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Decorating my New Home

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I hate stereotypes…

But every now and then they ring true! Last night I went to watch the Rangers’ game at some friends’ apartment, and I ended up falling asleep on the couch. When I looked for breakfast this morning, do you know what I found in the guys’ fridge?

A lot of beer.

And not much else! They also have a pinball machine in their living room. As Chandler Bing might say, “Could it be more of a bachelor pad?” (Although I must admit… I kinda want a pinball machine for my new place now.)

The moving process is going along well. I think we’re finally done with the boring part of unpacking boxes, which means we get to focus on more fun things, like decorating. It’s always difficult for me to imagine how “big” decorations—wallpaper, furniture, curtains, etc.—will look in a room, but I love adding little touches of flair.

red pepper dishes

For the kitchen, I’m bringing back all the red pepper stuff I bought the last time I lived on my own. My roommate says that as long as I continue to make desserts and give her samples, she couldn’t care less what I do to decorate the kitchen!

Foodie Decorating:

Later today, I get to put my decorating skills to another use. My friend is a kindergarten teacher, and she asked if I’d like to make a special treat for her kids’ Halloween party. She still raves about last year’s Funfetti Blondies. I’m not sure what I want to make. Cupcakes? Cookies? Definitely something with chocolate.


Maybe Chocolate-Chip Banana Bites.

But the banana part probably wouldn’t hold up very well, so I’m trying to brainstorm something else to put in the middle of the mini cookies. Ideally, I’d like to tie the dessert in to Halloween, too. Maybe spider cookies? With pretzel legs… Or maybe I should abandon the cookie idea and just go with cupcakes. Kids seem to love cupcakes above all else.

Do you think stereotypes are sometimes true?

I think that some are based on truth. Like Asians being smart? I’ve been blessed to know many amazing Asian friends, especially when I lived in China, and they are all very smart. My one friend—who ended up at MIT and now works for the government—actually fell asleep during the English AP test and still got a 5! (EDIT: Please read my responses to some of the comments below. Your comments made me realize that my words above–although meant as a compliment–were misguided.)

However, I don’t understand other stereotypes at all. I think the “Mexicans are lazy” stereotype is the most ridiculous and offensive one out there, because I have never met a more hard-working ethnic group. And I would like to go back in time and clock the person who first uttered the phrase, “You hit/throw/run like a girl.”

And now, since I know you’ve all been wondering only one thing throughout this entire post, I’ll answer the important question: No, I did not have beer for breakfast Winking smile. I managed to find an apple hiding in my friends’ kitchen, to tide me over until I drove home.

pumpkin bread bowl

Then I threw together my favorite Pumpkin Breakfast Cereal.

How lovely to see a well-stocked fridge!

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Hahaha if I were not in control, my husband would definetly have a pinball machine in our living room and only beer in the fridge. It’s a good thing I am there to load up on the fruits and veggies (and of course to decorate with a little more style than a pinball machine and college drinking posters! Haha)

  2. I love your friend! You get to stay with a recipe-taster-cum-“you-can-do-whatever-you-want-to-our-kitchen” person– the perfect room-mate for you!!
    Maybe the stereotype about Asians being smart isn’t exactly true? I fell asleep during my exams due to a fever… and did crazy badly!

  3. I’d say abandon the cookie idea… those look like they’d fall apart in kindergartners’ hands. Something not so messy would be key. And I definitely think stereotypes are somewhat true, they have to come from somewhere! Although I’ve actually never heard the one about mexicans being lazy… that doesn’t make sense.

    1. Ooh good point. Maybe something so “gourmet” as cookie bites would be a bad idea for little kids!
      And unfortunately, you hear that stereotype a lot in Texas. I really don’t get it either, and it’s disgustingly untrue!

  4. Guys can be so funny! I think stereotypes are there for a reason… Not always true, but sometimes very much so! And your pumpkin cereal looks amazing!

  5. Guys can be so funny! I think stereotypes are there for a reason… not always true, but sometimes very much so! Your pumpkin cereal looks amazing!

  6. I hate stereotypes, but I guess they’re based on SOMETHING. I used to be offended by blonde comments, but take them as a challenge to prove them wrong! 🙂

  7. I fell asleep during the game too! the baseball games are just so LONG…. lol

    1. Oh lol I fell asleep AFTER the game… I’m a Rangers’ fan, so it was way too intense to fall asleep during the game ;). (I never thought I’d use “intense” and “baseball game” in the same sentence… usually you’re right: they’re very slow!)

      1. haha oh dear – welp! I just have been so tired after work lately.. I guess I’m a terrible fan! Next time I’ll need to whip up some of your desserts in hopes they’ll give me a mini burst of energy to make it through the whole game. At least the internet makes it easy to catch up on what I missed!

  8. Liz says:

    Cupcakes are always a win for kindergartners. Be careful which ingredients you use in whatever you make, though; lots of kids have random allergies, especially to nuts.

    I think this week I’m going to pick up a can of pumpkin. I’ve waited too long to try your pumpkin recipes!

  9. It’s always such fun settling into a new place. Can’t wait to hear that you’re all settled. I LOVE the chili pepper decor! Where did you find it all?! We’re moving to New Mexico and I NEED that…Well maybe not the dachshund…but everything else!! Good luck!

    1. I actually found the dishware at Kohls! But the chili dog (lol, that’s what he’s called) was from Fort Worth, Texas :).

  10. Oh my gosh I loveee your kitchen decorations, absolutely adorable! Decorating is so much fun albeit expensive. And I’m sure your roommate is loving being the exclusive taste tester for your creations. Can’t say I would mind either.

  11. Vanessa N says:

    Stereotypes do typically stem from somewhere, however, they almost always have a negative effect on the person being stereotyped. Even though the “all Asians are smart” sounds like a “positive”, it can set unrealistic expectations for Asians. Teachers may have different expectations of Asian children and grade/teach/treat them accordingly. Asian children may grow up with more stress because they are aware that they are expected to be the smartest in the class. Stereotyping is usually all-around bad.

    1. Wow, I never thought about it that way! You are so right, and what you wrote makes perfect sense. Thanks for opening my eyes… and on that note, you made me think about the fact that I guess even positive stereotypes also just reinforce ethnic differences, when really we should be treating people as individuals.

      1. Maya says:

        I agree with the high standards for Asian- the Glee “Asian F” episode anyone??

        I think another reason we have stereotypes about the intelligence levels of certain ethnic groups is because it’s usually a certain type that come here. My family is Indian, and when I went there and talked about how smart Indian kids are, my relatives called it “The Brain Drain” and said it’s because the smartest ones go to America to work or study. I’m sure if you took a random sample of people actually living in a country, there wouldn’t be huge differences between cultures. I guess a lot of the immigrants that come here are very ambitious and hard working, and expect their children to be as well.

    2. Kelly says:

      I agree. I also think that sometimes human beings can have selective observation skills and tend to notice things that reinforce stereotypes and our worldview. For example, along the lines of the Asian comment, that could have more to do with your circle of friends than ethnicity alone. For example, in college I had a lot of smart Asian friends, but I went to a private college and being a bit of a dork, most of my friends were the types who worked and studied hard. Because it is commonly assumed that Asians are smart you could have drawn that conclusion from this scenario, but it would be weird to have not thought the same thing about the white kids I was also friends with because they were in the same boat. I think you just don’t notice it as much because it doesn’t jive with the stereotype. It’s the same way that sometimes things can be a self-fulfilling prophecy because people can selectively view things that reinforces their POV and seemingly not notice the rest.

      I think the quote “We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” is one of my favorite related sayings. Yes, you could say that sometimes, almost anything is true, but does that mean stereotypes are still helpful, I would argue not.

      That said, I also feel like this is hard issue for me to talk about as a white women because to be honest, most of the stereotypes that might have been made about me (though it seems like there are not as many as with other races) have sometimes been to my advantage. Even though I can try to guess what it might have been like to grow up as an ethnicity different than my own.

  12. Kathy says:

    Hey what if you took those little banana chip cookies and instead of the banana, put some type of orange frosting in the middle. Or some type of vegan marshmallow or peanut butter goo in the middle and roll them in chips so they stick to the gooey middle. You’re a creative cookie, so I’m sure you’ll think of something yummy

  13. Emily Zimmerman says:

    Yeah, being a minority and half Asian, I am not a fan of racial and/or gender stereotypes. People should be judged individually and not grouped into one category.

  14. Michaela says:

    how lovely to finally be able to decorate!!
    I think stereotypes exist for a reason, well, mostly 😉

  15. Ahhhhhhhh look at your cutie stuff! I love it.

  16. Erin says:

    I have an idea of something fun and halloween-y for the kids. Make your hot cocoa fudge babies and roll them into smaller balls for your “spider. Then get black licorice, pull apart the strings, but them into smaller pieces and stick them as “legs” onto your fudge babies. Just an idea. 🙂

    1. Awesome idea!! Wow, I wish I’d read your comment before I started on my cupcakes!

  17. Oooh, I love all your pepper stuff! Especially the little weiner dog. Also, dude’s fridges make me crazy. I’m dog sitting for a friend right now, a gay dude who is very much a straight-dude-like bachelor, and his fridge is filled with nothing more than Diet Mountain Dew and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. How do people live like that?! It makes me want to take him grocery shopping and teach him how to properly stock a pantry and fridge.

  18. mmmmm I still have to try your pumpkin cereal 🙂

    I have NEVER heard the stereotype that Mexicans are lazy! I’ve always thought of them as hard-working individuals. I also know a lot of people who came to Canada from the Phillipines to look for work, & they are the hardest workers ever. Maybe these are stereotypes, but I have much respect for both cultures. I can’t imagine either of them being called ‘lazy.’

  19. Kit-Kat says:

    At least the Rangers won lastnight (yay!). Beer for breakfast? Yuck!
    I think you should make the cookies, but instead of using banana as the filling, fill the middle with orange colored frosting. Another idea is to make both regular chocolate-chip cookie sandwhiches and cocoa chocolate-chip sandwhich cookies.
    If that does not sound appealing, you could make chocolate cocoa cupcakes as well as spice cupcakes (mmmmm, nutmeg!) and frost them to look Halloweenie. Just ideas!
    Have you ever thought of making sugar cookie wafer cookies to look like witches’ fingers, and then bring your famouse cookie-dough dip for dipping? That would be another good idea!

  20. Amber K says:

    I think stereotypes stem from a place of truth. I think the “Mexicans are lazy” is because of the siesta. As Americans we just can’t seem to understand that there is a time to just chill and still be able to get your work done. We are so go, go, go I just don’t think we can fathom it! Even though people in other countries tend to get way more done than we do because they aren’t so darn stressed all the time.

    1. cindylu says:

      No, the “Mexicans are lazy” stereotype stems from a place of racism, not from observation that some people take a break in the middle of the day.

    2. Miranda says:

      Because of “the siesta”? Really??? Are you being serious with this comment right now?

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