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Finally, my meme

I’ve loved learning more about some of the other bloggers out there, so now it’s my turn to share about me by listing a character trait for each letter of my first name– Katie.

chocolate covered katie

K is for kind. As a vegan, I guess this one is a given. In my life, I’ve rescued and nursed back to health a rabbit, a parrot, an abused puppy, and many a spider caught in our house. I’m also very involved in the charity I started up called Project Pillows, where we sew “Comfort Pillows” for kids going through Chemotherapy.

A is for artistic. I am absolutely crazy about anything and everything to do with art, be it scrapbooking, drawing, sculpting, even painting my nails, which are always decorated with stripes, spots, snowflakes… once I even made them into candy corns (yes, I know candy corn isn’t vegan, but it’s ok– I don’t bite my nails!).

T is for tireless. I am an Energizer Bunny of energy. In high school I played tennis and soccer, and I’ve been an avid runner for the past few years. I also love taking long walks with my two dogs.

I is for international. I never know what to say when people ask where I’m from. I was born in England and have lived in Japan, Philadelphia, The Philippines, China, and Texas. My childhood was amazing– I’ve gotten to visit so many countries (my first passport stamp was at 6 weeks old!) and learn about cultures vastly different from my own.

E is for English nerd… actually I’m a language nerd in general. I love to read, expand my vocabulary, and study other languages. To illustrate my nerdiness, I am majoring in Spanish, know quite a bit of Chinese, and am currently studying Italian and Japanese.

Since I’m pretty new to the blogger world, I’m unsure as to who has already been tagged… so I’m breaking the rules and not tagging 5 people, but if you haven’t been tagged and want to participate, consider yourself tagged!

Published on September 16, 2007

Meet Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the top 25 food websites in America, and Katie has been 
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Today Show, CNN, 
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ABC's 5 O’Clock News. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating dessert every single day.

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  1. VeggieGirl says

    Katie, this is phenomenal – despite our friendship outside the blogging world, I had no IDEA about just how amazing you truly are!! Between rescuing animals, your Project Pillows charity, living all over the world (knew about that), your creativity and smarts (knew those too – I especially loved the candy corn comment, haha), and of COURSE your kindness, I am so blessed to have gotten to know you, and to learn more about you as well, in this post :0)

  2. Theresa says

    I’m glad this meme is going around, because I love learning about everyone. It’s good that you can embrace your nerdiness. I’m a sociology nerd, in a big way. Nerds are cool!

    And a passport stamp at 6 weeks old! Wow! Hopefully you were a quiet baby on all those journeys!

  3. urban vegan says

    Fun to learn more about you. I knew I liked you, but then I learned you lived in Philly! Hey, we’re practically family. [Where did you live?]

  4. maybepigscanfly says

    I loved reading your meme. It’s so fun to learn about other bloggers and aspects of their lives outside of food. So cool to learn that you have traveled so many places. I’m SOOO jealous. Traveling is my passion and I have yet to make it as many exciting places as you have. Culture is fascinating.

    I noticed that you mentioned that you’ve been an avid runner. I was actually interested in the amount of exercise you do, since you are also trying to gain weight. I was really active too, but have given it up in the quest to gain weight. Do yoga help you to get that exercise “high”? I feel like my mental health suffers without exercise.

  5. Vegan_Noodle says

    What an amazing person you are Katie! How cool that you have lived in so many places and been exposed to those cultures.
    You sound like you have a heart of gold! So glad to have met you through blog world!

  6. Amy says

    Wow, you should be proud of everything you’ve done. You sound like a well-rounded person with a lot of depth. I love travelling too. I wish I was artistic–I can’t draw at all!

  7. Hilary says

    so nice to hear more about you. how cool you played tennis in high school, too! and what amazing places you have lived, i’m jeaouls 🙂

  8. aTxVegn says

    You are a special person, Katie. I know you will accomplish whatever you want. It was great to learn more about you.

    I’m a complete grammar nerd.

  9. Vicki's Vegan Vice says

    How fun to read more about you! I can tell that you are quite an amazing person for many reasons. It’s all impressive, but perfect SAT scores? WOW!

  10. springsandwells says

    Hot Damn Katie!
    You sound like one super cool person! I hope we get to meet one day… art & travelling and animal rescuing and learning languages… that’s so awesome! I am in awe of people like you with so much energy… and especially young people who have dones something cool like start a charity. Wow. It’s cool that you are into yoga too – as you may have read in my meme, yoga is a big part of my life.
    Thanks for sharing!
    🙂 Amey

  11. Vivacious Vegan says

    Wow Katie! I had no idea just how cool you really were. A kind artist with boundless energy to travel the world and have perfect SAT scores. You rock!

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