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High Calorie Recipes

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Feels like forever since my last post.

Really, though, it’s only been two days. I left the last post up for a bit because of its important message, and also because this gave me a chance to thoroughly read through all of the heartfelt and personal comments so many people took time to leave.

It was especially wonderful seeing readers responding to and encouraging each other in the comment section with ideas for high calorie recipes or just with support in general. Please, always feel free to respond to other commenters on my posts. If someone asks a question and you know the answer, share your knowledge! I don’t have all the answers, and so I’m happy when someone more knowledgeable speaks up.

Today’s post is a follow-up to Thursday’s. It was written for anyone who’d like some higher calorie recipes and is tired of resorting to so-called junk food all the time. I once tried the junk food route to gain weight. (For more about that, see the following post: My Junk Food Phase.)

It did not work for me, and I felt awful. No way could I continue to scarf down pints of vegan ice cream every day, or eat two slices of cake as a daily snack—I was beginning to hate dessert! I finally had to take a good look at my diet and try something new. That “something new” was adopting a healthy, but still high-calorie, diet.

Many of my favorite recipes on this blog are the high calorie recipes (or the ones that can be high in calories if you employ some of the optional ingredients or substitutions). For example: One of my favorite “weight gain” recipes is actually a recipe I specifically highlight as being low in calories:


Low Calorie Peanut Butter

Yes, the recipe has half the calories of peanut butter… So if you eat 1 or 2 tablespoons on a sandwich, you’ve saved calories. But I like to eat the entire recipe in a serving, which makes it closer to 500-600 calories. It’s one of my favorite high calorie recipes, and it’s not made with hard-to-find ingredients. Just peanut butter and banana… what could be easier??

And if you use a frozen banana (I highly recommend you do!), it’s like ice cream. So incredibly delicious! Other recipes on my blog that are—or can be—higher in calories:


Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Shake

Seriously, forget Boost. This shake is way better. Actually, I’ve never tried Boost since it’s not vegan… For awhile I did drink some weight-gain-type shakes (called Power Dreams) from the Imagine Foods company. I liked the chocolate ones best. (Surprise!) But then the company went and discontinued those drinks. Oh well; I like my own better anyway.

(People with peanut allergies can easily sub almond butter or an allergy-friendly alternative like sunbutter or soynut butter.)


Blueberry Pie Pancakes

I always always always add the optional oil when I make these pancakes for myself. And if you can spare the calories, I highly recommend you do the same. Using coconut oil makes them taste like buttery shortbread, bursting with giant blueberries.

Darn it, now I’m craving pancakes.

high cal1

Coconut Melties

Another one of my favorite things to eat. These little candies are absolutely addictive. You cannot eat just one two seventeen. Thankfully, they’re also incredibly easy to make. I prepare a huge amount at once… but, even still, they disappear so fast!


Chocolate-Raspberry Fudge Cake

Yet another personal favorite. Ok, so I have a lot of favorites. Since first creating the recipe a few years ago, I don’t think a week has gone by where I haven’t had a slice of this fantabulous fudge cake. For extra calories, eat more than one serving. You can do that, right?

I certainly always do! And yet, it doesn’t leave me feeling gross and sluggish like when I used to eat those sugary layer cakes every day.


Homemade Larabars

Those are “Oatmeal-Raisin Cookie” Bars in the photo. They’re one of my favorite high calorie recipes on the blog. (How many times have I said “my favorite” now in this post? Sorry, can’t help it.)

I don’t really like the crunchy texture of granola, but I sometimes use this recipe as one would use granola– sprinkled over other foods, or just eaten straight from the food processor. Really, why bother shaping into bars? That just burns calories ;).

 high calorie recipes

Four-Ingredient Ice Cream

This ice cream has just 50 calories per serving… If you use almond milk, that is. Opt for the super-creamy version made with creamer or canned coconut milk and you can easily (painlessly!) take in some extra calories.

high cal3

Chocolate Frosting Shots

A glass of nothing but frosting? Heck yes! This recipe is very high in healthy fats. And none of the sugar or processed ingredients found in that Pillsbury stuff. Which means… go ahead and eat the whole glass. You know you want to!

What are some of your favorite high calorie recipes?

If you can’t tell from this post, mine include coconut, peanut butter, and really dark chocolate. Also, most raw nuts, and olive oil (on things, not plain lol!). Every now and then, I give avocado another chance because I want to like it; it’s so healthy! But alas, I just can’t see what everyone else seems to love about it.

For more, see the following: How to Gain Weight on a Healthy Diet.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Steph says:

    Not that I need extra calpries, but I love peanut butter, raw desserts, and raw cashews! Anyways your ice cream looks so marshmallow-y! My blender is a weak little guy so mine always comes out icy.

  2. High calorie foods are best in the form of nuts! AND your Chocolate-Banana Fudge Cake 😀

  3. Your banana peanut butter is SO good. I love it on toast.

    My favorite good fat source is avocado. They are really good in smoothies – you don’t detect the taste, but you get all the creaminess. Maybe you could try a chocolate-banana-avocado shake? :)

  4. Lisa says:

    fav high calorie food? PEANUT BUTTER. eat it all day, every day<3 :)

  5. Hi Katie! I feel bad that you feel you have to do this, but I’m glad you can be a resource for other girls out there who have trouble gaining weight. My mom and I are the same way – we eat thousands of calories every day, but still manage to stay thin. I’m positive that “having a little fat on your bones” is really just a societal thing that is totally unnecessary. Keep up what you do here, because I’m sure your low-calorie desserts help so many girls enjoy what they eat while trying to maintain or lose weight.

    1. Amy says:

      Yes, I feel like “having a little fat on bones” doesn’t apply to those who are naturally quite thin and still eat well. I feel like people whose bodies naturally have a bit of fat though should not feel overly pressured to lose it, if they have been eating right and exercising already.

  6. Mara says:

    I don’t like avocado on salads or sandwiches but I love guacamole! Have you tried it? I’m going to try the smoothies people are recommending you although I don’t need extra calories!

    1. Yeah, guac is pretty much a staple around here (Texas). We probably have the best guac outside of Mexico… and yet I still don’t like it :(.

  7. As I sit here – a plump vegan – I marvel. My MIL always tried to gain weight, too, and my body always was in awe. :) The problem is that I love all those precious foods that are for you who need to gain weight. My current favorite is coconut cream! Oh, man. Friday I made a “cheesecake” that was mostly nuts (walnuts and almonds in the crust and cashews in the body) and coconut cream. I seriously could have eaten the whole thing BY MYSELF. Thankfully, none of my family was going to allow that! lol The other thing I am addicted to are the peanut butter shakes. Hmm…no WONDER I’m not skinny! LOL Keep up the good work, Katie. I tell lots of people about your site.

    1. Aw thank you so much! And lol I wish I lived near you… I’d have helped you eat that cheesecake. Coconut cream is incredible!

  8. How have I missed coconut melties?! I am absolutely making those! Cashews are my favorite high-calorie snack!

  9. Krista says:

    I am certainly not one to need to add calories to my diet. I’m not overweight, but I could probably stand to lose a few pounds to be in better shape to jog, etc. I do admit liking the higher calorie yummies you make, too. A little note about avocados: I love them in any shape or form, and I will share a secret with you about a nice way to hide their flavor. I throw a combo of different frozen fruits in the blender with an avocado to make a deliciously creamy ice cream treat even my avocado hating daughter loves. One of my favorite combos is banana, mango, raspberry, avocado. Frozen figs are another nice addition when our tree over-produces and leaves me with tons of frozen figs (which are pretty high in calories, as well). Oh, another high calorie snack I grew up with (that disgusts some people when they just look at the fat content involved)… My great aunt used to mix margarine with peanut butter and maple syrup to make a creamy spread for toast. It is one of my favorite comfort foods I crave when stressed. I’m sure there are ways to make it healthier with something other than margarine. Some kind of healthier oil might be interesting. Sounds gross to add oil to the peanut butter, but the creamy texture is amazing. Your banana peanut butter spread with the addition of maple syrup might do it. It is the peanut butter/maple syrup combo that is the good part in my opinion. I use that in oatmeal, too. A pinch of salt added makes one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods. Hmmm. I must be hungry. Could probably go on and on here…

    1. Thanks, Krista! I’m excited to try making avocado ice cream now! :)
      I’m also jealous you have a fig tree. I love fresh figs… I’m just sad their season is so short.

      We have a banana tree… but it never yields any fruit!

  10. my fave high calorie food is peanut butter! i tried to give it up for lent. who was i kidding?!?!?! i couldn’t last 12 hours. i’m actually baking some peanut butter oatmeal butterscotch cookies right now. :)

  11. Audrey says:

    Dang, now I wish I had to gain weight! 😀

  12. jenn a. says:

    I am so incredibly jealous that you get to enjoy the full fat yummy buttery tasting recipes. I look at fat and I gain weight.

  13. Catalina Maya says:

    For breakfast this morning, I decided that I’d use up the rest of my strawberries and whip up your Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes – sans fat, per usual. Upon reading this post, however, I took your advice and whipped up said pancakes, but this time with a tablespoon of coconut butter.
    Oh my goodness – it’s amazing how that mere tablespoon transforms the pancakes from being a little dry and scarce into a luscious, incredibly rich, and profuse stack of pancakes!

    I’m quite happy to report that my stomach is replete with this outcome! Thank you so much :)

    1. So glad you tried them with the oil! Really, I think it’s what MAKES the pancakes. But then again, I think I’d like ANYthing if it included coconut oil ;).

  14. My favorite high calorie foods is peanut butter and granola! I could eat them endlessly!

  15. Sheree says:

    Your food photos are just so pretty. I haven’t been here long enough to know if that is what you do for a living, but if you don’t, you should! Food stylist extraordinaire!

    1. Aw thank you so much! This actually is my job… but food styling is just one part of it. I’ve always wondered how professional food stylists landed that job!

  16. Shina says:

    I love all your recipes that I’ve tried, but I’m scared to try the ones with banana’s, because I hate the taste of bananas! I was wondering, can you taste the bananas that are in your recipes? Everything else looks amazing to me…except that one ingredient! Thank you!

    1. Shelley says:

      if you use a ripe banana, you most definitely can taste it. Katie advised me once to use a greener banana if I didn’t want to taste the banana as much. I haven’t tried it yet though b/c I have so many frozen ripe banana pieces lol. I like banana, but sometimes I’d like it not to be the primary taste in what I’m eating/drinking.

      1. Mya says:

        I sometimes use a banana that has a little bit of green on each end when I don’t want to taste as much banana flavor. Chocolate and or cocoa are the best banana flavor cover-ups. But… I still would use a less ripe banana if you really can’t stand the taste and add a bit of sweetener to the recipe (unless you like unsweetened things) because less ripe bananas are nowhere near as sweet.

      2. Shina says:

        Thanks, Shelly and Mya! I’ll try that!

  17. Moni'sMeals says:

    We really think alike Katie, this whole time since I have found your blog, I have been making banana/pb and had NO idea you had the same exact recipe/idea! So good, I like with frozen bananas too. :)
    my go to is avocado, nut butters, muffins, granola just to name a few.

    Have a great day!

  18. Michaela says:

    I think it is so weird, bc my weight stays the same, no matter how many fatty calories I consume. However, if I increase my carb-intake, I gain weight within seconds. Like, I just have to look at pasta and gain weight.
    So strange.
    I love almonds as my no 1 fat and protein source.

    1. Shelley says:

      I’m the same way, which is such a shame b/c I LOVE BREAD. So much. Science says that a calorie is a calorie but I beg to differ.

      1. Michaela says:

        I trained myself not to eat it anymore, as I do love it, too!
        Oh, I have never believed that a calorie is a calorie, definitely not!
        We are the proven example, right? 😉

      2. Shelley says:

        haha yes!

      3. Lyza says:

        I have to beg to differ!! If I use anything fatty like nuts I will gain weight, but since I switched over to adding white rice in my diet and breads and things, I’ve been dropping. I have an extremely hard time digesting food in general though, so maybe you guys just have healthy digestive tracts and need that fat for the fullness factor, otherwise you just feel hungrier later on? Whereas I just eat the fat and get addicted and want more and eat more and then get stomach aches all day (that’s probably also a food-intolerance…that’s pretty common amongst people with food-intolerances…getting addicted to what they’re intolerant to and then not being able to digest it properly and it making them feel physically even worse). Anyway–Interesting…I definitely have seen a lot of trend with people who eat lots of fats–they tend to feel pretty sleepy/sluggish if they aren’t burning them all. I guess it’s all about balance and what works for you personally.

      4. Nikki says:

        I think the case in point is that every-body is different. Having different needs, and responding differently to different foods (and this can even change over time for one person). That is why there are people who claim that low carb/high protein diets work great, yet others feel the complete opposite is best.
        You find similar truths in many dietary approaches (ie: think about how Ayurveda divides people into doshas – each of which thrive on different foods, and do poorly with others.)

  19. Aja says:

    and the best part is peanut butter and dark chocolate are really good for you. Coconut is depending on who you ask, too. Love all these recipes!
    Frozen bananas into soft serve or milkshakes or even that better peanut butter is the only way I can eat bananas and they are delicious!

  20. Jessica says:

    I’m in love with avocado and hummus sandwiches, that’s my favourite way to to eat avocado. It’s so rich and buttery, I can’t help myself. I must try your coconut melties though, they look so cute!

    1. Lana says:

      Oh wow I absolutely must try that!

  21. Shelley says:

    Ice cream and olive oil. Not together though lol. Hummus is definitely a runner up! Best veggie dip ever. Excuse me, I need to go to the kitchen.

    1. Catalina Maya says:

      I tried ice cream and olive oil together after seeing it in a cookbook…. and yes, it’s as disgusting as it sounds!

  22. Ashleysh22 says:

    Jeese Katie! I am practically drooling after reading this post my favorite high calorie things are who,e wheat pasta and candy. Because I haven’t figured out a way to live without the latter, I am mostly selecting low calorie foods. My favorite of which are chips and salsa and shakeology. El pintos (they have a salsa locator on their website in case you wanted to try it) makes my favorite salsa and The vegan tropical shakeology is currently awaiting me to get up and serve myself some lunch before my workout today. I’m gonna have to dive into these peanut butter posts of yours in the near future though!

    1. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this Shakeology! Honestly, I never paid much attention because I had no idea they made a vegan one. That’s great to know :).

  23. Hanna says:

    I just started reading your blog maybe 2 months ago, and let me just say that I LOVE it. You give good recipes for those that want to eat healthier, but don’t want to sacrifice sweets to do it. I also feel like you tackle some big issues like you did here. I know a lot of people think that being “healthy” means you don’t eat a lot of calories. But its so much more than that. Being healthy has to do with what you eat, but it also has to do with how much you exercise and even how much you sleep. I think you do a great job in accommodating all the people who want to be healthy for all their own reasons. Plus I am in love with the cookie dough dip! <3

    As a request, would you mind doing some more vanilla type recipes in the future? I love chocolate, but sometimes I like a change too.

    I love your blog and I hope you keep on writing!

    1. I can definitely try. How about one tomorrow? :)

  24. While I’m eating low-calorie, I still DEFINITELY include calorie-dense foods because eating all low-fat does not keep me full!

    Peanut butter is, hands-down, one of my favorite calorie-dense foods. I add a tablespoon to my smoothies in the morning! I put some on my Ezekiel bread. Mmmm.

    Avocados are another one of my favorite good-fat, calorie-dense foods. I could pretty much add avocado to anything and everything.

    Coconut butter, which your blog introduced me to, is another one of my new favorites! I love it on toast along with something a little sweet…makes it taste like frosting!

    Nuts in general are something I don’t eat too often since I am trying to lose weight, but I love cashews especially.

    And, sense I’m not vegan (sorry!)…CHEESE. Mmmm…cheese.

  25. Jen says:

    really Katie – you are not fooling anyone with this post.

    Your eating habits and the need to even label this post “high calorie recipes” show that you have an undiagnosed ED.

    You should eat exactly what you want, when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Period.

    Also, it’s a good idea not to contradict yourself in posts. You claim to not have a sweet tooth, but YOU HAVE A DESSERT BLOG?! Claiming to “not like” a particular type of food and then when you do eat that food you call your behavior “cheating” or “being bad” is a tell tale sign of ED.

    Good luck Katie – i hope you seek help from a professional.

    1. Emma says:

      lol sounds like someone’s pretty jealous!
      poor jen, it really sounds like you are the one who needs to get some help :(.

      1. Jasmine says:

        I do not see this post as being triggering or misleading at all. I think it’s great that Katie is sharing these options, as it can be hard to fit in extra calories without resorting to junk food. I really appreciate all of the suggestions on here.
        I know Katie, doesn’t need anyone to defend her, but if you read her blog, clearly these things are not the ONLY things she eats in a day. I don’t see how being willing to add these high calorie options in addition to regular healthy meals and snacks is eating disordered at all.
        And furthermore, I am another one of those people who loves desert but doesn’t really have a sweet tooth. You wont find me eating tons of candy or really sugary cookies and cakes, but anything dark chocolate or with fruit, count me in. I wouldn’t call dark chocolate especially sweet, and you’ll notice that when Katie talks about many of her own preferences for her dessert recipes she doesn’t add a lot of sugar to them, while they still most definitely count as dessert.
        Everyone is different, and while you may be concerned, I don’t think that it is helpful at all to point this out in such a negative tone. Unless you’re a doctor and have extensive knowledge of someone’s eating habits, I don’t think it’s up to any of us to make that call. And even if you are worried, I don’t think insulting comments in response to a post is the way to tell someone that. In my opinion a private email would be a much better way to address this concern than here- if you truly are worried and not just looking to post a negative comment.

      2. anon says:

        I agree with everything Jasmine wrote. And Jen, if you took the time to actually read Katie’s blog before you made assumptions, you’d see that she’s said “no sweet tooth” just means she prefers things like dark chocolate to candy. I don’t see how that’s disordered or contradictory.

    2. Krista says:

      I think attempting to diagnose a person you have never met as having an eating disorder based on the content of a blog post is perhaps going a little far. If this post was written, I assume there was some amount of demand for it from a portion of the population that is consistently told they are “underweight” by current beauty or medical standards. That doesn’t mean the author of this or any other food blog may not have a problem with ED’s of some sort (one could feasibly argue that having a food blog implies an unhealthy obsession of food, but we only see one portion of any given blogger’s passions or interests). A blog post can hardly be considered a diagnostic tool for psychological disorders, and it seems quite hurtful to announce such “concern” in such a public venue. And, I don’t personally see a real contradiction in saying one doesn’t have that much of a sweet tooth but still loves desserts. Yes, desserts are sweet, but perhaps when compared the majority of the population, Katie’s taste in “sweets” runs to the not-so-sweet side. After all, she has mentioned in the past that desserts are not the only things she eats but are often the most photogenic. There is, indeed, a non-dessert section to this blog, if one takes the time to look.

    3. Hanna says:

      Really….what is your problem?

      You cant diagnose someone with an ED if you don’t even know the person. You said it yourself, she has a dessert blog. Why would someone with and eating disorder have a blog that she cares about that has to do with food.

    4. Ilana says:

      Where has Katie ever claimed not to like dessert? I’m pretty sure she says over and over in this blog that she loves dessert.

      Also very clearly you have a skewed idea of what an “eating disorder” is. An eating disorder is precisely that- a disordered relationship with food. Katie definitely doesn’t. I think poor Katie’s problem is that she tries to please her readers too much and many people (you included Ms Jen) are way too obsessed with labels to actually examine the content. Katie is a person of substance and content but sadly most people are only comfortable with putting things in boxes and having a nice neat label for them, and people of substance rarely fit easily into these boxes.

      Good luck to you, Jen. I hope you seek help from a professional for whatever it is that makes you lash out at people on the internet.

    5. Michaela says:

      I just want to say something here, bc I absolutely admire Katie and I find it VERY clear that she does not have any ED whatsoever.
      While it is great that we watch out for each other, as ED must be taken seriously, I think you, Jen, should have done your research before making this comment.
      It is so incredibly kind of Katie to give options for the variety of her readers, and she has often enough stated how important a healthy diet is, that I think she is a true rolemodel.
      And the part about the dessert blog is absolutely ridiculous. I don´t have a sweet tooth, either, but does that mean I never eat sweets? No, not at all, it simply means that I don´t like my desserts toothachingly sweet.
      I find it very sad that people are constantly making such negative comments.

  26. Jen says:

    you have eating issues katie.

    eat real food.

    1. KellyO says:

      And you have personality issues. Don’t be rude because you wish you could be as successful and well liked as Katie. K thanks bye.

    2. This made me lol since this entire blog comprises only whole foods, which are the epitome of real foods.

      1. Fiona says:

        I really admire you, Katie. From seeing past photos I think it’s obvious you have had an ED in the past at least – I have an Ed myself. It’s as obvious as the sky is blue. And I think you have come a long way and I admire that and find that inspiring.
        i just WISH that you would be honest about it. Please, there is so much stigma and shame already attached to eating disorders – and this is perpetuating it. I get the impression from all the people ‘standing up for you’ thinking that you haven’t had an Ed, of course Katie could never have an Ed.. seem to think that it’s a BAD thing to have had one. It’s not. It’s an illness like any other.
        This blog of yours is amazing and it’s such a good opportunity to help others through what you have been through – to inspire, to raise awareness, to educate – it’s ignorance that drives stigma the most.
        And thank you for this post – I might try a few of the recipes to replace my much hated resource plus and ensure plus drinks – those things should not be allowed to exist lol :)

      2. Fiona,
        I don’t even know how to respond to your untrue (and hurtful) accusation, except to say: I have a very successful blog, which means obviously all my friends and family members know about it. Don’t you think if I had some sort of eating disorder in the past they’d easily know if I was lying about it now? Yes, an eating disorder is not something to be ashamed about… but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend I have/had one to make people feel better about their own EDs.

      3. Fiona says:

        argh sorry.. please delete my comments, I’m way out of line.
        I just have had a few friends lately who ARE gravely ill with anorexia flat out denying it all the way into hospital. It does nobody any good.
        And it doesn’t help others who suffer this to feel it’s something to be ashamed of.
        What is your problem if that’s okay to ask? I’m sorry I hurt you.
        It is so unusual to see someone get so emaciated as you are in some photos from dietary factors (sans any ed) alone. Do you have a food allergy or a muscle wasting disease?
        I’m sorry.

      4. informer says:

        katie!!! warning, this girl is on gomi, so I wouldn’t believe anything she wrote in her last comment. just wanted to give you a heads up.
        fiona, you are a troll! just because YOU have an eating disorder and you’re unhappy with your life doesn’t give you the right to bring others down. do us all a favor and go back to gomi :(.

      5. Fiona says:

        I’m a troll because I’m 1. honest that I have an Ed and 2. want people to know they should NOT be ashamed of having one? and also 3. just want people to be honest about it?

      6. Fiona says:

        My head is just spinning about the ‘troll’ bit since I’ve made it a habit of defending people to the so called trolls. Yes I’ve been on GOMI in the past – to defend a dear friend, NicoleandGwendolyn, when they picked on her. If you witnessed that, you would know that i’m no troll out to hurt people.

      7. informer says:

        oh so you’re NOT the girl on gomi who posted almost the exact same thing on the cck thread a few hours ago as your first comment on this post? really? well then there must be two of you.
        and here YOU are talking about being truthful. wow. hypocrisy much?

      8. Fiona says:

        i can see someone’s reply in my email but not on here. Anyway i’m Figs on Gomi, and out of the hundreds of comments all saying the same thing i have no idea which one you think I have made. Also, it sounds like you are a fellow GOMI watcher. I don’t like the snarking and I made a mistake of agreeing with what they were saying on this particular thread and voicing it. That is all.

      9. anonymous says:

        hey katie,
        i have a semi little blog and its recently being ripped apart on that site, and its made me even think about quitting blogging, their bullying has gotten so bad. i know they pick you apart too and i was wondering how do you handle it? sorry i know this is an old post, and also slightly OT. but i’d appreciate any insight you have for me.

      10. Hi anonymous,
        I think the best way is to just not check it ever. If you send me an email, I’ll show you something another blogger taught me: how to block the site from your computer so even if you’re tempted to see what they’re saying about you, you can’t. I haven’t actually visited the site in months.

      11. Ilana says:

        ok, I hear this stuff from my mom because she used to have an ED so she assumes that I must have one too, and I remember one time she accused me of not eating right after i got home from eating two GIANT servings of fries and a milkshake at mcdonalds back when I was in high school and I just couldn’t do anything but laugh at her. This comment made me do the same. There’s nothing BAD about having an eating disorder, but when you start accusing every person of having one just because they LOOK a certain way, then the problem is yours, not Katie’s. Please consider that there is life outside of eating disorders.

    3. Sukee says:

      See, I guess that’s the issue I have with your comments, Jen. I am drawn to Katie’s blog because she does advocate REAL food — her recipes are full of whole foods that are minimally processed. The only food restrictions I see are those inherent in veganism. I’ve never gotten the sense that this website enables people with ED in any way — in fact, following the recipes here would go a long way to helping anyone develop healthy, vegan dessert options. I suspect that some of your judgments are unfairly based on Katie’s thin build. But I’m sure you know that being very thin does not always equate to ED.

  27. My fave high calorie foods are definitely nuts, nut butters, dried fruits, and grains!! I loooove crackers and cereals! I can literally eat multiple servings at once so low calorie foods can become pretty high calorie very quickly!

  28. Lucy Lu says:

    You say you can gain weight on a healthy diet, and you now that your weight is underweight, which isnt healthy at all, then why don’t you set a good example and try to gain weight on a healthy diet? You dont have to stuff your face with junk food to gain like you said! Why dont you do it? Or the benefit of yourself, and your folowers?

    1. Ilana says:

      I’m sure for people struggling to lose weight it must be impossible to conceive that someone could struggle to maintain weight, no matter how much they eat, but I guess this is the way of the closed-minded world: people don’t want to look outside of what they know.

  29. Lucy Lu says:

    I ment that comment that I just posted in the nicest way possible. You would look so much more beautiful and healthier if you gained weight and got to a healthy weight! I am sure you would be even happier too!

    1. anon says:

      “I think you look ugly now, and you’re too skinny.
      Oh, but I meant that in a nice way.”

      WTF? How can you criticize someone and say you’re doing it in a “nice way”? Rudeness is rudeness! Don’t try to cover it.

    2. Krista says:

      As impossible as it may be to believe, there are people who can eat enormous amounts of food and still not gain weight while the majority of us have the opposite problem. I understood Katie to mean that she went through a phase where she attempted to eat these extra necessary calories in the form of junk food. How is that different than most young people who subsist on a diet of chips, snacks and fast food meals? She’s making the point here that there are healthier ways to get large calorie doses, if that is what your body needs. I don’t see why this post is such a problem for some.

    3. S. says:

      Just something to think about: Would you say to a blogger who you thought was overweight “You would look so much healthier and more beautiful if you lost some weight!”
      That would be horrible, right?

      1. Maya says:

        I ALWAYS think this when people criticize Katie on here!!! Katie, you are admirable for even leaving some of these posts up and not just deleting them. People can just be so nasty.

  30. Trial mixes with nuts and dried fruits, or granola, are probably my favorites on high-calorie snacks!

  31. Amber K says:

    I don’t like avocado on its own, but I love guacamole and I love adding it to smoothies. I find that I can’t taste the avocado but it makes a super thick and creamy shake! Nut butters have to be my favorite high calorie treat though. Peanut butter is the best!

  32. I love Nut Butters, all of them! I crave the creamy goodness:-)

  33. Krista says:

    I just read a blog post on another blog that made me laugh at the comment that you, Katie, need to eat “real food”. So many people no longer know what real food is anymore. It was on kitchen, if you are interested. You seem to eat more real foods than most people, but I assume the commenter meant something along the lines of “don’t be a vegan, because it’s different than what I do and therefore must be wrong.”

    1. It’s sad that people are afraid of what they don’t understand… and therefore they criticize.
      I wish I could say I’m above that, but the truth is I used to make fun of things I didn’t know as well. Way back when, before I understood the diet, I made jokes about raw foodists and fruitarians… I even thought vegans were ridiculous! When I went vegetarian, I told my mom, “Don’t worry, I’ll never be a vegan. That’s just weird!” LOL I guess I’m eating my words now, literally ;).

      1. Anon says:

        I know lots of people who think eating real food means having a big steak with their dinner..One of the people I live with will basically shove meat at me if i don’t have any for a while. I used to be a vegetarian from grade 7-12 but then switched back to include meat. Since that time i ended up getting really sick and alot of food actually makes me rather ill so i try to cut out alot of foods, including meat, dairy spices and any preservatives but they think its unhealthy and argue that its bad for me. Sometimes people just don’t get that everyone needs a different diet to be healthy and it is rather annoying to have people argue against what you know you need, even if they mean the best.

  34. S. says:

    My favorites are the same as your favorites! Maybe because I’m always eating YOUR recipes! 😉

  35. caron says:

    Avocado is definitely my favorite! You have to try baking with it, it absolutely makes everything delicious. I’m sure you’ll grow to love it some day. Try a recipe for chocolate chip avocado cookies, they’re to die for!

  36. Katie, I’m not partial to avocados either. I’m like you…I WANT to like them. Everyone raves about them. I don’t dislike them, but they just don’t do much for me. I’d rather have a really good pico de gallo as a chip dip or salad topping as opposed to avocado (then again, I heart tomatoes!). BUT…I can attest to the avocado-chocolate shakes actually being tasty. I tried one last year and was not able to detect the avocado taste that much. I knew it was in there, so I sort of ‘looking’ for it. But even so, it made the shake so unbelievably thick and creamy. If you have a lot of flavoring (chocolate, peanut butter, I need some sweetener as well…), I think you can do an excellent job of masking the fact that it’s in there. As far as the chocolate avocado pie/mousse, I think the trick is to allow them to sit for a while. Don’t eat right away. I used to make raw chocolate avocado pies at the organic health food store/deli I baked for, and straight from the food processor that stuff was gross. But after it sat in the cooler overnight, it was actually a nice, light texture and tasted pleasant. I wouldn’t take it over a peanut butter chocolate pie, but if I had to eat it, I wouldn’t complain.
    I think peanut butter is my fave high-cal splurge. And I think that’s pretty typical with most people. I love chocolate as well, but I don’t eat it in large quantities (I used to…I could have been a chocolate-covered Trish three years ago! lol…but when I get my hormones back into balance I don’t crave chocolate as much…).
    Anyhow, I appreciate all the testing you do on your recipes to give everyone an option. I WISH I had a need for all the extra calories (believe, I really do…I’m a foodie to the MAX and love, love to eat and write about food), but unfortunately I do not and am very happy you post lower calorie versions for some of us. xoxo

  37. HC says:

    I’ve always enjoyed your low calorie versions of your desserts. I don’t need to gain weight and am always looking for healthier versions and yours are great. I easily gain weight eating nuts, seeds, adding oils, avocados, and high calorie grains. You can also limit your exercising as well. Wish people would enjoy your low cal recipes instead of complaining or judging you! Keep up the good work, Katie!

  38. My favorite high calorie foods are peanut butter and all kinds of nuts, especially roasted almonds… Yum!

  39. Erin says:

    I love that you always give ways to adapt recipes to all kinds of diets. I appreciate it. Ignore all the mean comments! They clearly are jealous.

  40. Srahishealthy says:

    Girl, you are absolutely awesome. That is all.

    Oh, and kindlyy come out with that cookbook soon. Thanks ;).

    1. Sarahishealthy says:

      Yeesh, it’d be nice if I could spell my own name right!

  41. i just baked an orange soda cake that i’m sure is very high in calories!

  42. Ahh! Agree about the avocado. Actually I used to love avocado, but after getting food poisoning one too many times from eating overripe ones, I no longer can stand them. Note to avocado eaters: Do not eat the avocado if its yellow, smells bad, or has turned brown!!

  43. Maggie P says:

    I just made the banana butter and it is awesome! I used a whole banana to 4 tablespoons of peanut butter because I like the texture more on the fluffy side. It tastes great if you dip apples slices in it! :)

  44. Mya says:

    I was just going to leave a comment about the avocado until I read that awful message from Jen! I really hope you don’t take that to heart, Katie! We all know the difference. I refrained from posting something nasty in reply to her, but only by the tiniest bit!

    Anywayyy… back to the avocado! I don’t really care for them either, although I do like guacamole. But I will warn you that it really depends on you love of creamy things and the recipe you choose if you will like the chocolate avocado mousse. I tried two recipes and had to get rid of one, I hated it! The second one was tolerable to me, but still not something I would likely choose if given another option. Unless, of course, that other option had something to do with mangoes. I can’t stand mangoes! lol :)

    1. Thanks, Mya! Haha I won’t get my hopes up about loving the mousse! 😉

  45. Ilana says:

    Still don’t understand how you don’t like avocado! Gah! That’s my favorite..and olive oil…and nuts…and coconut oil…and sesame oil…and chocolate…yum

    1. Veronica says:

      Oh yes, I’m with you on the avocado! I just bought one to FINALLY try chocolate avocado pudding.

  46. Smylee says:

    I don’t like avocado either…peanut butter id definitely my favorite. But I have to proceed with caution. :)

  47. nut butters – peanut butter specifically – is my all time favorite high calorie food! i also love raw nuts and avocado!

  48. Veronica says:

    Love this! I’m the same as you, bring on the nut butters & chocolate!

  49. Stacy says:

    Katie – these are great recipes. I haven’t been a follower for very long, but I really am loving the references to past recipes that I hadn’t stumbled upon yet. Really like the fact that so many of your recipes can be low or high calorie, depending on you needs.

  50. Kacey says:

    Avocado is my favorite food, period. One of my favorite snacks is a piece of toast with some hummus and avocado sliced on top with a little garlic salt. Mmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. That’s probably not much help if you don’t like the taste though. As several others have mentioned, have you tried it in a smoothie? It makes them so good and creamy! And I don’t think you can taste it much then either, but maybe I just don’t notice it because I like it.

    Don’t let comments from judgmental people get you down. Anyone who actually reads this blog knows the things they say are completely untrue. You’re such a kind and wonderful person, Katie, and you’re such an inspiration to me.

    1. Thank you so much, Kacey! And I hadn’t tried avocado in a smoothie… now it’s on my to-do list!