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Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Milkshake

vegan peanut butter milkshake

What did you say?

I’m supposed to write commentary for this post?

I can’t think straight right now, so that might present a problem. All that’s going through my brain is:

peanut butter cookie dough. peanut butter cookie dough. peanut butter cookie dough.

vegan peanut butter shake

Wait, was I saying something?

I lost my train of thought again.

peanut butter cookie dough. peanut butter cookie dough. peanut butter cookie dough.

vegan pb shake

PB Cookie Dough Shake

(serves 1)

  • 1 frozen large banana, as ripe as possible
  • 1-3 tbsp peanut butter (or another nut butter or sun butter)
  • 2/3 cup milk of choice (For a rich, “ice cream”-like shake, try using full-fat canned coconut milk. Use more or less milk, depending on desired thickness.)
  • pb cookie dough of choice (or try this recipe: healthy PB Cookie Dough Cookies.)
  • Optional: vanilla extract, a pinch of sea salt, chocolate syrup or cocoa powder

Blend everything together until smooth. Over the top, crumble the cookie dough (or the linked recipe).

vegan peanut butter milkshake

The cute straws are from my visit to Fishs Eddy.

As is the milkshake glass. I really wish they’d open one of those stores in Texas. And even my wallet wouldn’t mind; the gorgeous glass was all of $3.50!

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Published on September 1, 2011

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  1. Trish says

    I unfortunately do not have the raisins (or dates or prunes or anything!) on hand to make the raw cookie dough cookies, but this is my little trick to get a smoothie to taste like a real milkshake, and it would definitely work with most of your milkshake flavors. I pretty much just take all the other ingredients you have listed and in place of the cookie dough, I add in a protein powder (one that tastes really good and not some green crap, which I do take occasionally when I get lazy about juicing, but I would never waste products on trying to turn it into a smoothie, lol). I use EAS whey protein, which I know is not vegan, but a vanilla or chocolate flavored rice protein could easily be subbed. (And in that case, I would suggest using the tip you gave, Katie, on adding in some whole-fat coconut milk as the rice protein is going to be more starchy and not as rich as whey.)
    So like for this shake, I take a banana I have already sliced and frozen and blend it with vanilla-flavored almond milk (which I’ve also had in the freezer not until frozen, but until either slightly slushy or at least very, very cold), 1 Tbsp. of creamy peanut butter, a pinch of sea salt, and sometimes a very scant pinch of nutmeg. I blend all of that, minus the protein powder, until smooth and then stick it back into the freezer for about 30-45 minutes. Again, it’s going to get slushy along the top but not completely frozen. Then…pull it out again and add in the protein this time. I only use half a scoop and then re-blend for at least 90 seconds. You’ll watch the smoothie-shake just continue to increase in volume and become thicker and creamier. Then it’s ready to enjoy! But it’s important not to skip out on putting the smoothie back into the freezer before adding the protein. This allows you to whip the buh-jeezus out of it and not heat up the contents.

  2. BonaFood says

    I absolutely love how passionate you are about showing people that they don’t need to cut dessert out of their lives in order to be healthy! This Peanut Butter Milkshake looks like da bomb!

  3. Phoebe says

    hi kaite, i just bought guar gums from Whole Foods for this recipe!
    I saw xantham too, but it’s 4 times (!) more expensive than guar. Do you find any difference in the two?
    also, how much do you usually add to your milkshake? 1tsp?

      • Phoebe says

        Hi Katie

        I used 1tsp for my one serving smoothie today and let it sit for 10mins. It became VERY thick n yummy!! i may cut back to 0.5tsp next time, though.

        do u use xantham instead? don’t u find it expensive? =P

  4. Pixie Vincent says

    You know, I HAVE to tell you that every time I go to your recipe category page that pictures this peanut butter shake for the Drinks/Milkshakes category, I am in BIG trouble! lol My mouth instantly waters violently and I have to force myself to not go make one of these immediately! Now THAT is some kind of a picture. lol (It helps that I adore eating my version of these, I suppose.)

  5. Rebecca says

    You are my new friend, lol. SOOOO glad I found your website on Pinterest today. I recently started a sugar-free, starch-free diet and I have been having so much fun baking with new ingredients, like coconut oil and almond flour, etc. So finding your website is making me so excited and I want to make everything now!! 🙂 Also, I think cheesecake milkshake sounds delish 🙂

  6. mlleway says

    I didn’t have time to read all of the comments, so I apologize if this is repetitive, but I highly recommend being sure that banana is frozen or nearly frozen and that the canned coconut milk is cold/refridgerated – it makes for a THICK shake! Cacao nibs are a nice touch, too!

  7. Lorell says

    I just made this for my breakfast this morning. I added a little of your vegan “cool whip,” and it’s so yummy! I didn’t have time to make the cookie dough, so I added just a few mini chocolate chips and a bit of broken up peanuts…it tastes incredible this way, too! I’m not a vegan, but I love your blog and the recipes. Thanks for helping me see that things can still be good for me and taste good!

  8. Hollie says

    This may be my new favorite recipe of yours yet, which is saying a lot after indulging in the deliciousness of blueberry season with your blueberry crumble bars, blueberry ketchup, and blueberry pie pancakes all in the last week (and even blueberry black bean burgers that I made for the 4th of July!). Mine was a bit liquidy without coconut milk and with a barely frozen banana (I couldn’t wait any longer), but it was still absolutely amazing! And too good to stay silent on your blog any longer… thanks for so many amazing recipes Katie!

  9. Taylor says

    Could you do this but with pb2 and if so how much should I add? 🙂 also could you start making some recipes with pb2? 🙂

  10. Stephanie says

    Drinking this right now (minus the coconut stuff, I can’t do coconut 🙁 but with some cocoa powder). OMG YUM. I bet my kiddo would love one of these for breakfast some morning. 🙂

  11. Rachel says

    I love this idea! I want to make it for my boyfriend, but he is mildly allergic to bananas 🙁 At the risk of forgoing the “health” factor, what would be a good substitute? I was thinking just vanilla ice cream, but what would your expertise recommend?

  12. Jamie says

    I made this with 2 tbsp of peanut butter and 3 packets of sweet n’ low. I also added 1/4 cup of uncooked oats because I wanted some texture. It was delicious!!

    • BakeMeABallerina says

      This recipe doesn’t have nutrition facts posted but my estimate at the calories (assuming you crumble 1 cookie dough ball from the cck recipe and don’t eat all the others while you are out it, use one TBSP peanut butter without diving in for more, silk almond milk, and don’t attempt to eat the blender after you are done) is 350 calories. The recipe is high in healthy fats from the peanuts. If you use soy milk this will be 370 and with regular 2% milk it will be 380….

  13. Rachel says

    Hi Katie,
    I made this milkshake for dessert tonight OMG it was delicious!! I crumbled my own cookie in it with some coconut yumm!!
    I love your recipes and I plan on making more milkshakes and I really want to try the pecan chocolate pie!

  14. Cheryl says

    Katie, this recipe is absolutely AMAZING!! I made the cookie dough bites with almond butter the other day, kept them in the freezer (which works great) and just made this tonight as a post-workout treat. I can’t believe how good it is. Love it and love your site in general!! Thanks so much!

  15. Melanie says

    It looks really good and I’m dying to make it, but how much pb cookie dough should I put in? I don’t want to risk putting too much or too little

  16. Missy says

    I enjoy looking at all of your recipes, I think I look at them every day and then end up making more then I thought I would do lol. Thanks for sharing all these recipes with us!

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