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Published on October 2, 2009

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  1. Sünne says

    Great idea! One really shouldn’t eliminate carbs (or protein and fat, that is) from one’s diet. They’re what all delicious foods are made of, really everything (hello, fruit contains carbs, too!).

    And thanks again for your inspiring carb-loaded 😉 recipes and your defense of carb-food!

  2. Sünne says

    Oh, also: Did you already post the recipe for the Apple-Raisin blended barley? Looks totally like my kind of recipe (though this applies to all of your recipes, I think)!

  3. Marina says

    Oats definitely 😀
    Oh, I will celebrate carbs this month. I already feel the increasing need for them. It’s getting colder, I’m getting stressed out, I need my fuel 🙂

  4. Teresa says

    My favorite grain? I’ve gotta go with my pal quinoa. I love it for so many reasons, but one reason is that it can be made as a hot or a cold dish.

  5. buffmuffy says

    fave grain.. hm i dunno i really like oats but i love pancakes and i just dont know if flour counts lol. i love lots of things made with flour tbh.
    the chcolate chip cookie dough is going straight into a recipe file … omg i want to try it.

  6. Caroline says

    Katie…why in the world would I want to hug a carb???…when I can EAT it instead 🙂

    I like the carb-promoting posts! And your mom makes homemade whole wheat bread! My goodness, you are a lucky girl!

  7. Jessica says

    I don’t know if I can name a favorite grain!! I guess it would have to be oats…specifically hot oat bran!

    I’m gonna hug a nice loaf of warm, crusty bread later! 😉

  8. veganminded says

    Mmm, that apple-raisin barley looks amazing! I must say that I am definitely a carb lover and I am finding it difficult to choose a favorite grain. Oats are my most consumed grain, but I think I am going with quinoa as a favorite. It’s just so nutritious!

  9. jcd says

    I love it!

    I have to agree with you, oats are my favourite grain too. Barley would have to be my second choice.

    Back to munching on some homemade onion cakes for lunch… mmm… carbs…

    PS – pancakes last night were excellent. Chocolate PB spread and coconut flakes on pancakes is delicious!

  10. Maggie says

    I’d have to say oat bran. I guess that’s the same as oatmeal 🙂 Definitely the best grain. I still have to try oat bran in the rice cooker since the oatmeal came out so well 🙂

  11. Tori says

    Personal opinon – I <3 carbs. Particularly oats. I'm waiting for it to get a bit colder out before I go back to my hot breakfasts, but for now, bircher- muesli and granola keeps my oat-yearning at bay.

    BTW – Have you ever tried soaking your oats overnight in soy milk and mixing it up with a semi-frozen blended banana? I usually add nuts and PB, maybe some raisins to make a quick breakfast when it gets down to end of the week/month and I'm running out of usual staples. Its really good, kinda like vegan Bircher muesli.

  12. fruitsveggieslife says

    Favorite carb? Oats. And fruits and vegetables, of course. They are carbs, after all. 🙂

    I love this idea – carbs have been declared a terrible thing, when in fact, they are absolutely fantastic. In balance with fat and protein, of course.

  13. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    I love the looks of the apple raisin blended barley. That’s not something you see everyday on the blogosphere like oats. I love your creativity sweetie…awesome!

  14. luckytastebuds says

    Hi Katie!! OH GOD how do i begin to express the ways I am addicted to carbs. Unfortunately, I am always eating the super processed kind like cereal and bread and crackers. Obviously, i like the healthy kind too – hahah veggies? corn!!! yes!!!

    Because of you, I was inspired to bake a vegan banana bread and BOY was it freakin good!!!!! 🙂 Thanks girl, you’re an inspiration!

  15. teenagedvegan says

    Hug a carb – it beats the hug a hoodie campaign going on in England at the moment!
    Actually I made a rather yummy peanut butter spaghetti tonight 😀
    sounds like something right down your street 😛

  16. Animal-Friendly 79 says

    “Hug a Carb” month- brilliant! I am with you on loving carbs and I hate that they get such a bad reputation! I can immediately tell if I haven’t eaten enough carbs because I just feel plain icky.

    Favorite grain…hm…. I probably have to go with buckwheat because I’ve been loving the flavor lately in baked goods.

  17. balanceinbites says

    Give me a carb and I will love it and eat it. =D Whole wheat has gotta be my favorite. I’ve 100% converted into a whole wheat girl. White bread, refined flour, etc etc – blah! Gimme the whole thing! =)


  18. Ricki says

    Carbs are too important (and too delicious) to leave them out! And don’t forget that fruits and veggies are carbs, too. 🙂

    My favorite grain has got to be quinoa, though brown basmati rice is a close second. 😉

  19. Maria says

    I don’t think I can choose a favorite…I like them all 😀 I do love spelt bread and oatmeal…oh and rice! Can’t forget that in Asian cuisine!

  20. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Dangerous post…I’ll take one of everything.

    Favorite grain? Never met a grain I didn’t like, but I have to say that oat bran will always hold a special place in my heart. 🙂

  21. Adi ( says

    Oooo carbs. I’d surely marry a carb if that was at all possible.

    My fave is definitely the mighty oat! Yum.

  22. Rachel says

    Bread…and oats come a close second:)

    I think you knocked me out with the first unholy picture of your Boston Cream Pie Oatmeal. <3

  23. broccolihut says

    Ooh I am SO “embracing” this carb enthusiasm month. I love carbs, and I don’t care who knows it!

    Favorite? Impossible question, but lately I’ve had a serious crush on Cream of Wheat.

  24. Jenny R. says

    oats and oatbran and all the random flake things that look like oats (rye flakes, kamut flakes, barley flakes). I think we should send Katie pics of us hugging carbs lol

  25. Abby says

    Love the carbs!! yaa. Fav grain is a tie between quinoa and bulgar. However, if someone took my oatmeal away from me, I would not be a happy girl. Wow, hard question Katie 🙂

  26. megan says

    Whoo! i hugged some delicious carbs today for a big race. I ate like three bowls of oaties today and I am ready to run!

  27. keri410 says

    I could hug a carb… but I’d rather eat one! That good ol’ source of energy is just one precious base of great foods! Have an awesome finish to your weekend Katie!

  28. Emily says

    I’m definitely all for hug-a-carb month. I hug carbs daily with my morning oatmeal. 🙂 I can tell when I haven’t had carbs…I become a not so nice girl. More carbs = better running for me, too!

  29. Marianne says

    I think barley is my fave grain, even though I hardly eat it. I love the texture it gets in soups, and how much heft it adds 🙂 You can’t go wrong with a veggie barley soup 🙂

  30. Karina Pinzon says

    Carbs are a very healthy part of a person’s diet! We should never take them out.
    My favorite carb?
    Cereals of any kind!
    Mostly oats, but I can’t turn down toast and jam!

    I love your oat creations,
    I hugged some good carbs yesterday.

  31. Gina G says

    carbs are so good and delicious! They keep my tummy fueled and happy. i like them so much i think i might be (keeping my fingers crossed) getting a job working at a carb heaven bakery! (Great Harvest Bread) =)

  32. *Andrea* says

    i love carbs because they help fuel me for runs! also because they fuel my brain so i can study and use my potential in academic endeavors.

    i still need to make these fudge babies!!!

  33. Kristie Lynn says

    I love carbs because:

    They serve as a dip to guacamole (pita chips, tortilla chips, plantain chips… mmmm). I may or may not be obsessed with guacamole, too. But in all seriousness, carbs give me energy before my runs, which I need when it’s 5:30am and I’m still sleepy!

  34. Alexis says

    My favorite thing about carbs is the massive amount of variety – vegetables, fruits, grains…the possibilities and flavors are endless, and that is the key to loving what you eat.

  35. Sarah A says

    My favorite way to eat my carbs are blended grains, and I have a warm bowl of some type of grain almost every morning. (And yes, that’s how I stumbled upon CCV, so there’s one more reason to love carbs!)

  36. Tiffany says

    I love my carbs because it fuels my runs and I feel amazing! And I don’t just hug them, I fully embrace them in all shapes and sizes — no discriminating here! haha 🙂

  37. Vaala says

    I love carbs (even have a t-shirt, which I’m actually wearing right now (!!) that says so)! Hmmm…my favourite thing about them is that they fill my tummy with a nice warm feeling when I’ve eaten them (and they don’t even have to be warm to do that!). They give my body energy to do all the crazy things I make it do. Plus I have an addiction to almond butter and jam toast…tasty carby goodness!

  38. Demelza says

    Gosh, there are so many things I love about carbs I don’t know where to begin. I’ve only recently started re-learning how wonderful they can be.

    They’re the fuel your body likes best, so I’m definitely grateful for that.
    They taste yummy and are so versatile–I adore creating new combos of mix-ins for oats and bran, but also adore a good, crunchy apple or melted banana on a PB wrap.
    Hmm I think I also love carbs because they gave me a chance to enter an amazing giveaway. ^.~

  39. elaine says

    there’s way too many reasons why i love carbs probably because all my favorite foods are carbs! butternut squash, yams and potatoes are just a few of the things i can’t imagine not being able to live without!

  40. Bekah says

    my favorite thing: veggies. YUM.
    but then there are those oats too. oats at any time of day never make me feel guilty, deprived, or angry. the ultimate comfort, but also feel good/skinny food. love those carbsss! a world without carbs would be so dark and twisty.

  41. The voracious Vegan says

    I’m making another comment because you told me to so we could be entered in the giveaway! 😉

    My favorite thing about carbs (other than the fact that they are DELICIOUS) is that they give me so much energy! I love to workout and I lead a really active lifestyle and if I didn’t have carbs there is no way I could do it. I need my oatmeal or my whole grain bread topped with a mountain of peanut butter!

  42. Chelsea says

    I could say something like “I like carbs because they give me a quick boost of energy” or “I like carbs because they nourish the cells of my body”, but I’m afraid I would be skirting the truth. I’m a carboholic for one simple reason…

    They taste so darn yummy. 🙂

  43. Liz says

    Katie, you KNOW I love me some carbs. My fave thing about them? Their versatility! They can be warm and comforting like a hunk of corn bread or a big bowl of your AMAZING Brownie Batter Oatmeal, or sweet and snacky like dried paw paw spears or medjool dates! All my favourite foods are carbs, come to think of it… apart from nut butters, of course 😉
    Love you heaps!

  44. Anne K. says

    My fave thing about carbs is that they give me great energy for an active life–and they also provide glucose to fuel my brain and keep it sharp 😉

  45. jam says

    i love my carbs because they are delicious and are a wonderful base to create yumilicious concoctions like strawberry vanilla oatbran, fried rice, pumpkin muffins…

  46. jocelyneatsfresh says

    I love carbs because they are yummy and make my belly feel warm, fuzzy and happy 😉 And they give me major energy to workout!

  47. Marina says

    I love carbs because they give me energy for everything I need to do, they are comforting and yummy, and without them, I couldn’t function properly 🙂

  48. junghwa says

    I love my carbs (kabocha!!!) because they keep me up with all the energy I need! My brain functions very well too! 🙂

  49. molly says

    i love carbs in their warm, chewy state- oatmeal right off teh stove, vegan baked goods right out of the oven, and bread right out of the toaster. i love em all!

  50. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    I love carbs b/c they keep my belly warm and full. Oat bran is one of my most favorite foods in the whole world.

  51. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    I love carbs b/c they fuel my athletic life, my yoga, my life as a busy mom of a 2 yr old, and in general I crave them more than fats or proteins. I mean, ya can’t go wrong!

  52. Shinobu says

    My favorite thing about carbs is how versatile some of them are… when I started reading blogs I was amazed by how many different ways you can flavor oatmeal and all the things people add to it.

  53. Anjali says

    hey katie,

    please enter me in the contest!!! my fav. thing about carbs is that they taste sooooooo good, and they’re filling!

  54. Sünne says

    “Carb” is my second name 🙂 because I have them for every meal.

    If there were no carbs I wouldn’t be able to
    – get up to a comforting bowl of oat bran
    – snack on fruit
    – have caramelized bananas in soy yoghurt
    – have grain-y dinners

  55. Maria says

    Oh carbs, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    1) Fuel! Energy! Vitality!

    2) Flaxnana oatmeal is a gift from the gods.

    3) See answer #2, but insert toast for flaxnana oatmeal.

    4) Fruits and veggies are such an amazing thing, especially when you’re able to grow them yourself.

    5) Carbs, whether fruit, veggie, or grain, provide wholesome, delicious, feel-good nutrition.

  56. Shelby says

    I love carbs because they give me so much energy! I get really lazy and tired if I don’t eat enough so they really help get me through the day.

    Another reason? They are delicious!

  57. lalyaaylal says

    i love carbs because they can be warm and soft like fresh baked bread or crunchy like pita chips or creamy like oatmeal. god, they’re delicious!

  58. Vanilla says

    I love carbs because:

    – Oatmeal/Oat bran/Any other hot cereal are VITAL.
    – Bananas are delicious
    – Carrots are full of vitamins
    – ”Carrot Cake Oats” and ”Melted Banana Oats” are VITAL, delicious and full of vitamins.

    And I can go on, but then you will not have enough time to read other’s answer. x)

    Thanks for being so generous!


  59. jcd says

    I love carbs for so many reasons… but I most love how versatile they are – you can use them to make breakfasts, lunches, beverages, AND desserts! They also keep me fuelled up and full for a long time which is always nice when I’m on the go all the time.

  60. Lauren Christine. says

    i love carbs because they give my brain and my body energy to function at work and when i’m exercising! and they keep me full!

  61. Lori says

    My favorite thing about carbs (besides how good they taste) is that nothing fills me up like a bowl of oatmeal or oatbran and stays with me after a good run. And carbs are so versatile, you can make them sweet or savory depending on your mood (I usually go for sweet though!).

  62. Michelle says

    I love carbs mostly because they make me feel full, healthy and satisfied. Indeed carbs are the most diverse food grouping I can think of. You have gorgeous fruits and veggies, crisp salads, warm grains that fend off the cold. In fact I can’t think of a reason why NOT to love carbs. 😉

  63. chauceriangirl says

    i love carbs because they’re satisfying. if i’m eating the good complex carbs, then i’m not so hungry i nosh on things that aren’t so good for me. i’m a huge fan of the carbs.

  64. lola says

    Mmm… i love carbs because they are delicious and a great source of fuel for my runner’s life! 🙂 and they are the ultimate “comfort food” 😛

  65. Andrea says

    I love carbs because eating them always puts me in the most amazing mood!!!! They always seem to pick me up when I am in a lousy mood. 🙂 I especially love fruits because they can be yummy AND good for you too!!~ gotta love those carbies!

  66. elizabeth says

    i love whole food carbs because they give you energy, have fiber and just make you happy! mmmmmmm oatmeal. ALLL Fruit!!

  67. Ozlen says

    I love carbs because they taste good and they keep me full and feel good in the tummy. So many reasons really. they are also comforting..

  68. Freddie says

    I love carbs because they are satisfying! – for their taste, their ability to give you energy, and how good it feels to chomp down on them… mmm 🙂

  69. Schmee says

    Whole wheat bread, toasted is just one of the simplest and greatest pleasures in my life! It’s great plain, or with tofutti cream cheese & raspberry jam, or avocado slices, or just about ANYthing 🙂

  70. Marianne says

    Favourite thing about carbs? They are just so darn versitile – you can dress them up anyway you want, or just enjoy them as is. Perfect for any tastes, and any meal.

  71. Kathryn says

    What I love about carbs? They fill my up without being too heavy. Too much fat = sore stomach. Too much sugar = burn out. Big bowl of complex carbs = just right. AND I love all of the gluten-free options for us celiac chicks.

  72. LZ says

    My favorite thing about carbs is that warm satisfied feeling you get after eating something nourishing and filling such as oatmeal or kabocha squash (which is now my favorite food ever) !

  73. Stacie says

    My favorite thing about carbs is that the healthy ones (whole grains, fruits, and veggies) just make the body feel so great! Now the processed ones, that’s another story, but I minimize hugging those ones!

  74. Haylee says

    I love carbs because…they keep me WARM!!! Most things I make that are carbs are warm comforting foods, Kabocha squash fries, oatmeal, oat BRAN..ahhh

  75. Ariel says

    I love carbs because they are versatile and because they are excellent fuel for my frequent running, biking, and backpacking!

  76. maggie says

    I love carbs because they get me that much closer to being a healthy happy person again. They are the best blessing in life!
    My fav grain? Besides oats, I do love kamut!



  77. Meredith says

    My favorite thing about carbs is fiber! It’s satiating, helps to lower blood cholesterol levels, and it’s delicious! I’m even taking a class right now called Carbohydrates and Lipids. Yep, it’s good getting a MS in dietetics 🙂

  78. Gelareh says

    I love Carbs because; by eating the right carbs (i.e. oats, veggies etc) I was able to lower my cholestrol by 60 points… I also love them because they allow me to do back to spin class on Saturday morning, and what better way to start your weekend then 2 hours of intense spinning 🙂

  79. Anastazia says

    I love carbs most of all cuz I can’t think straight without ’em!!! Or even get thru the day!!!
    & WOW, that boston cream pie oatmeal looks fantabulous!!! Almost makes me glad for my 1st Alberta winter!!!
    LOVE your site, mind if I link it to mine?

  80. michelle says

    I luv carbs because they’re so versatile. They give you toms of energy if you eat them early in the day. Yet, they can be so comforting. They make you feel content at the end the day of a long day.

  81. LK Sisters says

    Carbs fuel the brain and body! They provide fiber and other essential nutrients. Without carbs, the body would enter into ketosis, which is hard on the body, especially the kidneys.

    We love all sorts of carbs, but we especially love bread and cookies. 🙂

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