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Please stop whatever you’re doing and read this post.

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Sorry for the gimmick-y title.

However, there is nothing gimmicky about what’s going on in the northeastern United States and parts of the Caribbean right now. Thousands of people have lost everything—their homes, their livelihoods, members of their family…

Today’s post is a reminder that there are more important things in life than chocolate.

This time, I’m not joking.

The victims of Hurricane Sandy are currently in desperate need of food, clothing, water, and medical supplies. Many are stuck in shelters, not knowing when they’ll be allowed to return home- or if their homes even still exist. To raise as much money as possible, my first thought was to host a giveaway, where you’d make a donation for an entry. But a lot of you probably already have made a donation, especially since a few other bloggers have already hosted donation giveaways.

red cross hurricane sandy

How you can help:

EDIT: I really did have the best of intentions with my initial idea. Getting the advertisers to help with the fundraiser was, I thought, a brilliant way to raise the most money possible, since big companies have much more money to give than individual blog readers. I’d initially hoped to raise at least $2000, then match that number myself, and also ask if any companies would match it.

But then I started getting hate mail. A lot of hate mail. And hateful comments on the post. Hateful comments from people who were doing nothing, themselves, to help raise money, yet who had no problem criticizing the efforts of someone who really did want to help. My idea was not meant to be a publicity stunt or to get me more page views, and it’s really disgusting that anyone would think that. Some of my own relatives and friends lost a lot more than their electricity to this storm. (Both my parents grew up in one of the hardest-hit areas of New York, and many of our relatives still live there.)

I’m taking down the entire idea, not to give in to the haters; but because this was supposed to be an idea that would help, and it just seems to be doing more harm (and engendering more hatred) than good. (There are a few other reasons–things I didn’t initially think about–such as the fact that I’d rather send money now than wait until December.)

I’m making a private donation to the Red Cross, and I hope you all will do the same.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I am constantly looking at your blog anyways, always trying to decide what to make next, ha ha. I will certainly keep doing so!

    1. Michele says:

      Yes me too! I have your blondies in the fridge right now! Thank you for doing this and I’ll certainly spread the word.

  2. Kristin says:

    As a reader whose area was damaged by the hurricane, I want to say thank you for your efforts to help out. NJ greatly appreciates the attention and assistance!!!

    1. Julianna says:

      I also live in NJ where Sandy hit and thank you so much for your kind efforts-no matter what haters- Katie.

  3. Alanna says:

    Awesome idea, Katie!

  4. Anon CCK Reader says:

    This is a really cool way to raise money.

    Are you going to show the amount that you made last month and this month so that we actually believe it’s true? I in no way question what you are doing, I just know that there will be many others who do.

    Good luck with raising all that money- It will definitely help those in need! :)

    1. anonymous says:

      The Foodbuzz company knows what each blogger gets, so if she gave the wrong amount they would know.

      1. Hmmm… I didn’t think about that. But yes, the Federated Media will know the true amount, so they could verify it. I guess if someone really wanted to, he or she could even contact them.

  5. Susie says:

    You’re a sweetheart, Katie — just as sweet as your treats! I will happily spend time clicking around and pinning so others click, too. Thanks for all you do!

  6. This is such a great idea! I know that I’ll make it a point to click around your website more often, definitely!

    Especially your old posts… Hey, that’s an idea! At the bottom of each of your new posts you should post an interesting old post off your blog that we could read. It would help us learn more about you, and also help guarantee more clicks! I love reading through past posts because they are so different than bloggers’ new ones :)

    1. Allison says:

      LOVE this idea! =]

    2. Kylie says:

      So do I. It is a great idea for those of us that are still fairly new here. To make it really simple you could add what I have seen on other blogs. It is a section of links that basically say “what i blogged on this day 1, 2, 3, etc years ago. I’d love to see more things from the beginning.

  7. Tabby says:

    Katie, you’re such a wonderful and unselfish person. I will definitely do this and tell everyone else to do the same. Thank you for being you.

  8. April says:

    Katie, this is so sweet of you… thank you for your wonderful contribution to this world :)

  9. And this is just another reason why I love your site! You are selfless and it shows :) I’ve re-posted the link to this post on both my personal FB & blog’s fan page as well. You’re amazing, and thanks for giving us all another opportunity to help the victims! PS. I’m with the 1st commenter…I probably click on your site a bajillion times a day already! Ha!

  10. Nicole says:

    THANK YOU! As a Jersey girl, you don’t know how much it means to me to see you taking action! Passing this on to everyone I know! God bless you, Katie!

  11. Mandie Lauren says:

    Will do! Love to you, Katie, you’re such a sweetheart. <3

  12. Dana says:

    That is such a sweet and wonderful idea!

  13. Love this idea! I’d be happy to help. :)

  14. Thank you for doing this! As a long time Floridan I know ALL to well how devastating a hurricane can be!

  15. Great idea! I have no problem browsing your recipes more than normal. 😉

  16. Lilla says:

    this is a fantastic idea, i’d like to help. i just have one question: i remember that you wrote about receiving money ONLY by getting clicks from the USA. does that hold for this one too? thanks!

    1. Oh yeah, I always forget about that :(. Yes, that is true that the advertisers only pay for US clicks.

  17. Basil says:

    You are so sweet! I am touched by your kindness, what a thoughful thing to do. All of our thoughts are with those impacted by the hurricane.

  18. Cindy says:

    You are one of less than 10 blogs I follow on a regular basis and you are the first to do something like this. I was disappointed that most of the other blogs haven’t even mentioned Sandy and the victims. So, thank you so much for doing this.

  19. love that you’re doing this Katie.

  20. Kim says:

    Just posted a link to your sugar-free chocolate chip cookie pie on Bariatric Foodie’s FB page. I love your recipe and have been meaning to share it there but just haven’t. Love what you’re doing and hope that post will get you many hits! :-)

  21. Oh,this is such a wonderful idea. Of course I will do whatever it needs to help. Of course.

  22. Samantha says:

    Thank you! Clicking around will not be a problem, pretty much a weekly (daily) happening.

  23. Suzanne says:

    Will clicking on the ads increase the revenue? What exactly should I be clicking on?

    1. Nope, no need to actually click the ads. Clicking on ANY of the links on my site (recipe posts, faq page, about page, etc) count :).

  24. Morgan says:

    As a follower living near the East River in Manhattan….. Thanks for thinking of us!!! {Your blog is fantastic} :)

  25. Meg says:

    You are so awesome sweetheart. As if I needed another reason to look up recipes on your blog…thank you!

  26. Alex says:

    This is a great idea! Thanks for keeping it real, Katie-I really admire your unselfish outlook on life. Question: do we need to click on the ads, or does we raise money simply by clicking around the site?

    1. Simply clicking around the site :).

  27. Moe Purple says:

    Click click click x50000

  28. This is a great idea! I’ll start browsing recipes now!

  29. Great idea Katie! I will do my part!

  30. S says:

    On a lighter note, I am LOVING the new lavender background on your site!

  31. Victoria says:

    It’s funny how I seriously stopped doing what I was doing to click on this! I will definitely contribute and check your site a zillion times per day 😀 Okay, maybe 10 *blush*

  32. april says:

    I’m confused. Where’s the money coming from every time I click?

    1. The advertisers (whose ads you see)

  33. Bless you Katie, what a lovely thing to do…I’ll get clicking xx

  34. Belle says:

    I absolutely love that your raising money for everyone who has had to deal with Hurricane Sandy, but it wasn’t just the Northeastern US. Cuba was hit just as bad.

    1. Thank you for mentioning that! Haiti was hit as well, and I should’ve mentioned this (*editing now*).

  35. Sharon says:

    Best idea ever! I am constantly yearning to donate to innumerable great causes: cancer walks, research foundations, disaster relief efforts, etc., etc., but I just can’t swing it financially. This lets me do it because you’re in a position to be generous! Thank you!

  36. Don’t apologize, it’s a good cause! I will click around, but my husband and I are also donating as much as we can spare to the victims.

  37. Tessa says:

    Katie, this seems to be confusing people (and to be honest, there are more direct ways of raising immediate funds). Angela on Oh She Glows ( set up a donation page on the Canadian Red Cross site, it might be worthwhile to generate donations that way to the American Red Cross. It’s a great way to raise money for disaster relief.

    1. Hi Tessa,

      As I said in my post, I know that a lot of people have already donated. I wanted to provide a different way for people to make a difference. So often, people get frustrated that the only way they can help in a certain situation is to give money. This way, all the have to do is click, and the advertisers pay! But I definitely do not mean people shouldn’t make a donation as well (which I’ve already done). We can do BOTH :).

  38. Jennifer from NJ says:

    I have been working as a Nurse in the Redcross shelter in Burlington Couty NJ, as I walked into the sleeping quarters at the shelter its a totally overwhelming experience thats difficult to process, no words really describe it. Hundreds of cots lined up, blankets and pillows are the hottest commodity only thing to look forward to is whats the next meal its very humbling.

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much for volunteering. The world needs more people like you.

      1. Jennifer from NJ says:

        Thank you Katie!
        All the Nurses working are amped up on Chocolate!

  39. Deanna says:

    Thank you for doing this Katie! I live in NJ and I’ve seen the conditions people are currently living in. It’s really sad how people are stuck, have lost their homes, and are now starving. I’ll definitely be clicking around on your website (more than usual anyway)

  40. You’re a beautiful person, Katie :) and I can always use an extra reason to surf around your blog

  41. Beth says:

    From a current Manhattanite, former NJ resident, and native Long Islander, who is watching these beloved places have to deal with such heartache, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. New York love stretches it’s way to you!

  42. Robin says:

    I just refreshed 20 times. Does that count? :p

  43. brittany deering says:

    Since your page clicks only cover American readers, have you considered linking to (Canadian) Angela Liddon’s fundraising post on in your post? So far she has raised an amazing $5,861 and readers from any country can contribute. Just something to consider if you’re interested in reaching a broader spectrum.

    1. JC says:

      No, she wouldn’t consider that because then she would lose out on making money herself by increased page views. She can use all these clicks for leverage with advertisers as to how many people click her site. This isn’t really about donations. It’s about increasing her stats and trying to look helpful in the process. She NEVER links to other blogs.

      1. JC: your comment was so incredibly rude and hurtful, and the only reason I’m even bothering to post it and respond is because I wanted to point out that you really don’t even know what you’re talking about. I work with a third-party advertising company, and therefore I don’t ever tell the actual companies what my page views are. So I am in no way using this for my own gain, and to suggest it is just sick. My parents grew up in one of the hardest-hit areas of this hurricane, and I have friend and relatives who have lost everything. If you don’t think my efforts to help are good enough, why don’t you do it better, instead of wasting your time criticizing someone who IS trying?

      2. anonymous says:

        You idiot, she just linked to other blogs (ohsheglows among them) last week.

        And seriously what are YOU doing to make the world a better place?

      3. Sarah says:

        Wow, that is low, even for a troll. I agree with anonymous. JC, I would really love to hear what you are doing to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. If you ever bother to come back and read this, I really would like to know.

        It makes me sad that there are people like you in the world.

      4. JC, just another coward troll with nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer all day and spread hate. Does it feel good to live in such darkness?? I certainly hope you have been in the middle of the disaster(s), rescuing people with your own bare hands by the way you sound so high and mighty. Or perhaps you can climb dangerous electrical towers and restore power. Either way, if you used that hateful energy to do something positive, the world would be better off, and YOU would probably be a much happier person.

        Katie, the people who are trolling are probably sitting at home, picking their butts, and eating a steak. (Not that there’s anything wrong with steak or meat-eaters…I’m married to one…just the same principal of non-vegans who criticize vegan blogs, vegans who go psycho and bash on a vegetarian baker who still uses eggs, etc. etc…you get my point…). It’s a shame that you’ve scratched your personal fund-raising efforts. I shared a link to your blog on my Facebook when you first announced you were doing this, and I’ll share it again today just to show the love you were attempting to share with the people who had/have been affected by Hurricane Sandy (and the animals).

      5. Van says:

        JC…you are what is wrong with this world…and you frighten me. :( I hope you can heal from the awful pain you must endure every day to be this way.

        Katie: you are what is right with this world…and I am filled with hope because of you.

      6. Laura says:

        You’re sick dude just be quiet.

    2. Katherina says:

      Great point! Non US readers should definitely check out some other options for giving since clicking around this site won’t do anything. Also I think it’d be really wonderfully transparent if Katie could show last month as compared to this month.

    3. Brittany: Thanks for the suggestion. I edited my post!

      1. Jennifer from NJ says:

        Katie what you are doing is wonderful. Our World needs more kindness, compassion, caring, and love oops an of course Chocolate! Thank you for always spreading your Sunshine, you make my days brighter :)
        Much Love

  44. Click, click, clicking away!

  45. Jenni says:

    Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I am from the Jersey Shore and my family, friends, and relatives are right in the middle of the mess … the damage is absolutely devastating in parts of NJ and NY. Your kindness is sooooo appreciated, Katie!

    Also, I absolutely love your blog. :-)

  46. Anonymous says:

    we love you! not that we needed another reason to visit your site…

  47. sharon says:

    Great idea Katie! Good on ya :)

  48. Jamie H says:

    You have such a heart of gold! Reasons like this are why I check out your blog several times a day:)

  49. B. says:

    That is SO nice Katie! Awesome. And I love your recipes so that shouldn’t be a problem at all ;).

  50. Robin says:

    Thanks Katie. We are really in need up here.

  51. Wow this is really great! Wonderful that you are doing this. I will help click your way to victory!

  52. Nina says:

    as someone who lives on Staten Island, I say thank you!

  53. I’m clicking away and will encourage others to do the same! Great way to raise money, Katie – you’re a doll. God bless you!!!! *hugs* <3

  54. Christina says:

    Katie, I am a frequent blog reader and thank you so so much for doing this for us! I live on the jersey shore in a beach town that was destroyed and just to know that everyone is helping means so much to everyone who lives here on the jersey shore and eastern seaboard! It is not a good situation here, the desperation for food, shelter, heat and gas has caused many people to turn to violence and looting to survive. It’s very dangerous. To know that people are willing to help out is comforting. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my and everyone in the community’s heart for pulling together in this one of need!

  55. Kylie says:

    What an awesome idea Katie! You are doing a great thing and if people consistently read your blog, they would get the feeling that you are a genuine person that they can trust. Please don’t let the hurtful comments from some get to you or make you feel that you should reveal your income. It is none of their business. On another note, I made your Lentil Sloppy Joes earlier this week and both my husband and I loved them! Love your blog! =]

  56. Jaime says:

    Geez, some people are so cynical and negative. They only see what isn’t good enough.

    Katie you’re amazing. Don’t let the few negative people, even the ones that are saying you should show your last months earnings, get to you. What you are doing is amazing, both on your blog and donating your earnings.

  57. Lisa Broadley says:

    I LOVE this idea you’ve put together. You’re right about people giving monetary donations (or maybe some of us can’t do that). It’s a great way for awareness!! Unfortunately I live in Canada :( but I’ll share your post on Facebook for my US family.
    BTW ignore all those people who think you’re just drumming up business. I’ve made a few of your recipes and they are ALWAYS amazing. Even my husbands guy friends (true meat-eaters) love them!

    PS My Facebook name is Lisa Snagglebottoms

  58. Julie spady says:

    Katie…great idea. Ignore the negatives! Clicking away!!!

  59. Lola says:

    I was about to send this post to my homeschool association as a fun and meaningful activity for the kids to engage in, but then it dawned on me, could you get in trouble for this? I know on my own blog I was ‘fired’ from monotizing after a few short months because apparently an over zealous family member was clicking on ads just once too often (they track the amount of clicks made per person). I was banned from monotizing *forever* without trial or judge. It was a harsh conviction, especially as I had nothing to do with it (and only $30 was raised by the intrepid clicker anyway). This was with google ads though.
    Any concern about getting in to trouble in this way? If not, I’ll spread the news!
    :) Lola

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply! I didn’t have a problem with the advertisers, but unfortunately I had to cancel the whole thing anyway. (Post edited.) I am so sorry about it; I really wanted it to work.

  60. mitchell says:

    Hi Katie,

    I just recently found your blog and I love it. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes that caught my eye. I’m a guy …I hope we’re allowed here:)

    I think what you’re doing to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy is great and highly commendable.

    The potential problem ….have you checked the TOS with your advertisers? I run a couple of websites and with everyone that I am aware of, I am forbidden to do anything to artificially inflate clicks or page views. To actually ask people to click so you will make more money is definitely against all the advertisers TOS that I know of.

    Again, I love what you do and don’t want to come off as a hater. I would just hate to see you lose what you thought you had coming to you. I really urge you to check into it.

    Thanks, Katie. I love what you do. Oh, and you are fantastically good looking. I wish I knew you in person. (Did that sound creepy? …I’m a good guy.)

    1. Thanks! I actually didn’t have a problem with my advertisers; I actually did one of these in the past (and raised a lot of money for charity, although my blog was much smaller then). Unfortunately, I had to cancel the whole thing anyway (post edited as to why). It’s really unfortunate, because I had high hopes for the idea.

  61. Aimee B. says:

    This is a lovely way to help. Thank you for your sweetness. My love & prayers go out to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy!

  62. Maria says:

    What a wonderful idea! I applaud it.

  63. Amanda says:

    This is amazing Katie! What a great idea to help those in need. I love your blog anyways, and this gives me an extra reason to promote you too all of my friends.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  64. Jenn says:

    I emailed you but wanted to comment here too – thank you for your amazing loving heart, Katie. It is felt and appreciated. There should be more people in this world like you. <3

  65. Jenn says:

    Also, in light of my stubbornly persisting Sandy anxiety, it is a comfort to know that I can come home at night, click around on your site and help at the same time. I like that my clicks will be purposeful and driven! :)

  66. Lindsay says:

    Great idea!! Already posted in a status and spreading the word.

  67. quix says:

    This is so sweet. I’ll definitely make sure to click around more than normal this month! Thanks for your kindness! :)

  68. What a fantastic idea! Love your recipes….I’ll keep clickin!!

  69. thanks for this and thank you for everyone donating, some of my family and friends have lost everything thankfully i was lucky and nothing was to serious but its crazy thanks everyone!

  70. Gabrielle says:

    So cool of you! Just spent a good 10 minutes clicking the link/refreshing the page. Hope that works.

    Cheers to you and your blog. Love everything about it – including your endless goodwill and generosity.

    You’re so much cooler than Serena van der Woodsen. 😉

  71. As a fellow blogger from a region effected by Sandy, I really appreciate what you’re doing here. I’ll spread the word, and start clicking around.

  72. Jilly says:

    Katie – as always, youre the best, and you continue to get better <3

    You made it sooo easy, and fun even. I am even clicking on all the ads just for the helluv it! :)

    (Anyone who questions anything about this is an ass, sorry to curse. I dont think you need to post anything about what you make, personally. You work your butt off.)

    I live in NJ and have relatives in NYC and everything is terrible. The Jersey shore of my childhood is really "no more," and i'm 53 and have never seen anything like this. Thanks again to everyone.

  73. Jilly says:

    Katie – remember, negative, hurtful people are usually unhappy and jealous – sadly.

    I am FROM NJ and lived here MY ENTIRE life, spending every summer at the shore. I have donated and helped other ways, and there is no reason for people to advertise them here. We have Facebook for that.

    Let Katie do her job, and do the good she does, please. Thank You.

    1. Thanks, Jilly. I’m keeping you and your NJ friends in my thoughts :(.

  74. i love tofu says:

    You are so nice katie!
    I will make sure to visit this site every day!!!!!
    I really admire your generosity!!!:)

  75. Carol says:

    Thanks Katie! This was the easiest (and yummiest) way to help out yet!

  76. Stephanie says:

    You are a super cool person. :) My mom is visiting this week, so I’ll be clicking extra because I’m planning on making a bunch of your awesome desserts. Two thumbs up all around! :)

  77. Michelle says:

    that’s it :)

  78. hey katie! love the idea, sharing the word with my bloggers too!

  79. Dalyce says:

    this is so great. I most always have at least one tab dedicated to your site while I’m at work, or just browsing in general (when I’m not in hardcore-no-procrasination-mode.) Glad to know I’ve been contributing through my procrastination / mild obsessing over which recipes I most want to try next! You are quite lovely for doing this.

  80. Katherine Rowe says:

    What a wonderful thing you’re doing Katie. I’ll be sure to click around a little more than usual! :)

  81. Sara says:

    I shared this on my facebook page to help get as many clicks as possible! Such a great idea you have here

  82. Stefani says:

    What a great idea!! I’ll definitely be pinning this as well as posting it on facebook. Hope it helps!

  83. Mich says:

    Thanks for reaching out to those of us who got hit by Hurricane Thor. The haters can shove it because you’re an angel and only an idiot would think otherwise. :)

  84. Jill Avery says:

    I appologize if another commenter already asked however, if this online bake sale hadn’t happened yet, how do I find out about it? I tried to click on your friend “Gina’s” name but it doesn’t work for me (I get 404’ed and Page Not Found). I would LOVE to purchase something from there!

    1. Sorry about that; I’m not sure why the link wasn’t working, but I think it must’ve been temporary, because it’s working again now (seems to be).

      However, I don’t think she’s posted anything about it yet. She said she’d start posting about it Thursday night, and the bake sale is Friday.

  85. nikki says:

    i was a little late getting to your original post. i found it in my email today and was so excited to start clicking and to share your idea with all of my vegan friends and fb groups. now that i’m reading the edited version, though, i’m so sorry to hear what happened. it was an awesome idea and i applaud you for trying. so sad that there are so many people out there thinking the worst of others when you’re only trying to help. :( hugs to you, katie. you’re still fantastic!

  86. Roberta says:

    Sorry you had “haters”…I made my Red Cross donation – thanks for anything you donate too. Good heart…

  87. Alathea says:

    I guess we can never be prepared for just how negative people can be. Makes me terribly sad that someone would send you “hate” mail for trying to do a good thing. I loved your idea and knew that it came from a genuine desire to help. Know that there are a lot more of us positive people out here who support you and appreciate you!

  88. Kacey says:

    It makes me so sad that people’s hate would interfere with something like this. For the record, I still think it was a great idea. As a college student I really don’t have a lot of spare money to be donating, and I loved the idea that I could still do something to help.

    (Also, side note, but I love clicking around your older posts! Just when I think I’ve read them all I’ll find one I haven’t seen before with links to a whole bunch more. It’s like a treasure hunt!)

    Don’t let the haters get you down, Katie. Your real fans have your back.

  89. Erica says:

    I’m sorry that you received so much backlash for this. As someone who loves this blog – have made many recipes many times and look forward to new ones to try – I was touched that you would get involved in this way, from so far away. I live in Manhattan and was without power/heat/hot water for nearly a week, and had to see my neighborhood look totally devastated. I work for a non-profit whose sole goals for the last 10 days has been to get the area back on its feet, and the love and support that we have felt from all over the country has been heartwarming. Thank you for the effort and I’m so sorry that it was thwarted.

  90. Angela says:

    Haters?? For this?? Wow, I’ve heard it all. I thought it was a great idea. Keep your chin up, girl. I think you’re awesome & your recipes too!!

  91. Schaun Wolf says:

    I really don’t understand the hateful nature of so many people. You seem to be a genuinely
    nice and honest person. I love your blog and you are doing a great job. It is sad when people have to look for something negative to make them happy. Chin up Katie. You brighten our day with your positive attitude.

  92. Earline says:

    Just ignore the “haters” they must be very unhappy people with no one to love or love them.
    We all love you and your blog.
    Love you and your recipes,

  93. Michelle says:

    I just read your edit and I’m saddened to hear that you had to bag the whole idea. I had already clicked on your link and made a donation to the Red Cross so I think I got the bases covered.

    I appreciate your attempt and am disheartened that there are people out there that can’t recognize someone trying to do something for others with no hidden agenda for themselves.

    Keep on doing what you are doing. Your blog is great and your recipes are awesome!!

  94. Anonymous says:

    Wow, sure is easy for people to sit back in their comfortable house (that they STILL have) in their comfortable chair with heat, power and food and bash someone who is honestly trying to help, and in a big way. It amazes me that people would waste their energy sending hate mail to someone who IS helping when they themselves are doing nothing but lifting a finger to spread hate, anger and stupidity, not help.. Love and compassion is how we help. Those haters are just making the world worse. They must be VERY unhappy people. I’m sorry your efforts were bombarded with hate mail. That makes me sad. :(

  95. Alanna says:

    I’m shocked and disappointed that so many miserable people would rather criticize your attempts to help than do anything productive or helpful themselves, but I completely understand why you changed your plans on this. Shame on those who contributed nothing but harrassment when so many people need so much.

  96. Liz says:

    Katie, I think your efforts to help people were more than amazing. I can’t believe that you recieved one hate message for all of the good you are doing. Thank you for bringing awareness to issue and showing so much selflessness and compassion for those affected.

  97. Susan Riisdal says:

    Good for you for calling out the trolls. Most people have no idea how grim it is here in NY/NJ. We got 6″ of snow last night with many people still without power.

    Donations to the Red Cross are ok — but, as in the 9/11 disaster — many donations don’t come to us. There is a Hurricane Sandy wedding registry for Jersey City here:

    Several blogs are running pleas for homemade warm stuff, like “My Merry Messy Life”:

  98. petrina says:

    Hi Katie! Just wanted to say that I know your heart was in the right place with the fundraising efforts. Anyone who reads your blog regularly knows what a sweet person you are! Also wanted to say thanks for the link to your friend Gina’s website. I’m always looking for new exercises and motivation and her website looks really cool. I will definitely check out her bake sale on Friday!

  99. Lynette says:

    Sometimes I wonder what this world has come to with all of this hatred people have built up and take out on others. The cyber world has made it easier for people to think it is ok to be hateful while hiding behind their electronic devices. Would they really behave this way if they had to confront you in person? I highly doubt it but wouldn’t be surprised if they did because they do not know any better. If you do not believe in something someone is trying to do to help others then move on and do not participate. Leave your comments to yourself and be miserable on your own. Do not bring other people down. I applaud you for your efforts and I did click all over your site, but I do that anyway because I am always finding new recipes to try for my son who cannot have dairy. Your site has become a lifesaver for my son and I because your recipes are so quick and easy, healthy and of course yummy! He can be a normal child and eat what the other kids are eating. Continue what you are doing and feel good about what a great and caring person you are and do not worry about the haters. We need more people in the world like you because they are becoming far and few between! Your blog screams what a great, genuine, caring person you are and it is obvious the people with those reactions are not happy and are jealous.

  100. The highest nail always gets pounded.

    You’re a high achiever, Katie, and some people are just plain threatened by the fact that you want to do something so publicly big and selfless.

    I sure hope you don’t let those haters get to you. You are an awesome example for all of us! Remember that!

    God bless, and thanks again for the yummy recipes.

  101. Monica says:

    Good grief, I’m sorry you caught so much flack for trying to do a good thing. That’s just ridiculous. You are a sweet person. Thanks for your efforts and for giving us this donation information!

  102. Amanda says:

    Oh Katie, I’m sorry there are so many jerks out there. As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished.” You did nothing to deserve the backlash you received. Keep your head up.

  103. Donna Coykendall says:

    It’s too bad that rude, ignorant people try to ruin a good deed. Thanks for being such a kind person and wanting to help others. That is truly what life is all about!

  104. Therese says:

    Oh poor Katie! I knew right away that you weren’t trying to feather your own nest, when you announced your fundraiser, and you can be darn sure I clicked extra through your recipes to support you. People can be so awful, and yet so nice. Welcome to the human race!

  105. Erika says:

    I really admire the graceful way you handled the edit to this post/fundraising idea. It’s a shame that it didn’t work out, but I’m sure you still inspired a lot of people!

  106. Marilee says:

    Don’t think I’ll ever understand what prompts some people to foster negativity as though it were something desireable. I love your site and love your can-do attitude. Seems clear that you won’t let the nay-sayers get to you. Good.

  107. Jessica says:

    I’m sorry you’re canceling the fundraiser. While I don’t know the amount/type of hate mail you were getting, I read through the (currently) 135 comments and saw one negative one, from JC, who didn’t even come back after his/her first comment, and about 10 comments directly defending you against JC’s accusations. It’s great that the community you have here at your blog is so willing to support you, but you’re a public figure because of your blog and your future cookbook, which means that people are allowed to criticize you. Plus, this is your full-time job — in many other professions, people get reviews (both positive and negative) all the time. I agree that JC was overly confrontational, but it was just one comment (again, I realize I don’t know how much “hate mail” you got). JC doesn’t know you, and neither do I, so our comments don’t reflect who you actually are, just your CCK persona. My guess is that other food bloggers moderate comments to keep negative ones out, or else they just let them pass without responding. Here, it seems like posters are willing to “feed the trolls” by getting really defensive, and you seem to support that (for example, saying there were “hateful comments” when there was just one, and calling JC’s ideas “disgusting).
    I guess my point is that I’d like to see you encourage your readers to ignore any negative comments, given that they come with the territory of having a public persona (unless you expect the whole world to always agree with you) — and I think you could best do that by leading by example. For your sake, I hope what you think about yourself and your work isn’t affected by what a few anonymous strangers say.
    Thanks, and keep cooking! I love your recipes. :)

    1. Another Jessica says:

      I don’t think it’s Katie’s job to reign in the commenters that want to defend her from attacking comments. Just like attackers have the right to leave their remarks if they are constructive, defenders have a right to defend. I think Katie does a great job of this, letting people say their opinions as long as they’re not completely disrespectful, and if a person has the gall to leave a rude comment, well then he or she deserves to deal with anyone who wants to respond. The comments in her most recent post about white chocolate chips is tribute to this fact. One of the commenters there is in my opinion completely nuts, but Katie has correctly allowed her comments to stand. Anyone saying anything in a not completely rude way shoudln’t have to have their comments moderated. As for this comment thread, I don’t think JC was the only negative commenter. There are entire gossip websites where Katie’s idea was discussed, and the things people were saying made me sick!

      Also sorry for my comment name. I didn’t mean to be confusing, but Jessica is my name too ;).

      1. Harsha says:

        Another Jessica, I too saw the comments in the other thread you are talking about, and honestly speaking, I have to respectfully disagree with you. A person (who also seems to be knowledgeable on the subject) just expressed an opinion contrary to Katie’s and the readers started attacking her calling her “hard” and mean and ignorant. It is not cool. I agree it is not Katie’s “job” to reign in the commenters but this is her blog and she can control such things. Many bloggers do respectfully ask their readers to refrain from attacking each other. I visit this site because it is a feel-good place for me, but lately readers are changing it by simply attacking anyone who happens to disagree with Katie. The comments section is meant to debates and discussions, and unless anyone is being rude, I don’t see why they have to face such things. That said, I am not talking about JC, he/she deserved the backlash.

        1. Jessica says:

          I wasn’t actually talking about a thread on this blog.

          1. Harsha says:

            Sorry, quite confused now. First about “which” Jessica you are and secondly about the topic. I thought we were talking about the white chocolate thread. In any case, if I misunderstood,I do apologise.

    2. Harsha says:

      Jessica, I agree with you. Even I feel that it is best to ignore such things as far as possible or at least respond without getting defensive. Katie does manage to do so most of the time but many of the readers don’t. I was reading the comments section in another thread and someone said that white chocolate IS chocolate. People just started attacking her saying she is being “hard” on Katie and should check facts first before commenting etc. The said commenter also had an entire blog dedicated to chocolate and seemed pretty knowledgeable about the subject. It would have been a different matter if she had said something really offensive but honestly speaking, I saw nothing of the sorts. It makes one feel that they cannot disagree or express different opinions here at all without the risk of being attacked. That said, JC was indeed quite rude and I can see how it might have hurt people. I am sorry that this turned out to be nasty but then you cannot please everyone. I would have been more happy if Katie had just ignored such comments and continued with her fundraising. After all the people who need help are the ones that matter.

      Anyway Katie, I do not mean to cause offense in any way, just expressing my point of view. I thought this was a good idea, and I do really admire your efforts. Its incredibly sweet that you tried, and that is more than what you can say for most people. I am going ahead and donating to red cross too.

      1. Cindy says:

        Harsha, I agree with you. I wish Katie would have just ignored the comments and continued on with her fundraising. There is no need in feeding negativity. It will only allow it to grow. The first thing I thought when I read the edit was the possibility of increased criticism claiming that there were too many clicks and the amount was too much to donate so she had to stop it. In my opinion, this would be complete legitimate if it happened but haters would never see it like this. That cliche – ‘haters will be haters’ is 100% true. People like that just don’t change. They hate themselves and everyone around them far and wide. They’re mad at life. They’re mad at themselves. And their definitely mad at a happy, positive personality who is successful at what she does. This is the sad reality today.

  108. Why would ANYONE send you hate mail for trying to do something so thoughtful and compassionate? Don’t let them get to you, Katie! You had an awesome idea, and even though this didn’t work out as intended, you still made us all more aware of how much help is needed over there! :)

    1. Jenn says:

      I agree. That inandof itself is a lot. Katie has a huge following and brought this to a lot of people’s attention. Nice job!!

  109. Laura says:

    Uh! This makes me so mad! >:( What kind of sick, distorted parasite of a human hates on someone for trying to help other people? This was a great idea! You are a wonderfully kind person Katie and don’t you forget it!

  110. Kimberly says:

    Let me begin with what an amazing heart you have. Your actual readers, those who follow your blog, know that. No questions asked. I am sad you felt the need to pull your idea. It was heart felt and giving however the options you still have given to those who’d like to still help is brilliant also.
    I can honestly say, I know how you feel. I recently did something through my restaurant that I felt was heartfelt and patriotic. I ended up apologizing and learned a good lesson. Haters will be haters. They will turn something good into making us feel like we are trying to self promote to give attention to ourselves through trajedy or something else. I ended up making an offer to all my patrons instead of the ones that earned it. It went against my grain but still worked out in the end. Understand this though, if you are doing something morally right, You will have hundreds upon thousands of people in your corner backing you up so don’t let the “few” change who you are or how you want to change the world. Yes, you are that good, so next time…Go for it and don’t give in. Way to go Katie, keep up the good works!

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s sad, but miserable people will always try to see the worst in others. They aren’t capable of caring, and so they can’t fathom that anyone else would be :(.

  111. Susan says:

    You go girl! None of us were thinking clearly of every possible outcome immediately after Sandy hit. Your heart was in the right place. Don’t give up! I look forward to your email every day!!

  112. Jamie H. says:

    I just want to tell you that you are fabulous. I don’t know you personally…only through reading your blog… but I just admire your big heart and how positive you stay. If there were more people like you in this world, it would be a world of rainbows and butterflies:) Keep up the good work!!!

  113. Alexandra says:

    You said: “Hateful comments from people who were doing nothing, themselves, to help raise money, yet who had no problem criticizing the efforts of someone who really did want to help.” How do you know that the commenters weren’t doing anything to help?

    1. Alethea says:

      …Does it matter? I think the most important thing is that we get as much help to the areas that have been devastated by hurricane Sandy – a value which Katie has been doing a fantastic job at endorsing. Those commenters who were hateful towards her have forced her to modify her original plans of raising funds, thus impeding her attempt to get aid to those that need it most. Quite frankly that is a selfish action that I don’t think anyone actually trying to help would commit (since their words revoke to some degree the ethos behind aid/donating!) and it is unfair and cowardly that they took it out on Katie…

      1. Anonymous says:

        Very well-written, Alethea. Their selfish act has now caused those who were in need to lose potentially thousands of dollars. I hope they’re happy with themselves now.

        (No, really I don’t hope they’re happy. I hope they’re remorseful and make bigger donations to make up for it. )

  114. Olivia says:

    Just wanted to chip in and agree with what others are saying – your idea was so amazingly generous, and shame on anyone who criticized you or said that you were doing it for the sake of blog popularity. It’s really awful how nasty people can be over the computer. However, I am happy to say that my family is still giving money to the Red Cross :)

  115. Kris says:

    Thank you for being the very generous spirit that you are, no matter what the haters say. And thank you for the sweet potato chili recipe that I have used dozens of times in the past year. It’s really amazing!

  116. Tara says:

    It’s really too bad that people have to be so critical and free and easy with their negative opinions. I am sorry that happened. I personally thought it was a nice thing for you to do.
    In other news, I have had your eggy breakfast bread every morning for breakfast for several weeks now. When the hurricane was supposed to come (it spared us in upstate NY but we weren’t sure that was going to happen) I thought, “OMG I better bake some breakfast bread right now so I have it if the power goes out!” The power didn’t go out but I had my delicious bread and I just want to thank you for offering the gluten free recipes and gluten free options you do because they are really helping me out! Keep up the good work Katie. I think you are great.

  117. Anonymous says:

    will you be donating the extra money earned from the few days of extra clicking even though you had to scrap the idea?

    1. Hannah says:

      I was wondering the same thing – Katie, what happens with the money raised from the extra clicks by people who read the original post before you decided to cancel the fundraising?

      1. Much more than that, actually.
        I’m not trying to make a profit on others’ (and my own, because it’s my family hurting too) misfortune. I belong to a lot of charity organizations, and a lot of my money goes to charity anyway.

  118. Sugar says:

    Katie… anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis would KNOW that you’re not a selfish person and that your reasons for doing what you did were purely to help those in need. We (your faithful readers who check your blog every day) love you.
    My family is on Long Island and thankfully none were severely affected. I live on the other side of the world but through my local family in the impact zone I’m doing all I can to help out. We know too many people who were devasted by Sandy not to help.
    Hope your family are all okay.

  119. Beth says:

    I am glad that you decided to end the whole clicking thing. If you weren’t going to show us the reciepts from previous months, then there would be no way for us to tell if you were being honest or not since you can never judge how truthful someone is from over the internet.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think you need to look at the character of the person you’re mistrusting here. Katie is not some scammer that just popped up yesterday to try and make a buck off of peoples’ suffering. She has had this blog for years, lives a compassionate vegan lifestyle, and has raised money for both Japan and Haiti before this. I also think it’s sad you didn’t give her a chance to prove your doubts wrong.

  120. Klassyangel says:

    You have got to be joking!?!?!?!? Hate mail???? I can’t quite get over how some idiots (I deleted much stronger words!) can think that is appropriate. For goodness sake, wait until they or their family are in the situation where you lose everything and then see how they feel. Good grief! Kudos to you for trying to figure out a way to increase your donation. What goes around comes around.

  121. Amy says:

    What! Hate mail??! Who are these people? You are an amazing person and try not to let those jerks get you down! Who would be upset about someone helping to raise money and give back to those in need? ugh

  122. Maysse says:

    Very disappointed that you decided to do away with the idea. Was it really necessary? couldnt you do a donation now if you have the means to and another one at the end of the month?
    I appreciate your efforts anyways and hope the best for your relatives.

    1. There were other reasons it wasn’t going to work. Trust me, it wasn’t just the hate mail ;). It was a good idea in theory, but unfortunately it didn’t work in the end.

      1. Maysse says:

        Ah, I see. Well, it doesn’t hurt that I introduced your blog to a handful of friends in the process 😉

  123. Kay says:

    Katie – I love your blog and recipes, and I thought your idea for raising money was a wonderful one. I am so sorry to hear that negative, nasty people had to ruin it for you (and for those of us who wanted to help). It seems there is so much nastiness and hatred and bigotry in our country lately. It is really sad that when someone is trying to do good that mean spirited people have to destroy it. Keep up your positive attitude in spite of those who are so negative, and definitely keep the great recipes coming!

  124. Jill C. says:

    Um, it sounds like all the people defending Katie “hate” the haters…then aren’t they haters, too? Everybody just chill. The clicking thing is over.

    1. It’s an assumption to think that all the people defending Katie hate the “haters”. I don’t hate them, but rather dissappointed that their comments greatly influenced Katie to take down the clicking thing.

  125. Jenn says:

    How unfortunate that haters had to infiltrate this amazingly well-intentioned post. Wow…just stunning. I don’t understand how someone with that kind of lack of conscience could even be following your blog?? How could *anyone* come here and feel negative?! Your blog magically transforms negativity to positivity! 😉 Anyway, too bad for them, and good for you for taking the high road and offering other ways to help, and continuing to donate regardless – and now, sooner. Thanks for your big heart, and much love to you and your family.

  126. Victoria says:

    Charity begins with each of us. We shouldn’t wait for the government to take care of us. Thanks for trying, Katie. We are in the North-western part of Jersey and were without power for two weeks. Lots of trees wiped off the forest floor. And….we were far from were the huricane actually hit. Pray for those who are in such a bad situation right now. And if you can help in another way, that is good, too.

  127. Katie, thank you for your efforts! Being selfless and taking action in time of crisis is to be commended. You obviously are a person with heart and character, and I am thankful to be able to read/see this side of you. Makes enjoying your recipes even more enjoyable when I know I’m helping to support someone like you. :)

  128. NinaJ says:

    Katie–Your site has helped me in so many ways. This is just a positive pat on the back. My . Doctor has not diagnosed me with Celiac Disease. I have been so ill I am willing to try anything. I had gastric bypass surgery ( I don’t recommend it). I used to weigh 300 lbs, diabetic, lots of medical problems. Any way–through process of elimination, I find out I am gluten, lactose, corn, soy & citrus intolerant..
    I lost down to 94lbs, so my Dr reversed the gastric bypass(after having IV dietiary enhancement through a pic line for 3 weeks-so I would be strong enough to have the surgery).
    Your blog has been literally a life saver. I have found so many “real” food recipes here that I can eat. And every day I find new ones. Keep up all of your good work. Don’t let any one discourage you. We need more unselfish people like you in This world.
    As for the negative reviewers–put them out of your mind. They will always see the world through their eyes and their suspicions.. You can’t change them–don’t try..
    You are an exceptionally giving person, with a big heart. Keep being who you are.
    In gratitude for my health. Nina

  129. Mackenzie says:

    Wow, those people made me sad. I thought it was an excellent idea, and I did poke around more on your site in hopes that the advertisers would essentially be giving money to Sandy victims. I actually came on this site today just to see how it went. Thanks for not taking this post down. It’s such a great idea, and it’s crazy that some people wouldn’t see the heart behind that. I really respect how you handled this!

  130. Mackenzie says:

    Wow, those people make me sad. I thought it was an excellent idea, and I did poke around more on your site in hopes that the advertisers would essentially be giving money to Sandy victims. I actually came on this site today just to see how it went. Thanks for not taking this post down. It’s such a great idea, and it’s crazy that some people wouldn’t see the heart behind that. I really respect how you handled this!

  131. Rachel Ramey says:

    Sometimes I wonder if you have people who hang around your site watching for new posts just so they can be obnoxious about something new. God forbid we should USE what we HAVE (i.e. your blog) to help in any way we can. (Insert eye roll at hate-mailers here.)

    Reminds me of the idiot leadership who TURNED AWAY out-of-state help with electricity restoration because they weren’t union (from a non-union state), right in the midst of the crisis.

    It is not the people trying to help who have their priorities screwed up!

  132. Kim says:

    I think it was clear that your intention was to help. People who have enough free time and energy
    to criticize and create problems should find something useful to do and stay quiet while they do it. Thank you for your positive contribution to the world Katie.

  133. LL says:

    Oh no! Who and why would these people send you hate mails for a GOOD cause?? I live in NY and, thankfuly I was not effected as bad, I know people who have lost everything. I would personally like to thank you for trying to help, Katie!