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Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Balls

You know you want one.











Or two.

Or four hundred and fifty four.

peanut butter cookie dough balls

Maybe not four hundred and fifty four.

Then you’d get a stomachache, and that’s no fun. 😕

On the other hand, the stomachache might be worth it. For chocolate and peanut butter?

peanut butter cookie dough ball

So worth it.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Balls

(can be gluten-free)

Category: Healthy “No-Bake” Recipes.

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats (or oat bran or quick oats) (Maybe even flaxmeal or protein powder!) (40g)
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter (or other nut butter, or Sunbutter to be allergy-friendly) (115g)
  • stevia drops to taste, or 2 tbsp plus 2 tsp pure maple syrup, or another sweetener of choice (If using a dry sweetener, you might have to add a little water or oil to make a dough. If using a liquid sweetener—such as maple syrup or agave—don’t add any extra liquid.)
  • scant 1/8 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp flour or oat bran, or perhaps protein powder (I used spelt flour, but many others—such as oat or almond or all-purpose flour—will be fine. Not sure about coconut flour.) (15g)
  • chocolate chips!!

Combine all ingredients in a cereal bowl, and mix until well-incorporated. (If you store your nut butter in the fridge, you might want to melt it a little so it stirs more easily.) Roll into balls, and try not to eat them all at once. Luckily, this recipe doesn’t make four hundred and fifty four.

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peanut butter cookie ball

peanut butter cookie balls

Question of the Day:

Do you ever continue to eat even after you’re full, knowing you’ll regret it later?

Right off the bat, Thanksgiving and Christmas (especially Christmas cookies!) come to mind. But foods like roast cauliflower and brussels sprouts are also pretty easy for me to overeat and get a stomachache. Or too many raw walnuts or too much coconut butter… and yes, in the case of eating too much coconut butter, I think the stomachache is always worth it!

Link of the Day:

cookie dough milkshake

………..Cookie Dough Milkshake

Published on August 27, 2012

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  1. Nikki says

    I incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables into my plate. Sometimes, 75% of what I eat is fresh produce! Since it is very water-rich, it is SO easy to get full quickly!!!

    Luckily, I don’t stay full for very long, so I have more occasions to snack throughout the day. 🙂

  2. Olivia @ OmNom Love says

    I overeat at Thanksgiving and Christmas, definitely. They’re lots of chips, veggies, cookies, and other goodies just sitting around. It’s soooo tempting! I overeat at potlucks sometimes, too.

    The peanut butter chocolate chip balls look delicious! I could definitely overeat these. 😉

  3. Aja says

    Yum! There is nothing better than peanut butter and chocolate. It’s the best combination ever! I always eat more than I mean to at Christmas. You only get those Christmas cookies at Christmas so why would I not overeat them?

    • Sarahishealthy says

      That is why I store half the cookie dough in the freezer when I make Christmas cookies. Then I can pull it out later, for Christmas in April! 🙂

  4. Colleen says

    Well, you know everything on your website is so tempting that eating too much probably happens all the time, at least it does here at our house! At least it’s all pretty much super-healthy, so you can’t go wrong! Especially with those healthy fats you’re always turning in to delicious treats! The good thing is that with healthy fat and lots of fiber (like in all of your recipes, Katie!), at least you won’t be hungry again in a few seconds, like you would an unhealthy, sugary snack (that is also easy to overeat!)! You can see why here: By the way, these balls look delish!!! Have a great day!!

  5. jessica says

    i made these already, haha. i finally made it to a specialty store to get some of your more common ingredients. i’ve used your oatmeal ideas before but this was my first dessert. i used some flour with some vanilla protein powder, and equal and agave for the sweetener, since that was what i had. i’m pleased with how they turned out! now i really do need to try to not eat all of them

  6. jenica says

    Yeah, I think I have a major problem with being a part of the “clean plate club.” If I have enough left over to turn whatever it was into a meal then I’m okay, but if it’s just a few more bites, I’ll always push myself to finish. Wish I could stop!

    • Alanna says

      Me too! 🙁 It’s not as bad by myself because I can try to portion things out, but at restaurants and when my boyfriend cooks, I end up finishing what’s on my plate even if it’s way too much food (unless it’s clearly enough to save for another meal). My stomach is much happier with lots of small meals throughout the day, so pretty much any time I eat a big meal I feel gross after.

      • Annie says

        Wow that’s exactly the I am! However after a few years of suffering annoying, painful, embarrassing symptoms I worked very hard to stop overeating, even if it’s just a few bites left. Now I think I’ve pretty much got it under control (thank goodness), though sometimes the “few bites” get the better of me – especially by holidays

  7. Kim@hungryhealthygirl says

    I definitely have a tendancy to keep eating even whem I’m full, if it’s something I really love. I’m trying to be better about this, but Thanksgiving and Christmas I give myself permission to go crazy. 😉 These look delicious. I’m going to make some to put in my kiddos lunches tomorrow.

  8. laura says

    I thought I saw banana choc. Choc. Chip balls before… then I was looking at the ingredients and wondering where the banana is. XD. But now I’m thinking that I could sweeten with banana.

  9. Eating 4 Balance says

    Yes. I tend to overdose on the good things though! Like too many bananas or apples or grapes, too much squash or carrots or salad. Then there is too much almond butter. I always try to convince myself that it is worth it. BUT IT’S NOT!!!

  10. Sue says

    Katie thanks so much for including the nutritional info! That is such a wonderful help!!
    Everything on your site looks so yummmy!

  11. Heather says

    I just made them, with protein powder for the flour and quick oats for the oat part. Oh my, they are DANGEROUS! I made mini balls and got 20, but I don’t think they’ll stay around for long! Thanks for the recipe, or maybe not ;).

  12. Sarahishealthy says

    Oh I think I could easily eat 454 of those. No problem. So maybe I’d better not start, because I don’t know if I can afford that much peanut butter! Good thing peanut butter is cheaper than coconut butter.
    Translation? Making them today!

  13. Lisa C. says

    I’m with the other commenter above. These photos just make me smile. I can’t look at them and not smile. Maybe too cute to eat! But I’ll try my best, and maybe share with the kiddos too. We’ll probably add some coconut shreds and we’ll let you know how it goes!

  14. Anonymous says

    In the summer I always eat too much watermelon! Usually before bed too, so I am up half the night peeing. Must be worth it though because it doesn’t stop me!

  15. Kendra says

    This is such a simple recipe–but looks so delicious!! I love raw and/or no-bake truffles, cookies, Larabars, etc…,especially when it is too hot outside to turn on the oven:) And I definitely eat past the point of fullness sometimes, especially with such amazing food as almond butter, hummus, chips, baked potato fries, and many, many others:) But I know I need plenty of food to help fuel my dancing, so I don’t stress about it!!

  16. Mandy says

    I can definitely see myself overeating on those (or really almost any other dessert). I also always have to be careful about eating too many dried mangos. They’re just so delicious, and it’s so much easier eating the dried kind than actually having to cut up a mango yourself.

  17. Megan E. says

    These look great! Are they sticky? If so, could you roll them in cocoa powder or powdered sugar after so they are transportable? Or freeze them for a bit? Just thinking these would be good to bring to work…

    • Liz says

      I bet you could. I have some left, so I might have to try rolling them in something. They’re definitely transportable, and I think they would make a good lunchbox item as well. Good for back to school, which is soon yuck!

  18. Lyza says

    I totally have! Since I switched to a healthier diet that is also vegan (since some people definitely don’t go about it in a healthy way–eating all sugary processed snacks all the time for every meal! oy!), I have found it doesn’t happen to me half as much as it used to. I’ve always been on the thinner side but I used to be able to wipe out more than half a box of cookies in a day!! Of course that was before I developed colitis–now if I over eat, I definitely pay the price, so I try not to. I find I am so busy though that overeating in my scenario can be a good thing because half the time I’m not eating enough throughout the day–as long as I don’t overeat on anything too fibrous. I have to be careful with my stomach. So giant helpings of spaghetti? Yes please 🙂

    I really want to try these with sunbutter (I have a peanut-intolerance! Nothing huge, I’ll still eat them every once in a while, but makes my cheeks look rather chipmunkish 😛 ). I’m sure it’d be delightful 🙂

  19. Joanne @ threeunderthree says

    These look so good. I think a trip to the supermarket for peanut butter might have just been added to my to-do list for tomorrow 🙂

  20. Sara says

    I think “regretful eating” is wrong.
    I mean, it’s awful to feel guilty after eating food or when you eat more than you think you should…that is not healthy, especially with all of the hype to be skinny (but not too skinny) in this society.
    Why can’t we just accept ourselves, eating habits and all?

  21. Dawn says

    I could TOTALLY eat this whole batch. I think i have made something eerily similar and done that. *looks sheepish* I have to make this kind of stuff in front of my kids, so that we ALL eat it. Maybe we will do that tomorrow, as a celebration of the second day of school. and count it as breakfast too. 😉

  22. Sara says

    Hey Katie!
    Thanks for the clarification on my comment. I figured that’s not what you meant, but so often we hear of people associating over-eating with regret and feelings of guilt. For what it’s worth, I have definitely eaten to the point of physical discomfort! At first I’ll eat a load of food and not feel it, and then BAM – it’ll hit me. That’s the worst part, haha.

  23. Cierra says

    I notice that if I’ve been eating too much sugar/stevia/sweet fruits, I am more likely to over eat. But once I realize that too many sweets is the culprit, I can keep it in check by eating less fruit and more vegetables.
    By the way, Katie, you’ve inspired me to start eating much healthier lately! I haven’t gone full vegan yet (or even full-on vegetarian,) but 1-2x a week I’ll go meatless, and then once a week I’ll try to have all vegan meals for a day! I’m slowly working my way up to a healthier, balanced diet.

  24. Peach says

    Yay, I just bought two jars of peanut butter! I’m so excited now!! Peanut butter and dessert are the two joys in my life.

  25. Ilana says

    last week I was in a yoga teacher training and one of my classmate and I started sharing vegan dessert tips…suddenly she was telling me about this chick pea chocolate chip cookie dough dip thing she does and i got really excited and said, “You read Katie!” and she was like, “OMG!! YES!!” then we geeked out over you.
    thought you should know.

  26. Anonymous says

    those look delicious! and i definatley over-eat while baking and i have a pretty small appetite so its really easy for me to over-eat. when im baking a just EAT and EAT and EAT the batter and chocolate chips☺ and then im never hungry for whaterecer i baked

  27. Laura says

    I overeat almost every day…my “full” signal in my brain doesn’t usually go off til an hour after I eat, so I can’t tell how full I’m getting during the meal. I also knowingly overeat if it’s something I really like, too…. aka anything dessert-related

  28. Jaclyn says

    Tried these tonight as a family treat. They were a hit!!! I made them once with PB and followed the recipe. Used chocolate protein powder instead of flour. Then I made them with almond butter and substituted the oats for coconut flakes and a bit of flax meal. They were great too. They will be going in the kids lunches tomorrow for a boost of protein to help get them through their school day!

  29. Alyssa says

    I made these with crushed pretzels instead of oats because I was craving some of those peanut butter-pretzel chocolate truffles that have been floating around pinterest lately. Satisfied the craving without the guilt. These are so delicious!

  30. Cindy says

    Okay, these are wonderful. I made balls for the rest of the family, and then I ate the rest out of the bowl with a spoon.

  31. Laura says

    Made these today, pretty good. I think next time I will melt the chocolate and roll them in it and freeze, because I just couldn’t taste it enough! The peanut butter overpowers the chocolate, but still good recipe if you’re in the pb mood. 🙂

  32. Ms. Chanandler Bong :) says

    Oh, I was just thinking about overeating! I literally ate the entire recipe for your Healthy Sugar Cookies. They were delicious, but I did feel pretty terrible after it :/

  33. Becky says

    I just finished making these. I swapped the flour for white rice flour to make them gluten free and rolled them in unsweetened coconut flakes. I’ve made several of your recipes but I think this is now my favorite. So good!

    Do I overeat? Occasionally, including right now! It’s hard work being quality control for the kids’ home made goodies but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Luckily they’re intended for lunch treats tomorrow so I can’t polish off the whole batch!

  34. Autumn says

    These are sooo good!! And so easy to make 🙂 I made these into tiny balls and put them in my chocolate oatmeal (..which I ate for dinner..) Sometimes comfort food is necessary after a long Monday!

  35. Emma says

    My daughter and I made these last night, to eat over your 4 ingredient ice cream (one of our favorites). She loved that she got to help out, and you would appreciate that I caught her eating a few chocolate chips before they made it into the balls ;).

    We made 18 little balls from the recipe, using almond butter and oat bran, and afterwards I wish you could have seen the smile she had when she tasted them and declared them “sooooo yummies!”

  36. Suz says

    hey, love your blog! you’ve probably already noticed this, but you’re on the ballot for the VegNews 2012 Veggie Awards under “favorite blog”..everyone should click the link and vote for CCK 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Aw thanks, Suz!
      I was going to mention it in a post, and I still might… but after already talking about the magazine feature the other day, I feel embarrassed to talk about myself yet again. Winning would be a dream… even just the fact that they actually listed me on there made me so happy!

  37. Sami says

    I’m so making these late! & I overeat occasionally, usually when it comes to vegetables like you…have you ever had roasted asparagus? Irresistible. <3

  38. Amy says

    Hi Katie! I just made these and they are wonderful! I have a peanut allergy so I used Barney Butter (the best almond butter ever!!!) One question…..assuming I don’t eat them all now, how do I store them, room temp or the fridge? Thanks! 🙂

  39. Sugar Free Lola says

    Oh I overeat every cookie I meet, especially christmas cookies though! It’s a bit of a problem, this cookie obsession!

  40. Alicia says

    I made these PB balls with chopped up candy bars and peanut butter cups….how devilish is THAT? Haha, thanks for the yummy recipe, Katie!

  41. Alanna says

    Hooray for no-bake recipes that don’t generate a lot of dishes! 😀 I’m a sucker for the fun little bite-sized snacks, and with all that PB, these are actually incredibly satisfying as well! I used oat flour, 1 T sugar, and 2 T mini chocolate chips, and they held together just fine without any extra liquid (plenty sweet, too). I ended up with 18 balls, and definitely recommend keeping in the fridge since they’re so sticky. Delicious!

    • anon says

      Hi Alanna, I was just curious… you seem to answer a lot of Katie’s comments, but your name doesn’t link to a blog or a facebook page or even an avatar. Are you really Katie in disguise? It’s kind of suspicious :-?.

      • Alanna says

        Lol no, I’m not Katie (wish I were that talented in the kitchen!). To be honest I have no idea how to link my info like you said, but I don’t run a blog and I’m not sure why anyone would want to see me on Facebook? I’m just another reader who’s happy to have found this site and I try to help out Katie (and other readers) by answering questions if I can. On a side note, it’s kind of funny having my identity questioned by someone posting as “anon”. 😉

    • Alanna says

      Are you sure you didn’t miss or accidentally change something in the recipe? Seems unlikely they’d look very different in appearance if you did everything the same way. It might also be your PB… since that’s the main flavor, if you don’t really like the brand you used, you probably won’t enjoy the end result as much.

    • Megan E. says

      I found that these types of recipes work best with peanut butter like Jiff’s reduced fat – ie, not quite as “natural”. The ingredients in the creamy help hold it together much better!

      I agree that they aren’t too sweet – you’d need more sugar than suggested in the recipe – and the chocolate works better smaller, ie, melted as above or chopped up first.

      But they made a great breakfast on the run!

  42. mary b says

    We have made these with coconut flour. You only need 1-2 teaspoons of it. If I don’t have any choc. chips I put in a little cocoa powder instead.
    Oh and we use almond butter in them too, but that takes a little extra flour due to the consistency.

    • Amy says

      Try Barney Butter (almond butter)….it’s the same consistancy as PB! 🙂 I used it since I am allergic to PB 🙂

  43. Whitni Vasquez says

    Just made these with coconut flour and they turned out amazing. It was really hard to have any self discipline! If you like to have extras for a few days double or triple this recipe! I think I’m gonna make these at my kids birthday parties from now on. What kid doesn’t like peanut butter? What person for that matter!? Lol Tthanks Katie for another wonderful easy recipe!

    • Megan E. says

      Careful that no one has a peanut allergy at the party! Maybe try making with other butters too?

      But yes, they are great for parties, I think they will be on my list too!

  44. Steph says

    These are fantastic! I made them with my kids (age 4 + 8) yesterday after I picked them up from school. They each got a cereal bowl (great idea! ingredients fit perfectly!), and they each got to make their own batch. It was easy, they had fun, and they taste amazing. (yes, I totally snuck a few out of the fridge when they weren’t looking. 🙂 lol)

    Thank you!!

  45. sunidhi says

    Hi i like chockolate and peanuts both and u prepared such a wonderful dish using both. thanks a lot its looking yummy i will try today . i think this type of thing we can not get outside.its a grate compliment for u.

  46. Christy says

    I’m in love! Whipped these together in 5 min. Using rice flour and GF oates……..ummm ya!!! We ate them on the way to my daughters dance practice for a healthy little snack. I also use the GF, DF Vegan chocolate chips. YAHOOO! Im making the coconut bars this weekend. Your my new best friend. Ha!!

  47. Moni Meals says

    I love this! I make my own version similar to this but I like your version too! Hope to try it soon. Thanks Katie!

  48. Amy & Ashlynn says

    My daughter and I just made these. It was a fun, easy recipe to make together and they were a hit with the family! Thanks!!!

  49. Hannah says

    Not the best CCK recipe I’ve made to be honest. I know simple is often better, but the peanut butter was a bit overwhelming. I saw that one reader mentioned using banana, and I think that would be a great addition to the recipe, though I haven’t tried it. The texture is a little odd, too, when chilled. Still tasty, but not CCK’s best.

    • Alex says

      Hey! Speak for yourself. We loved these and are planning to double the recipe next time. And there WILL be a next time :).

  50. KelsO says

    Woo, so I tried these because they were quick & simple, & l e t m e t e l l you they definitely hit the spot. I froze them & it was like eating peanut butter cookie dough! The best, thank you!

  51. Kristen says

    Ooh, I made this earlier this afternoon and they were amazing!
    I made 16 thumb-tip sized balls (adding a tad bit more flour, some UMP, and 200 calories’ worth of chocolate chips (about 60 chips)) and calculated about 125 calories per ball.
    This is DELICIOUS.
    Could I just eat this forever? Please? <3

  52. Heather Koenig says

    I forgot to mention what I pinned for the cuisinart give a way…I recently pinned the fudge babies but have also pinned your overnight oatmeals!

  53. Jill says

    I pinned your peanut butter balls today but I pin almost all of your items. I love them! I’m just starting to be vegan for a few months. Would you be able to recommend a good cookbook for meals?


    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hi Jill,

      I guess it depends on your style of eating– fancy, “clean eating,” comfort food… and there are so many cookbooks out there that it’s hard to recommend one. My best advice is to go to the cookbook section of Barnes and Nobles and just browse through the wall of vegetarian cookbooks. They usually have an entire wall :).

  54. Laura says

    I pinned these too, because I was going to make them, but then I realized we don’t have chocolate chips. Too bad choc. Chips don’t last in my house. I’m making them ASAP though!

  55. Heather Jauquet says

    Pinned these because they are my favorite of the recipes I have tried from you so far. So easy, and really good too, the kids loved them as well.

  56. Katie Badstibner says

    made these last night and they were so good! thank goodness I didn’t make 454!!!! I had a few after my work out last night and then another couple for breakfast. the PERFECT snack and start to my day! Thank you!

  57. rachael swetnam says

    Loving the site!! I have most of these ingredients already in my house and I had no idea what yummy things can come from them!

    Used oatmeal, honey, and dark chocolate for these and they turned out to be 3 WW points per ball. SOOOO good!

  58. Dorris says

    This is my FAVORITE! I love/hate how easy it is to make. . . Hate because I find myself eating wayyy to much. Thanks so much for the great recipes!

  59. Anja says

    OH MY – I made these for the first time (I used organic almond butter though) and they are sooooo unbelievable good, I don´t even know why I ever bought candy in stores! Thank you so much for posting it – greetings from Germany!

  60. Courtney says

    Thank you soo much for this recipe. I was sitting around wishing I had something for dessert. My only real option was eating a handful of chocolate chips….not that I’m above it, but I wanted something a little more decadent than that. These fit the bill! And they were made in just a few minutes. And I’m trying not to eat them all. Yay!

  61. Elysa says

    I am currently living in Albania and do not have access to a lot of the ingredients used on this website 🙁 I was sooo happy to find peanut butter and oats at the market the other day that I had to try the peanut butter ball recipe as soon as could!! Only I can’t have sugar and I can’t find any sugar subs here so instead I added cinnamon and finely diced apple bits. They came out soo yummy! The balls were a little salty (I didn’t add salt but the peanut butter was salty) so I think next time I will add some more apple to help sweeten it up! I head back home in 2 months and can’t wait to try the rest of the sugar free goodies from here

  62. Julia Smith says

    Um HECK YES I always keep eating after I’m full! LOL I did this last night after I made Healthy Mounds Bars and I felt awful! 🙁 It really stunk but your Mounds were just sooo good I can’t resist! You’re gonna be the death of me with all these amazing recipes! 😉 Lol!

  63. Katie says

    Hello to another Katie that loves cooking! I have been vegetarian (not quite vegan… I like my graze-fed cheese…) for over 10 years, and am always on the hunt for easy recipes that don’t require alien ingredients. These were a hit with all my (not-such-healthy-eating) friends and family, so thanks! They definitely work with coconut flour, and I even threw in a little shredded coconut for texture. Turns out they would’ve held fine without the shredded coconut, but it was a tasty addition nonetheless. I just came upon your blog today, and will definitely be back for more!

  64. olivia says

    made these with flax meal (1/2c) and almond meal (2T) since i don’t have oatmeal or protein powder in the house. tastes great. more classy eating these balls than my standard spoon full of peanut butter chased with chocolate chips. thanks so much for the alternatives suggestions. so many recipes call for whey or other types of protein powder and since i don’t use those things, i have to pass on alot of recipies. next time i will use coconut flour since i’ve read comments that works too. coconut flour goes a LONG way so i’m always looking for reasons to use it, especially since i accidentally bought another bag, when i thought i was out….now i have enough for 5 more years at this rate.

  65. renee says

    well, guess what I just did.
    I made these things and finished ’em all.
    can’t believe no stomachache has attacked me yet. ;p

  66. Lulu says

    Katie, you are a GENIUS!! Peanut butter and chocolate are my 2 guilty pleasures and you managed to combine both, as well as 90% of all my other favs, into tasty and HEALTHY and GUILT-FREE desserts!!!

    (tears of joy) thank you…

  67. Lina Andrea says

    Hi Katie,

    I’ve been making different variations of these since I discovered this recipe last year. I found that honey (for the non-strict vegans) works the best with peanut butter. It has more of a “binding” effect and keeps the dessert moist.

    I also tried making these with coconut flour–unsuccessfully at first. I learned from my mistake and made following adjustments to make it work:

    -decrease the oats to 1/3 c.
    -increase the peanut butter by 2 tbsps
    -use honey as sweetener

    Hope this information is useful!

  68. Random says

    Say you use instant oatmeal instead of the rolled oats. Would you have to, er, cook them to make them pleasantly edible in the peanut butter balls? :3

    The recipe looks fantastic, by the way.

  69. Taya says

    Hi Katie! I have been a long-time follower but will admit that I haven’t yet attempted anything because I am a little worried I will like what I make too much… haha. I do want to attempt these though (and do have the deep dish cookie pie on my to-do-and-eat list haha) and was wondering if wheat germ could be used instead of flour? I am a bit ignorant/useless in the baking department haha though I do know that obviously this will mean its not gluten-free haha.

  70. Jade says

    I used whole wheat flour, crunchy cane sugar and a wee bit of no sugar organic vanilla almond milk to moisten it up and these were mega delish! Thanks.

  71. Wendy says

    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now and I am in love with it. I just made these chocolate chip peanut butter balls and they are so good! Tasty little nuggets of happiness they are. Thank you Katie and please keep up the excellent blogging.

  72. Matt says

    Made these last night (needed some comfort food for my fiancee and myself) with dark chocolate chips and freshly-made peanut butter. PB started to stiffen as I mixed everything together, so I threw the bowl in the microwave for a bit to soften it. …yeah, melted the chocolate. HOWEVER, this was ok. I let it cool a bit, formed the balls, then threw them in the fridge to solidify. I miss the “chip” texture, but it’s still a great chocolate/peanut butter taste. Yummy!

  73. Sarah says

    So. Katie. I decided to make a half batch of these to try them out. I used 1/2 ground flax and 1/2 vanilla protein powder in place of the flour. I used cocao nibs instead of chocolate chips. They were sweet enough for me so I omitted the sweetener (plus I am like you with my lack of sweet tooth). I ended up eating them all in one sitting. They were delicious, what can I say? And if I made 454 I would probably still eat them all!

  74. Anonymous says

    Made these with 70 g very finely ground flax seed, 1/2 cup pb, 2 2/3 honey, and 3 tbs cocoa powder. Made 17 and stored in fridge/freezer. Super yummy.

  75. Erica says

    i tried these exactly how u wrote them,but they didnt turn out well. i dont know why! other readers, please DONT hold this against them. it was kinda too peanut buttery. maybe its just me, because im not really a fan of pb. but im still looking forward to other recipes.
    btw,how do u do that yellow smiley face thing??

  76. Melissa says

    I made these with almond butter and OMG!!! Ive tried to make healthy desserts before and it always ends up tasting like the bottom of my shoe but THESE omg these pb balls! are so good! I cant wait to try more of your recipes!

  77. Tasha M says

    I made these yesterday. Quick, easy, delicious. I made my balls a little larger because I only ended up with about 12. I also didn’t have any chocolate chips but I did have chocolate squares that I chopped up. Same result!

  78. KniftyKnitPicks says

    If you want to be extra careful of what’s in your Syrup… you can make your own! 🙂
    1. For each cup of Light syrup in a recipe, substitute: 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup water.
    2. For each cup of Dark syrup, substitute: 1 cup of packed brown sugar and 1/4 cup water.

  79. Christine says

    Katie, my friend, I just want to say THANK YOU! I love your recipes! I am eager to make this one. There are some days when you just need something peanut butter and chocolatey.

  80. Jessica Hamilton says

    Thanks for this recipe, Katie! I love it! When I made this recipe, I only used 1 tbs. flour, and for the other tbs. I used cocoa. I really like it this way, and if you’re a chocolate lover like I am, I use 2 tbs. cocoa. I also added about 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla and was pleasantly surprised at the delicious outcome.

  81. Molly says

    QOTD: I’m absolutely horrible at listening to my body and stopping when I’m full. Food’s just too good, I’m a lot better at pre-portioning my food and slowing down though, but Christimas and Tanksgiving will be interesting.

  82. Jennifer Davis says

    Hi there! I am curious to know if you used maple syrup or stevia drops in this recipe as far as your nutrition facts go? Thank you!

  83. Ala says

    As usual, I’m commenting way after everyone. Anyway. I tried these recently, using almond butter, thyme honey and protein powder, and they were soooo yummy!! I’m always looking for new pre- and post-workout snacks, and just recently *shame on me* found out how portable balls were. I’d made others before, which used more protein powder, and I found them quite bland, so now I have found my “basic” recipe (doing it, I found it to be so versatile, I’ll HAVE to try and tweak it!).
    Thank you, Katie!! 🙂

  84. mary says

    Making these for the second time because they are so easy and so delicious, first time used honey and 2 tbsps chocolate protein powder, large choc chips. Made 16 balls the first time. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

  85. Elena Spafford says

    I have a problem overeating these peanut butter balls! You were right…my sister and I devoured almost all of them.

  86. Kristen says

    My boyfriend is a huge fan of peanut butter chocolate banana and marshmallow. Do you think I could mash up banana to add to these? Also, I love this site. I have shared it on facebook and others have loved your recipes as well!

  87. Erica says

    I made a version of these! I didn’t have chocolate chips *sad face*, but I made this recipe using the oats and 2 tbsps of peanut butter cookie dough protein powder. I then made cookie cups out of softened Almond Quest bar pieces and filled them with this dough, baked at 350 degrees for 6 minutes, and talk about YUM! Thanks for sharing!

  88. Lynne B. says

    First, I confess that I take liberties with most recipes. Here is what I did and how it turned out. I substituted ground flax as I didn’t have rolled oats. I had a jar of peanut butter from which much of the oil had been removed as my husband found it icky when separated. I also stored the PB in the fridge so I duly heated it up so it would be workable. BTW, do not put a PB jar in the microwave unless you have carefully removed ALL the foil from around the lip of of the jar. After sparking up my microwave I put the PB in a pan on the stove top. I used maple syrup, salt and GF flour. I had Nestle chocolate chips so put in a handful. Ok, so I started mixing and realized that my PB was so warm that it was melting the chips. I also found that my PB had too little oil to allow the mix to make balls. So I added 2T of sunbutter. That wasn’t enough so I added 1T coconut oil. I finally had enough oil to form balls. I formed the balls and my little boy and I gave them a taste. We thought they were gritty but generally good. Obviously the flax meal was the cause of the grittiness. My little guy had one bite and was done. I’ve had 3 and am happy for now. My mishaps aside I will absolutely try this recipe again but I would very much pass on the flax meal because it is not an appealing texture to me. Next time I’ll go with oats and a nut butter which is not too dry. I will also use caution if heating the nut butter as my cookies would have been much prettier had the chips remained intact. Thank you for a super easy recipe and a healthy alternative to the super sugary treats I was craving this afternoon. This was sweet enough to satisfy me without the guilt. A real gift, thank you very much.

  89. stephanie says

    just made these because I wanted a snack to get my sugar crave handled but not to fattening. these were pretty good. could only eat 3 because its a lot of peanut butter .

  90. T says

    there great! if u let them sit in the fridge over night toast ’em , put ‘eh in a bowl but DO NOT let ’em cool add a splash of milk & dash of sugar & DIG IN!!!!!1

  91. Amelia says

    Just made these- DELISH. I added about a tablespoon and a half of cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips to save on calories. Thank you!

  92. Mia says

    OMG… How fabulous are these..!!?? Trouble with the choc bits, though. Will omit next time. Added some cinnamon and a little coconut..! Oh, boy… delish..! These could be REAL trouble..!! Keep up the good work..! YUM…

  93. Makayla says

    I added cocoa powder and shredded coconut and used almond flour in substitute of all purpose. They were very good and my kids loved them too

  94. Ariel says

    I just made these. Oh. My. Goodness. These are absolutely delectable! I used 2 Tbsp almond meal as the flour and added some vanilla. I like the extra texture that the oats give. Katie, I have loved everything I’ve made from your site. Thank you!!

  95. Susane says

    I tried this recipe with slightly less flour and cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips, and I used half maple syrup and half molasses for a sweetener, and it turned out deeeelicious

  96. Hannah says

    Love this recipe! It is a favorite among our family and friends. My teenage nephew wanted the recipe because it tastes so good, and is so easy to make.

  97. Amy says

    Katie- thank you so much for this recipe!! I made as written with spelt flour and 3 Tbs of choc chips. I had to put them in the freezer to keep them out of sight and I think that made them even better!!

  98. Kim says

    Love this idea, especially during a heat wave when it’s too hot to bake! They can even be made during a power outage since you don’t need any appliances, even a food processor. Here are my observations:
    1. I thought it would be genius to use cocoa powder instead of flour to make it chocolatey. I was wrong. It makes the whole thing tough!
    2. Coconut flour works well.
    3. Oat flour works well and is my preferred option.
    4. A little vanilla extract makes it taste more like a cookie and a little less overpoweringly peanut buttery (if that’s not your thing).
    5. I don’t recommend ever consuming raw flour. It can be contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick.

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