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Black Magic Peanut Butter

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Black Magic Peanut Butter - only 3 ingredients!

This recipe is CRAZY addictive.

One taste and you won’t be able to think of anything else.

Black Magic Peanut Butter

Yet it only takes about 30 seconds to make.

With no refined sugar… and it’s high in iron, calcium, and protein!

I wasn’t initially planning to post the recipe, as it’s almost too easy and you don’t even need to measure anything – it’s pretty difficult to mess this one up. However there was such an overwhelming number of requests when I mentioned it in my post on “Why I gave up running” that—as promised—I’ve gone ahead and measured the ingredients so as to come up with an actual “recipe” for this crazy addictive peanut butter spread that will have you reaching back into the jar again and again until suddenly there is none left!

Black Magic Peanut Butter - crazy addictive

Black Magic Peanut Butter

(3 ingredients)

  • 1/2 cup peanut butter (I like While Foods 365 crunchy)
  • 2 1/2 tbsp blackstrap molasses (or other liquid sweetener of choice)
  • 1/4 cup virgin coconut oil (for coconut-free version, see nutrition link below)

Melt the oil if it is not already in a liquid state. Then stir all ingredients together until they are fully blended. If a fudge-like texture is desired, freeze 15 minutes. Otherwise eat as desired, refrigerating leftovers… if there are any!

View Nutrition Information

This recipe is like peanut butter on crack. It might be the most addictive thing you'll ever eat!

Question of the Day:

Are there any foods that, once you start, you’re unable to stop eating?

For me, that food would be peanut butter. My comment in a previous post that I could eat 1/3 of a jar in a single sitting was met with skepticism, but this is not an exaggeration! For others, that food might be potato chips or candy… I  also know quite a few people who consider Oreo cookies to be their kryptonite.

Link of the Day:

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Cassandra says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to add more blackstrap molasses into my diet for the magnesium & this sounds delicious!

  2. Peanut butter is by far my most favorite food so I am sure that I could eat an entire jar yet I am really capable of limiting myself. Chocolate chips lately are leading the way for snack I can keep eating and eating. Used to be m&m’s for me back in the day.

  3. EVA says:

    Oh no….why did you make this recipe….

    Oh well, I need to gain weight anyway!

    Yep, I have my almond butter under lock and key. I buried it in my pantry so that if I want it, I have to go through an obstacle course to get it so I won’t sit there eating out of the jar by the spoonful. And anything with noodles I can eat pounds of. And ribs.


  4. um omg. This sounds amazing! I have molasses in my cupboard but rarely think to use it, great idea!

  5. Lindsey says:

    well if that recipe makes a jar then a third of a jar is only 420 calories, which for is scarcely worth mentioning–most people eat more than that for breakfast! :)

  6. I’m just like you…PB is my weakness. I really like honey roasted peanut butter. I could take a spoon to that and half of the jar would be gone without me realizing it. So dangerous, but sooo good. This recipe sounds so interesting! I would have never thought to mix molasses with peanut butter. I’m almost scared to try it, as it’ll probably be another PB treat that I’m addicted to!

    1. Nikki P says:

      They make honey roasted peanut butter?!?!?! Oh hells bells that sounds heavenly!!!

  7. Hollie says:

    You can file this under “it’s so simple even LOLZ can do it”.

    I like crunchy PB myself.

  8. shannon says:

    Can i ask a nutrition info follow up? How many servings does the recipe make? The entire recipe must be more than 3 WW points or i’m going to start eating this all day, everyday.

  9. Ashley says:

    Oh God, for me it’s salsa. I can eat an entire jar of it in one sitting, never mind the 1000 chips that go with it! It’s a sickness :)

  10. I’m a PB addict, too–thanks for the recipe!

    I think my biggest “kryptonite” food is cereal…I’m pretty sure I could eat an entire box of cereal with no trouble if I allowed myself!

  11. Sherry says:

    Making this as soon as I get home!!! Any ideas on how to use it — other than just eating it straight from the bowl?

    1. EVA says:

      You know what I think would be delicious? If you spread this over Katie’s breakfast pizza recipe. MMMF.

      1. Kerry says:

        I think Im going to put this on Katie’s “Fudge You” chocolate cake recipe that Im making on Sunday. :)

    2. M says:

      Oh my! So many possibilities:
      Spread on Ritz crackers
      Topped on a frozen banana
      Swirled into ice cream
      Used in place of peanut butter in a milkshake
      Used instead of peanut butter in a no bake cookie, chocolate chip cookie, Reese’s cup
      Topping for oatmeal
      Spread on toast or bread for a sandwich
      A dip for strawberries or apples
      Use in fudge babies
      Single serving peanut butter cookie
      Topping for waffles and pancakes

      1. Sherry says:

        OK, I guess it is endless! Thanks for all the ideas. I did make it last night — this is AMAZEBALLS!!! After putting in the frig overnight, it did turn into fantastic fudge.

  12. D says:

    Hi Katie! I know this isn’t the correct post to ask this question, but I figured you’d probably be observing people’s questions in your more recent recipes. I was hoping you could tell me how many servings the strawberry thickshake is in your photos. It was delicious, but I created only one serving and it didn’t seem to be as big as yout photos.

    1. It makes at least a cup, which is the amount of liquid in the recipe, so yes the serving is definitely the amount shown.

      1. D says:

        I believe the recipe called for 1/3 cup of full-fat canned coconut milk, it doesn’t say 1 cup. Unless you are talking about the 1 cup of strawberries. I’m sorry to bother you about something like this, I would just like to correct my mistakes in order to have a shake as big and beautiful as the one in your pictures.

  13. For me, it was fig bars. They are hard to find in-store vegan so I rarely get them now. And raisins. Most people’s reaction to raisins are: But those are a healthy snack… Maybe a serving is healthy, but four cups (an entire canister) is NOT a healthy snack. I’ve tried buying a bag of the little boxes, but then my kitchen counter looked like a Halloween nightmare. 😉

    Question about the recipe: Could I substitute sunbutter, and if so, would it be the same measurement do you think?

    1. I can’t vouch for taste, but texture-wise you can use the same amount.

  14. Hello, new favorite food! Thanks for posting this Katie =-)

  15. Nicole says:

    Thanks for this Katie!!! Can’t wait to try it!!

    Do you personally eat the entire recipe as one meal?

  16. Ann-Marie says:

    Ohhh! I was a skinny child and I barely ate at all. My parents were always worried since I was full after 3 bites of anything, and I ate no meat. So my mother would whip me up a small bowl of peanut butter and molasses which I are up like candy, by the spoonful! Such an awesome mix 😀

  17. Lindsey says:

    Peanut Butter is my favorite food in the universe! It goes with just about everything so I’m sure it is wonderful with molasses! Thanks for the recipe. Love your blog!

  18. annie says:

    This looks awesome! There are a LOT of foods I can’t keep in the house because I’d never stop eating them.
    I guess Lime Tostitos.

  19. Amy Robison says:

    I just bought some blackstrap molasses, so this is perfect! Thanks Katie!

    And totally yes on the 1/3 jar of peanut butter at a time. Or a half jar. Especially if you pour in some chocolate chips.

  20. Kerry says:

    My fav is Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Oh my golly, I could eat the whole darn jar in a day. Its way too good! Also, The Peanut Principle has several very yummy flavored peanut butters that I love.

  21. My food is yogurt and pudding….anything cold and creamy! i can’t stop! lol =)

  22. Maria says:

    Definitley peanut butter for me, too! I also love almond butter. I once ate a jar of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter by myself in just two days!

  23. Makayla says:

    I have always had a weird obsession with dried fruit…raisins, dates, figs, etc. (i.e. don’t ever leave me in a room alone with a box of raisins!) but lately its been vegan cheese kale chips I recently found at Whole Foods. OMG so gooood! Yuck to the Oreos, chips, and candy. YUM to the Black Magic Peanut Butter!!
    Love you! :)

  24. becauseHeloves! says:

    Yay! Thank you thank you thank you! This stuff looks amazing and wonderful and delicious! I’m super excited about this :)

    1. becauseHeloves! says:

      Followup: it was lovely and I’m pretty sure I ate like three servings before I hid it in the fridge. Thanks!

  25. I haven’t used molasses like this before, but I have used honey or maple syrup (even though I consider myself vegan, I do still use honey.) If you want to put this recipe over the top, just add cocoa powder to make a chocolate version. Mix it into the molasses (honey for me) first. It will seem like it’s just a mess, but keep stirring. All of a sudden it will turn into a creamy mixture. Then add the peanut butter and melted coconut oil. MMMmmmm….

    My trouble food would have to be cookies. Especially if you add non-dairy milk to the situation. Before I became intolerant to wheat, I had to be very careful when I made chocolate chip cookies, because between sampling the dough, “testing” cookies, and eating the broken ones, I could do some SERIOUS damage. The first time I realized this was an issue I think I had eaten a dozen. Gak!! Even when I THOUGHT I was being careful, five or six could disappear.

  26. Emily J. says:

    This looks delicious! Can I use regular molasses?

  27. My partner argues that peanut butter goes with absolutely everything.
    Peanut butter is amazing.
    I can’t stop eating salted mixed nuts when I start!

  28. Toni says:

    Yes, chocolate and peanut butter. My ultimate weaknesses. Once I start, things can get a little out of control sometimes. 😉

  29. Coincidentally, I had already shared my Black Magic Bars recipe on my gfe Facebook page. However, the moment I saw this magical spread of yours, Katie, I had to share it on FB and my site! Can’t wait to try it, and I bet the recipe would work great with almond butter, too. :-)


    1. Thank you so so much, Shirley!! I will go off to see about your black magic bars now ;).

  30. Noora says:

    Do you eat it just like that from a jar or with something eg fruits?

  31. cereal! AH seriously so hard to not eat a whole box!

  32. Capt. ManPants says:

    I saw this picture when you posted the healthy breakfast month poster, and have been waiting for this since then.. Why must you have teased me so?!
    PB is my kryptonite enclosed in a silver bullet. TBH, any nut butter plus honey/maple syrup (like Halva) is my weakness.
    And to cap it all off, the link of the day is probably my faveorite recipe on this site. I’m gonna cover my pudding cake in this..

  33. JoLynn says:

    I go through that same GIANT container of Wholefoods crunchy peanut butter jar pretty much all by myself wayyyy too quickly :) This recipe is chilling in the freezer right now and I can hardly wait to try it. It was exactly the yummy/nutritious combo I needed after a nap time battle with my sweet toddler. So thank you SO much for posting simple recipes like these!!! They are EXACTLY why I keep coming back to your blog. Not only is everything insanely delicious, but so much of it is quick & easy. Keep doing what you do Katie!! :)

  34. Just made this and…wow….

  35. Marnie says:

    Oooh, that looks yummy. Would it work with PB2?

  36. Zosia Religa says:

    Ran to make this the minute I read the recipe and was sad to see that I had no coconut oil….but I had lots of coconut butter! Since my pb is smooth I added a couple of small handfuls of chopped peanuts. Then I noticed some 85% Belgium chocolate in the cupboard so added 2 small chopped squares. It turned out pretty thick so I made little balls and rolled them in chia seeds. What a treat! You are inspiring CCK!

  37. Ellen says:

    Bread with butter on it is my kryptonite:) that, and peanut butter cups.

  38. Lauren says:

    As I currently sitting here eating it by the spoonful, I definitely have to agree that peanut butter is my favorite food. The good homemade stuff from the farmer’s market or Whole Foods… notice we all seem to love peanut butter, perhaps that’s why we love your website!

    If I don’t finish the jar of pb sitting next to me, then I can’t wait to make this recipe!

  39. Molly says:

    Right now, it’s coconut butter (it’s addicting). At a close second is brown rice.

  40. Sabrina says:

    I just made this and it is DELICIOUS! I made it with sunflower seed butter rather than peanut butter. Sunflower seed butter and almond butter are definitely my “can’t get enough” foods.

  41. Steph says:

    Wow, this looks so rich and gooey and buttery. Only three ingredients? you are my hero! :)The one thing I can’t stop eating if I start is grapes.. mmm grapes.

  42. Mara says:

    Yumm, I’ll try that.

    I have a similar recipe that I am also addicted to: raw almond butter (crunchy is awesome!), raw honey, and cacao butter. Soooooo good! Could eat half a jar in a sitting. =]

  43. Yummy says:

    Yum! My (5) kids & I just ate this up for dessert! Super easy – of course they all loved it on whole grain toast. I just picked up molasses at the health food store yesterday- perfect timing. Nutella is the one food not allowed around me bc it instantly disappears.

  44. This is great – it is just like a big bowl of decadence!

  45. Yes this sweet dish is something I won’t be able to put down- yum!

  46. Claire says:

    This is good. Very good. I added a little more molasses, mine was nowhere near as dark as yours, it still isn’t, but it’s tasted about right, I think much more and I wouldn’t be able to taste the peanut better much.
    I gave some to my son to try, he loves peanut butter and often just wants plain molasses on toast for breakfast. He loved it and had it on toast for lunch. I have the rest in the fridge to cool down. It’s so hot here that this was the first time I could actually pour my coconut oil out, usually I have to gouge bits out with a spoon or even sit it in a bowl of water to be able to do that.

  47. Siobhan says:

    PANETTONE! We get one every year and I eat almost my body weight in it. (Well, maybe a little less…)

    It is completely delicious and addictive and surely it can’t be bad for me, it’s Italian!

  48. Kate says:

    I first saw this and I was like– ohhhhhhh godd eww.. what is that..

    and it got me thinking sort of naughty- what if you mixed in some pureed spinach in there? It would look totally gross but would still taste amazing. I’d totally gorge on that for halloween 😉

  49. Tiffany says:


    I just made this!! I used trader joe’s organic creamy and salted peanut butter with blackstrap molasses and coconut oil. It was amazing!!! Thanks for the recipe :)

  50. Melissa says:

    Is 11:09pm too late to make this? It looks incredibly delicious!!!

  51. Charlotte says:

    I only buy Egg Nog at Christmas (one bottle). I could drink the whole thing at one sitting if it weren’t for the fact that I like the kind with Bourbon already in it and a juice glass of it puts me right to sleep (a little built-in ‘Stop!”); strange because I am not a drinker. It is the taste combination that I love…

    Then there’s Nutella, chocolate chip cookies (NOT the healthy version), brownies… there is a definite trend here that someone whose blog is called ‘Chocolate Covered Katie’ should be able to relate to…

  52. Wow this looks absolutely amazing and simple. Thanks for sharing, gotta go get some coconut oil now..

  53. Clare says:

    Mmm sounds fantastic, I am going to give it a try replacing the peanut butter with tahini. Thanks for sharing it.

  54. Juleigh says:

    Wonderful but I think I made it even better. Used Coconut Manna instead of oil and added a chunk of dark chocolate and melted them together. Heavenly!

  55. Larry says:

    How many calories are thy each

  56. Brent hotson says:

    Like the ideas, you mean it took you how long to tell us about this good food. Looking forward to seeing other recipes of yours

  57. Believe me, I have eaten the contents of a whole jar of peanut butter in one day. I’d do the same with almond butter but that really is too expensive not to be enjoyed slowly!

  58. RBee says:

    Thanks for posting this, I made it right away. I can tell it’s going to be a love/hate relationship! I love its awesome deliciousness and the health benefits, I hate that I have to ration myself. Either that or find something to eat it on.

  59. colleen says:

    I used almond butter and added some cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and cloves. Tasted like gingerbread cookie butter!

  60. Anon says:

    Click the nutrition facts.

  61. Laura O says:

    My husband thought this would be great, so we made it for breakfast. He wanted to use honey, and once we got mixing, he got really excited! He added cacao & cacao nibs, and cinnamon, and ate it straight out of the pan (no leftovers!)
    PS- I tweeted a picture in case you’re curious

  62. Casey says:

    I know you’re not exaggerating you peanut butter addiction because its mine too! I can easily spoon/shovel 1/3 jar of pb into mouth. You should try the Earth Balance Peanut and Coconut Spread soooo good!

  63. Once I start eating dark chocolate, particularly Dove Dark Chocolate, I just can’t stop!!!

    1. SREGAN7 says:


  64. Leslie says:

    I just made this and me and my 7yr old are fighting over it! Very delish!

  65. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for bringing molasses into so many of your recipes – I can’t believe I never thought of mixing PB and molasses. Seems so obvious now! Have you tried adding chocolate too? In any case, keep up with the molasses — it’s my favorite topping for vanilla ice cream. NOM.

  66. Jessica says:

    I went ahead and made this the other day, and I have to be honest: I couldn’t decide how I felt about it. I didn’t _dislike_ it….. But I wasn’t sure I liked it either. So I had another spoonful. And pondered. And then another…. and pondered….. and another…. Well, you get the picture. Cut to two days later, I’m on my second batch and I can’t stop eating it!! As someone who is not trying to gain weight (actually trying to lose a bit), I may try removing the coconut oil to lose some of the calories… Or I may have to retire this recipe (except for special occasions!) since I have no self control with this stuff sitting in my fridge!!

    Thanks for another great recipe, Katie!

    1. Dani says:

      You should read “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” Eating healthy fats actually promotes weight loss. Coconut oil is a healthier fat than peanut butter, so this is a good way to get your PB fix while still getting healthy fats! Of course, if you over-consume anything, you’re probably going to gain weight. Just tell yourself you’ll make a batch every 2-4 days, and don’t allow yourself to make another one until that time period is up!

      1. Jessica says:

        Oh I know… My issue is the self-control. I just can’t stop eating it! I actually tried it without the coconut oil and don’t like it nearly as much. I may try your rule of a batch every few days, though, thanks!

  67. Devra says:

    Thanks for this!
    I made some of my own on Saturday. I spread it on a tortilla and added banana slices to make a post-run refuel “quesodilla” of sorts. I love this stuff! I could eat peanut butter all day long, and I love molasses… thanks for this awesome recipe!

  68. Dani says:

    Peanut butter and blackstrap molasses is a pretty common combination, but I’ve never thought of adding coconut oil to the mix, so thanks for the idea :)

  69. Erika says:

    I tried this and it is soooo good, and then I added a little bit of powdered ginger too and it is awesome and gingerbread-y! :)

  70. Erica says:

    This is delicious!

  71. Keo says:

    I’m allergic to coconut, do you know of anything that would work as a suitable substitute?

    1. Kelly says:

      She has the coconut free version posted–scroll down in the recipe. :-)

  72. Kelly says:

    I made this over the weekend and it’s amazing!

  73. shannon says:

    there is a surprisingly few mentions of nutella. so i’m going to throw that out there. whoever CAN stop eating nutella after one spoonful needs to be channeling that willpower into something big. because i don’t know anyone who likes the stuff that is capable of one spoon.

    i’ll add in chocolate chips for good measure. that was a bad snacking habit a while back.

  74. Kelly says:

    I try this with coconut butter(my weakness) and it is absolutely delicious! :) Thanks for the recipe!


  75. Tammela says:

    Do you spread this on anything, or do you just eat it with a spoon? I just got some coconut oil and am thinking about experimenting with it soon.

  76. Heather says:

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to try it!

  77. Jill says:

    I cannot get enough peanut butter. If I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would without a doubt be peanut butter. I put it in everything, but one of my favourite ways to eat it is on a spoon 😉 And yes, 1/3 of a jar in a single sitting I could do very easily. Stopping at only 1/3 would be the difficult part!

  78. catherine says:

    Hi saw your recipe and I though you might like Carob molasse. It’s similar to Blackstrap molasse : dark brown and thick, but the taste is definitely like carob. It’s made with water and carob pods, nothing else, and it’s a source of various nutritive elements. Sugar remains sugar, but this one is interesting. I hope you can put a hand on some (and try it in gingerbread!)

  79. Javonni says:

    I made this with PB2, and it was pretty good.

  80. Mary says:

    I have been coating pieces of banana with this, then popping them on parchment paper on a baking sheet in the freezer. It freezes very nicely, and makes a nice coating on the banana. Yummy!

  81. I am going to have to try this in a protein shake tomorrow. Thanks
    “Are there any foods that, once you start, you’re unable to stop eating?” It is really hard to put the Crunchy Cookie Butter away once I open the jar.

  82. Delia says:

    I tried this and it was a hit with my husband and my friends. I also love your Peanut butter Pie recipe and I wonder if you have tried that recipe with blackstrap molasses (a Black Magic Peanut Butter Pie, if you will…… ) I think I’ll try it that way next time I make it. Goodies sweetened with molasses have a real nostalgia for me because a lot of the older people in my home town grew up during the depression and still cooked with it.

  83. Javonni says:

    I made a batch of this today with sunflower butter and added some sunflower seeds. It was to die for. I can’t make it to often our I’ll eat the whole thing. Same thing with fudge in a jar.

  84. Nilzed says:

    So, i finally made a version of this. I am in the UK, where molasses isnt common, but i located a brand from the Caribbean that seems to be way more intense than the brand i bought in the states. And the peanut butter available is extra super crunchy Skippy (imported at premium price, but no matter).

    I think my ratio of molasses to pbutter was lower, i tasted as i went and it was just TOO molasses. I got it about right, and set it aside. But i keepgoing backand getting just another little taste. The first nibble is so intense, but then it mellows and starts getting craveable.

    I cant beleive,back when i was a peanut butter and molasseseating kid in the South, that it never occurred to me toeat peanut butter with molasses!

  85. Bunny says:

    This sure takes me back. I grew up eating molasses and peanut butter stirred together and sopped up with homemade biscuits (very southern family). I remember my grandfather making a hole in the side of his biscuit and spooning the mixture into it.

    It never occurred to me to try crunchy peanut butter or to have it any other way than with biscuits. But I’ll give it a go! Thanks for the idea! :)

  86. Felicia says:

    For me that food is fruit! Mostly any fruit, but particularly grapes, peaches, or strawberries. (Or blueberries… or watermelon). I can eat and eat and eat until I feel sick and can’t move. It’s crazy!

  87. Jori says:

    Is the coconut oil free version the same taste? I feel like the increase in blackstrap molasses would really change the recipe’s flavor entirely…has anyone tried it yet?

  88. Kyla says:

    Oh my GOSH! This stuff is, like you said, crazy-addictive. I actually thought this wouldn’t work, because I hate coconut oil, but it’s amazing! I was lucky enough to get away from the jar… or, at least for tonight. (:

  89. Angèle says:

    I used to make this all the time when I was little, and still do – only minus the cocoa – I guess it’s time for me to try something new 😉

  90. Angèle says:

    …let me correct myself here.. used to make it w/o coconut oil – which I use SO much now 😉

  91. SREGAN7 says:


  92. Doree Weller says:

    I was seriously skeptical about this recipe. I mean, I like peanut butter, but I’m not nuts about it (haha). But I made this and you’re right; it’s some kind of magic. I don’t know if I really should thank you for posting this. You see, I don’t need to gain weight. *sigh*

  93. Simon Cohen says:

    Why did you have to make this?? It is so addictive and my go to snack now…. so good….

  94. Nancy says:

    This seems like it will be the perfect spread to put between 2 graham crackers. yum!

    1. jim pepper says:

      its also good between 2 fingers.!

  95. Kassi says:

    I don’t know if you read comments on old posts, but, i tried this today. I actually made fresh peanut butter in my vitamix with molasses and coconut oil in the mix. IT was the most delicious peanut butter I ever tried. Mind blown. Thanks for posting this!

  96. Tammy says:

    Yep, I know I sound like a genius for asking, but are you using refined or unrefined coconut oil? #ialreadyknowtheanswer #tooparanoidnottoask #totallynotweirdtousehashtagsinacomment

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Use unrefined virgin coconut oil. Try Trader Joes brand, as it’s cheapest.

  97. Javonni says:

    I just made some more of this today. I have made it with everything. Today was a peanut butter, tahini combo. I am so addicted. I forced myself not to make any for about 4 days.I even put it with pistachio. It has never failed me. Thanks!

  98. Tarn says:

    I am also TOTALLY addicted to peanut butter (the no sugar, salt or palm oil kind!), was snacking on banana chips spread with peanut butter the other day and realised that I’d eaten an entire jar in a week, whoops.

  99. Kathryn says:

    I just made this. I followed the recipe to a T (I promise!), but it was nowhere near as dark as yours is. No matter- it’s delicious! I was going to make sandwiches for the kids and I, but thendiscovered it’s fantastic on strawberries! So I’m covering some berries and might make one sandwich :) Thank you Katie!!

  100. Breanne says:

    Katie, I adore everything you do. When in doubt, I come to you first. I figure if anyone can make a healthy version that tastes great, you can! This PB spread was so good… then I added cocoa powder and cinnamon! Oh…my…goodness. Keep in being awesome!

    1. Breanne says:

      Ps, I put it over frozen bananas. Oh yeah.

  101. jim pepper says:

    I’m going to need an intervention after this. Do they have black magic anonymous ?