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New Year, New Blog Features

Around the world, people observe the New Year by making changes in their lives– they vow to stop smoking, lose weight, be more social. Perhaps they debut a new haircut or throw out the “old” boyfriend (ok, that last example is rather harsh… but you know what I mean!). This year, I decided to join the masses and make some changes– on my blog– by adding a new feature.

The new feature is Chocolate-Covered Meal of the Day. I’m adding this feature in a response to requests that I show more of what I eat in a day. I know some people have asked if I can post about everything I eat every day, but there’s just no way I’d have the time (nor the desire nor patience!) to do that. So hopefully this can be a compromise.  In each post (or almost every post), I’ll highlight one meal or snack I’ve eaten (probably from a few days before, because I also don’t have the patience to transfer photos from my camera every day).

Chocolate-Covered Meal of the Day
Second breakfast. My sister says she wants to put Hobbit pictures up around my place at the breakfast table. Funny sense of humor, that one…

Two Optimum Power Blueberry Waffles, raspberry “ice cream,” and marinated seitan-n-peppers.

Strange-weather story: I ate this breakfast after running in 70-degree weather. The very next day it proceeded to drop to 20 degrees, with predictions of an ice storm. Talk about mood swings!

Published on January 5, 2009

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  1. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) says

    Love all the pink & red in your brekkie, but where is the chocolate? 🙂 Thanks for posting. Can't wait to hear about your 2nd new blog feature!

  2. Amira says

    that is so cool, great addition and those waffles look scrumptious. I really wanna know the second feature, can’t wait. Oh and i laughed out loud when i read the hobbit bit (my sister looked at me like i was insane lol!)

  3. shelby says

    Ooo, I love the colorful breakfast and the new feature!!

    I really liked those waffles as well, I guess that’s why I couldn’t find them anymore =(

  4. Ruby Red Vegan says

    I like this new feature! And I also like how you have waffles and raspberries in the same meal with seitan! I am sorry your lovely waffles are being discontinued… I remember how they recently reformulated those Attune bars you liked so only one kind is vegan — why do they keep taking away your nummies? 🙁

  5. Ricki says

    Great new feature! And the raspberry ice cream also looks great. . . gotta get me a Magic Bullet (despite the cheezy commercials)!

  6. jenny says

    i like this new feature!
    hobbit. haha funny word. i thought it was a rabbit until i clicked the link. oo i wish i had the time to be a hobbit.

  7. lauren says

    Yay! I was one of the ones who asked you to show more meals because you always eat so much but it all looks so fun and creative and gives me ideas. Thanks!

  8. jane says

    I can’t believe the weather goes from 70 to 20! I didnt even think it went as low as 20 in Texas!

    I am so jealous to hear about running in 70 degree weather- it’s only January and I’m already sick of wearing two headbands and trying to blow my nose while running ;/

  9. Juliet says

    Yay! I already love your new feature! 🙂 It is so interesting to see what people eat. One thing, though — I always figured you had chocolate at every meal. 🙂

  10. laci says

    I love the ” silky berry sorbet” made with only soymilk and berries ontop of waffles too! did your marinate the sieten/peppers in any sauce/dressing? And no chocolate =0
    thanks! =)

  11. Ruby Red Vegan says

    It’s so weird that those other things you liked were discontinued too! You don’t have weird taste buds either — every product/recipe I’ve tried as a result of your recommendation has always been so delicious that I already concluded you have excellent taste buds! Or maybe we’re both weird and messed up tasters.

  12. lighterportions says

    Definitely a big fan of this new feature. I love seeing the fun things you eat! That’s disappointing about the waffles though, they sound good! And about the weather… it’s just nutso these days isn’t it.

  13. Nutritious is Delicious says

    Looks good! Ice storm = bad! I just drove about 9 hours and 2 of them were through an ice storm! No good! hhaah

  14. Vegetation says

    Ugh, WHY do they discontinue everything good! EVERYTHING!

    Mmmm those waffles do look good though and so does that raspberry ice cream!

  15. MizFit says

    you are already kicking ass in 2009.

    and, for some reason, I love those weird weather days. the 80 in the am and 40 by nightfall. We get a ton of those where I live in TX.

  16. River says

    YAY for new blog features! Those simple fruit ice creams are the best, I wish my magic bullet didn’t had such a hard time with frozen strawberries.

    Your sister is too funny! Chocolate Covered Hobbit! 🙂

  17. Lauren says

    meal of the day, what a good idea 🙂
    your raspberry cream sounds so simple yet sooo good.
    oh and i’m going to try a re-run of the agar flakes, haha i’m sure it was something i did so hopefully take 2 works out better! thanks for all the tips though!! 🙂

  18. Astra Libris says

    Your breakfast is so beautiful! Thank you for the great idea of making the beautiful berry “ice cream!”

  19. TavoLini says

    mmm, I dig the ice cream!

    The weather is nuts here, too! I’m just ready for it to be spring, I guess. A wee bit of wishful thinking 😉

  20. Jessie says

    I would eat like a hobbit too, if I had extra room in my pants, but unfortunately I must stick to one breakfast. Looking forward to the new blog additions!

  21. Emma the Eco-Princess! says

    Mmm chocolate covered meal of the day sounds good, can’t wait to see what the other feature is!

  22. carolinebee says

    Comment numero dos 😀 Thanks lady for adding me! I was in shock to see you weren’t on obvi I just added u…xo have a good one

  23. Jen aka Jewbacca says

    don’t be too sad about the waffles…get yourself a $7 waffle iron and make your own! homemade is SO much better anyway. you can make them in batches, freeze em, and toast as needed.

    xo jewy

  24. Joanna says

    this breakfast looks delicious. i love the seitan and peppers idea. that must’ve tasted awesome.

    it’s remained absolutely freezing here in pa. i envy your 70F you had!!

  25. aTxVegn says

    Yeh, I sure miss that day we hit 80 degrees…..

    Meal of the Day is a great new feature! But why is it when you find something you really like, the company decides to quit making it? That seems to happen to me a lot.

  26. DJ says

    That raspberry ice-cream looks so colourful and delicious! Great new feature – look forward to seeing more of your chocolate-covered meals!

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