makes me so happy! And I completely agree about liking the safety of making a recipe you KNOW will turn out. I often do that too!

  34. You are such a genius! These are a great idea.

  35. Char says:

    haha, you’re adorable Katie! I agree: I like the word engulfed when it involves chocolate <3

    these look sooooooooooo yummy!! mmmm & those chocolate PB cups, too…

  36. VeggieGirl says:

    Nothing that involves chocolate is bad, in my opinion 😉

  37. I think anyone who is reading a blog called Chocolate Covered Katie is going to agree being engulfed in chocolate can only be a good thing! :)

    This recipe is such a great idea! I often drizzle frozen bananas in chocolate sauce.

  38. How cute 😀 I would probably cover them in Baker’s unsweetened chocolate-it works really well. I’ve dipped strawberries, almonds, cookies, fudgeballs, and apricots in it-delicious!

  39. Ragnhild says:

    Engulfed in chocolate? YES it is a good thing! Especially if it is ME engulfed in it 😀 Or hot boy 😀

    These looks fantastic Katie! Your ideas are to live for <3

    1. LOLOL! I want a chocolate-covered boy too. It would give new meaning to the idea of Man Eater ;).

      1. Ragnhild says:

        Haha, that comment made me smile so much 😀 Im all for chocolate-covered-man-eating!

  40. Congrats on your choc engulfed pancakes being on the Foodgawker list! I mean, pancakes with chocolate all around them, cmon that’s a shoe-in!

    And everything’s cuter engulfed in chocolate. And yes, tastes better too!

    Love the choc dipped banana pieces. Bite sized. Perfect! And in pink wrappers, that just makes food taste better too :)

  41. Kiah says:

    YUM! Those things are so. darn. cute.

  42. Jess says:

    Hi Katie! Do u think you could use a ripe frozen pear instead of banana? Thanks :)

    1. I bet you could! I don’t know if it’ll melt too quickly to form a ball, but you never know until you try! Let me know how it works if you do try!

  43. Katharina says:

    Just imagined a wedding dress made out of chocolate! There’s an artist that made a sculpture out of chocolate by carving aka eating away at it. It actually turned out to be really beautiful… and delicious I bet ;p Anyway, those bon bons look so adorable, and I know they are yummy! Congrats on the Foodgawker views!!


    p.s. I’m going to write you an e-mail soon with my questions about blogging :) I also wish we were in NY at the same time!

  44. These remind me of a healthy version of dibs! i sued to eat those all the time as a kid….but something tells me i’d like these better! :)

  45. um YUM! and of course its a good thing bahah :)

  46. Engulfed in chocolate is ALWAYS a good thing. Heck, I wish I could bathe in the stuff!

  47. Mellie says:

    Of course being engulfed in chocolate is a “good thing” :) The bon bons look great!

  48. Katie, if I keep reading your blog, I just might start eating chocolate again, even though I haven’t had it in two years. Everytime I read your blog, I get so hungry because your good always looks SO delicious!!!

    1. Two years??? Girl, get thyself to some chocolate ASAP! 😉

  49. Kari Kinsey says:

    Engulfed in chocolate= Best. Thing. Ever. Especially if you add peanut butter to the engulfing! BTW, Your pictures are all so gorgeous. It makes me want to start a pininterest board of CCK food:)

    1. I wish you could see my huge smile right now, thanks to you!!!

  50. Chocolate-Immersed Katie

    I like CCK better, but at least you have a good backup 😉

    1. Haha it sounds like “sick.” Not a good name for a healthy blog LOL!

  51. everything should be engulfed in chocolate..
    course packets
    …..can you tell I am about to go back to school?

    1. Yuck. Be sure to save room for some chocolate in your backpack ;).

  52. Claudia says:

    anything chocolate-related is yummmmmay! and speaking of chocolate, I just made my first-ever (chocolate) recipe by myself! –> do you always feel this accomplished when you come up with a new recipe? the feeling is kinda addictive 😀

  53. So simple and look soooo good! Can’t wait to try!

  54. Anything engulfed in chocolate is a winner!

  55. Rose says:

    I understand that these melt quickly. Any recommendation on how to transport them to a party safely without them melting?

    1. Hi Rose!

      Unfortunately, I don’t really have any tips… they *might* be ok if you have a cooler and if you’re only going close by (and can then stick them in the host’s freezer). But it’d be better if you made them for a party where you are the host.

      1. Rose says:

        I was considering a cooler but perhaps this recipe will have to wait until I’m hosting. And thanks for the speedy reply!

  56. Rachel Ward says:

    I just have to say this one reminds me of the Saturday Night Live Schweddy Balls skit. Anyway – your recipes always sound so yummy. I can’t wait to try some.