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Chocolate Breakfast Bars Nutrition Facts


Weight Watchers SmartPoints: 6 points, including chocolate coating + the mini chocolate chips in the batter

Nutrition facts are based on each of 16 bars (as shown in the photos) with melted-chocolate-chip topping and the mini chocolate chips in the batter. Be sure to use and specify “dairy free” chocolate chips for the bars to be cholesterol-free. (I used dairy-free chocolate chips when making the bars; the label shows 2mg cholesterol because the generic term “chocolate chips” was used for calculations.) If you plug the recipe into caloriecount, it gives numbers based on a recipe made with dry beans even if you specify “cooked beans.” I fixed the error so the nutrition label above is accurate; one can of beans should not be 900 calories!

*For lower-sugar bars than the ones listed above, feel free to use sugar-free chocolate chips (such as Lily’s brand, which is vegan and stevia-sweetened) or broken-up pieces of this recipe:

Homemade Chocolate Bars – 3 Ingredients

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