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Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting

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Creamy healthy cream cheese frosting…

pumpkin cupcake

Shown above, on top of a Single Serving Pumpkin Cupcake.

It’s both fluffier and creamier than Pillsbury cream cheese. And if you’re counting calories: you could eat the entire recipe for just 200 calories. Who wouldn’t want to eat an entire container’s worth of frosting in one sitting?

healthy frosting

But the following recipe is better than store-bought frosting for a reason much more important than the calories: it’s free of unhealthy trans fats. Many packaged frostings contain your entire day’s worth of trans fats in just two tablespoons. I posted a similar frosting recipe—my Cheesecake Frosting—around three years ago (Yes, I’ve been blogging that long.), but I modified the recipe yesterday and I think this new healthy cream cheese frosting recipe is even better… even though the other one was already good!

healthy cream cheese frosting

Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting

(makes about 2/3 cup)

Healthy Frosting Recipes

  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp cream cheese – such as Tofutti or homemade cashew cream cheese
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • Pinch stevia, or 3-4 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup Mori-Nu tofu OR more cream cheese (or try this soy-free cream cheese frosting)
  • up to 2 tbsp milk of choice, as needed for desired thickness

Blend everything together in a small food processor (I used a Magic Bullet). If you’re using this recipe to top cupcakes, I’d recommend frosting them just before serving, or frosting earlier and then storing the cupcakes in the fridge, due to the perishable nature of the ingredients. Leftover frosting can be stored for a few days in the fridge, covered. Variation ideas: Add pumpkin, or shredded carrot and pineapple for a carrot cake dip, or cinnamon and walnuts…

Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting Nutrition Facts

cream cheese dip

Or you can go crazy: Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Dip.

Do you worry about trans fats?

Do you think they really are as bad as all the hype says they are? I don’t “worry” about them, but that’s pretty much because I don’t have to—most of the foods containing trans fats are pre-packaged snack foods (often not even vegan) I wouldn’t seek out anyway. Sure, every now and then I’ll grab a handful of chocolate Teddy Grahams if I’m at a friend’s house and they’re sitting out. But for the most part, I don’t buy anything with “partially-hydrogenated oils” listed in the ingredients (a really easy way to tell if a food has trans fats).

By the way, I just noticed: You can totally see my head and camera in the reflection of the spoon in the photo above Smile.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. looks amazing…so white! that might sound odd but most of my white frostings made in a similar way never look so white! i have also tried using tofu quite a lot but i can always make out a slight tofu taste no matter what i mix it with….hmmm, i will persevere!

  2. I don’t necessarily worry about transfats, but that’s because I try and eat all natural food, where trans fats don’t exist in the first place!

        1. Trajayjay says:

          But doesn’t butter contain like a trace of trans fat. Actually, I hear that the “trans fat” in butter is sort of beneficial.

          1. Anonymous says:

            Chemically, trans fat is a molecule with double bonded carbons. Trans (meaning opposite) is the most stable form this molecule can be in (as opposed to cis). That means that our body finds it hard to metabolize the fat (because it is so unreactive) so it remains solid, leading to clogged arteries and other complications.
            I have never heard that trans fats are beneficial.

          2. Tammy says:

            If anyone wrote/said that trans-fats are healthy, that person is receiving a sizeable check from Big Food/Big Ag.

            Pity, just once I would like to see a sub cream cheese frosting/icing that does not rely on packaged non-dairy cream cheese. It all has trans-fats or palm, and I think we would all be better off avoiding those.

          3. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

            If you have Katie’s cookbook, try the cream cheese frosting recipe listed on the page with the carrot cake bars. It is fabulous, and no cream cheese subs required!

  3. Whoa, I just read Kath’s blog post this morning and was craving a pumpkin muffin because she had one for breakfast, and then I clicked onto your post and the first thing I see is a pumpkin muffin! And a single-serving one, at that! I’m pretty sure that’s the universe telling me it’s time to bake a pumpkin muffin :)

    1. Shelley says:

      oh it definitely is. seeing as I just bought pumpkin, I think it’s telling me the same thing. 😉

  4. Shelley says:

    mmm frosting…

  5. L. says:

    How do you do it???! You always manage to go inside my head and figure out exactly what I’m craving. How did you know I was craving a healthier recipe for my favorite creamy, luscious cream cheese frosting? 😉
    I am definitely going to have to make this ASAP!

  6. Yum! Looks wonderful!!! This is perfect just for me!! But I bet I’ll make two!! I can’t wait to try it!!

  7. Lisa C. says:

    That first photo is just WOW!

    1. Lisa C. says:

      Then again, they’re ALL wow! 😉

  8. Sarah says:

    Katie, it sounds so good! I am one of those people who could eat cream cheese frosting by the spoonful, so I appreciate this healthy alternative SO much! Thank you!!! I think you made this recipe just for me :).

    Also, how did I miss that chocolate chip cream cheese dip?!

  9. Wow, this looks amazing. I’ve never tried tofutti cream cheese yet (mainly because they don’t have it at my local small health food store lol). But I can just imagine how good it would be. I haven’t had regular cream cheese in so long (I went vegan back October, 2011, and can’t remember the last time I ate ‘reg’ cream cheese before that anyways!), so I don’t think it’d be a huge taste adjustment for trying tofutti. I clearly need to get to a bigger city to get some of that stuff! haha

  10. Michelle says:

    Yum out of tofu but gonna buy some and make some…..I usually buy Traders cream cheese alternative…. I like it better than im gonna try it with that……looks so good….
    I definitely read labels since I have kids and try to avoid trans fat but its there every once in awhile…
    Thx for the recipe

  11. Aja says:

    Oh my goodness, that looks delicious. I could eat this by the spoonful.

  12. ok. i would totally be caught eating this with a spoon. great vegan subsitute for frosting Katie :)

  13. LizAshlee says:

    mmm..creamy! Creamy is definitely one of my fav textures in foods! I pay pretty close attention to what type of fat I am eating..I like to get all the good stuff! :)

  14. Steph says:

    I don’t think anyone should worry about trans fats if he or she is eating a natural diet. That being said, it’s hard to completely eliminate them. Roasted nuts contain a small amount of trans fat, and also, if you’re not vegan, there ruminant animals and their products also contain trans fats. It is not yet clear whether or not the trans fats coming from natural animal products is unhealthy.

    1. Greta says:

      That part about roasted nuts containing trans fats isn’t true, surely? Not unless hydrogenated oils are added. It’s a process oils go through to make them “hard” – not liquid, that is – and that doesn’t happen when just roasting nuts. I do agree, though, that if you’re eating a whole foods diet, it’s not even an issue.

      1. Trajayjay says:

        Well, I’m pretty sure that poly fats are really heat-unstable, and they go rancid when they are heated really high and form trans fat. That’s why I try to eat my nuts raw.

  15. I do agree about transfats as well. I don’t normally worry about them because I’m not eating a lot of food that has them in it. I mean sure-it’s nearly impossible to avoid completely but I’m not going to fast food places or cooking with them most of the time and over eating them (like most of the population).

  16. Ruth says:

    Katie, do you have any ideas about what do replace the cream cheese/tofutti with? I can’t have regular sugar or dairy AT ALL. I wonder if soft goat cheese might work. I do eat that. Maybe I’ll give that I try. I really miss being able to have cream cheese frosting!

    1. Leslie says:

      From Katie’s post: See nutritional info link below, for substitution notes.

  17. Daniel says:

    I do my best to avoid any and all foods with partially hydrogentaed oils in the ingredients list. That said, most of my food doesn’t come with an ingredients list, but it’s still rather difficult to dine out because of how many places use them. Plus the whole “less than .5g = 0” thing is a bunch of BS in my mind; given what I’ve learned about them on my own and in school I could equate them to smoking cigarettes – no useful benefits at all and harmful for the body.

    Ok, I’m off my soapbox now. 😛 Have you ever considered trying this with like, a cashew cream versus the tofu? I’m not concerned about soy or anything, but for those who are (or are allergic), that might be something worth trying.

    1. Lori G says:

      Where would you find cashew cream?

    2. Leslie says:

      But there’d still be the tofu in the cream cheese, so maybe it’s a moot point to try and replace the tofu.

    3. Tiffaney says:

      I am wondering what to sub this with as I avoid all soy, especially tofu…. It looks yummy, I just don’t want the phytoestrogens… :/

  18. Only 200 calories for the entire recipe?! Impressive! Looks delish, too. :)

  19. yes I avoid trans fats for the most part but not really consciously. Like you, my diet is predominantly real foods so trans fats don’t find there way into my mouth quite often. I also avoid soy though, not sure this recipe would work for me, but just a personal preference!

  20. Amber K says:

    lol, I never would have noticed you in that spoon, but there you are. Hi! :)

  21. Sara Dane says:

    BHT, corn oil, aspartame, soy, transfats…There is so much research from all sides it’s hard to know what to believe!!

    I just avoid all processed food unless I can pronounce everything on the ingredient list, like larabars.

  22. Kathy says:

    I’d hate to eat trans fat, but like you and many others, I don’t really buy store-bought food anymore so I don’t worry about them anymore! I do buy wasa crackers though ;]

    Hm…I wonder if there’s a replacement for cream cheese; I don’t buy cream cheese or else I’d be constantly making the unhealthy frostings out there in the blogosphere.

  23. Nichole says:

    Let me start by saying that I FINALLY found mor-nu silken tofu, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! love it.

    I made this dip to put on some chocolate muffins I made last night (not vegan unfortunately, but probably easy to make vegan…) and it is SO AMAZINGLY yummy! I may never eat regular frosting again! It truly would be a declicious fruit dip as well! yum!

    I must find a better blender because Im having a hard time getting things to be super creamy like yours is! I had a magic bullet, but it just didnt seem to move things too well for me so I got rid of it…. maybe Ill have to try another one! Thanks for your very yum creativity and creating so many healthier dessert things!

    1. Aww yay! I’m so excited you tried it… plus, on chocolate cupcakes ;).

      Hmmm… I adore my Magic Bullet! Maybe you needed to fill it less? Or pulse more? Or maybe you got a defective one! That happened to me once… the blade stopped working :(.

  24. Yum, yum, yum! Eating frosting (if even slightly healthy) would be one of my favorite pasttimes. My favorite part of baking is licking the frosting off of the beaters and out of the bowl. As far as transfats go, I’m not too worried because I really don’t eat that many. Most of my food is homemade and rarely do I ever eat packaged goods. Since transfats are hardly a percentage at all of my diet, I’m not too concerned! :)

    1. Leslie says:

      Mmm me too. Mmm frosting…. mmmmmmmm :)

  25. Moni Meals says:

    yummmy Katie! Looks devine.

    Not soooo super worried about trans fats, but they sure are awful that is for sure and they are so sneaky too but I most def try to avoid them.

  26. Leslie says:

    And now I’m off to make a CCK snack: cream cheese frosted pumpkin muffin! Love you and your recipes!!!

  27. Mahya says:

    Wow, this looks beyond amazing! I want to try it one day even though I’m not vegan myself. However, I salute you!

    1. Karen says:

      I’m not a vegan either, but I just made this and was surprised that I LOVE it! Who knew?!
      Bye bye Pillsbury!

  28. I don’t normally worry about trans fats either, since I usually eat pretty healthily. Don’t get me wrong, I do splurge on some “junk” foods sometimes, but it’s only occasional and I think balance is important!

  29. Sara says:

    Made this today, and it was AWESOME!

    I definitely DID eat the entire thing in a serving. Just couldn’t help myself! And only 200 cals? I am struggling to lose the baby weight, and your blog is a LIFESAVER!!! It’s gotten my whole family healthier. You should get an insurance break for making everyone so much healthier ;).

  30. Karen says:

    I’m not a vegan, but every single one of your recipes I’ve tried has been outstanding, even to my non-vegan palate (and that of my non-vegan family as well)! This recipe was no exception. I frosted some homemade doughnuts (also from your site!) and they are almost all gone already!
    Thanks for another great recipe :).

    1. Alanna says:

      Im glad to see this comment!! Im not vegan either but the couple things I have made have been delicious ! As I am a chronic dieter for physique competitions these recipes are a life saver! This one had me a little worried about the tofu? But glad to hear someone else not used to eating it likes it! I won’t tell my boyfriend or he won’t even try lol

      1. lol that’s how I got one of my ex boyfriends to try–and like!–tofu. I made a chocolate pie and didn’t tell him what was in it until after he said he liked it ;).

  31. Emma says:

    Tofutti is a’goin on the list. Just in time for Easter! I see carrot cake in my future!!!

  32. Robyn says:

    Oh, Katie…
    I didn’t make the frosting because I didn’t have any silken tofu in the fridge–but I did make the pumpkin single-lady muffins (with chocolate chips of course!) for me and my daughter for a quick and DELICIOUS dessert. I used Pamela’s flour and it came out perfect!

    Thanks so much for allowing me to eat healthy but not give up treats!

    1. Aw, thank YOU for trying the recipe. I’m so glad it worked with the gf flour!

  33. If I had tofu in my fridge, I would have already made this. This looks INCREDIBLE Katie! I love your recipes — if I need cream cheese frosting, I am SO making this! 😀

  34. I try to make sure there are absolutely no trans fats in my diets, after taking bio and learning how they just sit in your arteries and harden. But then I’m human and the gertrude hawk peanut butter chocolate bars call my name and I give in :)

  35. Kit-Kat says:

    Wow, this looks great! I was just going to suggest if you could re-do this recipe… because I’ve been trying to make hot-cross buns, and they need an icing.
    Hmmm…. do you have a recipe for hot cross buns for Easter? My boyfriend wants is looking for a recipe that is easy for him to make. Can you help me?

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever had one! :(

  36. I stress myself out everytime I visit your page, I just want to start making everything right away!

    I just made your cookie dough battter dip and two other similar variations and love them, now I want this too!

    I trans fat for it’s unhealthy qualities and what it represents….packaged “convenience foods” too many people seek as real food replacements…..bleh. Either way, like you, I don’t have to worry for myself since I make most of my own items, but I always find myself reading ingredients on everything at the store…..just because.

  37. Mandi says:

    I don’t there is anything better on the PLANET than carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. I haven’t had a good one in 5 years-since I went vegan. I’m REALLY excited to see if this one does it for me!:)

  38. Sadie says:

    I avoid trans fats ALL the time. They have many extremely negative health effects (just google it!). Also, I have one quick question, in recipes can I substitute coconut butter for coconut oil?

  39. Eleanor says:

    what if i cant get any tofutti cream cheese where I live? :(
    btw, how on earth did you get the frosting so white??? :O
    you must’ve used magic!

    1. Nope, it’s just that color! As I say in my substitution notes, I’ve not tried a different brand of cream cheese so I don’t know how any other one will taste in the recipe. But you’re welcome to try with whatever you can find.

  40. Amy says:

    Hey girl,

    are you ready for a challenge? I’m allergic to soy, gluten, dairy, corn, coconut, quinoa, sesame, flax and every nut except almonds, pine nuts and pistachios. Any chance you’re willing to take a stab at a “raw” cream cheese frosting made from pine nuts, almonds or sunflower seeds? I’ll send you an organic cotton pot holder if you do … 😀

    1. Can you have cocoa?
      If so, I haven’t posted this one yet, but if you try it please let me know what you think!

      -1/4 cup pb (or almond butter for you)
      -4 to 6 tsp maple syrup
      -2 T cocoa powder
      -4 tsp milk of choice
      -3/4 tsp pure vanilla extract

      Blend all in a small food processor, like a Magic Bullet.

      1. Amy says:

        Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I’m gonna have a go at this ASAP! I’m out of maple syrup, so I’ll have to use some organic raw agave syrup. The recipe police won’t come after me, will they? :O BTW, I majorly *heart* you for posting this! I SO was not kidding about the pot holder, do you have a P.O. box? 😀

        1. Amy says:

          Oh. My. STARS!!!!! Wyatt (my 7.y.o. who is also an allergic guy, as well as having ASD and tourette’s) and I are SO happy right now, he’s singing about your mad recipe skillz! We, the gluten, peanut, walnut and soy allergic (to name a few) salute you! Smooches from Seattle!

          1. Aw hugs back from Texas :)
            So so glad you tried it!!

  41. kristystapley says:

    Please do a low-sugar, no baked peanut butter cookie. That would rock

    1. Hey! Couldn’t help but notice your comment.. and wanted to let you know there are two recipes for this already on CCK :)
      The first is a double chocolate peanut butter cookie –
      Here’s the regular peanut butter cookie –

      The raisins help sweeten without overpowering your diet with sugars.. or you could always use dates instead! :) Hope this helps!

  42. I have a question for your question… do you worry about soy at all?

    I worry about soy more than I worry about trans fat. Not to say I don’t eat soy, just that I definitely am mindful of how much of it I consume :)

    1. I don’t, but I also don’t really consume much soy. Except for the mori-nu tofu, I really don’t think I eat it at all… I’m not big on meat substitutes.

  43. michelle says:

    How much powdered sugar? Do I just add pumpkin to it

    1. However much you wish, depending on your tastes.
      And yes, you can just add pumpkin to taste as well if you want a pumpkin dip.

      Pure vanilla extract. They sell it in the baking aisle of almost any grocery store :).

      1. michelle says:

        I have vanilla extract but do u use the white vanilla extract…mine is the normal brown extract

  44. michelle says:

    Oh do I use white vanilla?

  45. Bobbi says:

    I used Trader Joe’s brand firm tofu and their brand of vegan cream cheese. I also put in fresh strawberries and used both powdered sugar and liquid sweetener. It isn’t fluffy, but it tastes great! I think the lack of fluffiness may be mostly from the strawberries.I found that if I refrigerate it for a little bit it gets thicker. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Probably the liquid sweetener also made it thinner. But wow, I had no idea TJ’s made vegan cream cheese! They’re finally opening a store in Dallas, and so I will definitely look out for it!

  46. Therese says:

    Wow! I’ve been playing around with tofu pudding and pie, and I just happened to get some free cartons of follow your heart vegan cream cheese. And a lot of firm tofu. Free. So in they went together in the blender, for a major batch of carrot cupcakes for easter. At first the tofu, vegan cream cheese, vanilla and baker’s stevia in the raw – well it was bitter, wtih a tofu aftertaste. So I took about a quarter of a cup of golden raisins, and a date or two, pureed those in the vitamix with vegan sour cream and added that. Slightly runnier, but the sweetness is more balanced than with just stevia. One thing I’ve noticed about tofu sweets is that the longer it sits, the less tofu taste and better the flavor gets. SO the frosting goes in the fridge overnight, and tomorrow before company comes I’ll ice the cupcakes. Thanks for all your recipes!

  47. Alanna says:

    I was thinking about making a fruit dessert pizza with your sugar cookie recipe as the crust and this cream cheese frosting with fresh fruit ontop! I was wondering if I could use the xylitol powder sugar in the frosting?

    1. I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure… but I’d be really interested to know the results if you try it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work!

  48. Anonymous says:

    just made this to top my carrot cake cupcakes — used low fat cream cheese and some powdered sugar — but putting the silken tofu gives it such a smooth consistency! i licked the whole bowl and spoon and had to just pop it in the fridge immediately so as not to eat the whole bowl! amazingly delicious :)

  49. Beverly Milley says:

    I just came across your site and think your receipes look wonderful. I have gluten and I am learning a new way to eat and live. Trying hard to gather different receipes love to cook and bake and yours looks great hope I can find your website again

  50. Soy Is Estrogen says:

    I’m really disappointed. Soy is dangerous. It mimics estrogen in our bodies and no one should consume it.

    1. Sheila says:

      Wrong. Listen to facts, not hype/propaganda. Soy is fine, just don’t eat boatloads of it.

  51. Laura says:

    Your blog almost makes me want to become vegan, I think it would help me feel better as well, all the processed foods are making me sick. However, I love cheese a little too much… Can I be a dairy eating vegan? 😛

    1. Yes haha… well, sorta. I tell people that all the time! They say, “I’d be vegan but I can’t give up cheese.” So be a vegan except for cheese ;). I seriously doubt ANYone in this world is a “perfect” vegan, and every little bit helps. Non-vegans are probably more to thank for things like soymilk and veggie burgers showing up in stores than vegans, since there are so few of us. People like me are completely indebted to our semi-veggie friends for helping to make vegan foods more mainstream. :)

  52. Alice says:

    Is this frosting thick enough to be piped on cupcakes? :)

    1. I’ve piped it before… but it’s much thicker if you make it up a day early and then chill thoroughly in the fridge. Also, if you want it extra thick you can up the ratio of cream cheese to less tofu. But frost right before serving, as this frosting doesn’t do well if left out (unfridged) for hours.

      1. Alice says:

        Thank you!

  53. Heather says:

    WOW, I can’t believe how good the frosting is! What a pleasant surprise!

  54. Ali says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’m just starting to experiment with xanthan gum, and I am wondering if I could use it in this recipe to thicken the icing for piping or to simply hold longer with out refrigerating? Or is that a totally bad idea?
    Thanks, Ali!

  55. Alexis says:

    Yum. Just made a blueberry “pizzert”. When I took it out of the oven I spread 1/2 of it with microwaved and smashed blueberries.Then folded over the other half on it like a sandwich.
    Reminded me a lot of a scone, also very delicious. Looked fancy, haha.
    No idea for names, but pizzert still has a special place in my heart.

    1. Alexis says:

      And totally commented on the wrong recipe with this. Oh well, lol.

  56. Rhonda says:

    I sub’ed half of a banana for the cream cheese. The frosting wasn’t as “white” as yours, but still very thick and fluffy. I had it ontop of YF toast with fruit. Yum. P.S. This also makes a nice fruit dip on its own. Thanks for all the great recipes! I suffer from food allergies and your recipes allow me to have my “cake and eat it too!” :)

  57. Pat Meadows says:

    Hi Katie, I’m not sure if anyone else pointed this out (not going to read 89 comments!) but your nutritional info is incorrect in two respects:
    1. If you use regular Tofutti cream cheese, it has trans-fats. You state that your recipe is ‘fine’ with it, but also state that it has no trans-fats. Only the yellow-lid Tofutti cream cheese has no trans-fats.
    2. Your recipe calls for added sugar, but you state in the nutritional info that it has no sugar.
    You might want to correct these, although it’s a while ago since you made this post.

    1. Hi Pat,
      My nutritional info is actually correct. :)
      You can easily use the trans-fat-free tofutti (which I did for this recipe). And I used stevia to sweeten. I give options so people can change the recipe to suit their own needs, but I can’t give nutrition facts for every possible combination of ingredients that someone might choose to use. So I give them for the ingredients I used (which are included in the recipe).

  58. Alexa says:

    Cool, I just made this with regular firm tofu (whole foods brand) and it worked fine! I didn’t really measure but instead started with the base and added more of each ingredient (and some almond milk) as needed/to taste. I did put in about 1/2 cup powdered sugar (though I at least doubled this recipe) and a squeeze of agave; it still tastes a little tofu-y but I didn’t want to go overboard on the sugar. Great recipe though if you want a low-sugar frosting!

  59. Sam @Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes says:

    Much like you Katie I stay away from processed food as much as possible. I do worry when I splurge on a treat food that says 0% transfat on the packaging. I recently found out that 0% transfat actually means less than a certain percentage. Some foods that state no transfat just give percentages for the smallest serving size where the transfat level is less than this amount.

    PS, I actually stopped by for help with a cream cheese icing replacement. Trying a beet red velvet cake recipe this weekend. (I know it’s not chocolate). Thanks for the help with that :)

  60. Tracey says:

    Could you add cocoa powder to make it a chocolate frosting? Or would that just taste bad?

    1. I haven’t tried it, so I really can’t say… But if you try it, I would love to hear the results!

  61. Claire says:

    Made this yesterday, and tasted it, and all I could taste was the soy. I really didn’t like it! I was like, “but it’s Katie’s, so it must be good! Maybe I did something wrong!”. So I put it in the fridge for the night, hoping that would do something, and sure enough, in the morning, the soy taste was hardly there. But if someone makes this, I would recommend making it a day ahead so that the flavors settle. Thanks for another good recipe Katie!

    1. Hi Claire,
      Did you make sure to use Mori Nu tofu? Glad it worked out in the end, no matter!

      1. Claire says:

        Wow, you are fast!! Yes, I did use it! The only difference is that I used partially hydrogenated toffuti cream cheese. Could that have been the taste difference?

        1. Hmmm… I don’t think so. But what sweetener?
          Haha yeah I’m online now and try to stay on top of comments. :)

          1. Claire says:

            I used some powdered sugar, and added vanilla extract. Any idea why it tasted different?

  62. Hi Katie!
    I made your banana bread donut muffins this morning and it soo good!
    I really wanna make this frosting but I don’t have tofu. Lol I do have the tofutti cream cheese though and wondering if that would be good enough!!

    1. Oh I just read the nutritional link. Looks like I do need the tofu. Dang it! Lol ok thanks I’ll try a diff frosting recipe from you!

    2. Maybe just use extra of the cream cheese? It should be ok! :)

  63. Laura says:

    This frosting is amazing!!! I am really surprised at how little sugar I needed to add to it for it to taste awesome. Most cream cheese frosting recipes call for a TON of powdered sugar, margarine, and cream cheese so I’m very happy that this is so healthy and decadent. Yay for silken tofu!

  64. Kari says:

    This sounds amazing, but we don’t eat soy products. Do you have a similar recipe that is soy free, by chance?

    I am LOVING your website…I just can’t get enough! Now, the problem is that I just can’t decide what to make out of all the lovely desserts and breakfasts to choose from! :-)

    1. Here is a list of all my frosting recipes. Many, such as the coconut banana butter, are soy-free.

  65. Pamy says:

    what to do when no cream cheese for frosting? help please

  66. Kristen says:

    I just made this…and ate it in one sitting. It was THAT good. It doesnt even taste healthy either! :)

  67. Alexis says:

    I saw you said “sweetener of choice” but I didn’t see an amount. Could you clarify that part please? Thank so much. :)

    1. Peoples’ tastes are so different that it’s impossible to give an amount that everyone will like. Just use a little, taste, add more as needed.

  68. Lisa says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for! I made a healthy carrot cake and needed some healthy cream cheese frosting. Thanks! I am still licking it off my fingers

  69. madi noelle says:

    I just tried this recipe and was slightly disapointed in the outcome. The tofu flavor still came through no matter what I did to try and remove it. Also, I was expecting a thicker, more cream cheese-like frosting.

  70. Trajayjay says:

    trans fat lies in mostly packaged foods, of which I don’t eat often, so I don’t have to worry too. But if were making a cake and using already made frosting, I cringe a little because of all the trans fat. But really, if you avoid packaged snacks you avoid trans fat.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I made a coffee flavored version of this! I just added instant coffee a little at a time until it tasted like coffee frosting. Delicious!

  72. Daniela says:


    First of all I’m a huge fan of your recipes they are delicious lifesavers for us health-conscious vegans with a MAJOR sweet tooth!
    I made this recipe tonight as a topping for some butternut squash that I roasted with SF maple syrup and cinnamon. Initially I put 2T on it but I think I went back for more THREE times! It was great. Thank you!

  73. Leah says:

    This was amazing! I haven’t had anything with cream cheese since before I became vegan about a year ago. This is way better than anything I remember. I will have to get some non-vegan opinions tomorrow. I hope they like it as much as I do because it is going on my health conscientious friends birthday cake.

  74. Sherry says:

    This was amazing! I made this icing for a dinner party last night and put it on a Key Lime Cake. The great part was that all of the non-vegan people there LOVED it. I couldn’t find any Mori-nu, but I used some Nigari Silken Tofu from Trader Joe’s and it worked perfectly! No soy aftertaste whatsoever.

  75. Danielle Smith says:

    I love your recipes and enjoy following all your blogs. By any chance do you have a frosting recipe for someone who can’t have dairy or soy? I can have small amounts of soy but absolutely no dairy. I’m making carrot cake cupcakes for Easter and where I will be able to eat the cupcake, I would reeeeeeaally like to enjoy a frosting. Can u help me? :)

    1. Hi Danielle,
      Here is a link to all my frosting recipes. Many are soy-free, and all are dairy-free :).

  76. Emily says:

    Do you think using plain, unsweetened soy yogurt instead of the tofu? My local natural food store carries soy yogurt, but not silken tofu.

  77. I love your website! It’s great! The recipes are amazing.Thank you for bringing such delicious and healthy recipes!!!deliciou

  78. Ellen says:

    Looks perfect for the vegan redvelvet cake I’m making for my son’s first birthday! How much sweetener do you recommend? Obviously to taste but a starting point? Thank you!

    1. Hi Ellen,
      For frosting I think I would start with 3 tbsp powdered sugar or 3 NuNaturals stevia packets.

  79. Vickie Rich says:

    When you posted the WW points for the Carrot Cake Waffles, is that serving size 1 waffle or for the recipe which makes two? Does the points include the suggested Healthy Cream Cheese frosting or is it just for the Waffle?
    Thank-you, you are doing a great service to woman-kind.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      It is per waffle.

  80. Carey says:

    Nice response in return of this difficulty with genuine arguments and explaining the whole
    thing concerning that.

  81. Cecilia says:

    I’ve just found this recipe and it sounds absolutely delicious! However, I’m wondering if you Katie, or anyone else knows whether it’s possible to freeze this frosting? With a toddler in the house, I rarely have time to prepare desserts on the day but rely very much on foods that I can make ahead of time and freeze. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies :)!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      I would not recommend it.

  82. Buffy says:

    I’m guilty of making frosting recipes from the amazing Katie’s blog and eating it as a full meal. Or a second breakfast. Or a “taste test” it into oblivion.

  83. Ellie says:

    Is there a possible substitute for the cream cheese style-tofutti or would it work without it? I just….want to move on and forget about this recipe because i can’t find this single ingredient in sweden, but. I can’t. I need this frosting in my life

  84. sheila says:

    Hi . Katie!

    Can’t wait to make this frosting, but how much powdered sugar do I need?

    Thanks. …Sheila

  85. Lavelle Black says:

    Loving your post! Didn’t notice your spoon photo til u mention it.

  86. Wendy says:

    Hi. Can someone tell me how much sugar to use in this recipe? Can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Sweeten to taste, so maybe start with 2 tbsp and go from there.

  87. Kim Parker says:

    How much sugar do you use?

  88. Sandy Stephens says:

    on your healthy cream cheese frosting….. can you use regular or 1/3 fat cream cheese in place of the cream cheese spread or tofu?

  89. Becca says:

    This was actually really gross. The cheese-like flavor was overpowering, and couldn’t really go with anything sweet; HOWEVER, I’m sure it’s a good recipe because I executed this one differently. First of all, I didn’t use any tofu; I used Tofutti cream cheese, and 2 tbsps less than recommended (but for some reason the flavor was sill to strong/strange). I used vanilla soy milk, and I’m unsure of how much stevia and vanilla extract I used because I kept having to add more to make it sweeter.

    1. Hi Becca,
      What brand of stevia did you use?

  90. bethany littleton says:

    Making a carrot cake tomorrow and this is the healthiest frosting recipe I’ve found so thank you! Would honey work as the sweetener? Xx

  91. Kristy says:

    IS this frosting thick enough to decorate a cake with?? Do you think it would be to runny? Thanks

  92. Lucina Mills says:

    Tofu? Any non- fermented soy product is not healthy. Besides all soy being GM. I used to use tofu until I studied the results of consuming it. Baby formula made with soy delivers a shot of estrogen. Look it up.

  93. Yum! Trying this today on white cake cupcakes :) I’m always up for trying a healthier option for frosting. Thanks for sharing on Pinterest!

  94. Whit Meier says:

    I was wondering if it would work to sub out the cream cheese spread for plain yogurt?

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  95. Noelle says:

    Just for those looking for additional alternatives to the sweetener…I didn’t have powdered sugar and don’t love stevia, I used raw honey – a little more than a TBSP – and loved the results. Also – I didn’t notice the soy flavor other commenters have noted. LOVE the runny texture – really fun to drizzle on the strawberry muffins!

  96. Carla Abanes says:

    HI Katie,

    Do you have any frosting recipe that does not require refrigeration? Or from the recipe posted above, can i remove the milk and substitute it with plain water?

    Thanks and more power!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Commercial frostings have unhealthy preservatives that enable them to be left out at room temp, so unfortunately natural frostings will not be the same. However, this one can be left out for at least a few hours:

  97. Brianna says:

    Has anyone ever tried freezing it? I think I might.